* c_smith is here waiting for the meeting to start whilst setting up Xubuntu01:12
MarkDudec_smith, it should not take too long01:20
MarkDudeThat is one of the reasons I really like xfcr01:20
MarkDudeor XFCE01:20
c_smithbut I tend to have tons of games I install.01:20
MarkDude3+ years ago - I did NOT like XFCE much, EVERY time I set it up for freind01:21
c_smiththat's usually the longest part,01:21
MarkDudeThe interface would mess up01:21
c_smitheh? why is that?01:21
c_smithoh, I see.01:21
MarkDudeAnd I would get- where did my startbar go?01:21
MarkDudelike everytime01:21
c_smithman, that would frustrate me to no end.01:21
MarkDudeNo prob recently01:44
c_smithah, that is good01:48
c_smithlike the dock at the bottom, simple, yet useful,01:48
SoftwareExplorerIs this the right place for the loco meeting at 7PM pacific?01:54
c_smithyou know what "Si" means, don't you?02:00
SoftwareExplorerI think it might be yes in spanish.02:00
c_smithanywho, the meeting doesn't start for another hour.02:00
c_smithno prob, I'll be there myself.02:01
SoftwareExplorerI figure that if I get it figured out right now, nothing will go wrong. If it tried to set it up 10 minutes before, then Murphy's law says that it won't work02:01
c_smithnot sure what you are talking about.02:02
SoftwareExplorerMurphy's law says that what can go wrong will go wrong.02:03
SoftwareExplorerSo if I waited until then, I would run into some problem that would keep me from getting it working in time02:04
c_smithah, ok02:05
c_smithwell, if you need a couple useful IRC commands, I can oblige.02:05
SoftwareExplorerwell, one to change to my other username would be nice. I'm usually Azendale02:06
SoftwareExplorerbut I didn't get empath to import that from pidgin02:07
SoftwareExplorerso it used my old one02:07
c_smiththat would be "/nick Azendale" (without quotes) for your case.02:07
=== SoftwareExplorer is now known as Azendale
c_smiththere you go02:07
c_smithhere's another tip: use tab to complete a users name.02:08
c_smithbrb, relogging02:20
c_smithhalf hour.02:38
bkerensaHello All02:40
c_smithhow goes things, bkerensa?02:41
* bkerensa just woke from a nap02:41
c_smiththat's good02:41
bkerensanot sure if nathwill will be joining us or not02:42
c_smithah, ok02:42
c_smithbkerensa, have your tried XFCE?02:42
c_smithE.G. Xubuntu02:42
bkerensaI have tried all the popular desktop environments ;)02:42
bkerensaI also have them all installed currently02:42
c_smithawesome, I'm liking XFCE,02:43
bkerensaover Unity?02:43
c_smithit also runs really nicely, less annoying than Unity, and less resources than KDE.02:43
c_smiththe 11.10 Unity, as I have stated, is annoying to me.02:43
c_smith11.04 was doable, though02:43
bkerensac_smith: My master desktop http://i.imgur.com/rTVjf.png02:44
c_smithis that Gnome 2.3?02:45
bkerensagnome shell02:45
c_smithhmmmm, I tried that once, didn't like how it came out.02:46
c_smithgnome 3 shell, am I correct?02:46
* c_smith wonders how Xubuntu will hold up on his multi-monitor setup when he hooks it up02:50
c_smithhopefully is works well02:51
c_smithheya, jvlb!02:58
jvlbHi, Cody.02:58
c_smithhow's things?02:58
jvlbAnyone show Friday?02:59
c_smithone person not a part of the loco team.02:59
c_smithhe also pointed out some things that I am going to bring up at the meeting.02:59
* c_smith will be right back02:59
c_smithhas anyone here heard from Ethan who was supposedly trying to get the Salem LUG back together?03:02
tgm4883salem LUG just took a trip to next step recycling03:07
tgm4883like yesterday03:07
c_smithas in it's gone?03:07
c_smithor am I reading that wrong?03:08
tgm4883you're reading that wrong03:08
tgm4883they went to eugene03:08
tgm4883to a place called next step recycling03:08
c_smithah, ok03:08
c_smithI'll have to see if I can get to one of their meetings.03:08
tgm4883they have been pretty active on the mailing list regarding that trip for the last few days it seems03:09
c_smithhmmmm, interesting03:09
tgm4883ssshhh, everyone get down03:11
bkerensacan you hear me now?03:11
bkerensamic check?03:11
tgm4883turn off the lights03:11
bkerensac_smith ?03:11
c_smithoh, was just trying to fix sound03:11
bkerensa_my network is acting something horrible03:12
bkerensa_so if I go silent its me losing connectivity03:12
bkerensa_lets get this started03:12
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bkerensa_#startmeeting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda03:12
meetingologyMeeting started Mon Jan  9 03:12:49 2012 UTC.  The chair is bkerensa_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.03:12
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bkerensa_Hello all and welcome to the Ubuntu Oregon January 2012 meeting. Our agenda for this evening can be found here:03:13
bkerensa_Who all is present for today's meeting?03:13
bkerensa_I know nathwill is here but he had to run and do something03:13
dobryI, though, not a member. Just checking it out/lurking03:14
bkerensa_excellent :)03:14
c_smithhello, CWeber10, aren't you the one who was at the Hour yesterday?03:14
AzendaleI'm here03:14
bkerensa_Hello regulars and guests thank you for attending we will go ahead and proceed with the agenda and if you need to talk offtopic please join #ubuntu-us-or-offtopic03:14
c_smithok, then I'll probably ask you to help with one of the agenda items03:14
bkerensa_c_smith can you paste the first agenda item03:15
c_smithyou got it.Discuss Spring GeekNic (http://geeknic.org/)03:15
c_smithman, that formatting sucked. lol03:15
c_smithdo you need me to repaste it?03:16
c_smithand bkerensa is gone.03:18
c_smithok, so, I have no clue about the geeknic,03:20
c_smithbkerensa has said he is having connection problems.03:21
nath_willok, while we're waiting... i got approval to host some team meetings on the yahoo campus03:22
c_smithwhere is that?03:22
nath_willany particular days work best for the folks who can reach hillsboro? (between beaverton and hills)03:23
c_smithalso, CWeber10 like I said, I am going to need to call on you for some points you pointed out to me Friday.03:23
c_smithnath_will, a weekend for me, preferably Saturday, as I live in Salem, if I came, it'd need to be a weekend unless it's not a school week.03:23
c_smiththere's the man of the hour! :D03:24
nath_willk, i'm leaning towards saturdays myself. welcome back bkerensa!03:24
Bkerensa_Comcast is having an outage03:25
c_smithreally? I have been having a bit of shaky internet until a while ago.03:25
c_smithand I use Comcast myself.03:25
Bkerensa_Math will can you sit In for me03:25
c_smithalso, Bkerensa_ need me to repaste the item?03:26
c_smithnath_will, I believe so.03:26
nath_willo dear03:26
c_smithyep, his internet is certainly acting up.03:26
c_smithbkerensa, you were asking that to nath_will, correct?03:27
jvlbIs it just me, or is this kind of dragging?03:28
c_smithsimply because the main speaker is having internet problems.03:28
c_smithnath_will, I think you might consider taking up parts where bkerensa gets cut off.03:29
jvlbI retract my last comment as I suddenly got hit with about 20 messages. Something must be up with the network.03:29
c_smithit is, bkerensa is also getting hit by that.03:30
c_smithbkerensa is getting D/Ced left and right.03:30
jvlbI'm on CenturyLink , though.03:30
c_smithhmmmmm, this might be weird.03:30
c_smith>.< everyone seems to have the problem,03:31
c_smithofc, I might be wrong there.03:31
jvlbPerhaps it's Freenode.03:31
tgm4883i'm fine :)03:31
dobryI'm comcast, in tanasbourne area. All seems good for me.03:31
c_smithhmmmmm, well, somethings going on if it's happening to multiple people on multiple ISPs.03:31
c_smithI myself am not experiencing this.03:32
AzendaleI'm on EONI in Eastern Oregon, and I'm staying connected just fine.03:32
nath_willalrighty then... aside from a meeting @ yahoo! at yahoo ...03:32
nath_willhi all... i seem to be suffering as well... though not as bad as mr kerensa...03:33
c_smithnath_will, I have the agenda up, want me to paste the first item?03:33
nath_willhe gave me some info to relay, i'm. gonaa try to get it out quick...03:33
nath_willcody, if i drop, please do.03:34
jvlbDoes the Yahoo! meeting have a particular goal?03:34
nath_willok. first thing. geeknic03:34
nath_willheh. ok before i move on, i'll talk about the yaHoo mtng real quick03:34
c_smithok, I looked at the site, but could glean nothing as to what the Oregon Team would do.03:35
c_smithfor the Geeknic that is.03:35
c_smithbut the Yahoo meeting, go on.03:35
nath_willideally, this will be a series of increasingly technical discussions focusing on open source, and it's relation to enterprise, particular focus on web hosting03:36
c_smithhmmmm, I wouldn't be able to be any help as to talks.03:37
c_smithI know nothing about enterprise or server.03:37
jvlbSo, a LAMP implementation focus?03:37
nath_willfor the first meeting, it'll be a more broad outline of what constitutes free software, what some of the bigger floss projects are, and how to find resources to get started in exploring floss03:37
nath_willkind of. it'll be a large subsection for sure03:38
AzendaleI'd be interested to learn about nginx too03:38
c_smithhmmm, that's an area I'd listen to.03:38
nath_will:) we can pput it on the agenda for sure03:39
nath_willany other questions about the yahoo! meeting?03:39
jvlbNoSQL seems hot, these days, as well.03:39
c_smithI have one,03:39
leofseigeLAMP is stone age :)03:40
c_smithwould the first meeting be one that I could take a WIndows user to and try and show them some of the basic FLOSS advantages?03:40
nath_willremember how quick enterprise is to adapt leofseige. apache's gonna continue to dominate for the next 5 yrs at least03:41
nath_willyes cody03:41
leofseigenath_will: i can't disagree with that03:41
nath_willfirst meeting will very much be oriented to newcomers to foss03:41
c_smithok, that's an answer that really mught get me there.03:41
c_smithhopefully it's on a day that I can get there on.03:42
nath_willany other quick questions?03:42
nath_willon the yahoo thing?03:42
jvlbWill you update us on the mailing list?03:42
nath_willfer sure03:42
c_smiththat includes dates, correct?03:43
nath_willlook for it in the next couple days, with specifics03:43
nath_willokey doke then.03:43
nath_willnext item's geeknic03:44
c_smithcurrent item: Discuss Spring GeekNic (http://geeknic.org/)03:44
nath_willgeeknic folks say we're a go, though we'll need to take lead on supplies, setup, etc.03:44
c_smithand where is this geeknic?03:44
c_smithand what day?03:45
nath_willben said he's shooting for the june/july timeframe, right around oscon03:45
c_smithok, and Portland I assume?03:45
nath_willpretty fair bet03:45
c_smithok, I hope I aint in Chemeketa at that time.... sounds fun,03:45
nath_willben can provide more detail on that if the location's a concern03:46
jvlbHow about CWeber10's comments? Would this be a time to explore that?03:46
nath_willi didn't have time to get the full specs from him03:46
c_smithI'll talk with Ben about that, then.03:46
c_smithquick question regarding the team, though, who was the co-lead?03:47
c_smithneed to get that on the wiki later.03:47
nath_willcolead? i'm the asst team lead03:47
nath_willot sure who else is helping take point03:48
tgm4883nath_will, are you the assistant team lead, or assistant to the team lead03:48
c_smithok, I'll be sure and add that to the wiki when the meeting is done.03:48
nath_willcweber10, i'm sorry, did we miss a question?03:48
nath_willdoes it matter?03:49
nath_willi help ben, and try to help out when we do stuff. ;)03:49
c_smithand I try to help out where I can, myself.03:49
nath_willok... i'm sorry, can someone reask cweber10's question? i seem to bhave missed it03:50
c_smithI seem to have missed it, too03:51
nath_willor comment...03:51
c_smithisn't showing up on my windows in search03:51
jvlbYou may be thrown off by my comment. I was experiencing a long lag and thought we were waiting for Ben. I getting the discussion in bursts.03:52
c_smithhmmmmm, was it between me and cweber?03:52
nath_willok. can it wait for one more thing then?03:52
c_smithif so, it was just me asking him to help with one of the agenda items.03:52
nath_willlast thing is werry werry important03:53
c_smithI added a last item, myself.03:53
jvlbDon't keep us guessing.03:53
nath_willok then... lol03:53
c_smithcurrent item: Discuss Conventions/Conferences for 2012 (Events we want to have a booth at)03:53
jvlbBeer festival?03:54
nath_willwednesday the 18th we are applying for official status as a recognized loco03:54
c_smithare we not going in listed order? if so, I could copy that item in.03:54
nath_willit will make a big difference if we have a presence.03:54
jvlbWhat kind of presence?03:55
c_smithnath_will, also, the last item you are seing is second to last.03:55
nath_willcsmith, i'm on my mobile, so checking the official list is impossible03:55
c_smithah, ok, so I'll copy each item, then.03:55
jvlbRun with it.03:55
nath_willi'll wrap up this one and then would u cover anything i missed?03:56
c_smithwe have several items, so I'll just go down the list.03:56
c_smithnath_will, you can use that as an agenda rundown, alright?03:56
nath_willok... so specific time and channel have been sent to the mailing list. a reminder will be sent the day of03:57
c_smithand I myself may or may not be a couple of minutes late due to how it falls in my schedule.03:57
jvlbAny idea the time of day?03:57
nath_willif u can possibly make it, even just to say that ur attending to support oregon, it'd be awesome03:57
c_smithjvlb, Noon.03:57
nath_willnot off the top of my head jvlb... csmith, do u have that?03:58
nath_willaw perfect03:58
nath_willaaalrighty, i've said all i have to say... csmith! take it away!03:58
c_smithlol, I didn't even open the email, if you want, I could for double-checking.03:58
c_smithok, nath_will I may have to have you cover the items I don't know.03:59
nath_willthat sounds right to me.03:59
c_smithbecause I'm going down the list.03:59
nath_willk.. good deal03:59
c_smithcurrent item: Discuss Conventions/Conferences for 2012 (Events we want to have a booth at)03:59
c_smithnath_will, I have no suggestions, as I know of no events in the Salem area that are concrete.04:00
nath_willok. i know we're looking to arrange travel to linux fest northwest04:00
c_smithwhere would that be?04:00
nath_willso a shuttle will probably be available to elp04:00
nath_willit's in washington04:00
jvlbIs that in Bellingham?04:01
nath_willprobably be a weekend thing04:01
nath_willyes if i'm remembering correctly, jvlb04:01
dobryit is Bellingham, yes04:01
jvlbLong drive.04:01
nath_willprobably pick up a passenger van for the weekend04:01
dobryapril 28th and 29th04:02
nath_willand it's not so bad04:02
nath_willcool. ty dobry04:02
c_smithif there's a possibility of picking someone up in Salem, I'd offer to help.04:02
nath_willother con is oscon of course, which is in pdx proper04:03
c_smithwith Linuxfest, that is.04:03
nath_willc_smith, we'll look at the details starting next month. nothing solid right this sec for lfnw04:03
jvlbOnce upon a time, they held UbuntuLive along with OSCON.04:04
nath_willok... oscon's obviously the big one. we're gonna do it up proper this year, too, as last year was a bit of a scramble04:04
c_smithwhat's ubuntulive?04:05
tgm4883is that back?04:05
jvlbUbuntuLive was a short-lived, Ubuntu-centric event in conjunction with OSCON.04:05
jvlbIt last was held 4 or 5 years ago.04:06
c_smithlooks like it, as the site says the last one was in '08.04:06
jvlbThere's one for our next Ubuntu trivia session.04:07
c_smithhmmmm, well, if I have a way to get up to portland, I'll definitely at least try to attend OSCON even if it's not as part of Ubuntu Oregon.04:08
dobrya week long at Oregon Convention Center July 16-20 (Monday - Friday), FYI04:09
jvlbIn the past, Shuttleworth has been one of the keynotes.04:09
c_smithhmmmm, interesting.04:11
c_smithshall we move on to the next item?04:11
jvlbHey, I'm going to have to check out. Keep up the good work, without me. Later.04:12
c_smithI think it may be a good item to bring the conventions up at another meeting when bkerensa can attend.04:12
c_smithcya, jvlb04:12
c_smithCWeber10, you still here?04:13
CWeber10Yea I actuly just got back, was distracted with RL04:14
c_smithhmmm, ok04:14
c_smithwell, I'm just waiting on nathwill_ to get back, bkerensa had to leave due to connection problems.04:14
c_smithwe will need you to repeat some comments that jvlb saw.04:15
CWeber10hmm I not shure I can easyly. problem with ssh, screen, console apps, I don't always know how to go back with them04:16
c_smithno-one else seemed to have seen them (not even me.04:16
c_smithhmmmm, ok04:17
c_smithwell, like I said, I'll need to call upon you for an item at the end if the meeting doesn't sputter out before then.04:17
AzendaleCWeber10: Well, with screen you can do Ctrl-A and then press [ and it will let you scroll back04:20
c_smithmeh, the next item should be able to be covered by me, so I'll go ahead and cover it, I think we might be able to integrate the last item with it, too.04:22
c_smithshall I go ahead?04:22
CWeber10sure not sure what I was looking for04:24
c_smithcurrent item: Recognize Cody Smith's contributions with Salem Ubuntu Hour kickstarting  and Discuss some points that were brought up to Cody Smith about Salem and Ubuntu Hours there and brainstorm some solutions to problems that were lain out to Cody Smith (the two items have been combined)04:25
c_smithso, as CWeber10 (and possibly everyone here) knows, I have decided to have an Ubuntu Hour hour here in Salem, at Broadway Commons Coffeehouse, and CWeber10 has notified me, there were some flaws with that,04:27
CWeber10No flaws, just difficulties, Salem is not good at getting small nitch groups going. the salem Lug has tired to go at least two times that I know of and goes for about 3 meetings before falling apart.04:28
c_smithok, and I also had the issue of the group being too small, am I correct?04:29
* c_smith hopes other people are still in the meeting.04:30
c_smithif there is just us two, I'll have to get bkerensa to hold a second meeting this next week to finish it up.04:30
c_smithno sense in having a meeting with just us two.04:30
* tgm4883 is here04:31
c_smithok, and anyone else?04:31
* c_smith acknowledges tgm4883 04:31
c_smithguess not, the meeting seems to have sputtered out.04:32
AzendaleI'm checking back every now and then.04:32
c_smithand I have no clue as to how to write the meeting minutes.04:32
dobryi'm still lurking with interest, if it matters04:33
c_smithso, I guess we'll have to end this meeting and I'll try to get in touch with bkerensa to see if we can get a second meeting to cover the topics that weren't discussed properly. which includes the current one.04:33
c_smithI also have to go, anyway.04:34
c_smithso, until next time, see you all.04:34
AzendaleOK, bye c_smith04:35
bkerensafinally Im back04:55
slangasekblkperl: hmm, what were my choices of date?07:01
blkperlslangasek: any date, preferably fridays at 4ish (30 - 45 mins),07:06
slangasekbah, too many options07:07
slangasekso let's tentatively aim for the 27th, I think07:08
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
blkperlslangasek: great18:08
* blkperl marks down jan 27th18:08
* bkerensa tries to stay awake18:09
* blkperl waves at bkero 18:10
blkperlim mean bkerensa18:10
bkerensahave to go out to NW Industrial Portland today :(18:10
blkperlfirst day of school for me18:12
blkperlor back to school18:12
blkperlor winter term18:12
c_smithhey, bkerensa, have you seen the email I sent yet?18:14
bkerensac_smith: Yeah I saw it and will e-mail the list when I decide whats best on that18:14
c_smithok, just making sure the email didn't go AWOL.18:15
* bkerensa is likely going to go take a mini nap before I have to head out so I will ttyl :) 18:15
c_smithhave fun.18:15
* c_smith goes off to find his SC3KU disk18:16
MarkDudebkerensa, what is your plan for the geeknic?18:18
MarkDudeJonathanD told me about your palns18:18
c_smithMarkDude, bkerensa went off for a nap.18:19
c_smithalso, have you ever played Simcity 3000 Unlimited?18:19
MarkDudeWell no18:20
* MarkDude thinks that would be like crack18:20
c_smithlol, old game,18:21
* MarkDude has NEVER actually done crack18:21
c_smiththat made your response even better.18:21
MarkDudeSame reason I am not playing KOTR18:21
c_smithah, ok18:21
MarkDudeEven tho I have not done crack, my analogy holds :)18:21
MarkDudeMaybe I should arrange a field trip to get some crack for UDS18:22
MarkDudeWould make for a great slideshow18:22
c_smithnow, let's see, I doubt you've played Dungeons of Dredmor......18:23
MarkDudeUDS, the crack and weed field trip18:23
c_smithI'm cracking up here.18:24
c_smithhardest I've laughed at IRC in a good while.18:24
MarkDuderight on18:26
MarkDudeJono could write a song about the field trip18:27
MarkDudewe could make promo video18:27
c_smithhmmmm, Severed Fifth's new album is supposed to come out soon, better check the date.18:29
c_smithcourse, Jono said it will probably be delayed at the last QA with him.18:30
c_smithanyone here listen Severed Fifth at all?18:33
MarkDudeHell yes \m/18:36
MarkDudeSince Jono's first show18:36
MarkDudeAnd his record release upcoming next month18:37
c_smithI'd go to one of their shows if they came to Oregon, but Jono has said that the problem with that is they don't have the money to do that.18:42
c_smithyep, the official release date WAS the 16 for sale and available for download afterward, but Jono has said it probably will be delayed.18:43

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