pleia2meeting in a couple minutes :)01:58
pleia2who all is here for the meeting?02:00
* pleia2 takes that as a "me"02:01
pleia2alright, well we don't have anything formal on the agenda02:02
epsnothing wearing ... a tux? ;-)02:02
greg-gI have an update02:02
pleia2greg-g: go for it02:02
greg-gpretty simple: I will more likely be able to make it to UDS, my work's In Town Week was cancelled02:03
greg-gnow all that is left to keep me away is a 4 month old :)02:03
pleia2well, you can do half days, or just come to the evening events (babies welcome!)02:04
pleia2there actually have been a few babies coming to UDS sessions, but they were very quiet02:04
pleia2I guess we can start with UDS stuff since we're on that topic02:04
pleia2these "I'm a local" pins came in this week :)02:05
pleia2the idea is that those of us willing and able to give "local stuff" information to UDS attendees will wear them so then people can ask us about transit, sight-seeing and other local stuff02:05
pleia2even if you're not an absolute expert, you'll probably know who to ask or where to look for the answer02:06
pleia2we've also been putting together a local transit page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-Q/PublicTransit02:06
pleia2huge thanks to eps for his help on this, he's a public transit encyclopedia :)02:07
epshee hee02:07
pleia2we also have this page still coming together: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UDS-Q02:07
pleia2for nighttime events or anything else we wish to plan02:08
pleia2I'm going to blog about it soon and maybe some people will tell me what they'd most like to see so I can follow-up with people who put stuff on the wiki02:08
pleia2anyone else have UDS stuff? it's still a month away, we have time :)02:09
akkRegistration isn't open yet, is it? I haven't seen any announcements about that.02:09
pleia2it is02:10
pleia2I think the only announcement was in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter a few weeks ago02:10
akkI haven't done a UDS before so I don't know how it works ... I was hoping something would be announced on our list for those of us new to it.02:10
pleia2ok, I can write an email :)02:10
pleia2#action pleia2 to write mail to list with FAQ and registration info for UDS02:11
pleia2#topic 12.04 release events02:11
pleia2so, we already talked about this some at our last meeting (when I was taking the meeting on my phone from my soon to be mother-in-law's living room in philadelphia :))02:12
pleia2we only really have the standard SF Thirsty Bear event so far: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1615/detail/02:13
pleia2eps had talked about a quieter event in SF too, which I'm thinking we may want to do that weekend02:13
epsIs parking still free on Sundays? (sigh)02:13
pleia2I think so02:13
epsNot for long, if local politicians get their way :-(02:14
pleia2yeah :\02:14
akkWow, a lot of required irrelevant fields for UDS like arrival/departure info.02:14
pleia2I expect most people would take MUNI though, since it stops right there02:14
* akk tries to remember when she last arrived in California02:14
pleia2akk: hah, yeah, well most people aren't locals :)02:14
akkMaybe not, but why is all that required? Including things like passport expiry date.02:15
pleia2let me grab what I put for my arrival and departure times (there is a limit)02:15
akkMany USians don't even have a passport.02:16
pleia2passport info wasn't a requried field when I filled it out, that's odd since a lot of US folks are coming02:16
akkMaybe * doesn't mean required like it does on most forms. I'll try leaving them all blank.02:16
pleia2you can put arrival at 09:00 EDT on Monday, 2010-10-25 and departure 17:00 EDT on Friday, 2010-10-2902:16
pleia2I am looking at the wrong UDS02:17
pleia2there, start and end times are there, you can use those :)02:17
akkWow, that one's MUCH easier!02:18
pleia2you'll want to do the proper register form though02:18
pleia2the register form will get you added automatically on launchpad, but if you join directly on launchpad you won't get properly registered02:18
akkNow I'm really confused. Which one is the proper form?02:18
akkMaybe we should do this outside the meeting.02:19
akk(But it is probably relevant for most locals.)02:19
pleia2I was just giving the uds-q link so you could grab the start and end dates for the form02:19
pleia2anyway, someone on the Noisebridge list also randomly suggested having an Ubuntu installfest, someone else suggested talking to us, so I followed up with the mail I Cc:ed to our list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2012-April/001929.html02:20
pleia2no reply yet, we'll see where it goes02:20
pleia2with all this release and UDS stuff, I don't have time to plan an installfest too, so it would be great if the noisebridge folks could do the heavy lifting there02:20
pleia2(or someone else here :))02:21
epsakk: visitors from some countries are required to have six months validity on their passports beyond their planned return date02:22
pleia2ah, good point, maybe there was some incident where someone got stuck ;)02:22
pleia2the only other thing I really have is SF Ubuntu Hour and Debian Dinner this week: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1657/detail/02:23
pleia2Wednesday, 6-902:23
pleia2anyone else have anything?02:24
pleia2ok, I think we wrap up then02:26
pleia2thanks greg-g, akk and eps :)02:26
epsOur next meeting is on the 22th [sic] according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam02:26
* pleia2 nods02:26
jtatumThanks, pleia202:27
eps(Can that be corrected to 22nd?)02:27
greg-gthanks pleia2 (sorry, Rowan distracted me)02:27
greg-geps: its a wiki :)02:28
epsgreg-g: a wiki I'm not allowed to edit.02:29
greg-gpor que? no LP account? .... oh, heh, immutable02:29
epsNo one has ever been able to explain it ... my LP ID works everywhere else, just not there.02:29
pleia2greg-g: most people can edit it just fine, eps just can't use his lp account to log into the wiki02:45
pleia2philipballew_: you good to do post-meeting tasks again this week? :)02:46
* pleia2 wanders off to grocery store02:46
philipballew_yeah pleia2 !!!02:47
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