pleia2meeting in 8 minutes :)01:52
* DonkeyHotei is so out of it that he decided to skip sf-lug today01:52
akkIt is meet that I just finished my meat.01:52
MarkDudeOh, for doing a Geeknic, I figure to assume Cali team wants to be part of the next picnic. And bring specifics on sponsors to THEN decide if folks want to do it :)01:53
* MarkDude figured no need to put it on agenda too soon01:53
* MarkDude will just bring up next event in announcements01:55
jyoyay, I made it.01:59
MarkDudehey there jyo02:00
pleia2ok, who all is here for our meeting?02:00
* eps waves02:00
* j_dulaney is president02:00
MarkDudej_dulaney, is a freind from the East Coast02:01
pleia2ok, so we don't really have an agenda this time02:01
pleia2anyone have any thoughts for events? announcements? anything to bring up?02:02
epsI do02:02
pleia2eps: cool, go for it02:02
epsTake a look at this product description: http://www.frys.com/product/712626202:02
pleia2ah yes, you dropped me an email about this02:02
epsand compare it with the manufacturer's version:02:03
pleia2it does inteed seem to run Ubuntu02:03
pleia2Fry's isn't very good at product descriptions ;)02:03
epsOr maybe they don't it to come up in searches for Ubuntu02:03
philipballewI was going to go to frys this week. Ill take a look at it if it is there02:04
MarkDudeFrys has really bad descritpions imho02:04
pleia2eps: I've had to look at the manufacturer's website for everything I've bought at Fry's, I wouldn't say it was an intentional oversight02:04
pleia2I think it's just general Fry's bad descriptions02:04
epsShould this product be listed here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed02:05
akkIf it's Ubuntu, that'll make it way better than any Linux stuff I've seen at Fry's before.02:05
akkIs it Ubuntu? Have you seen one at Fry's?02:06
pleia2I don't know much about that page (it's community-maintained and anyone can update it)02:06
epsI saw it online. You know as much as I do. Supposedly it ships with oneric (not precise).02:06
pleia2but if someone went to Fry's asking for Ubuntu, I'm pretty sure the sales staff wouldn't have a clue that device runs Ubuntu02:07
akkOr Linux, even.02:07
philipballewIm gonna look at it this week. I will be at frys and it claims to be available in store02:07
epsIt'll be interesting to see if these things are actually "in the wild."02:08
* pleia2 nods02:08
pleia2thanks philipballew :)02:08
philipballewNo problem02:08
pleia2and nice find, eps!02:08
pleia2philipballew: if it does, take pictures and blog about it :D02:08
philipballewsounds like a good idea. I will do.02:09
philipballewIll ask the employes to see what they were trained to say as well.02:09
* pleia2 nods02:09
akkThey're trained?02:09
pleia2now now :)02:09
jyoI assume their dress code comes with training, yes.02:10
MarkDudesell this, and make sure your shirt is cleaned02:10
pleia2MarkDude: did you want to mention the next Geeknic you're looking to plan?02:11
MarkDudeYou bet02:11
MarkDudeJune 23rd02:11
MarkDudeheather Farms in Walnut Creek02:11
pleia2doh, same day as Ubuntu User Days02:12
* MarkDude has not created a listing on Geeknic.iorg yet02:12
pleia2can we do it Sunday instead? :)02:12
* MarkDude already has this one locked in- 02:13
pleia2ah, ok02:13
MarkDudeWe are already planning a South bay event02:13
MarkDudeas well as sumthin in July- if Linux Picnic is a nogo02:13
j_dulaneyWill there be a Beefy Miracle present?02:13
j_dulaneyAnd bacon?02:14
MarkDudeas well as Ubuntu CDs02:14
pleia2ok, hopefully I can make it to the July one then :)02:14
MarkDudeand other Ubuntu swag also02:14
* MarkDude plans on having a vote on FB for dates02:14
MarkDudeand taking votes on ML also02:14
epsAny leftovers can go to BerkeleyLUG. ;-)02:14
MarkDudethey will be added together02:15
pleia2eps: hehe02:15
* MarkDude hopes eps can man a bbq02:15
MarkDudeoperate rather02:15
epsI dunno ... my skills might be a bit rusty02:15
* MarkDude trusts you02:15
* MarkDude apologizes for the date thing02:16
philipballewDo we have a bbg or does someone need to bring one?02:16
pleia2they have them at the park02:16
MarkDudeAt UDS many people asked me about a bbq and told me the sooner the better02:16
MarkDudeThey do have them there02:16
epsYou might want to bring a small one for veggies02:16
MarkDudeWe always bring one for the vegetarians02:16
philipballewseems smart02:17
MarkDudeThere will be Tofu Miracles also02:17
MarkDudeAs well as smoked peppers and other noms02:17
akktofu would be a beany miracle?02:17
MarkDudedamn you akk- I should have asked you before I started calling it the Tofu miracle ;)02:17
MarkDudeThats better02:18
* MarkDude was hoping to have a volunteer to email the list about the next event- as far as planning dates02:18
MarkDudeIt would be early July so as not to interupt OSCON and CLS02:19
* MarkDude will bug folks on that later.02:19
MarkDudePretty soon we should make plans to go to CLS in Portland02:19
MarkDudeCarpools FULL of people should go to that02:19
* MarkDude shuts up now 02:20
pleia2but not too close to 4th of july :)02:20
MarkDudemakes the poll easier02:20
philipballewIll be busy with all the fireworks I bought out of state02:21
j_dulaneyExplosions in the sky?02:21
pleia2ah wow, oscon is earlier than I thought02:21
* philipballew should probably not say that02:21
MarkDudetheoretically of course philipballew02:21
pleia2maybe do it in really *late* july02:21
akkFor anyone perusing the channel logs, philipballew was just kidding about that. :)02:21
MarkDudeakk, +102:21
pleia2ok, anyone have anything else before philipballew further incriminates himself? :)02:22
epsIncriminates or incinerates?02:23
* j_dulaney wants to light it all off02:23
pleia2the next SF Ubuntu Hour is next week, June 13th02:24
* pleia2 will add a loco portal event in a bit02:24
DonkeyHoteii'll likely be in Sac that day02:24
philipballewIll be there pleia202:24
pleia2philipballew: great :)02:25
epsWith or without Bay Area Debian? (Last SF one was Apr. 11)02:25
pleia2eps: I'm thinking with, but I'll ask around and then confirm02:25
MarkDudeFb link for party https://www.facebook.com/events/300921919994599/02:25
philipballewGive me Debian, or give me death!02:26
pleia2philipballew: haha, ok, one vote "for" debian dinner too :)02:26
pleia2ok, wrapping this up then, anyone else have anything?02:27
MarkDudeGreat short meeting - yay02:28
philipballewIll do post meeting stuff this meeting if thats cool02:29
j_dulaneyFor non-short meetings, go to Fedora Blocker Bug Meetings02:29
pleia2philipballew: yes, thank you!02:29
* j_dulaney has sat through seven hour meetings02:29
pleia2thanks for coming everyone :)02:29
pleia2j_dulaney: haha, ouch02:29
akk7 hours!02:30
MarkDudej_dulaney,  pleia will file a bug on me- and not allow it to be marked wontfix02:30
j_dulaneyOf course, that bug would be unfixable02:30
MarkDudeShe has more skillz than I do02:30
MarkDudelots more02:30
pleia2MarkDude: is unfixable, but we love him anyway :)02:31
akkWe're probably most of us unfixable.02:31
MarkDudePerfection is not gotten, but is a good target02:33
epsIf you see it, shoot at it 'til it's dead?02:33
MarkDudesumthin like that02:34
epsAs they say in Redmond, "Failure is not an option -- it comes bundled with every Microsoft product."02:34
bkerensawho even uses Paypal these days15:27
=== Corey is now known as 45PAANW6S
MarkDudebkerensa, actually that is how Daddy Shadowman pays folks back for money they have spent. They will send checks and stuff, but , prefer Paypal. A bit old-timey I know :D16:09
bkerensaMarkDude: I just dont like paypal but Linux New Media uses it to pay authors =/16:10
bkerensawas kind of surprised they asked for paypal versus cutting a check or doing it ach16:10
bkerensaI guess it was somewhere on the contract I signed that said all my written words belong to them exclusively and wordlwide16:11
=== 45PAANW6S is now known as Corey
scientes<scientes> schestowitz, this NEEDs to be your front page story (if it isn't already) https://isc.sans.edu/diary.html?storyid=13366&rss ---16:39
DonkeyHoteibkerensa: any battery news?17:25
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: the guy never texted me back a week ago17:25
bkerensaI dont go much time to keep pursuing that17:25
raevolmy update manager is so slow.... on all mirrors... :(17:30
bkerensaraevol: AWS Mirrors for the win17:32
bkerensaphilipballew: side note... looks like were not getting comp'ed accts for life or for any long period of time17:34
bkerensaphilipballew: Canonical stepped in and asked for all devs to get them so that offer from HP at UDS as got reduced to a couple months17:35
DonkeyHoteibkerensa: he says _you_ didn't text _him_ back17:38
kdubi kinda wish that irssi would ping the unity notify-osd17:38
kdubping philipballew17:39
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: Me: Can you bring it to NE tomorrow and ill buy it? Or perhaps PayPal and ship it to California? 1:58 PM (10 Days Ago)17:39
bkerensaI also told him I dont have time to drive out and chase him around for a battery... I wouldnt even do this for someone local17:39
DonkeyHoteiHim: He could not work out a time to meet me at a time i was driving thru so i said shipping was an option, tho id rather not.17:40
bkerensaYeah he is driving through at night time or always wants me to go out to beaverton17:41
philipballewwhats up kdub and bkerensa17:41
DonkeyHoteidoesn't linus torvalds live in beaverton?17:42
* bkerensa does not travel to other people unless their is a cash motivation exceeding $500 17:42
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: he lives in Lake Oswego17:42
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: http://i.imgur.com/rGkm9.png <--- this is what that guy wants17:44
DonkeyHoteiHer, evidently: I am in beaverton, i drive across portland to get my kids from school eveery day. Portland is huge, your friend has not been available any of the days or times i have been thru17:45
bkerensaEverytime he comes is like 5/6pm17:48
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: why not ask her to ship it to you?17:49
DonkeyHoteithe 5/6pm is predictable, and if you're never around at that time, then yeah, that might be better17:50
DonkeyHoteibut i gotta know17:50
akkWhee, election tomorrow. I like how the Voter Information Pamphlet doesn't even mention the statewide propositions.17:51
pleia2woohoo, stickers17:53
pleia2(I only vote so I can get a sticker)17:53
bkerensaDonkeyHotei: Starting at 5pm/6pm to 10pm daily and all day on weekends is spent with my fiancee so if its during those times or when I'm working on a project M-F then its very unlikely I will be able to meet with them in NE and under almost no circumstances am I going out to meet someone in the suburbs it a hour drive17:54
DonkeyHoteithanx for letting me know17:55
philipballewups just brought me my art of community second edition. Noticeably bigger then the first.19:59
bkerensaphilipballew: you bought a copy?20:11
philipballewbkerensa, no, it is a review I was asked to review it20:11
MarkDudePlay the Jono drinking game20:12
MarkDudeFor each use of the word Community20:13
MarkDudeyou wont make the 1st chapter20:13
MarkDudeSame with in real life- use of words dude, rocks , and rockin'20:13
bkerensaphilipballew: Jono gives out free copies to everyone who holds a session at CLS too :)20:13
bkerensaI assume O'Reilly sent you the copy then :P20:14
* MarkDude shares overuse of said words too20:14
philipballewbkerensa, yes they did.20:14
bkerensamarsee and jon are nice folk ;)20:14
MarkDudeHElla nice20:14
philipballewI still need to figure out oscon one of these days20:14
bkerensajoin #ubuntu-ops20:15
bkerensa>.<  a total / fail20:15
DonkeyHotei[Mon 2012-06-04 01:41:01 PM PDT] -ChanServ- Information on #epicfail:20:41
DonkeyHotei[Mon 2012-06-04 01:41:01 PM PDT] -ChanServ- Registered : Jul 31 22:49:22 2008 (3 years, 44 weeks, 0 days, 21:51:38 ago)20:41
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DonkeyHoteiphilipballew: ^20:41
MarkDudescientes, you have a wiki page for requesting Orielly books?20:43
philipballewDonkeyHotei, I was just saying epic fail in reference to the website20:55
scientesMarkDude, no20:56
MarkDudeok fair enough20:58
scientesMarkDude, what do you mean?20:58
* MarkDude is willing to help with request when there are a few book requests posted on wiki 20:58
scientesahh, url pls20:59
MarkDudeIts easiest for Oreilly to grant books if there is a public page with list of books20:59
MarkDudeit makes it easier on their side :)20:59
MarkDudeWell, it would be better for someone else to create the page (long story on why I am not doing so ) :)21:00
MarkDudeOnce we have the page- we can send the info to leads for Cali- and then go from there. They said they were interested, but had limited time21:01
bkerensaIf anyone wants a pdf copy of my feature article from Ubuntu User it just hit the site and will be in print at outlets in July ;) http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Magazine/Archive/2012/13/Ubuntu-Developer-Summit-Quantal-Quetzal21:01
MarkDudeIf we make it easier for the leads and the book peoples21:01
MarkDudebkerensa, you are not following my master plan21:02
MarkDudeWhen you stepped up as Lead- I did not expect you to overtake me in geek street cred so quickly :D21:02
bkerensaMarkDude: then you dont want to know where my next article is landing ;)21:03
MarkDudeI figured it would happen- MarkDude was hoping it would be more like 2013 tho- lol21:03
bkerensaMarkDude: pleia2 is in the article ^21:03
* MarkDude welcomes you kickin ass everywhere sir, my silly jokes notwithstanding21:03
* MarkDude thinks pleia2 should win the Open Source award21:04
MarkDudewas gonna nominate her if no one else did21:04
DonkeyHoteididn't rms win one time?21:05
* MarkDude thinks pleia2 is cooler than RMS on many levels21:06
DonkeyHoteino wait, rms won the linus torvalds award, whatever that is21:06
MarkDudeNot even counting showering and lack of toejam diet21:06
* MarkDude is curious as to her stance on buying a parrot for her :D21:06
DonkeyHoteidoes rms have a parrot?21:07
MarkDude^^^ refernce to RMS does not want you to buy him a parrot21:07
bkerensarms eats his feet21:07
MarkDudeGoogle it- its awesome21:07
bkerensaand thats uncool21:07
MarkDudeyes bkerensa21:07
MarkDudehence the toejam reference21:07
MarkDudeand how pleia2 does not do so21:08
DonkeyHoteihaven't you heard? uncool is in now21:08
* MarkDude leaves toes to DonkeyHotei 21:08
MarkDudeAt Scale a while ago- they asked the people in the Weakest Geek to do an impersonation of RMS21:08
DonkeyHoteii don't need your toes; i have 10 of my own21:09
MarkDudeOne person said hopw do you impersonate not showering21:09
MarkDudeRandi the free BSD girl asked for a female volunteer- to be rude to21:09
MarkDudetoes in the generic sense DonkeyHotei21:09
DonkeyHoteishe's on weakest geek every damn year21:09
DonkeyHoteiwhat generic sense?21:10
scientesMarkDude, well what wiki should i create the page on?21:11
MarkDudeShe rocks21:11
* MarkDude ignores you 2nd comment due to Poes Law violationbs21:12
MarkDudescientes, it should most likely be under Ubuntu cali namespace21:12
MarkDudeUnder your namespace21:12
scientesyou mean lauchpad wikis or something? i''ve never used those---come on give me a link21:12
scientesof any sort21:13
MarkDudewith the idea it would be moved to Cali space after approved21:13
MarkDudeOh sure21:13
MarkDudemy bad21:13
scientesi need some idea of what i am doing21:13
* MarkDude started the page21:15
MarkDudeIf it needs to be moved for any reason it can21:16
MarkDudeThe main idea is that you put some books you want on there21:16
MarkDudeIt being a wiki allows others to add their requests too21:16
MarkDudeand once people weigh in- it allows the team leads to easily review21:17
scienteshmm i don't know which one to aask for21:17
MarkDudeShould keep everyone happy21:17
MarkDudePick at least 321:17
MarkDudechances are you will get at least one21:17
MarkDudeThe older it is- the easier it is to get21:17
MarkDudeAs in sometimes new books are harder to get. Usually tho- they are easy to get too21:18
scientesi was thinking about C++ and then i realized that vala is almost cooler in that realm, but very new language21:18
MarkDudepick a few21:21
MarkDudeYou may be able to come up with stuff others will like too21:21
* MarkDude bets on it :)21:21
scientesI don't allow google cookies, can you tell me if this book has anything on avoiding unaligned memory accesses? http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9781593271749.do21:25
MarkDudescientes, think of me as a slightly less charming version of Jono21:28
* MarkDude is better at Community questions than say the tech stuff ;)21:28
pleia2bkerensa: nice, thanks!21:48
pleia2MarkDude: and thanks for your kind words :) but I do regret getting so detatched from development (only have one package in debian anymore, and it's co-maintained)21:48
MarkDudeYou have most likely forgotten more than I currently know :D21:50
pleia2to be fair, I have been at this longer and do systems administration as my day job :)21:55
MarkDudeSmarter too - shhhh21:56
MarkDudeFor the record, MarkDude think on genral that women are smarter than men21:56
DonkeyHoteithat's because they are21:56
DonkeyHoteithey're smart enough not to have to have tech jobs21:57
DonkeyHoteiwe're stuck with those, though21:57
* DonkeyHotei waits for obligatory poe's law accusations21:58
* MarkDude has not desire to touch those comments with philipballew 's 10 foot pole22:15
DonkeyHoteiyou brought it up22:16
MarkDudeWomen being smarter is pretty much fact, imho22:17
MarkDudeinferences tho, get a bit dicey, altho yours was very humorous :D22:18
MarkDudeFor the record, it did not violate Poes Law, pretty much everyone hopefully knew you were in jest22:18
DonkeyHoteiexcept i wasn't22:19
* MarkDude runs away22:19
MarkDude(flailing and screaming)22:19
pleia2it's an argument that has been made before, but pretty much holds no weight when you actually ask women why they leave compsci22:19
MarkDudeSmithers; release the hounds....22:20
pleia2"Unlocking the Clubhouse" is a good book that interviews a lot of women who stay and leave their compsci degrees, and pinpointing where these gaps are: http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=851522:22
akkgreat book22:23
DonkeyHoteii don't remember where i was standing, so i can't find myself22:45
DonkeyHoteiit would help if i could remember what i wore22:45
DonkeyHoteibut uds is mostly just a blur22:45
* MarkDude is being 100% sincere in saying this:22:49
MarkDudeHe is glad there were no pics of MarkDude's shirt in plain view22:49
MarkDudejcastro came to get people in line- and sorta winked at me22:50
MarkDudeLike haha, you got the other pics- all that will be seen is you and the penguin hat22:50
* MarkDude took it as good humor like with the saga of *Jono's Jacket*22:51

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