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TRAVISgHey guys, I have not paid for a cell phone in over three years and know need to get one pronto. Please let me know your inside scoop on affordable providers and retailers. I do not need cutting edge or even every service. Please you guys are my insiders.15:35
TRAVISgMy e-mail is travisgonzales23@gmail.com let me know15:36
TRAVISgLooking forward to the 29th15:36
bkerensahi nathwill15:44
bkerensagood morning TRAVISg15:44
* bkerensa runs off to do some android hacking15:44
TRAVISgGood morning15:45
TRAVISg I am running late to work WWWWEEEEEE!!!!!15:46
TRAVISgGoing to idle though I will be in and out through the day15:46
TRAVISgbkerensa your the tech pundit give me the cell phone low down.15:50
nathwillmorning people!16:01
nathwilljust hanging out, getting ready to get aggressive with this mysql repair. how's your morning going?16:28
nathwilland victory16:48
bkerensanathwill: good good16:48
nathwillhellz yeah16:48
nathwillhelps when you fix corrupt databases before trying to migrate from mysql4 to mysql5...16:49
* nathwill rolls eyes16:49
bkerensanathwill: i hear the new yahoo road map is a coming16:50
nathwillwell then you've heard more than i have! o_O16:50
bkerensanathwill: apparently a all-hands meeting tomorrow :P16:53
nathwillyeah, i heard about that. be interesting to see how quick kara swisher gets the leak...16:53
bkerensamaybe that excludes anyone who doesnt work at HQ16:53
nathwillno, all hands are all hands16:53
bkerensawhat if you want to ask a question?16:53
nathwillthere's a dial-in number16:53
nathwillsrsly dude16:53
bkerensanathwill: you should make some suggestions ;) maybe you will get bumped up16:54
bkerensaor down16:54
nathwillor out16:54
nathwillregardless, interesting times16:55
nathwillhow goes life at the new house?16:56
nathwillyou get bombarded on easter?16:56
bkerensanathwill: ahh good kinda... Our neighbor is moving and our landlord is letting us find suitors for next door and giving us a $200 credit to find someone we like16:57
bkerensaalthough we did have some very odd power issues that required a electrician to spend six hours out here replacing every receptacle which was not bueno16:58
nathwillah, good times16:59
nathwillhow odd?16:59
bkerensanathwill: uhh well we were without power for five hours because who ever re-modeled this place jimmy rigged our wiring17:00
nathwillwhat awesomeness did they achieve?17:01
bkerensaI had to go to home depot and buy breakers and try to sort it that way which did nothing... in the end it was a short in one of the receptecles so they upgraded the entire place17:01
bkerensaall sockets and switches are now new17:01
bkerensaI think it cost my landlord a little over a grand17:01
bkerensanathwill: TIL you can make Ubuntu shoes with Nike iD17:03
nathwilli saw something about that... pretty crazy17:03
bkerensanathwill: http://j.mp/IaHbUM <-17:05
nathwillwonder if they do size 1717:06
nathwillgotta figure out how to have win7 suspend event kick off an action...19:19
bkerensanathwill: yay I won tje juju contest :D with kees19:46
bkerensaoh  x.x19:50
* kees hugs bkerensa19:50
bkerensakees: I didnt read the full e-mail :(19:55
keesbkerensa: hehe19:55
keesbkerensa: I couldn't decide if this was "public" or not.19:55
cy1what juju contest?19:56
* kees waves his hands,"nothing to see here"19:57
bkerensanothing at all19:58
bkerensakees: well considering "he" does not idle here :P19:58
bkerensaand its so quiet19:58
* kees nods19:59
nathwillwhat charm did y'all write?20:11
nathwill^bkerensa / kees20:12
* bkerensa coughs20:13
bkerensanothing to be seen here20:13
keesnathwill: it'll be public in a little bit, then we can talk about it.20:15
sbeattiekees: are you breaking embargos again? :-)20:22
keessbeattie: heh, bkerensa did! :)20:24
nathwillyokee dokee20:36
nathwilli'm so proud to have obtained embargoed nation status20:36
nathwillsoon i'll be an admitted member of the UN20:37
nathwilljust had to break some poor soul's heart... because y! msgr has no voice/video support on *nix21:08
cy1meh, video chat21:15
cy1why did they want voice/video?21:15
cy1Just for grunt grunt ape grunt?21:15
nathwillwhile i agree with you... consumer linux needs to satisfy consumer wants...21:16
cy1meh, consumers21:16
bkerensanathwill: who want to voice with u?21:16
cy1consumers should be producers, not just brainless nazislaves.21:16
cy1voice chat should be possible but, like the telephone, it's only really useful as a novelty thing. And some of us get tired of novelties after trying them out.21:17
nathwillbkerensa, nobody, just trying to answer question in another channel, and confirmed my previous experience21:17
nathwillhad once upon a time a routine of voice chatting with my mom once a week21:18
cy1I think pidgin has voice chat over jabber... not sure since I don't have a mic21:18
nathwillyeah, jabber's not y! msgr though. i agree this specific issue is not a linux issue, but a closed platform issue.21:18
nathwilljust sucks21:18
cy1As the closed source community once again attests, incompatibility is profitable.21:19
bkerensathis is why google wins over yahoo21:19
bkerensayahoo is old school :)21:19
nathwillcy1... short term...21:19
nathwilland bkerensa.. ?? i cannot respond21:19
cy1nathwill: yahoo instant messager has been going for quite a while, actually...21:20
bkerensanathwill: and you should propose to CEO tomorrow that Yahoo get with the picture by courting Nix users21:20
nathwillcy1, you'd be surprised21:20
cy1nathwill: surprised at what?21:21
cy1what, its popularity is down?21:22
cy1I just wish more people would use digital signing and end to end encryption. I hate having to blare my IP address out just to come here.21:23
bkerensacy1: u dont have to21:23
bkerensacy1: get a cloak?21:23
cy1bkerensa: yeah, and put a bandaid over a leaky sewer main21:23
=== Brian_H_ is now known as Brian_H
bkerensacy1: it is not a leak sewer main... :) being naked is natural... if one doesnt like it they should cover up with a fig leaf21:24
cy1bkerensa: Being naked is natural. Being unable to protect yourself is artificial.21:25
cy1I can see all the lurkers in this channel, but not the ISP spies, not the sysops, not the government, not anyone spying on my wireless. But they can all see me, and record everything I say secretly and anonymously, because you all won't use e2e.21:26
cy1That ain't exactly the garden of Eden when it comes to natural situations I say.21:26
cy1Not like anyone is listening, just that it annoys me that I can't protect myself if they were.21:44
bkerensacy1: Well ubuntulog and ubuntulo12 are listening21:45
bkerensaand lubotu1 and meetingology for that matter21:46
cy1Who needs to encrypt a public chat anyway? xD21:49
cy1IRC over Tor/i2p is nice though. Nobody can get your IP address, so you can be more honest about stuff.21:50
bkerensacy1: Your privacy chariot has arrived ^21:58
=== cy1_ is now known as cy1
nathwillsrsly, not sure what purpose encrypting comms held in a publicly logged irc channel are22:02
bkerensanathwill: you need to get on the znc bandwagon22:08
nathwilli'm available when i am available!22:29
blkperlbad compiz! why are you taking all the cpu?22:56

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