bkerensaFaqtotum: do you know how long ago phillip was on?00:13
bkerensaI just got back from SF00:13
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: You coming out to the hotel?00:13
Faqtotumhe disconnected at 2pm00:14
Faqtotumwhat hotel?00:14
Faqtotumi'm in sf00:15
bkerensaFaqtotum: The Marriott in Oakland00:21
bkerensawell if Philip pops back on can someone have him e-mail bkerensa@ubuntu.com .... wanna see if he wants to grab dinner tonight00:22
Faqtotumwhy don't you guys just exchange cell phone numbers?00:23
bkerensaFaqtotum: Well if I could get in touch :D00:24
bkerensabut his stuff is here and I dont know where he is :P00:24
bkerensaIn fact if anyone sees him.... I am leaving me cell on the TV00:25
* bkerensa goes to shower and find dinner :D00:25
Faqtotumwell, if none of youse'll be in sf until tomorrow, i guess i'll see ya tomorrow00:25
pleia2bkerensa: we must have passed each other on bart trains ;)00:30
akkSigh, "Waiting for network configuration" ... I love boot-time hangs01:04
akkStupid BART question: is there a page somewhere where you can get a timetable, like, what time do I need to be at station A to get to station B by time T?01:46
akkI'm seeing lists of times a car will be at one station, but not when that car will get anywhere else.01:47
broderi'm not actually convinced that BART runs on a fixed schedule01:47
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akkOh, hmm. Well, maybe a table of approximate travel times between two stations, then?01:48
akkI know I can do google maps route planning, but not for more than one time at once.01:48
jtatumSpoiled by caltrain :)01:55
akkYeah, I like those caltrain timetables.01:56
* pleia2 wayves02:00
pleia2who all is here for the meeting? :)02:00
pleia2Agenda; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12May602:01
pleia2so first up, UDS starts tomorrow! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UDS-Q02:01
pleia2we've gotten very good feedback to our public transportation page, so thanks to everyone who helped out there :)02:02
pleia2eps: I've already given out 3 Clipper cards :)02:02
pleia2refills are working well02:03
akkGiving blank clipper cards was a great idea!02:03
akkAnd the transit page is excellent too.02:03
epsthey're good for 20 years, so don't toss them02:03
pleia2I also mentioned that in my email, people should keep them for their next visit :)02:04
pleia2anyone have any comments, questions, etc about UDS?02:04
pleia2I went to the hotel last night and this, nice place, and you can't beat how close it is to bart02:04
akkIs there a gathering point for ubuntu-cal people? Place to get "I'm a local" badges or offer to help out with anything?02:04
pleia2akk: nope, it's mostly just "find pleia2"02:05
pleia2I'll have all of them in my bag02:05
akkpleia2 is the embodiment of ubuntu-us-ca :)02:05
pleia2I try :)02:05
pleia2is the schedule for tomorrow, as you can see the intro and keynote is at 9AM02:06
pleia2you'll want to get there a little before that so you can go to registration and get your badge02:06
jdeslipIs registration only tomorrow?02:06
pleia2jdeslip: nah, they'll have the table open all week02:07
pleia2it's also where they'll set up the shop (they bring over goods from the canonical store to sell at UDS, very useful)02:07
pleia2and you can get any other information you may need by asking the folks there02:08
DonkeyHoteiakk: www.511.org02:08
DonkeyHoteiakk: http://www.511.org02:08
epsDo we need to register for each session we want to attend? I see participants lists on the schedule.02:09
pleia2feel free to grab me at UDS if you have questions too, I can usually help, or know someone who does02:10
pleia2eps: no, you can just show up, the people "registered" are those who are subscribed to the blueprint (that means you'll get emailed each time it's updated throughout the next 6 months)02:10
DarkwingUDSpleia2: you still here at the hotel?02:10
pleia2DarkwingUDS: nah, I came home02:10
DarkwingUDSpleia2: ahhhh. Yeah, I'm up in my room charging my phone. :D02:11
pleia2ok, see those of you who can make it at UDS this week!02:11
pleia2next topic...02:11
pleia2Booth at Maker Faire: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2012-May/001954.html02:11
pleia2jdeslip: have anything to say about this one?02:11
pleia2(and yes, we're getting them sorted disk-wise :))02:12
jdeslipYa. The maker faire is pretty awesome event. A lot of do-it-yourself type people there. So, I think it is a good audience to show off Linux too02:12
jdeslipThe booth is called "Bay Area Linux Groups" and I inviting people from a few different to come02:13
jdeslipBut, obviously we want a good showing from Ubuntu-CA see that is what people often associated Linux with these days02:13
jdeslipI should be able to get James, Aaditya and Philip in for free.02:14
jdeslipI'll send out some details in the next day or so. Please think of cool/crafty things to demo...02:14
DonkeyHoteieps: you got my e-mail, right?02:15
pleia2great, thanks jdeslip :)02:15
jdeslipYa, I guess that is about it on Maker Faire02:15
epsDonkeyHotei: haven't checked yet ... I've been out doing errands02:15
pleia2ok, anyone else have anything?02:16
pleia2oh! if anyone wants to help me with the tourism night on Wednesday I'd love to have the help :)02:17
pleia2we're going bart > embarcadero > ferry building > street car to pier 39 > fisherman's wharf > ghirardelli square > cable cars back to powell (probably)02:17
pleia2grabbing dinner somewhere along the way02:18
jtatumpleia2: I will ping work and see if I can swing that02:18
epsTough call ... that, or the BAD dinner or free pizza and beer02:18
pleia2jtatum: ok cool, we're planning on leaving Oakland on BART at 7PM, you can meet us anywhere02:18
pleia2sessions end at 6PM, 7 gives them time to head up to their rooms to wash up/change/relax for a few minutes02:19
pleia2I can't imagine our group will be more than 20 people, but even handling that will be interesting :)02:19
jtatumMaybe I can convince jledbetter to join too :)02:20
* pleia2 will be putting together a pretty PDF for the tour tonight02:20
pleia2yes yes!02:20
jledbetterWednesday is hard :(02:21
pleia2anyone have anything else?02:23
epsMaybe you can convince UDS attendees to buy Partimus earrings02:24
pleia2ah yes, I'll be carrying 8 pairs with me!02:24
pleia2and the business cards for the shop, in case people want to buy later02:24
pleia2so you're welcome to send people to me if you find anyone who wants a pair02:24
jledbetterI dig that they have silver ones now.02:25
pleia2yeah :)02:25
pleia2ok, thanks everyone02:26
epsYou were expecting ... orange and aubergine? ;-)02:26
jledbetterI don't wear gold except for stuff from my Grandma ;)02:26
pleia2the europeans where laughing at "eggplant" on a dinner menu last night02:26
jtatumHehe. Maybe I should cut up some vinyl u-w decals02:26
pleia2I told them aubergine is too hard for us to say :)02:26
pleia2jtatum: indeed you should!02:27
pleia2the ubuntu women session is at noon on thursday last I checked, I'll be giving out stickers and stuff then02:27
* pleia2 also prepared 4 "goodie bags" for UW stuff02:27
pleia2anyway, I need to run out to the grocery store, weekend went by too fast :)02:28
jledbetterSee ya later, pleia2 :)02:28
pleia2later all02:28
bkerensajujuc charm writing party is in progress02:38
* philipballew pretends to know what juju's are02:39
ilanDarkwingUDS: you in town for UDS?02:40
DarkwingUDSilan: yup. at the venue right now. You about?02:41
ilanDarkwingUDS: i will be tomorrow02:41
ilanand most of the week02:41
DarkwingUDSilan: oh awesome... I have some things to talk to ya about. :DF02:41
ilanDarkwingUDS: btw ron sent over some ideas for SCALE 2013. i passed them on to the list02:42
DarkwingUDSilan: oh awesome.02:42
akkSilly me, thought I'd upgrade the laptop to pangolin the night before UDS -- upgrade failed badly.02:43
* philipballew high fives akk02:44
* akk high-fives philipballew back02:44
akkI love "errors were encountered while processing:" [long list of packages]02:45
akkum, care to give me a hint of what the errors were?02:45
akk"dependency problems"02:45
akkHa, found it -- turns out it wanted /etc/init.d/umountnfs.sh (why is it I can't have an ubuntu system without NFS services running at boot?)02:46
DonkeyHotei[Sun 2012-05-06 05:22:14 PM PDT] <bkerensa> well if Philip pops back on can someone have him e-mail bkerensa@ubuntu.com .... wanna see if he wants to grab dinner tonight02:52
DonkeyHoteiphilipballew: ^02:52
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: He is here now... There are four of us drinking beers and writing charms02:53
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: care to join us? :)02:53
DonkeyHoteinot unless you're in sf, and also i don't drink02:54
philipballewI dont drink DonkeyHotei Im just here with a water02:55
philipballewbut its okay, if your in sf02:55
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: are u going to come to Oakland at all this week :)02:56
DonkeyHoteiuds starts in the morning02:56
bkerensaall us community folk are bored while the Canonical folk party :P02:56
DonkeyHoteii'll go to oakland for uds02:56
akkDonkeyHotei: Thx for the 511 rec, btw -- though it doesn't work for me in Firefox, "an internal error occurred" when I try to plan a BART trip.02:57
bkerensaakk: have you checked in now?02:58
akkbkerensa: I live in San Jose, trying to figure out how to get to/from Oakland.02:58
bkerensapleia2: I assume you wont be coming out till tomorrow02:59
DonkeyHoteiakk: oh well. i use chrome02:59
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pleia2bkerensa: I dropped by the hotel saturday and early this evening (saw Darkwing!) but yeah, not again until tomorrow morning :)05:12
DarkwingUDSbkerensa: you at the hotel?05:16
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pleia2off to UDS!14:56
DonkeyHoteioh shit, i'll be late14:56
* ilan will head over in a bit14:56
DonkeyHoteii was supposed to be half-way there by now14:57
DonkeyHoteigonna miss the keynote now14:57
akkIs there an irc channel for UDS chatter?16:25
akkcool, thx16:26
Faqtotumat uds17:16
gua-udsFaqtotum, hi517:16
gua-udsi'm in apt improvements17:16
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philipballewCommunity roundtable17:16
Faqtotumi'm in kernel roundtable17:18
Faqtotumno one has a mic, annoying17:18
gua-udsmake sure people get "i'm local" pins from pleia2. i didn't have one and i was viscously pinned17:18
pleia2I have 5 left :)17:18
gua-udshi pleia2 !17:18
gua-udsneed more pins17:19
pleia2haha, I was worreid 15 would be too many17:19
Faqtotumi haven't run into pleia2 yet17:19
EpikVisionme neither17:21
Faqtotumpleia2: where are you atm, btw?17:33
pleia2community roundtable17:34
* MarkDude needs a pin that says *Im local, dude*17:35
Faqtotumi'll grab 2 of them in a sec17:35
* MarkDude does not need a pin :)17:36
pleia2I only have 5 left, I can't really give out multiples17:36
* MarkDude needs to get down to UDS, but is having to take care of more errands now17:37
Faqtotumpleia2: community roundtable is not in the downloaded schedule; what room?17:39
philipballew201 Faqtotum17:40
MarkDudeWhat day is the intrusive CoC talk scheduled?17:41
* MarkDude is concerned that will hamper Ubuntu's progress17:42
pleia2er, that was at the community council meeting on the 3rd17:42
philipballewMarkDude, only enhances it!17:42
pleia2some revisions have been posted based on the feedback we recieved, I didn't see the email from you, did you send one for the discussion?17:43
MarkDudeWell no17:43
pleia2can you, so we can include it?17:43
MarkDudeAnd still not sure I should fully enter this discussion :)17:43
MarkDudeI can,17:43
MarkDudeI have just had a few express doubts and possible willingness to leave over CoC controling personal life17:44
MarkDudeWhich list ?17:44
MarkDudeIs the talk on17:45
pleia2http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2012/04/16/code-of-conduct-update/ is the announcement with details, the emails were collected here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/czajkowski/CoCFeedback17:47
* pleia2 off to next session17:47
MarkDudety :)17:47
FaqtotumMarkDude: eps asked about geeknic17:48
* MarkDude has a few matters to take care of 1st17:50
MarkDudeWell if the discussion happened on the 3rd, maybe there is no point in me adding my voice17:58
* MarkDude thinks it will apear as sour grapes17:58
MarkDudeLooks bad tho17:59
MarkDudeYep, not going to disturb the hornets nest. I reserve the right to hold a few things more important than the Distro I use. And let people choose their own path  :)18:01
gua-udsMarkDude: boo18:02
gua-udsMarkDude: dissent is crucial for.. collaboration18:03
gua-udsor something18:03
MarkDudeWell I got slapped down last time for doing so, and also had my full name (and 3 others) put on public record18:03
MarkDudeEven tho what I had originally suggested was FULLY IMPLEMENTED, I got raked over the coals18:04
MarkDudeAnd near as I can tell, the new CoC makes an effort to stop dissent18:05
gua-udshmm maybe you speaking up made it turn out that way18:05
MarkDudelol, well..... thats for people to decide18:05
gua-udswell i dunno, no one but you is the most likely to voice what you think needs being voiced18:05
gua-udsdiscussions are no fun if everyone agrees18:05
MarkDudeWell the talk happened on the 3rd18:05
gua-udsah hm18:06
greg-gMarkDude: there was a revision made by mark to the CoC post-that meeting18:14
greg-gMarkDude: not sure if fully meets my requirements (and the last sentence feels a little too "we are the one true party" to me)18:14
greg-grev 24 of that bzr branch, btw18:14
MarkDudeno doubt18:18
bkerensaMarkDude: when u coming?18:21
bkerensanhaines: u coming?18:22
MarkDudeMeeting up with Bethany in a few, then we are taking bart over18:25
bkerensaMarkDude: uhh cool hmm will be good to see u18:26
MarkDudeWill be good to see you too bkerensa18:27
* MarkDude will be going a few more days18:27
MarkDudeHopefully I can be there early tomorrow18:27
* MarkDude has a CM meeting in SF in morning18:27
bkerensaif u hurry u might make lunch18:27
bkerensaI was in SF all day yesterday18:28
* MarkDude was there for a while- then went to Walnut Creek18:29
MarkDudeWell if some people ASK me to speak out on the CoC thing, I will. Otherwise - the more I think about it, the more I think its NOT my business18:35
MarkDudeNo need to make waves :)18:35
greg-gMarkDude: why not your business?18:38
greg-gare you an Ubuntu Member or do you want to participate in the community?18:38
greg-gthen I say it is damn well your business18:38
MarkDudeWell, I am18:38
greg-gwhich is why I went to the CC meeting and voiced my concerns directly18:38
MarkDudeMy 1st association is Ubuntu Women18:39
MarkDudethen comes Fedora18:39
MarkDudeThen other stuff in Ubuntu18:39
MarkDudeWell 1st is FOSS and Linux18:39
* MarkDude is in leadership in Fedora, so I am concerned about how it might appear18:39
greg-gahhh, I see18:41
MarkDudeThere are too many people attacking Ubuntu at the moment18:42
greg-gwell, I think an outsider's perspective would be useful, as well18:42
MarkDudeand not in  productive manner18:42
MarkDudeJust plain attacking18:42
greg-gMarkDude: maybe for good reason? I'm not sure, but I want criticism to be OK, that is the only way things improve.18:42
greg-gyeah, that's true, that stuff is lame18:42
gua-udsMarkDude: well as long as you're not doin that, should be fine18:43
MarkDudeWell, I will see how folks feel at UDS18:43
MarkDudepart of the reason I advocated my thoughts a while ago, was BECAUSE I was aksed by others to give voice to their concerns also18:43
MarkDudeSorta like Ubuntu Oregon18:44
* MarkDude offered to help advocate for them on a matter that was offensive18:44
MarkDudebkerensa, and the rest of the group were of with it, so I dropped it18:44
MarkDudeSorta need to see how people feel, no need to be standing by oneself18:45
greg-g...unless you're right.18:47
MarkDudeWell when I left, I partially gae up that right.18:49
MarkDudeSo thats why I think it applies more if people WANT me to18:49
MarkDudeI am fighting against creation of a CoC in Fedora now18:50
MarkDudeMostly on my own :)18:50
MarkDudeThey have a SIMPLE guiding principle: "Be excellent to each other" :)18:50
MarkDudePretty much covers it all18:51
* MarkDude needs to see when he wil get there18:51
MarkDudeTime to get ready18:51
DarkwingUDSWhen are you showing up MarkDude?18:52
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Faqtotumphilipballew: are you in Hall East?21:50
philipballewFaqtotum, im listening to marco21:52
philipballewis that hall east?21:52
Faqtotumyeah, i'm right behind pleia2 if you see us21:52
* philipballew sees Faqtotum at his 221:55
philipballewim at your 8 probably21:56
Faqtotumare you wearing green?21:57
philipballewyeah! a green striped shirt21:58
Faqtotumlonger hair than before21:59
=== DrStrangelove is now known as Faqtotum

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