rick_h_ouch though, $30 outlet :/00:01
gamerchick02that is kinda cool. but i just use a power strip and a USB charging block thing.00:19
rick_h_yea, we've started at keeping usb power cords in the kitchen and the space would be nicer like that00:21
gamerchick02i agree.00:22
snap-lJoDee managed to kill her micro USB cable00:43
snap-lso I only have the one that came with my phone00:43
snap-lgot one on order00:43
rick_h_I'm so glad things are going to that00:46
rick_h_almost everything is on that these days, though did hit mini-usb on my bike lights00:46
snap-lAs long as it's USB, I'm happy00:47
snap-lunfortunatlely my nook uses a weird pin-out00:47
snap-lit looks like micro usb, but has some funky shape00:48
brouschmine NC has an extra long micro-usb00:49
brouschdamn fools00:49
snap-lbrousch: It's not actually micro USB00:53
snap-ltry it (unplugged) in another device00:54
snap-lit's actually too thin00:54
brouschyeah, doesn't work with other devices00:54
brouschthe charger works with a regular microusb cord though00:54
snap-lYeah, the charger is just USB00:54
snap-lthey added some extra stuff to run at higher power00:55
brouschit's nice for charging other things, so i carry it in my bag00:57
snap-lLet's get the meeting started01:00
snap-lWho all is here?01:00
brouschis that tonight?01:01
brouschwow. got lucky01:01
AhukaBe vwey, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.01:01
snap-lAnyone else?01:04
snap-lOK, quiet group01:10
snap-lguess it's good, since there's not much to cover this meeting01:10
snap-lOnly point I'd like to highlight is that Ohio Linuxfest fast approaches01:10
snap-land last year we had a booth with Lococast01:10
snap-lwhich was essentially rick_h_ and I sitting in the booth all day01:10
snap-lWhich was OK, but didn't afford us much time to see the show01:12
rick_h_I and won't be there this year01:12
rick_h_err ... and I01:12
snap-lWhich leads to problem #2 to doing that again01:12
AhukaWhy not just record an episode there, and spend the rest of the time seeing the show?01:15
snap-lAhuka: See above01:15
snap-lWe talked last year about combining efforts with the Ohio team, but that didn't go anywhere.01:17
snap-lWe cantry that route again01:19
snap-lbut if not, we'll need to put some effort into having a presence at OLF01:19
brouschwhen is olf?01:21
AhukaLast weekend of Sept.01:22
brouschVery unlikely for me01:23
AhukaWhile I will be there, my time is already committed.01:25
snap-lAhuka: Yeah, I figured as much01:25
snap-lIN any event, something to think about01:25
jjesseoh sorry didn't realize meeting was going on01:26
jjessei'll start paying attention01:26
snap-lAnything else on OLF?01:31
AhukaNothing here.01:32
snap-lAnything else in general?01:35
snap-lgoing once01:38
snap-lgoing twice01:41
snap-lThank you everyone for coming01:42
jjessethree times a lady?01:42
snap-lOnly if you worship Lionel Ritchie01:45
gamerchick02sorry. i was on the phone with Brian. but i'm going to bed now and will see everyone tomorrow after work.02:59
snap-lgood morning11:21
rick_h_http://xahlee.org/kbd/Truly_Ergonomic_keyboard.html for the morning conversation11:22
snap-lAbout the only thing that needs is a dvorak layout so I can completely write it off11:24
* snap-l needs to do some scientific studies that ergonomic keyboards don't do what they claim.11:25
rick_h_yea, that was my thing. I've been wanting an MS natural with real keys forever, but this is a bit much I think11:25
snap-lrick_h_: Well, I think the MS natural keyboard is an abomination as well11:27
snap-lso I'm not the best person to ask about "ergonomic" keyboards.11:28
rick_h_naw, just too big. needed no numpad, etc11:28
snap-lFuck, I can't wait to get to 12.04, where I don't have suspend. :)11:29
* snap-l just hit suspend, for those playing along at home.11:29
snap-lOK, really bbiab11:30
rick_h_snap-l: huh? I'm confused.11:30
rick_h_see ya11:30
RobechzI would like to fix a very super easy defect, will be my first11:31
Robechzwhich defect do you recommend me to fix?11:31
rick_h_Robechz: well, I would try to find some appliaction or tool you use and find useful. And look for something within there11:33
RobechzOK I submitted a wishlist 'to have a suggestions/report link at the very top right of ubuntu' and it was denied, how can I promote it and or start working on it?11:36
rick_h_man, there's a guy running a project that lists out open source projects that could use help with something but I'm blanking on the name11:42
rick_h_maybe greg-g can help me remember when you gets up ^^11:42
shakes808good morning all12:04
rick_h_ugh monday heh12:04
shakes808I hear ya12:05
snap-lGood morning again12:06
snap-lrick_h_: I accidentally hit "suspend" from the drop-down list12:07
snap-lit's under "Lock"12:07
snap-land frankly, on my desktop machine, it's pretty pointless12:07
snap-lThere's a snowball's chance that I'm ever going to want to suspend the machine on purpose12:08
brouschProductive day. Fixed 2 computers and a data entry error already12:56
shakes808brousch: awesome, ... now get me a coffee ;) Lol I NEED TO WAKE UP  lol12:57
brouschRight, be there in about 3 hours12:57
brouschI pulled some unbelievable dustballs out of one of the computers12:57
brouschLooked like steel wool12:58
shakes808wow nice, hate working on computers like that12:58
brousch6 years sitting in a metalshop will do that, I guess12:58
shakes808When I was working at an RV dealer, their computer was filled with saw dust and metal shavings ... that was fun to clean out lol12:59
shakes808I understand you woes lol12:59
brouschBah, just take it outside and blow through 2 air cans12:59
brouschThen manual extraction of the steel wool13:00
snap-lThat's when it's time for the vacuums13:02
jrwrenbrousch: he never learned functional or OO. 45 programming langauges all of which look like C and fortran.13:48
jrwrengamerchick02: mac book air, do it! best laptop I've ever had.  but I run OSX on it ;(13:49
brouschjrwren: He's supposed to be a Perl master!13:49
jrwrenwell, he is damned good at perl.13:55
jrwrenI honestly think he says stuff like that trolling.13:55
jrwrenlike when I say I've been doing nodejs for 10 yrs, because POE and TWISTED and eventing is not new.13:56
jrwrenbut don't tell a node hipster.13:56
snap-ljrwren: troll. ;)13:58
snap-lbut yeah, 45 C-like languages aren't going to teach you dick about OO14:00
snap-lAnd Perl has OO, but it's pretty wonky.14:01
snap-lIt's not something I found particularly easy / beautiful. Felt more like "if I tweak this just so, it can act like an object"14:01
jrwrenperl OO is more a way to do OO in a non-oo langauge. a lot like using glib in C14:05
snap-lYeah, that's an apt comparison14:06
* snap-l likes glib, though. :)14:06
jrwreni like glib and perl.14:09
jrwrenif i'm going to write C, glib style C is my prefered style.14:09
snap-l "[..] certificates issued by our Terminal Services licensing certification14:11
snap-lauthority, which are intended to only be used for license server                verification, could also be used to sign code as Microsoft. Specifically,14:11
snap-lwhen an enterprise customer requests a Terminal Services activation             license, the certificate issued by Microsoft in response to the request14:11
snap-lallows code signing without accessing Microsoft???s internal PKI                infrastructure."14:11
snap-lThis is why we can't have nice things.14:11
jrwrenwho fucked that up?14:12
jrwrenwho is running that CA?14:13
jrwrencan I get the key?14:13
snap-lSeriously, CAs just need to go away14:15
jrwrenweb of trust?14:15
snap-lMore the notion that the trust level you can have is proportional to how much you spend on it.14:16
snap-lbecause it's clear there's ways to completely break it14:16
snap-lDIginotar, MS not splitting their terminal server license CA, etc14:16
jrwrenin a way, ubuntu is founded in CA :)14:17
snap-lYeah, no doubt14:17
snap-land when secure boot comes about, I'm certain it'll just make it harder to run legit code, but malware will find a way.14:18
snap-lIt's the great constant of the universe.14:19
snap-lLike CSS on DVDs (which I find hysterical how they implemented it)14:19
snap-lI can see secure-boot making the same mistakes14:20
jrwrenThere was a guy with some DMCA stuff on his table at mini maker on saturday.14:21
jrwreni didn't realize they made more crap around bluray and newer dvds14:21
snap-lOh yeah14:21
snap-lI won't touch bluray with a 10 foot pole14:21
jrwrenand he pointed out that on any decent TV you can open it up and get the RGB signals post crypto14:21
snap-land I'm a bit disgusted at how Sony protects SACD14:21
jrwrensony often hurts their own formats.14:22
snap-lWell, SACD requires a special drive14:22
jrwrenMD was a sweet format.14:22
snap-lwhich was shipping on earlier PS3 models14:22
snap-lwhich kind of explains why they killed off the alternate-OS mod for PS3s14:23
jrwrenPS3 was SACD?14:23
jrwreni had no idea.14:23
jrwrenits also bluray.14:23
snap-lInstall the alternate OS, mod the PS3, and now you're golden14:23
snap-ljrwren: I believe so, at least from what I've read about copying SACD14:23
snap-lWhich is why I wish DVD-Audio would take off14:24
snap-lbut it appears both formats are pretty much dead14:24
snap-lThough SACD has a heavy classical following14:24
jrwreni am glad I don' thave the ears to tell better than CD.14:25
* snap-l has a bunch of SACDs14:25
jrwrenor... I'm glad I'm ignorant to the higher quality :)14:25
snap-lmostly because the performances came on SACD, and it has the backward-compatability layer.14:25
jrwreni can barely tell difference between a cd rip in flac v. lame v014:25
jrwrenoh, sounds like a racket.14:26
brouschMy friends are ripping a huge Blueray collection. Thay had to resort to a subscription plan for some Windows program to keep up with all the new Blueray encryption crap they come up with14:26
snap-lI can kind of tell, depending on the music14:26
snap-lthere's some cues in acoustic music14:26
jrwrendid you let your friends know that they are violating DMCA ?14:27
MaskedDriverjrwren: I doubt they care about that14:28
brouschIt's a personal Blueray collection for personal consumption, so they feel justified14:28
MaskedDriverbrousch: breaking encryption is against the DMCA, ripping from media to your computer in and of its self isn't14:29
MaskedDriverthat's why all music-playing apps have cd ripping built in to them14:29
brouschGoogle Music doesn't14:30
MaskedDriverGoogle Music application only syncs your current library14:30
MaskedDriverit doesn't actually play the music14:30
MaskedDriverthey want you on their website for ad $$$14:31
brouschWell the web client plays music but doesn't rip it either :P14:31
MaskedDriverthat'd be quite the feat14:32
MaskedDriverimo, the fact that you're not allowed to rip blurays and dvds to your hdd is bad policy. Not everyone is in the Scene and is going to upload it for the leechers14:32
MaskedDriversome people have media-center PCs and watch movies over the network14:33
MaskedDriverif they made it EASIER to rip DVDs and BR, I think it'd reduce the amount of piracy. If it's easy to make an AVI or MKV, more people would do that instead of resorting to torrents or usenet14:33
MaskedDriverinstead they have to use DVDDecrypter which works rarely on the newest media, so it's much easier to just download the stuff illegally than buy the movie14:35
MaskedDrivereliminate the need to leech, you eliminate the need for uppers14:39
snap-lOr just wait for it to show up on Netflix, and destroy the industry that way. :)14:40
MaskedDriversnap-l: ^ or that14:41
MaskedDriverbut then you're waiting 7 years14:41
MaskedDriverinstead of getting the newest flix immediately14:41
snap-lIt's commesurate with the amount that I give a shit about Hollywood14:41
snap-lJoDee and I were looking for something to do. We looked at the list of movies. About the only ones we could muster a "give-a-damn" about were The Avengers (which JoDee doesn't care for superhero flicks)14:42
MaskedDriverMIB3 === awesome14:42
snap-land Dark Shadows14:43
rick_h_avengers was better than I thought it would be14:43
snap-lWhich, frankly, is not worth the $$ to care14:43
rick_h_the wife is dying to see "Brave"14:43
MaskedDriverrick_h_: aye.. my g/f is too14:43
MaskedDriverluckily I enjoy a good pixar flick every now and then, so I'll probably take her to see it without too much grumbling14:44
MaskedDriverI dragged her to MIB3 so it's the least I could do14:44
rick_h_ugh, I've heard all kinds of bad about MIB314:45
rick_h_that'll go rental queue I think14:45
MaskedDriverit's not that bad14:46
MaskedDriverJosh Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones impersonation is dead on14:46
snap-lI have a real hard time taking any movie seriously that tries the "Baskin Robbins has a new flavor" ad14:47
rick_h_lovely, two layers of popups to close out on rotten tomatoes site...ugh14:48
MaskedDriversomebody isn't using a good browser14:48
snap-lSomebody is using a shitty site. :)14:48
MaskedDriverRotten Tomatoes is the best site to go to if you're trying to figure out of the movie your girlfriend is trying to drag you to is any good14:49
snap-lAnyone here good with php on the command-line?14:49
rick_h_heh, I'll take my chrome dev version over whatever else14:49
rick_h_snap-l: what do you need? I don't know if I'll recall it...14:49
MaskedDriverablock plus not compatibile with it?14:49
rick_h_MaskedDriver: not all of us run adblock14:49
snap-lrick_h_: Marcel is having some trouble with quoting and php5-cli14:49
rick_h_we just decide to not go to sites with crap on it and actually hurt them14:50
MaskedDriverthen how can you go to lolcats?14:50
rick_h_snap-l: ah, pastebin and can try14:50
rick_h_MaskedDriver: as I said...some of us skip out on crappy internet :)14:50
brouschMy son says he really wants to see Brave14:51
rick_h_yea, I'll go check it out. I've got a thing for red heads :P14:52
MaskedDriverit doesn't bother you that they have no souls? ;)14:52
rick_h_married one...so nope14:56
jrwrenfound a place in python where I really miss C#. datetimes. in C# i can subtract two dates and get a timespan between the two15:17
rick_h_jrwren: timedelta15:17
_stink_timedelta doesn't do it for you?15:18
brouschPython's datetime stuff is the bizomb15:18
rick_h_it's a mess :/15:18
snap-lrick_h_: compared with what? :) Dates and Times get hairy quickly.15:18
jrwrenits a mess compared to C#15:19
rick_h_snap-l: well it's still a mess15:19
snap-ljrwren: I'd worry it was incomplete if it wasn't a mess. ;)15:19
rick_h_and the fact that dateutil isn't in the stdlib15:20
jrwrensnap-l: yes, but its a mess in the wrong direction.15:20
rick_h_jrwren: make sure to check out dateutil15:20
rick_h_it fixes a lot15:20
rick_h_jrwren: http://labix.org/python-dateutil15:20
jrwrenjodatime is a mess, but its a mess becuase it does everything that the real world does.15:20
snap-lrick_h_: That article just reaffirms my point that time is a mess15:21
rick_h_yes, agree, but that's a great article to have handy when the boss says "Add timezones to that"15:21
snap-lTimezones are not simple slices of an orange.15:21
jrwrenrick_h_: ty, I'll start there.15:23
jrwreni'm not adding timezones, but i am trying to read them correctly, and all based on a seconds since epoch number15:24
rick_h_jrwren: yea, it's a pita15:24
brouschStore everything in UTC15:25
rick_h_right, but people don't15:25
brouschAll other roads lead to madness15:26
snap-lbrousch: ++15:27
jrwreni think it is UTC15:29
jrwrenbut its distributed system, so if one systems TZ is set, and mine is set to something else, and value is read as that TZ value, well then it isn't really UTC15:29
snap-lI think you can force it to save UTC15:30
jrwrenand force to read UTC15:30
snap-leven if the tz is set on the machine, it should be able to get UTC from that15:30
jrwrenor should i use pytz?15:38
jrwrenhrm, mxdatetime ships with our dist. I might aim for that.15:44
snap-lAre OCZ drives OK, or are they rubbish?15:46
Blazeixi haven't had any trouble with my ocz drive15:47
MaskedDriversnap-l: I haven't had any trouble with them15:47
Blazeixfor a while they were leading the pack in terms of performance, i haven't checked recently though15:47
brouschsnap-l: I have 1 OCZ drive that's been in an AutoCAD desktop working well for over a year15:48
MaskedDriverBlazeix: not to mention price/gb15:48
snap-lOK, just checking15:49
snap-llooking to do some upgrades, and wondering if I should get a new OS drive, or get a router15:49
jrwrenthe only issue with OCZ drives is the sandforce chipset issue. I think that is mostly fixed.15:52
jrwrenOCZ Vertex3 and now 4 are the fastest around.15:53
=== JonEdney is now known as 15SABW5FP
shakes808Question, what do you all use to track bugs?16:38
snap-lFor our own projects?16:45
shakes808sorry for yelling16:46
snap-lshakes808: I usually rely on a third-party service like github / Sourceforge16:52
snap-lIf I had to make my own, I'd probably go with Trac or one of the myriad offshoots16:53
shakes808GitHub has bug tracking?16:56
rick_h_shakes808: github issues, launchpad, redmine16:57
shakes808thank you17:02
brouschBitbucket is free17:09
brouschEven for private repos17:09
jrwrenwhen did they change that?17:11
jrwrenor is it free for single person?17:11
rick_h_when they added git support I think it was their big difference maker in teh announcement17:11
brousch2 or 3 people in a free private repo17:11
rick_h_"hey we support git! and bring your private repos over!"17:11
brousch2+3, that's what I meant ;)17:12
shakes808brousch: lol17:12
rick_h_"stop giving github your hard earned $$"17:12
rick_h_ok, usb 3.0 thumbdrive ordered, 12.04 iso downloaded. Your turn lenovo...x230 better show up online tomorrow17:13
jrwrenbut github is excellent.17:13
jrwrenits not just about the repo.17:13
jrwrenits about the nice browsing of the repo in my browser :)17:13
rick_h_yea, but there are some who want to keep their crap private and it can add up17:13
shakes808If you wanted to have your crap private, why not host your own git server?17:13
rick_h_because that's hard :P17:14
brouschshakes808: Lazy17:14
shakes808How hard?17:14
rick_h_and no issues, no api, no pretty browser UI jrwren wants17:14
shakes808there are other issue trackers, as was mentioned above17:14
shakes808make your own UI ;P17:14
brouschBitbucket has browser browsing of repo and source17:15
jrwrenthey aren't github.17:15
shakes808isn't that what HTML / Python / Django is for ;)17:15
jrwrenthey aren't github.17:15
brouschshakes808: It turns into a lot of infrastructure you cobble together for each project, which delays actually working on the project17:16
jrwrengithub, I wnat the one with the most GeeBees17:16
brouschDo you want to make your thing, or do you want to make something to help you manage making your thing?17:16
shakes808you can't make a script to set everything up?17:17
jrwrenthis is SSooooo analogous to "stack overflow is lame, I could make that in a few hours"17:17
brouschShakes, sure you can make a script to cobble together a git server, trac instance, etc. But your time would be better spent making the thing you want to make instead of a script to setup management tools. Especially when good-enough management tools are available for free17:19
jrwrenshakes808: read this first: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2009/07/code-its-trivial.html17:21
brouschAlthough if the thing you want to make is an easy to setup project management suite based on open source tools, then go for it ;)17:24
jrwrenyes, please do, because all previous attempts are inadequate.17:24
shakes808meeting, bbl17:25
brouschOh wait, isn't that Launchpad?17:25
MaskedDriverLauchpad has always bothered me17:26
MaskedDriverbut it's kinda the standard at this point17:26
brouschCareful now, that is rick_h_ 's baby17:26
MaskedDriveris it?17:28
MaskedDriverI see17:29
rick_h_yea, wouldn't call it my baby, but is my day job17:29
jrwrenlaunchpad is open source now.17:30
jrwrenbut its not deployable.17:30
MaskedDrivernice what do you do with it rick_h_?17:30
jrwrenits pretty pathetic when it comes to its deploy story.17:30
jrwrenand I think that is because they really want to sell it.17:30
rick_h_yea, well it's pretty complicated little beastie17:30
jrwrenbut... why would someone buy it when tehre is github?17:30
rick_h_MaskedDriver: I started there in Nov, I'm kind of the JS guru, but do all kinds of things17:31
jrwreni suppose if you MUST have premise based. But if that is the case, I feel bad for you.17:31
rick_h_the fancy ajax buglisting stuff was my sqaud, but I came into it late of the project there17:31
rick_h_the big thing are places using it for the distribution building bits17:31
rick_h_really, if you don't need bug tracking across distros/versions/packages and the PPA setup it's not that great17:32
rick_h_but nothing else does the rest of that, so it's what makes ubuntu spin round and round17:32
MaskedDriverwhat kind of JS library are you using? Or are you just using straight JS?17:33
rick_h_part of my first work was ripping out the last of mochikit17:33
MaskedDriverrick_h_: nice. I'm more of a jquery guy myself, but it's starting to get so bloated17:34
rick_h_and this week we'll be turning on the JS combo loader to LP beta users which should be nice17:34
rick_h_well, I'm a jquery hater, so let me know when you need talking out of it :)17:34
MaskedDriverrick_h_: probably never, but thanks ;)17:34
brouschrick_h_: If bloat is his issue, would you send him to YUI?17:35
rick_h_yes, YUI helps with that. :)17:35
rick_h_since you only include the parts you need per page17:35
rick_h_see combo loader17:35
brouschSounds complicated17:36
rick_h_it is, it's always easier to concat everything into one file and include it17:36
MaskedDriverbrousch: not really. jQuery UI allows you to do stuff like that too17:36
rick_h_hardly ever a best practice17:36
rick_h_some, you can't do things like drop out the event subsystem, etc17:36
MaskedDriverrick_h_: yeah17:37
jrwrenrick_h_: how can you hate on jquery?17:37
brouschWhy is it so rare for the best practice to be the easiest way of doing something?17:37
rick_h_jrwren: it's actually more I hate the jquery user vs jquery itself. And the jquery ecosystem.17:37
MaskedDriverrick_h_: but my forte is back-end php development. Not front-end, and jQuery was the first one I dabbled in so it's natural for me to use.17:37
jrwrenah, ok.17:37
rick_h_brousch: because that's the way the world works.17:37
jrwrenrick_h_: how do you do selectors?17:37
rick_h_jrwren: var node = Y.one('#someid');17:38
MaskedDriverjrwren: $('.thisclass').someEvent();17:38
jrwrenah, so YUI has it too. cool!17:38
jrwreni was a prototype and scriptaculous user years ago. Why do i have to use a new lib for the same lang and same platform every year?17:38
brouschjrwren: Progress!17:39
MaskedDriverjrwren: almost all libraries work about the same way, just a modified version of document.getelementbyid()17:39
BlazeixMaskedDriver: you're going to get a rick_h_ rant whether you want it or not.17:40
Blazeixi predict17:40
rick_h_hey, I've been very good so far :)17:40
rick_h_thoguh mention logic-less templates at me for a while and I'll go boom!17:41
brouschLogic does not belong in the template!17:42
rick_h_making jump through all these @#$#@ hoops just to do a: if obj.method() print obj.method()17:42
brouschYou're doing it wrong!17:42
jrwrensure, they WORK tehe same way, but each has completely different api. all because every year some new killer feature comes about.17:43
snap-lrick_h_ isn't satisfied until his templates are turing-complete.17:43
rick_h_but finally think I have the right syntax for this crap:  '{{#errors}}{{get_error "name"}}{{/errors}}'17:43
rick_h_that translates (somehow) into errors.get_error('name')17:43
rick_h_but noooo, I can't just type errors.get_error('name')17:43
jrwrendjango template?17:43
jrwrenthat is rediculous.17:44
rick_h_handlebars in JS17:44
jrwrenand so close to XML without being XML, I'd argue it is worse.17:44
rick_h_which is 5x better than mustache...17:44
snap-lrick_h_: But I'll bet it can do a sweet todo list.17:44
snap-lin 5 lines of code17:44
rick_h_snap-l: and then you'll switch to using it? :P lamo17:44
snap-lrick_h_: ONly if they implement a GTD method17:45
rick_h_cheap shots ftw!17:45
snap-lI can get $.09 back on a $.10 cheap shot. :)17:45
snap-lHmm, this is not right17:51
snap-l        self.assertEqual(fields['negative_one'], '-1')17:51
snap-l        self.assertEqual(fields['negative_one'], '0')17:51
snap-lshould I be using assertIn?17:52
Blazeixyou probably shouldn't be having a key named 'negative_one', for starters :P17:53
snap-lBlazeix: Trust me, this is the least of the sins17:53
snap-lit's for a field that is always set to -1 for compatability.17:54
snap-lshoot, I think I know what's the matter. n/m17:55
snap-lAh, I'm dense.18:02
snap-lneeded to have test in the name of the file18:02
snap-lso it wasn't running at all18:03
brouschThat counts as a passing test, right?18:03
snap-lthought it would run if it was in tests directory18:03
snap-lwell, was about to give up on the whole thing when self.assertEqual(2 + 2, 3) seemed to pass18:03
brouschJust had some random geeker come to the office to tell me about how his email was rejected when sending to us. I stopped him after about a minute of his rambling and told him we use Google Apps. He left quickly18:22
brouschVery strange encounter18:23
MaskedDriverbrousch: looks like something that should go on Computer Stupidities18:27
brouschHe wasn't clueless. He knew what he was talking about, but thought we self-hosted.18:28
_stink_wrong building?18:32
brouschNo, right place18:32
brouschHe assumed some spam filter or something on our servers was the problem. "Google Apps" were the magic words.18:33
jrwrencan I use enumerate in a generator exp to gen a list of tuples ?18:59
jrwrene.g. x = dict( ( i+2, j*2 ) for (i,j) in enumerate(something) ) )18:59
rick_h_yea, no reason not to. (yield (i,k) for i,k in enumerate(list))19:00
rick_h_sorry, you get the idea19:00
jrwrendo I have ot use yield there?19:00
jrwrenI can't get the syntax correct.19:00
rick_h_no, the () is enough I believe19:00
jrwrengah, got it.19:00
jrwrenso much () it may as well be lisp.19:01
rick_h_just tested it out here w/o the yeild19:01
jrwrenand then if your coding standard is 80 column, you are SCREWED19:02
rick_h_no, you can break in the ()19:02
jrwrenah, so I can. not bad then.19:02
jrwrenyeah, that is actually readable. *sigh*19:02
jrwreni'd probaby love it if I wasn't used to C#'s LINQ for the same thing.19:02
rick_h_but yea, if it gets compliated enough the rule is just to break down and write a function with a yeild19:02
rick_h_and use it as a generator19:03
jrwrenbut I supposed the ugly part of linq is this exp would end with ToDictionary(...)19:03
jrwrenyeah, its not THAT complex.19:03
rick_h_right, agree19:03
rick_h_ummm...I'm just not sure what to say about this: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/06/04/orvillecopter-takes-flight-cat-run-over-by-car-gets-extra-life-as-a-remote-controlled-helicopter/20:03
brouschrick_h_: It's called up-cycling. Look into it.20:04
brouschI'm using the same principles to build a shed from dog poop in my backyard20:06
brouschI'm hoping one of the dogs dies soon so I can turn it into a bike for my kid.20:09
shakes808HA HA20:09
shakes808Anyone want to build a quadcopter?20:13
MaskedDrivershakes808: kinda20:23
jrwrenYAPWTFM - yet another python wtf moment.20:25
jrwrenre.match v. re.search. WTF?!?!?20:25
shakes808MaskedDriver: Ironically, my buddy works for a micro processor company and he is about to make one. I sent it that link for some ideas lol20:27
shakes808I will have to see how far he is lol20:28
brouschOK, I'm back into the Django TDD Tutorial. It seems like every line of actual code has 10 lines of test code. Is that normal?20:36
jrwrennot IME20:43
jrwrenjoryou really need gigabit.  nice btrfs writeup20:47
brouschOK, maybe more like 3 lines of test code for every 1 line of real code20:51
jcastrojrwren: that is gigabit20:51
shakes808have a good night20:51
jcastroif you think you'll get near real-world gigabit over a file transfer I have a bridge to sell you20:51
jcastrojrwren: also, holy hell houses are cheap in ypsilanti20:51
brouschThat's because it is Ann Arbor's ghetto20:52
jrwrenjcastro: yup, but ypsi is ghetto.20:53
jrwrenjcastro: there is beautiful stuff there, but there are also some bad neighborhoods.20:54
jcastrosome parts look nice20:54
jrwreni can at least max out my disks so that they are the bottleneck when using gigabit.20:54
jrwrenSMB2 is pretty fast, even without jumbo frames.20:55
jcastroI have 6TB of stuff21:02
jcastroeven esata is slow, lol21:02
jcastro<-- daddy needs thunderbird21:02
jcastrosorry, thunder_bolt_ I mean21:02
jrwreni have 3TB of stuff.21:08
jrwrenmaybe i'm not adding my numbers correctly.21:08
jrwrenI just recall being very happy with gbit and copying a CD iso in under 10sec and a DVD in under a min.21:09
jrwrenbut i guess 1000 of those would still take 16 hrs.  so never mind me.21:09
jrwreni'm putting off rebooting my home server, but I really want to drop a card in it to prep for world ipv6 day.23:55
jrwrenwhat is a hacker to do?23:55

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