* jtatum waves01:50
pleia2hey jtatum :)01:51
pleia2bot testing in 9 minutes!01:51
pleia2er, meeting01:51
jtatumEvenin'. Yeah! Looking forward to it.01:51
DonkeyHoteiwhat is the test bot's trigger character?01:51
jtatumIt's @01:52
DonkeyHotei@action nominates [echo $randnick] to lead the meeting01:52
darthrobotDonkeyHotei: Error: "echo" is not a valid command.01:52
DonkeyHoteibot test failed.01:53
darthrobotDonkeyHotei: Error: "commands" is not a valid command.01:56
jtatumIt's a supybot01:56
darthrobotDonkeyHotei: Admin, Channel, Config, Detroll, MeetBot, Misc, Owner, and User01:57
EurekaDonkeyHotei: Channel, Misc, and User01:57
DonkeyHoteitrigger conflict01:58
jtatumDoh. I'll fix.01:58
DonkeyHoteiEureka: list channel01:58
EurekaDonkeyHotei: alert, ban add, ban list, ban remove, capability add, capability list, capability remove, capability set, capability setdefault, capability unset, cycle, dehalfop, deop, devoice, disable, enable, halfop, ignore add, ignore list, ignore remove, invite, kban, key, kick, limit, lobotomy add, lobotomy list, lobotomy remove, mode, moderate, nicks, op, unban, unmoderate, and voice01:58
EurekaFactoid list channel not found01:58
DonkeyHoteiEureka: list misc01:58
EurekaDonkeyHotei: apropos, help, last, list, more, ping, source, tell, and version01:58
EurekaFactoid list misc not found01:58
DonkeyHoteiEureka: list user01:58
EurekaDonkeyHotei: capabilities, changename, hostmask, hostmask add, hostmask list, hostmask remove, identify, list, register, set password, set secure, stats, unidentify, unregister, username, and whoami01:58
EurekaFactoid list user not found01:58
DonkeyHoteidarthrobot: list detroll01:59
darthrobotDonkeyHotei: That plugin exists, but has no commands.  This probably means that it has some configuration variables that can be changed in order to modify its behavior.  Try "config list supybot.plugins.Detroll" to see what configuration variables it has.01:59
DonkeyHoteidarthrobot: config list supybot.plugins.Detroll01:59
darthrobotDonkeyHotei: public01:59
pleia2ok, meeting time now02:00
pleia2jtatum: let me know when you're ready02:00
jtatumNormally I disable config for unauthenticated users :)02:00
pleia2can we unload everything except meeting stuff? (not now, but sometime)02:00
jtatumIt already is - except for URL titling02:01
darthrobotMeeting started Mon Jun 18 02:01:43 2012 UTC.  The chair is pleia2. Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.02:01
darthrobotAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired02:01
pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting? :)02:01
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12June1702:02
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12June17 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:02
pleia2that's our agenda, as you can see it's empty :)02:02
pleia2#topic upcoming events02:02
pleia2anyone have some upcoming things they wish to share?02:02
DonkeyHoteiawesome! that means everything is already done!02:02
jtatumMV hour on Thursday02:03
jyohooray for Mt. View02:03
pleia2#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1822/detail/02:03
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour: Mountain View/Silicon Valley | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:03
pleia2Ubuntu User Days is coming up on Saturday: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays02:04
darthrobotTitle: [UserDays - Ubuntu Wiki]02:04
pleia2still fleshing out the schedule a bit, but it's IRC-based in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom chat02:05
pleia2app developer sessions are happening soon too, a couple days next week some some the next: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek02:07
darthrobotTitle: [UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek - Ubuntu Wiki]02:07
jtatumLooking forward to it02:08
jtatumI always learn something at app developer week02:09
pleia2MarkDude told us last meeting about a geeknic on the 24th too, but I can't seem to find any information about it on geeknic.org and there were no links in the last meeting log02:09
pleia2so if anyone is interested in that, "Ask Markdude" :)02:09
DonkeyHoteiof june?02:09
DonkeyHoteione week from today, not much lead time02:10
pleia2er, 23rd02:11
DonkeyHoteieven less02:11
pleia2yeah, that's why he told us 3 weeks ago ;)02:11
pleia2didn't announce it on the list or anything though02:11
DonkeyHoteiand the 23rd overlaps CABAL02:11
pleia2yeah, overlaps with Ubuntu User Days too02:11
darthrobotTitle: [Release Party F17 Bay Area - FedoraProject]02:11
pleia2actually looks to be the proper link02:11
pleia2(I was thrown off by the title)02:11
pleia2looks like you rsvp via the facebook link02:12
pleia2#topic Any other comments, questions, ideas02:12
pleia2anyone? :)02:13
jtatumBusiness as usual :)02:13
pleia2oh, here's a photo from the debian dinner we had with the ubuntu hour in sf last week: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/7370768128/02:14
darthrobotTitle: [Squeeze and Wheezy enjoyed some beef with broccoli | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]02:14
pleia2ok, I guess we'll wrap up then02:18
pleia2thanks everyone02:18
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Jun 18 02:18:34 2012 UTC.02:18
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2012/ubuntu-us-ca.2012-06-18-02.01.moin.txt02:18
jyoSee you guys Thursday.02:21
philipballewpleia2, I can take care of post meeting stuff again13:46
pleia2philipballew: thanks :)15:00
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jtatumphilipballew: does that mean you're going to edit the wiki pages post team meeting?16:55
pleia2that and more: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/MeetingChecklist16:57
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/MeetingChecklist - Ubuntu Wiki]16:57
philipballewIts really hard!!!16:59
philipballewtook me 20 minutes last time!16:59
jtatumphilipballew: the meetbot plugin has wiki output which should help. it puts a link to it after the #endmeeting.17:02
jtatumshould just be able to paste that in17:03
philipballewi should look into that17:03
pleia2right now we just paste in the logs from irclogs.ubuntu.com17:03
pleia2but if we started doing meeting minutes again it might help with that if we can get people to use #info17:03
pleia2(otherwise meeting minutes generated by meetingology aren't all that useful)17:03
philipballewim a noob at smart computer people stuff like that17:08
scientesare we doing a meeting?17:15
pleia2no, it was last night17:15
scientesmissed it17:15
philipballewevery other sunday scientes17:30
philipballewpleia2, If spots are needed for user days  can do one probably, I need to check when ill be free as im on the other side of america now18:05
pleia2philipballew: we still need someone to do one on installing stuff (software center, PPAs, from source)18:11
pleia2http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20120623T22 and the hour after are our free spots, so saturday evening back east18:12
darthrobotTitle: [Event Time Announcer]18:12
pleia2(6pm and 7pm)18:12
philipballewthat seems doable. I will be as the airport waiting for my flight,  can probably do that. I will get back to you about that18:14
philipballewI should really start using the software center so i know about it more18:14
pleia2not sure we want to rely upon airport power and wifi :\18:18
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bkerensaAnyone in CA working on RC bugs in Debian to try and get them trickled into Ubuntu? ( http://udd.debian.org/bugs.cgi?release=wheezy_and_sid&fnewer=&fnewerval=7&rc=1 )22:11
darthrobotTitle: [Debian Bugs Search @ UDD]22:11
DonkeyHoteii wish the new nvidia binary drivers just released could be SRU'ed in22:12
DonkeyHoteithey finally added xrandr support22:12

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