sflrgutten morgen!06:25
inetprogood mornings everyone and sflr06:41
sflrhi inetpro06:43
Kilosmorning superfly and alllll others07:09
superflyheya Kilos07:09
Kilosyou havent join us on twitter ubuntu-za superfly . hope all well with you and family07:11
Kilosyo zeref 07:11
superflyKilos: jammer, been a bit busy07:12
Kiloshi sflr 07:12
Kilosnp superfly 07:12
superflyKilos: oom, try not to post personal stuff on the Ubuntu ZA twitter account (like how KDE is  taking over your PC)07:14
Kilosok superfly 07:15
sflrhi Kilos!07:16
sflrtwitter account is for ubuntuza announcements, etc. Good place to announce tonight's meeting :)07:18
=== SmilyBorg_w is now known as SmilyBorg
Kilosyo SmilyBorg power on yet07:20
sflrhi SmilyBorg 07:20
Kilosand telcom didnt come07:20
SmilyBorgHey folks07:20
sflrrunning on Duracell bunny batteries. hehe07:21
SmilyBorgya, power came back some time on friday07:21
SmilyBorgtelkom installed the line, but still need to activate ADSL07:21
Kiloslets hope its done by 19.30 for tonights monthly meeting here07:22
Kilosmorning HawkiesZA inetpro 07:23
sflrSmilyBorg: I use Afrihost to manage my Telkom ADSL. At least they come back to you with updates :)07:24
inetprogood morning superfly and Kilos07:24
inetproSmilyBorg: wb07:24
SmilyBorggot stuck in traffic for 2 hours after the telkom install thanks to top gear :-(07:24
superflyhi inetpro, SmilyBorg and sflr07:24
SmilyBorgwill just use internet at my girlfriend's place tonight.07:25
inetproping HawkiesZA, will you be at tonight's meeting?07:25
inetproKilos: I agree with superfly that some of those messages may be irrelevant from a ubuntu-za perspective07:27
Kilosis kde not part of ubuntu?07:28
inetprothat twitter account should really be low volume communication, especially when there are many followers07:28
Kilosbut i take note and will do so07:28
HawkiesZAMorning Kilos, inetpro07:29
inetproKilos: it's personal stuff that belongs in your sharpeys account07:29
HawkiesZAinetpro: I'll try my best. What time is it?07:29
Kilos19.30 HawkiesZA 07:29
* HawkiesZA reads the top title07:30
inetproHawkiesZA: you're on the Agenda07:30
HawkiesZAinetpro: I am?07:30
inetproHawkiesZA: yep, just go to that link for the Agenda in the topic07:31
inetprojust a quick feedback about your UH event in Rosebank07:31
inetproHawkiesZA: or get your buddies who arranged that UH07:33
inetprobut a word of encouragement for others to keep doing these events would be nice07:33
inetprolessons learnt, etc07:33
inetproanyway, that's for tonight07:34
inetproBTW, did you guys see that video of Linus Torvalds?07:35
SmilyBorgwhich one?07:35
superflyinetpro: saw talk about it, never watched it07:36
inetproSmilyBorg: just google news for nvidia07:36
SmilyBorgheard rumors that he ripped nvidia a new one, but havnt seen the video07:36
inetpromany many links like "Linus Torvalds is livid -- directs middle digit at Nvidia"07:37
inetproMaaz: google nvidia linus07:37
Maazinetpro: "Linus Torvald says “Fuck you, NVIDIA” for “Not supporting Linux ..." http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/06/linus-torvald-says-fuck-you-nvidia-for-not-supporting-linux/ :: "Linux architect Linus Torvalds to Nvidia: “F*** You” - SlashGear" http://www.slashgear.com/linux-architect-linus-torvalds-to-nvidia-f-you-17234299/ :: "Linus Torvalds Rips Into NVIDIA For Lack of Linux Support ..." http://hothardware.com/News/Linus-Torvalds07:37
* inetpro enjoyed listening to the guy last night just before going to sleep07:39
sflrwhat's wrong with nvidia? I use it07:49
superflysflr: the proprietary nVidia drivers actually bypass X.org07:51
sflrI see. That is a problem!07:52
superflyor something funny like that07:52
superflythe ATI drivers are horrible because they don't do that.07:52
superflyat the end of the day, X.org is horrible, and the wrong way of doing graphics on today's PCs07:52
sflrthis sums up all the details: Online Petition > Open-Source Nvidia Drivers http://www.petitiononline.com/nvfoss/petition.html07:54
superflysflr: what's the point? the nouveau driver are there, and are actually pretty good. they just need more help, support and testing07:56
sflrwas just reading up on Nouveau now07:56
superfly-_- try as I might, I can't find any real articles on how the nVidia driver works07:57
Kiloshi drussell 07:58
Kilosdont forget tonights meeting here drussell 07:59
drussellKilos: heya Kilos, I'lll be around :o)08:00
* Kilos spose being around is better than being asquare08:01
sflrsuperfly: Nouveau is built by reverse engineering the nvidia drivers. I don't see this working out in the long run. Somebody needs to slap around Nvidia08:02
* Kilos smells conspiracy08:02
Kilossure billy boy is involved08:03
superflyKilos: no, not billyboy, just companies that think that everything they produce needs to be proitected08:08
Kiloshas he given up?08:08
Kilosmaia is gonna try make it tonight08:10
inetproKilos: just tell her that nuvolari has stated his willingness to run the show for tonight08:19
inetprothen I think we need to decide at teh end of the meeting who will do it next round08:19
inetprowon't be nice if we start bickering about the subject during the meeting08:20
inetprothere are to many other issues to be discussed08:23
Kilosthe monkey and nuvo said inna mails nuvo is willing08:53
Kilosi dont know if this meeting with be done in an hour08:54
Kiloscloser to 2 methinks08:54
sflr6 topics, 10 minutes each.08:55
Kilosoh is that all08:55
sflrif it is more than an hour, it should be advertised as such.08:55
sflragenda says from 19.30 until 20.3008:55
sflrif we run out of time, rather postpone items until the next meeting08:56
Kilosah maybe the 20.30 should just be left out08:56
inetproKilos: I really don't think we need to discuss to many things at lenght08:57
Kilosmaybe guys can be around longer. its only once a month08:57
inetproI think if the chair is well prepared we can do it within the hour08:58
Kilosoh just brief discussion to be followed up after the meeting kinda thing?08:58
inetprobut if it goes over a bit, it won't matter to much08:58
inetprobut we should try to keep things tight08:58
Kilosno joking and no coffee08:59
sflrUnder item 5-Events, there are 5 sub-items :)08:59
inetprosflr: most of those are just so they are officially noted for the reports09:01
sflrKilos: I dont mind staying, but it is a matter of principle, if you ask people for an hour from their time, don't expect them to stay longer09:01
sflrinetpro: I also think we can do it in 1 hour09:01
inetproideally feedback should be provided as part of the Agenda and everyone should then have read it before we start the meeting09:02
inetprosflr: perhaps it would also be wise to state your case abot the NGO up front in the Agenda under Administrativia09:05
Kiloshow come no one said morning to maia when she was online just now09:07
Kilosi was moving sheep09:07
Kilosbad boys09:07
* SmilyBorg is a tad busy with work stuff09:08
Kilosyeah shoulda been the pro. he only starts work at 5pm09:09
Kilosor 4. i forget now09:09
Kilosek terg net inetpro 09:10
inetproKilos: eh09:10
Kilosthere maaz will greet her now09:11
Kilosyo NeVeR 09:14
NeVeRyo yo09:14
Kilosdont forget tonights monthly meeting here hey09:14
=== NeVeR is now known as NeVeR_
Kiloshi sakhi plustwo 09:15
Kiloshi psydroid Squirm 09:16
inetproKilos: the bumblebee probably didn't even notice that she joined the channel earlier, just like NeVeR_ 09:16
NeVeR_what meeting?09:17
NeVeR_whats the meeting about?09:17
KilosNeVeR_, monthly ubuntu-za meeting09:17
NeVeR_oh... I dont think I'll be online tonight.. Not working tonight so taking some family time09:18
Kilosplans for future and ubuntu hours and all relevant ubuntu stuff09:18
Kilosoh my , no jedirc onna cell even?09:18
NeVeR_my gf and I didnt really spend anytime together tihs weekend because I was working.. We do 1 night a week with no tech.. no TV, no PCs, no cellphones, no tablets, etc...09:21
NeVeR_otherwise she thinks I dont spend time with her09:22
Kilosah ok you are forgiven09:22
NeVeR_thx :>09:22
superflyNeVeR_: and then you still want to be your own boss?09:23
NeVeR_:P Yes... except we'll do an hour a day then instead of a night a week09:23
superflyNeVeR_: I admire your resolve09:25
superflywhat's the acronym? BTDT09:26
NeVeR_we had a big discussion this weekend though.. I got offered a job in CPT on Friday afternoon09:26
superflyNeVeR_: What company?09:26
NeVeR_we're going to cpt this weekend to go see if we can fit in09:26
NeVeR_the company is called waytag09:26
* superfly has heard of them somewhere09:27
superflyNeVeR_: would you be doing dev or sysadmin?09:27
NeVeR_a bit of both.. more dev though09:27
NeVeR_though I'd have to ensure stability of all their environments and write some scripts for their backups/restores and database optimisation09:28
superflyNeVeR_: how much are they offering?09:29
superflythat's decent09:30
NeVeR_yea i'll come out with a bit less than I currently do, because I wont be getting paid for 80+ hours overtime09:30
NeVeR_but I'll hopefully not have to work those 80+ hours :P09:31
NeVeR_I currently work way more than 80 hours after work, but allot of it isn't overtime authorised work09:32
NeVeR_Like worked the whole weekend to make a deadline for today, which I can't claim for :|09:32
NeVeR_was worth it! this weekends work will save me about 6 hours admin / week09:33
Kilosthats good if you stay there09:33
NeVeR_yea unfortunately at this company I've dug myself a whole that I can't get out... I'm the team leader of our deployment team, and I hate deployments.. its so boring and tedious09:34
NeVeR_I can't get out of it because people somehow just can't cope with the workload and they keep resigning09:35
NeVeR_anyone here from jhb looking for a callcenter job? My aunt is looking for 50+ callcenter agents.. I'm posting this wherever I can.09:36
sflrI'm also looking for lithuanian and vietnamese call center agents in Cape Town :)09:55
sflrinetpro: We can mention NPO as an idea, but still need to work out action plan, etc09:56
sflr+ I will add the item to the agenda09:56
Squirmhello Kilos09:56
psydroidhi Kilos09:57
psydroidhi all09:57
NeVeR_harrow prease09:58
Kilosah so09:58
psydroidhallo dan :)09:59
inetprosflr: cool I agree, it may be a point for many lenghty discussions 10:04
KilosMaaz, whats for lunch10:53
MaazI'm sure Kentucky would go down well Kilos10:53
Kilosdrubin, all well with you?10:57
=== Kerbero is now known as Kerbero[afk]
Kilosyo Kerbero[afk] 12:01
Kiloshi amanica 12:31
Kilosmeeting tonight here at 19>30 hey12:31
Kilosdunno if Banlam and bakuman are noting the fact too12:32
Banlamwhat fact?12:33
Kiloslol meeting tonight Banlam 12:34
Banlami had no idea12:34
Kilosi may be stupid but im not a fool12:34
Kilossmile,  a while13:53
smilehi :)13:53
smileI have to study in some minutes ;)13:53
smilethanks ;)13:55
smilebye :)13:55
smilebye! :D13:55
Kilosbe good13:55
Kilosguys , using kubuntu how can ian work on a remote windows pc?14:19
Kilosis there a way?14:19
Kilosor is there a free tool one can use like teamviewer?14:21
SmilyBorgthere is teamviewer for linux14:21
sflrdid you try KRDC? remote desktop14:22
SmilyBorggot forced to use it at work the other day14:22
SmilyBorgmade my skin crawl14:22
sflrteamviewer also works well14:22
SmilyBorgVinagre is another rdp/vnc client that is in the ubuntu repositories14:22
Kilosyeah he uses team viewer but its not free and the company is struggling some now14:23
Kiloswill tell him to install vinagre ty SmilyBorg 14:24
SmilyBorgif you are connecting to windows boxen and can do port forwards or directly routed access to the systems, RDP works fairly well14:24
SmilyBorgjust no RDP on windows 7 home though14:24
SmilyBorghas to be pro or something like that14:24
SmilyBorgno prob14:25
Kiloshe is installing vinagre14:26
Kiloswell see14:26
sflrI thought teamviewer is free for personal use14:28
KilosSmilyBorg, what must be done from the clients side please14:28
Kilosits business sflr 14:28
Kilosall their clients that use security cams and finger/thumb/palmprint viewers14:29
Kilosian is my son btw14:29
SmilyBorgthat varies depending on the client's setup.14:29
Kilosmust vinagre be installed both sides?14:30
SmilyBorgenabeling RDP in windows is fairly easy, just right click on "My Computer", find the "remote access" tab and enable it. The user account has to have a password though14:30
SmilyBorgno, Vinagre is just a client to connect to the built in Windows remote desktop functionality14:31
Kiloshe is trying to get here with quassel14:31
Kilosnot setup yet methinks14:31
SmilyBorgIn most cases you would need to setup a port forward from the client's router to a PC inside the organization that you can connect to. once you connect to that pc, you can use the windows remote desktop client to connect to any other windows box on the network.14:32
superflyKilos: KRDC is part of Kubuntu - I use it all the time at work14:33
sflrits true. most companies block RDP. also he must check if company policy allowes to open remote connection to work PCs14:33
SmilyBorggood point sflr14:34
Kilosthey have allowed him with teamviewer before14:34
SmilyBorgbut if that is the case, then team viewer would probably not be allowed either14:34
Kilosthey cant wait for him to travel there14:34
sflrwas just raising the point, my not be applicable :)14:34
SmilyBorgthen again, team viewer has a degree of access controll a bit better then windows remote desktop14:34
Kilossuperfly, KRDC?14:34
superflyKilos: yup, it's in the Internet menu14:35
sflryeah, KRDC is the bomb. use it every day.14:35
Kilosin repos?14:35
Kilosty superfly i think he is sukkeling some with quassel14:36
Kiloshave to copy paste here to pidgin mxit14:36
superflyKilos: it's already installed, he just has to use it.14:36
Kiloshave just told him that ty superfly 14:37
SmilyBorgthis may be helpful too as far as explaining about the port forwarding that is needed. http://lifehacker.com/5831841/know-your-network-lesson-4-accessing-your-home-computers-from-anywhere14:38
Kilosty SmilyBorg 14:38
SmilyBorgno prob. life hacker have some really good tutorials about this sort of thing14:38
Kilosi see i have krdc in my repos too14:41
WOLFEYESGood day all.14:41
KilosWOLFEYES, hiya14:41
KilosSmilyBorg, WOLFEYES is ian14:42
SmilyBorgHey there WOLFEYES14:42
WOLFEYEShey there SmilyBorg 14:43
WOLFEYESSorry was on the phone.14:43
WOLFEYESI am trying to move all my stuff away from windows, but the clients I work with all use windows, so there is certain applications I still need to use, a link something similar to teamviewer, "hopefully free", is just one of them SmilyBorg 14:45
WOLFEYESheya superfly , inetpro 14:45
Kilostry krdc WOLFEYES 14:46
WOLFEYESI will just have to work out how it works first, ty Kilos 14:47
SmilyBorgKRDC and Vinagre are 2 linux apps that will talk to the built in windows remote desktop service14:48
SmilyBorgthe trick is that you would need to know the address of the client router and have port forwards setup to use it14:50
SmilyBorgthis may be helpful too as far as explaining about the port forwarding that is needed. http://lifehacker.com/5831841/know-your-network-lesson-4-accessing-your-home-computers-from-anywhere14:50
WOLFEYESNice, and what is required from the clients side to be put in SmilyBorg ?14:50
WOLFEYESOoo yeah let me read that, brb, ty SmilyBorg 14:50
SmilyBorgjust to enable the port forward, enable RDP on a pc and maybe to setup a dyndns or no-ip type client14:51
SmilyBorgthe howtoos on lifehacker are fairly good14:51
SmilyBorganyway, sorry, but I have to run. got people coming to hook up my new stove just now14:51
Kiloslater then SmilyBorg 14:52
WOLFEYESOk ty14:52
SmilyBorgno prob. hope it helps14:52
WOLFEYESCheers SmilyBorg , have fun :-)14:52
inetprohi WOLFEYES, wb14:53
* inetpro tries to finish some more work before heading home and getting ready for the meeting14:53
WOLFEYESty ty inetpro 14:54
WOLFEYESNice to see this room having grown a bit.14:58
Kilosno man its smaller at the moment14:59
WOLFEYESIt was even smaller than this the last time I was here lol.15:00
Kiloslol man vinagre15:01
Kilostoo much for me to follow15:02
Kiloslol smile tired of studying already?15:46
* superfly doesn't blame him15:46
Kiloswhats he studying?15:46
Kilosheavy stuff?15:46
smilehi ;)15:47
smilejust eaten ^^15:47
superflyDunno... Ask him15:47
smileat 18h will go back studying :)15:47
Kiloswhat you studying smile ?15:47
smileKilos: Information science (computers) - theory :)15:47
smilepractice is for the day after tomorrow15:48
superflyOh joy.15:48
superflyI remember studying Information Systems and other similar subjects. Boredom of note.15:48
Kilosai that makes it hard to concentrate hey15:49
superflyIt's like studying history.15:50
Kilosim lucky at this stage of life. only get bored when no internet connection15:50
smileit's easy. about networking & computer crime :p15:50
Kiloswho is bieber?15:51
superflyIn fact, it IS studying history.15:52
superflysmile: that is more interesting15:52
smilesuperfly: yes :)15:52
superflySecurity is interesting in practice, but personally I prefer the creativity of programming.15:53
smileyeah. we also have that :)15:53
smilevb.net, but yeah :(15:55
Kiloslo highvoltage 15:56
inetprowb highvoltage15:56
superflyUgh, OK, then security is FAAR more interesting15:56
highvoltagehey there everyone15:56
inetprohighvoltage: go enjoy your lunch :-)15:57
superflyhey highvoltage15:57
WOLFEYEShey highvoltage 15:57
inetproKilos: he said he'll try to make it for the meeting15:57
inetproKilos: he guy on high voltage15:58
Kilosty highvoltage 15:59
Kilosthe live wire inetpro ?15:59
inetproKilos: yep, he's one of those for sure16:00
smilei have to go, bye! :)16:00
inetpronot unlike tumbleweed16:00
Kiloscheers smile 16:01
Kilostumbleweed, you gonna be here tonight16:01
* inetpro wonders whether the wind has carried him back to the land16:01
* tumbleweed is here16:02
Kiloshe didnt say where he was flying to last night16:02
inetproahh, very nice16:02
tumbleweedjust busy playing with my new rasberry pi16:02
inetprowb tumbleweed16:02
Kilosinetpro, hows the little one?16:08
inetproKilos: doing well thanks16:08
* Kilos feels like a housewife today16:10
Kilosyo queery 16:13
queerywhat time is the meeting?16:13
queeryok cool16:13
queerywil go home and sign on if i remember16:13
Kilosgo safe16:13
WOLFEYESEish that is going to be to late for me.16:14
superflytumbleweed: nice! Still waiting for mine.16:18
Kiloshi sflr 16:18
tumbleweedgot home to find it waiting16:19
sflrhi locos16:21
Kilosyo magespawn 16:26
magespawnHey Kilos16:26
magespawnEvening all16:26
WOLFEYESheya magespawn 16:27
magespawnHi WOLFEYES16:28
Kiloshi Mezenir 16:32
Mezenirhey kilos16:32
Mezenirhow goes ?16:32
Mezenirhi all16:32
WOLFEYESwb smile 16:32
* inetpro watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MShbP3OpASA16:32
Kilosgood ty and you16:32
WOLFEYESheya Mezenir 16:32
inetproAalto Talk with Linus Torvalds16:32
Mezenirpretty good16:33
inetprocatching up with the rest of the stuff I missed last night16:33
Mezenirdoes anyone have experience making an openssl package ?16:33
Mezeniri made an rpm for openssl16:33
Mezenirbut when i try to install it16:33
Mezenirit complains about a dependency on WWW::Curl::Easy16:33
Mezenirwhich i find strange16:34
magespawn@inetpro what with the ops?16:34
smileWOLFEYES: thanks :)16:34
Mezenirsince it didnt complain when i installed using make install directly16:34
inetpromagespawn: ops?16:34
Mezenironly when using the rpm16:34
Mezenirmy guess is making the rpm generated a false auto dependency16:34
magespawnThe @ symbol. Does it noe mean you are a channel operator?16:35
inetpromagespawn: AFAIK nuvolari will be running the meeting16:35
Kilosso he can kick us when naughty magespawn 16:35
inetprohmm... who opped me?16:35
magespawnThats what I thought.16:35
Kilosinetpro, leave it16:35
Kilosmakes you look important16:35
Kiloshi aurelia 16:36
smilei finished learning :)16:36
Kilosnever seen you here before16:36
* nuvolari heard his name16:36
inetproKilos: hmm... 16:36
Kilosyay smile  now relax for an hour then meeting time16:36
inetpronuvolari: have you had dinner?16:37
nuvolariRIM Manufacturing Partner Pulls the Plug On BlackBerry Phones http://bit.ly/KfEjS916:37
nuvolariinetpro: not yet16:37
Kiloseet gou nuvolari 16:37
Kilos53 mins till you start working16:38
magespawnI'll be back later. Need to charge my battery.16:38
* inetpro notices more and more people entering the room16:38
Kilosk magespawn 16:38
Kilosyeah inetpro lekker hey16:38
inetproqueery: wb16:38
Kilosqueery, do you tweet?16:39
queeryi does16:39
inetproqueery: did you notice your name on the agenda?16:39
queeryi did not16:39
queerywhat did I do wrong16:39
Kilosqueery, then you gotta join the new ubuntu-za on twitter16:40
inetproqueery: I just thought a short summary about your UH would be nice16:40
inetprobetween you and those who were there16:40
queeryis it @ubuntu-za?16:40
inetproqueery: yep, right here16:40
queeryoh right16:41
inetprohang on, I mean the meeting is right here16:41
inetpro Agenda: http://bit.ly/LYp5jY16:41
queeryhave you tweeted yet16:42
Kilosqueery, its been open a few days already16:43
Kilos@ubuntu-za yes16:43
queerythere arnt such a profile16:43
WOLFEYESNite all on my way home.16:44
queeryoh found it16:44
Kilosok who you i ,will tweet you16:44
Kilosnight WOLFEYES go safe16:44
inetproKilos: ahh nee, it is @ubuntuza with the "-"16:44
inetproon twitter that is16:44
queeryMaaz: coffee on16:45
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:45
Kilosoh my16:45
queeryMaaz: coffee for all16:45
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already16:45
inetproKilos: perhaps we should discuss changing that and add the "-" for consistency16:45
KilosMaaz, coffee please16:45
MaazKilos: Sure16:45
nuvolariooh, that's new16:45
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please16:45
Maaznuvolari: Sure16:45
queerythats very old16:46
Kilosyeah inetpro i dunno why it did that16:46
queerythats why i couldnt find it16:47
Kilosi dunno why it made username ubuntuza16:47
queeryshame only a klout of 1316:47
queeryretweet people16:48
* nuvolari freaks out16:48
nuvolariMaaz: previous meeting minutes16:48
Maaznuvolari: Huh?16:48
Kiloswassup nuvolari 16:48
inetproKilos: I'm sure you can actaully rename it without loosing existing followers but the questions is whether is necessary or even worth it16:48
nuvolariwhere's the previous meeting minutes? I'm sure it was on the meeting page last night16:48
MaazCoffee's ready for queery, Kilos and nuvolari!16:49
queeryMaaz: ty16:49
MaazYou are welcome queery16:49
KilosMaaz, dankie16:49
MaazGroot plesier Kilos my vriend16:49
sflrinetpro: we can change the handle to include 16:49
sflrfor cosistency16:49
queerythe handle does16:49
nuvolarimeh, isn't there a list of the recorded meeting logs?16:50
nuvolariI'm blind16:50
nuvolaripre-meeting-stress blinds me16:50
queeryits here somewhere http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/16:51
queeryall the txt files16:52
* superfly munches on homemade pizza16:52
Kilosenjoy superfly 16:53
* nuvolari is jealous16:53
* inetpro quickly goes to try and munch something16:53
nuvolariooh, I have some biltong16:53
queerywait that does not look like a very complete meeting thing16:53
sflrtry this http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/05/21/%23ubuntu-za.html#t17:3016:53
Kilosi made chicken soup (very thick) for supper and curry cooking for next 3 days16:53
queerythanx sflr16:54
Kilossflr, is a handy guy to have around16:56
queeryMaaz: botsnack16:56
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well16:56
sflrqueery: here is a better one: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-05-21-17-44-22.html16:57
* nuvolari *snif sniff*16:58
nuvolariwatching 7de laan16:58
sflrmeeting warmup nuvolari?16:58
Kiloslol @ nuvolari 16:58
* sflr watching Teletubbies16:58
Kilosha ha16:58
* nuvolari has only SABC 2 receptyon16:59
nuvolari*reception even16:59
* superfly is watching Days of Our IRC16:59
queery*Geeks of our lives16:59
sflryeah, superfly on the wall16:59
* Kilos go serve supper quick17:00
nuvolarilol exactly how I like to watch Ghita McGregor: 7de laan tune comes up, she talks but I don't hear anything17:00
sflrtv or user problem? hehe17:00
nuvolarino. noo! NO! vodacom, I'm going to freak out again17:01
nuvolarinot now :-/17:01
nuvolarido we have backup in case I'm going silent?17:02
inetpronuvolari: superfly should be able to handle it17:02
inetprosuperfly: ne?17:02
queeryis maia joining us?17:02
inetproqueery: AFAIK she should be here soon17:03
inetprooh and even highvoltage is more than capable to run the show17:03
* inetpro wonders where morgs is hiding these days17:04
* nuvolari knows what put-put is, but did not hear about CPUT before reading it on the agenda :P17:04
inetpronuvolari: you clearly missed a number of active days in this channel17:06
* superfly stretches his fingers17:06
charlhi all17:06
superflyPC keyboards are much easier to type on17:06
inetprocharl: wb17:06
charlthe meeting is in 30 mins right?17:06
charlthanks inetpro 17:06
queerywhere is hawkies?17:06
nuvolariinetpro: yeah, I won't argue :(17:06
inetpronuvolari: no stress, that's why we have a meeting :-)17:07
inetproso everybody can be on par again17:07
charlsorry for the noob question but what exactly is the meeting about? do we have an agenda?17:08
nuvolariack, I need to finish my blog post some time17:08
charloh wait sorry just saw the link in the topic :)17:08
* sflr ping17:09
* queery ping sflr17:09
nuvolarisflr: pong17:09
sflrtx.still online then :)17:09
charllol Kilos i like your launchpad name - msdomdonner17:09
nuvolariit's only false for the dom part17:10
nuvolarioom Kilos is everything but that17:10
* inetpro agrees with nuvolari17:11
charli find that people who classify themselves as "dom" are generally smart and vice versa17:11
charlmaybe that's just me :)17:11
superflyKilos has a lot more going on upstairs than he thinks he does17:11
inetprocharl: that is very true17:12
inetprocharl: and in fact I had to learn that leson from the man17:12
* nuvolari sets the mood with some Mike Oldfield17:13
inetpronuvolari: can you eat it?17:14
Mezenirso i guess no one here familiar with making rpms ?17:14
inetprodLimit: wb17:14
nuvolariinetpro: well, if you close your eyes and listen carefully you can almost taste it ya17:14
* inetpro lol17:14
superflyMezenir: I've had a brief brush with them17:15
Mezenirhi btw17:15
superflyon the other hand, I have successfully submitted a package to Debian17:15
queeryhehe superfly said brief17:15
Mezeniryou ever tried to make a openssl rpm ?17:15
superflyevening Mezenir :-)17:16
Mezenirive made one17:16
queeryhehe superfly said package17:16
superflyMezenir: not at all17:16
Mezenirbut i get a dependency error17:16
Mezenirim not sure whether openssl actually needs it17:16
Mezeniror whether its an auto dependency that was generated by rpmbuild because the ldd for one of the perl scripts showed it as a dependenc17:17
superflyopenssl is written in C, not sure why it would need a Perl library17:17
Mezenirthat and the fact that curl can be compiled with openssl support17:17
superflyMezenir: I'd remove it17:17
nuvolari"Warum versteht ihr Mädchen eigentlich unsere Männerlogik nicht?" and vice versa lol17:17
queeryhi HawkiesZA17:18
Mezenirwhich would make it a circular dependency if openssl truly needed perl17:18
superflyMezenir: bizactly17:18
Kiloswhew you guys been busy17:18
nuvolarig'evening HawkiesZA 17:18
* Kilos scrolls back17:18
* sflr sets mood: Iron Maiden - Aces High17:18
nuvolariya oom, we're warming up17:18
sflrhi Mezenir, HawkiesZA 17:18
Mezenirthanks super17:19
nuvolarithat sounds rusty17:19
plustwohi all o/17:19
Mezenirhey sflr17:19
nuvolarihello plustwo 17:19
inetprohi HawkiesZA17:19
sflrhi +217:19
superflyMezenir: don't take my word as gospel, but that's my logical conclusion17:19
Kiloshi charl 17:19
charlhi Kilos :)17:20
Mezeniryeah superfly i came to the same conclusion17:20
Mezenirsince i was able to do a make install without any errors17:20
inetprowb plustwo and SmilyBorg17:20
nuvolarig'evening SmilyBorg 17:20
Mezeniri would like some official confirmation17:20
Mezenirbut #openssl is a bit quiet17:21
plustwothanks for the warm welcome ...17:21
SmilyBorghey all17:21
superflyMezenir: which specific distro is it for?17:21
Mezenirmandrake linux17:21
Mezeniri was told to ... make it so17:21
superflyah, ouch17:21
queeryhi SmilyBorg17:21
nuvolarimandrake is ancient, not?17:22
nuvolarilast I heard it was Mandirva17:22
Mezenirmandrake is no longer supported17:22
Kiloswhew what a job to catch up17:23
Kiloshi smile 17:23
goarhi peeps17:23
Kilosyou guys skinner bout me behind my back hey17:23
nuvolariwelcome goar 17:23
Kilosho goar17:23
queeryhi goar17:23
nuvolariKilos: it's only skinner if we say bad things oom17:24
nuvolariwb magespawn 17:24
magespawnEvening 17:24
Kilosyo magespawn 17:24
magespawnHi nuvolari17:24
magespawnHey Kilos17:24
Kilos6 mins and counting17:24
plustwohi magespawn17:24
Kiloshouse nice and full17:24
magespawnHi plustwo17:24
queerystill no maia17:25
Kilosshe said she would try her best17:25
Mezenirhi all people i havent greeted yet and / or those who like being greeted more than once17:25
Kilosmust be very busy poor girl17:25
superflyMezenir: have you tried packaging for FreeBSD?17:25
Mezeniris there a meeting tonight ?17:25
queeryhi Mezenir17:25
superflyMezenir: indeed there is :-)17:26
Mezenirno i havent superfly17:26
smilehi Kilos 17:26
superflyMezenir: try not to, if you can17:26
Mezeniri must say17:26
Kiloswb smile17:26
Mezenirthis was my first attempt at making rpms17:26
Mezenirand up to now17:26
Mezenirits gone fairly well17:26
Mezenironce i understood the concept of a build root anyway17:27
inetpronuvolari: you ready? 17:27
inetpro3 minutes to go17:27
Kilosso guys who is new here from the lists17:27
smilethanks :)17:27
* sflr is new17:27
magespawnDoes FreeBSD software run on apple?17:27
queeryso i count as new?17:27
goari am new17:27
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za goar17:27
nuvolariinetpro: affirmative17:27
Kilosaurelia, helloooo17:28
goarthanks Kilos17:28
Kilosmaiatoday, 17:28
nuvolariwhoot for maiatoday 17:28
queeryhi aurelia17:28
sflrhi Aurelia :) Steven here17:28
queeryhi maiatoday17:28
plustwoaurelia: hi17:28
sflrhi maiatoday 17:28
superflymagespawn: maybe... it's easier to get Linux stuff running on OS X using Macports17:28
nuvolarihallo blommetjie17:28
inetprowb maiatoday17:28
plustwomaiatoday: hi17:28
nuvolaribytjie :P17:28
superflymaiatoday: hallo!17:28
maiatoday'lo all17:29
* Banlam sits down with supper17:29
Kilospopular chick17:29
* NeVeR_ is hungry now17:29
queeryhi Banlam17:29
KilosBanlam, enjoy17:29
magespawnOS X is based on Free BSD, right?17:29
queerywell BSD17:29
Banlamevening all17:29
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:30
Banlammaaz, i am gareth cawood17:30
MaazBanlam: Sure17:30
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:30
Maaznuvolari: Done17:30
queeryMaaz: i am Dewald17:30
Maazqueery: Righto17:30
KilosMaaz, welcome17:30
Mezenir@ magespawn i didnt knnow that, would be interesting17:30
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:30
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:30
Maazinetpro: Okay17:30
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:30
MaazKilos: Alrighty17:30
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass17:30
Maazmaiatoday: Sure17:30
magespawnMaaz: I am Greg Eames17:30
Maazmagespawn: Alrighty17:30
nuvolariMaaz: topic welcome17:30
MaazCurrent Topic: welcome17:30
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:31
Maazsuperfly: Yessir17:31
plustwoMaaz: i am Oupa Mokhine17:31
Maazplustwo: Sure17:31
nuvolariyeah, so it seems like there are some new faces!17:31
nuvolariwelcome to every new person17:31
sflrMaaz: I am Steven Scheffler17:31
Maazsflr: Righto17:31
goarMaaz: I am Marius van Zyl17:31
Maazgoar: Okay17:31
charlMaaz: i am Charl van Niekerk17:31
Maazcharl: Alrighty17:31
Kilosyeah we hope to see you more often17:31
nuvolariI'm sure we would want to be more active, but thanks for everyone hanging around17:31
MezenirMaaz: i am Neil du Preez17:32
MaazMezenir: Okay17:32
superflymagespawn, queery: no, it isn't. It uses some of the BSD and some of the Linux userland tools, but it's another Unix derivative called Darwin17:32
nuvolarioh my word, we have a lot of people tonight17:32
inetpronuvolari: is that a record?17:32
Kilosyeah lekker17:32
inetproI guess it would be close17:32
nuvolaridunno about a record, but it's surely more than last time, I think17:33
Kilosmethinks we one short if memory serves17:33
magespawnIt is a lot, and some have not id'd.17:33
Kiloswhen drubin was here still17:33
superflymagespawn, queery: Darwin's kernel is a monolithic-microkernel hybrid, whereas both BSD and Linux are monolithic17:33
nuvolariI'm not good with hello's and goodbyes, so please help me out if we need some other welcome steps :P17:33
superflynuvolari: might I suggest you actually get started?17:33
HawkiesZAsuperfly, I believe Linus had something to say about hybrid kernels at one stage17:34
maiatodayThe to things I agreed to do on the minutes I did :D17:34
queeryHawkiesZA: did you identify yourself?17:34
inetprolooks like highvoltage has not yet returned from lunch17:34
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:34
Maaztumbleweed: Okay17:34
Kilosnuvolari, you still here17:34
superflyHawkiesZA: yeah, I think he said they were stupid - I don't think it really matters, but how they get things done would hurt my brain17:34
maiatodayI got the pretoria release party pics and blogged and I made a list for cd distribution17:34
HawkiesZAMaaz: I am Gerrit Vermeulen17:35
MaazHawkiesZA: Righto17:35
Kilosah wb nuvimob 17:35
nuvimobDid I get to change the topic? 17:35
inetprogreat to see so many users around, nuvolariare we going to keep it below an hour?17:36
queeryto the new guys, just say "Maaz: i am <name>17:36
nuvolarisuperfly: good point17:36
HawkiesZAsuperfly, Yeah, he pretty much said they were marketing ploys. People using them were just trying to get out of the bad marketing wrap that monolithic kernels were getting ;)17:36
SmilyBorgMaaz: I am Una Karlsen17:36
MaazSmilyBorg: Yessir17:36
nuvimobMaaz: current topic17:36
Maaznuvimob: Sorry...17:36
aureliaMaaz: I am Aurelia Drummer17:36
Maazaurelia: Done17:36
SmilyBorggrr, that's ma'am not sir17:37
maiatodayoops sorry nuvolari i jumped the gun and started giving feedback on the meeting minutes, sorry.17:37
superflynuvimob: I think you need to use your normal nick17:37
Kilossuperfly, maybe nuvo needs help17:37
Kiloshe on fone now17:37
nuvimobSorry guys,  fighting with my connection 17:37
maiatodayKilos, you wanna try your hand at chairing?17:37
amanicaMaaz: I am Marius Kruger17:37
Maazamanica: Sure17:37
Kilosno ty maiatoday 17:37
Kilosinetpro, was ready to do it17:38
maiatodayoh ja17:38
maiatodayok then17:38
Kilosinetpro, hop onna chair17:38
inetprohmm... I'll do it if necessary, but I don't have the rights17:38
superflyMaaz: grant inetpro chairmeeting17:38
Maazsuperfly: Excuse me?17:38
KilosHawkiesZA, wb17:39
HawkiesZA|Apologies, looks like Compiz and I are going to have some fun tonight17:39
inetproMaaz: permissions17:39
Maazinetpro: Permissions: chairmeeting17:39
HawkiesZA|Now on my tablet17:39
inetproahh... looks like I can do it17:39
* inetpro taking the hot seat17:39
=== HawkiesZA| is now known as HawkiesZA
inetprotopic Review previous minutes17:40
* maiatoday hands inetpro a refreshing mint17:40
inetproMaaz: topic Review previous minutes17:40
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes17:40
inetprothanks maiatoday17:40
highvoltageinetpro: I was back from lunch but had some emergency admin to tend to :)17:40
inetproOk, I was not at that meeting, anything special there?17:41
Kilosnp highvoltage login with Maaz please17:41
nuvolaritsk :(17:41
* highvoltage has no idea how to do that17:41
Kilos   maaz I am Name17:41
MaazKilos: Okay17:41
maiatodaythe two actions were for me to get the release party photos and and to get a list of people who want cds17:41
highvoltageMaaz: I am Jonathan Carter17:41
Maazhighvoltage: Alrighty17:41
maiatodayI did both17:41
highvoltagecool, I think that did it :)17:42
maiatodayhere's the agenda http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/436/detail/17:42
queeryok you now have my address17:43
nuvolariso was there a lot of ubuntu-hours?17:43
inetprook, has everybody read through the Agenda?17:43
nuvolariI don't know when we'll get together for one here in kzn17:43
maiatodayThe cds are here, I have given the stellenbosch people some, I have the addresses, i need to go to the post-office with a heap of padded envelopes. I hope I'll get it done this week.17:43
nuvolarilooking so much forward to one but we don't get around to actually getting together17:43
maiatodayI didn't do an ubuntu hour, but you had one queery?17:43
inetprohang on nuvolari, we're still on the previous meeting 17:44
inetproshall we move on?17:44
inetproMaaz: topic Administrativia & Announcements17:44
MaazCurrent Topic: Administrativia & Announcements17:44
queeryyou but isn't that a topic on it's owbn17:44
nuvolarieh? I'm talking about the missed opportunities :P not discussing new ones17:44
maiatodayok sorry ja17:44
sflrOn administrativa..17:45
inetproit's been nice to meet sflr on this channel17:45
maiatodayI see you have an item17:45
inetprosflr: can you introduce yourself with your fine ideas for the future17:45
sflrThe twitter account was created to serve us as communication channel17:45
maiatodayyay for the twitter account17:45
nuvolariso, who's running ubuntu-za twitter? :P17:45
inetpronuvolari: you back and stable?17:45
sflrcurrently Kilos mamaging it, but we need 2-3 more ppl who willing to tweet17:46
nuvolariinetpro: for now it seems17:46
inetprocool, you're welcome to continue17:46
sflrYeah, hi! I'm Steven Scheffler from Cape Town17:46
nuvolarihello Steven Scheffler from Cape Town17:46
superflyI think we need a separate twitter client or interface, cause otherwise we post "personal" stuff by mistake17:46
magespawnWhat topics do we cover in the twitter account?17:46
sflrthat's for twitter. please let us know who would be interested in twitter.17:47
superflysflr: where in cpt are you located, btw?17:47
maiatodayI'll tweet on the twitter account, I am not such an active tweeter but I'll post the bubuntu announcements I know of17:47
sflr@ubuntuza is only for the Loco Community announcements. no personal stuff17:47
nuvolariI can tweet after hours generally17:47
sflrI am in Cape Town CBD17:47
inetproI think that account should be as low volume as possible17:47
sflrthe twitter accounts should be low traffic. high followers :)17:47
nuvolarijust a question, do we have an identica account as well?17:48
sflryeah inetpro 17:48
nuvolariand who's still on identi.ca?17:48
magespawnOkay so only official ubuntu-za stuff?17:48
inetprohmm... I'm still there somewhere17:48
sflryes, only official stuff. as a communication channel17:48
magespawnMaybe we could draw up a set of guidlines?17:49
sflrok, someone offered. I can also do twitter responsability17:49
superflyit might be nice to forward tips and tricks from sites like omgubuntu and webupd817:49
nuvolariyeah, would be really helpful for notifications, as we don't get to be on IRC 24/7 :P17:49
inetprosflr: I think we can all agree that it's a good idea to set it up and then move on to do it afterwards, any objections?17:49
sflryes, we need that magespawn. but its not in the scope of the meeting. so we can do that some other time?17:49
sflryes, I agree. moving on...17:49
sflrWebsite updates:17:49
nuvolariNPO  registration17:49
sflrWebsite updates: :)17:50
sflrwe have few portals, but most of them seems outdates17:50
maiatodayyeah they are outdated17:50
nuvolarioh, sorry 17:50
sflrI was thinking we can focus and updated the local one17:50
sflrlike there is "forum" and "wiki", do you use those?17:50
nuvolariwe don't use the forum afaik17:51
maiatodaythe wiki is for when we need to do approval17:51
tumbleweedthere is an ubuntu-za part of the forum, but nobody really cares about it17:51
nuvolariand we discussed it once17:51
maiatodaysometimes there are forum posts but no-one hangs out there much17:51
sflrwiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReApprovalApplication - has lots of info, but needs to be updated17:51
sflrok, then we should remove links to the Forum17:51
nuvolarioh, I remember, we debated forum vs mailing list17:51
maiatodayno we only update that page when we are up for reaproval17:51
inetprodrubin used to be very active on the forums17:51
maiatodayso we don't update that page now, that was our previous reapproval17:52
sflrhttp://ubuntu-za.org/: we need to include latest distros17:52
sflryes, i understand about the wiki17:52
tumbleweedthere's no reason the forums couldn't see more activity, but clealy the current members don't spend so much time on them...17:52
maiatodaythe people that run the loco ask us to put together a report for re-approval verery 2 years17:52
sflrEvents link on the site shows 1970. needs to be fixed.17:52
sflrplus add a twitter feed.17:52
* nuvolari gets out his cane17:53
sflrhow is running with the website updates and changes?17:53
sflrok maiatoday, its clear now17:53
maiatodaydo you mean the ubuntu-za website? I update there when I remember, but I think not lots of people do17:53
sflrtumbleweed: i think there is lots of sites I think. We cant keep updating so many17:53
sflryes maiatoday , http://ubuntu-za.org/17:54
sflrok, these are some observations and suggestions. Action can be taken outside this meeting.17:54
goari think it would be easier if there was one main site17:54
sflrA group of ppl who want to be involved and action it17:54
inetproI think everybody should be able to contribute in one way or the other on our websites17:54
inetproeven if it's just feedback17:54
queerycan't they?17:55
maiatodayone main site is good but we still feedback into the main ubuntu community and they may want different things in different places17:55
queerydid I get special priv?17:55
magespawnI'll make an effort to go past the forums regularly.17:55
sflryes inetpro to contribute. but for example after every meeting the sites should be updated with latest info17:55
superflyI have an alert on the ZA forums, and I try to answer questions when they arise17:55
superflysflr: I'm "in charge" of the web site17:56
sflrthats good to hear. we should review the forums then. eyes like superfly and magespawn can keep an eye on activity there17:56
inetprosflr: perhaps we should ask everyody who is willing to help to stick around in the channel in the next few days so we can take it forward17:56
sflryes, we can go through the minutes tomorrow and take it from there17:56
sflrmoving on?17:56
maiatodayok also sflr mail me if you need more info and if I can help17:57
inetproanything actions for the minutes?17:57
superflynuvolari: are you maintaining the meeting with Maaz?17:57
nuvolarisuperfly: yeah, but inetpro helped when I got disconnected17:57
sflryes, action from minutes17:57
sflrnext on: Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO to secure sponsorships for projects, marketing, and secure booths at big events.17:58
sflrwe were talking here about it the other night17:58
sflrto make it a legal entity to be able to raise sponsorship17:58
maiatodaymaaz agreed sflr and volunteers to meet on irc and solve the multiple site conundrum17:58
MaazAgreed: sflr and volunteers to meet on irc and solve the multiple site conundrum17:58
sflrand there are other benefits to be an NPO17:58
Banlami want to make a comment, it'll be a lot of admin, and if we're struggling to keep websites and things updated...17:58
inetproMaaz: agree that we will focus on updating websites 17:58
Maazinetpro: *blink*17:58
sflrthere is lots of prep and paperwork involved, but it seems its worth it17:58
sflrYes Banlam. I was thinking about that:17:59
tumbleweedwhat sponsorship are we chasing?17:59
Kilosagreed inetpro 17:59
inetproyikes... to many chairs is confusing17:59
tumbleweedand what are we planning to use it for?17:59
maiatodayalso the people involved in ubuntu-za sometimes change so I don't know if we will be able to maintain an npo17:59
sflrwe can do yearly rolling committees. as  chairmen, etc17:59
magespawnTo spread ubuntu, foss and provide support etc 18:00
Banlamit's fine to manage an npo with changing committees18:00
nuvolarimind if I try again inetpro ?18:00
sflra year commitment shouldnt be a problem? 18:00
Banlamyou just have to constantly have a committee18:00
maiatodaysflr we have trouble getting people to step up to do the monthly reports for a year18:00
superflysflr: slow down mate, let nuvolari control the meeting, he is chairing, after all18:00
nuvolarioh, nvm, does it fall under what maiatoday said inetpro?18:00
inetpronuvolari: go for it18:00
sflryes. the idea is to recruit more people, so there should be a bigger ppol18:00
sflrsorry. just sharing my thoughts :) novulari. pls18:01
tumbleweedso, CLUG is a section 21 organisation, with a bunch of money in the bank. But it hardly spends anything because nobody organises events. how would we expect this to be any different?18:01
inetpronuvolari: I'll just comment with my thoughts as well18:01
Banlamclug is cape town lug?18:01
highvoltagetumbleweed: when did clug become a section 21 organisation?18:02
nuvolariok inetpro 18:02
tumbleweedCLUG buys the pizza for many Ubuntu-ZA events in CPT18:02
tumbleweedhighvoltage: years ago, when we were raising money for computer faires. bbut they are all over now18:02
* maiatoday thanks clug for pizza :D18:02
magespawnWe need to do this for the right reasons, we also need to know what those are.18:02
queery1985hmmmmm vodacom!!!!18:02
sflrtumbleweed: they should get to the ICT expo rather. and organize events for SEMs18:02
queery1985Maaz: i am queery18:02
Maazqueery1985: Okay18:02
nuvolarifeel your pain queery1985 18:03
highvoltagetumbleweed: I never realised that :)18:03
tumbleweedsflr: right, but who's going to do that?18:03
HawkiesZASEMs are?18:03
=== queery1985 is now known as queery
inetpronuvolari: I must be honest that I'm still a bit sceptical about the idea of a NGO but I'm willing to let us discuss it in the next few weeks18:03
tumbleweedsflr: I'd rather get the event organisation rolling first. If we need to form a legal entity to support it, we can do it when we have a strong motivation for it18:03
queerywhere are we?18:04
nuvolariyeah,  I don't want to be out of line, but I think we should be able to run meetings smoothly before going that way18:04
magespawnCome with some concrete ideas about what we want to do.18:04
nuvolarior am I wrong? :P18:04
sflrok tumbleweed, lets organize events, and if we need money we look into it again18:04
superflysflr: at the moment it's a struggle to organise an Ubuntu Hour, which involves not much more than pitching up at a coffee shop - how would we get much more done?18:04
Banlamor just ask CLUG for money :P18:04
sflrsome agreement?18:04
Mezenirjust hold it at lyra :D18:04
nuvolariqueery:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/436/detail/ # 318:04
magespawnOkay tumblewed18:04
sflrthat's cool. no NPO then18:05
sflrI didnt know about the money in the bank and the pizzas. lol18:05
nuvolariMaaz: rejected Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO18:05
MaazRejected: Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO18:05
tumbleweedpaperwork for paperwork's sake isn't why we are here :P18:05
queeryI meant which topic? nuvolari18:05
sflrlets move one. time is running. thanks for listening18:05
maiatodaywe are actually here for the cake18:05
nuvolarinext is team reports18:05
nuvolari(before next topic)18:06
maiatodayteam reports are really easy18:06
magespawnBrb putting fish to bed.18:06
nuvolariso is there anyone that volunteers to summarize activities each month?18:06
maiatodayI just forget to do them18:06
inetpronuvolari: just remember to tell Maaz when you change topic18:06
nuvolarimaiatoday: fish to bed? fish don't sleep do they?18:06
maiatodaythey have to be on the wiki though because that's where they feed into the ubuntu system from there18:06
nuvolariinetpro: should I advance topic on sub-elements too?18:07
* nuvolari wasn't sure18:07
* maiatoday has no fish18:07
sflrcant we have an automated way compiliing/submitting reports?18:07
inetpronuvolari: could be worthwile for the minutes, but don't stress about it18:07
nuvolarisflr: automated in wich way?18:07
Kilosmagespawn, s kids are called fish 1+218:07
sflrI dont know. Automate maia's manual work :)18:08
inetprosflr: it's almost just a matter of copying and pasting but somebody has to do it18:08
maiatodaythe wiki doesn't have an api18:08
* nuvolari view s team report requirements18:08
goar*python scripts :)*18:09
Banlamwhere does one generally get info about all the events from?18:09
superflygoar: music to my ears ;-)18:09
nuvolariare you volunteering goar ?18:09
goarno its just an idea18:09
nuvolarioh :P18:09
maiatodayBanlam, I just write what I remember, I am sure I miss alot18:09
inetproperhaps we should drop the topic for next meeting and just try to arrange it anyway18:09
superflymaiatoday: but we need to write one each month, hey?18:10
Banlamok, but would it be possible to get other people to submit to a system when they have evnets someting happens?18:10
Banlamor are the people not reliable enough?18:10
goarfor instance to add a minute item, maybe indicate some tag in the irc chat, then a bot will log the item somewhere in a file18:10
maiatodayI always ask and mostly nobody updates the report18:10
inetprohighvoltage: are people at Ubuntu still looking at reports?18:10
nuvolariMaaz: agreed discuss team reporting at next meeting18:10
MaazAgreed: discuss team reporting at next meeting18:10
maiatodayanybody with a launchpad login and member of ubuntu-za team can update them18:10
Banlammaiatoday, ok :/18:10
nuvolarican we move on?18:10
maiatodaythe monthly reports feed into the weekly newsletter automatically I think18:11
inetpronuvolari: +118:11
highvoltageinetpro: yep, there's been talk of changing how reporting works, I'm not sure what's happening to that though18:11
nuvolariMaaz: topic Ubuntu Experience18:11
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu Experience18:11
maiatodayok I know we have moved on but ..18:11
maiatodaymaaz agreed maiatoday will find out about team reports and how it works now18:11
MaazAgreed: maiatoday will find out about team reports and how it works now18:11
maiatodayok move on18:11
inetprothanks maiatoday18:12
nuvolariok cool18:12
nuvolariHave anyone been involved it anything lately?18:12
superflyno :-/18:12
nuvolaribesides ubuntu hours and such18:12
nuvolarithanks superfly 18:13
Kiloslol was waiting for that18:13
* nuvolari struikel oor sy engels18:13
Kilosnp nuvolari 18:13
superflyjust doing my bit in general for OSS via blog(s)18:13
Kilossuperfly, editor and spell checker18:13
nuvolari+1 for superfly :D18:13
* maiatoday uses ubuntu almost exclusively18:14
nuvolarianyone else, or can we move this forward?18:14
maiatodaywhat do we want to do with the stories18:14
nuvolaridoesn't seem to be much activity18:14
nuvolariwell, I suppose we can spread the word in a positive way18:14
inetpronuvolari: let's allow people to think about any other stuffs while we move to the next sub-topic18:14
nuvolariit's becoming hard to promote ubuntu and provide support for new people :-/18:15
sflrwhat do you find hard about it?18:15
nuvolariinetpro: there is no next sub topic in current topic :P18:15
nuvolarisflr: time-wise18:16
queery1985why is it becomming gard?18:16
inetprooops... I'm on Events already, sorry :-)18:16
nuvolariIt's probably not the same for everyone18:16
sflrare we at topic 4.a ?18:16
inetprosflr: yep, I guess so18:17
nuvolarifor one I know William W. is very active in KZN in schools and helping out with repos18:17
nuvolarisflr: affirmative18:17
sflrmaybe William W. can share his story regarding the schools?18:17
superflynuvolari: he *sounds* very active18:17
sflrwe can learn somet things and try to replicate it in other parts18:18
magespawnI did not know that, is he on the list?18:18
inetproI think superfly is doing a really great job with openlp and anybody who wants to learn how to do thinks could learn some stuffs from this guy 18:18
superflyI don't know that he actually is, beyond being very enthusiastic about it18:18
Kiloswilliam walter kinghorn is on our lists18:18
inetproand I'm sure he is very greatful for all the help from tumbleweed18:19
sflrsuperfly would you mind sharing then your story? not in the meeting18:19
magespawnI'll drop him a mail, thats somethin I am interested in too.18:19
superflysflr: not much of a story, but you're welcome to ask18:19
inetprosflr: it's a long term story of awesomeness18:20
queery1985so do we have something for Maaz to agree?18:20
magespawnI did post that link to part about christians in foss, i think that was the title.18:20
sflri thoughts so. we should get these stories together. its achievement of individuals in the community18:20
magespawnLinks from ubuntu-za to their blogs?18:21
inetproour chairperson still around?18:21
queery1985our what?18:21
nuvolariMaaz: agreed get some input from members on stories on involvement18:21
MaazAgreed: get some input from members on stories on involvement18:21
* nuvolari lurks18:21
queery1985moving on?18:21
nuvolaritrying to keep track18:21
maiatodaywe are on 5 I think18:22
nuvolariyeah, I suppose so, not going to make it in under an hour18:22
inetpronuvolari: ok, Events?18:22
nuvolariMaaz: topic events18:22
MaazCurrent Topic: events18:22
sflr5) Events18:22
nuvolariwho's been to UDS?18:22
queery1985ubuntu-za involvement & opportunities - Gustav H Meyer @ Thu, 14 June 2012 21:11 UTC18:23
queery1985Highlight projects where we know of ubuntu-za team member involvement and opportunities for further involvement18:23
nuvolarirepresenting ZA in a pretty awesome way18:23
* inetpro nudges highvoltage and tumbleweed18:23
sflrhighvoltage, tumbleweed?18:23
nuvolariqueery1985: that was the last topic18:23
queery1985but the toppic just changed to 5???18:23
* queery1985 queeries18:24
* nuvolari gives queery1985 some glasses18:24
queery1985ok so are we at ubuntu hours18:24
nuvolariso will we ask them for a short story for feedback on the website?18:24
nuvolariqueery1985: not yet18:24
inetpronuvolari: looks like the guys have moved on to other stuffs18:24
sflryeah. agree for a story :)18:24
sflrwith pictures18:25
nuvolariMaaz: agreed convince UDS attendants to provide some feedback for the website18:25
MaazAgreed: convince UDS attendants to provide some feedback for the website18:25
inetproperhaps we should just ask them to blog something for us18:25
tumbleweedsorry, was busy reading something18:25
nuvolarinext sub-topic,: ubuntu hours18:25
sflryou got some homework tumbleweed 18:26
inetproI think it's great that we had some action in Gauteng for a change18:26
nuvolariJHB UH: http://bit.ly/JD0qCS18:26
inetproHawkiesZA / queery1985: anything you can tell us?18:27
maiatodaythanks queery18:27
HawkiesZAThere was coffee18:27
nuvolariany feedback? (link from queery1985)18:27
queery1985well action was a bit low18:27
Squirmgood evening18:27
inetprowe even had guys on the channel saying that all the action is happening in Gauteng18:27
nuvolariwelocme Squirm 18:27
queery1985I will send pics to maiatoday18:27
nuvolariidentify to Maaz 18:27
HawkiesZAAnd next time, there will be cake18:28
queery1985I went with cryptichorizon and met HawkiesZA18:28
nuvolariMaaz: agreed queery1985 to send pics to maiatoday on june 2nd Ubuntu Hour18:28
MaazAgreed: queery1985 to send pics to maiatoday on june 2nd Ubuntu Hour18:28
queery1985we need more people18:28
maiatodayqueery1985: low action is better than no action 18:28
HawkiesZAHonestly, it was my first time at an event like it, so I'm not really sure if I'm the right guy to be answering questions ;)18:28
queery1985The spot is good since there is Wifi and it's close to the gautrain18:28
inetproMaaz: queery1985++ [for arranging the Ubuntu Hour]18:29
KilosSquirm, login with maaz18:29
queery1985thanx HawkiesZA for advertising on his podcast18:29
HawkiesZAI will attempt to convert MOAR people to join for the next one :)18:29
nuvolarihmm, maybe we should leave some of the topics or the remaining topics for the next meeting? We did have an active meeting after all.18:29
sflrRosebank Mall, nice! we should get some billboards and stickers to hand out18:29
HawkiesZANot mine, but no problems18:29
queery1985i will create and advertise the next one in this week18:29
HawkiesZAWill be happy to spread the word again. Maybe give some more time next time18:30
queery1985cool will do18:30
* highvoltage morphs in18:30
queery1985what days do you braudcast? HawkiesZA18:30
HawkiesZAIf you can get it up and running before Wednesday evening I'll add it to the show notes18:30
inetproI don't mind continuing but agree that we should try to stick to the hour as far as possible18:30
sflrnuvolari is right. we running out of time. should we postpone some items to next meeting?18:30
HawkiesZALet's Talk Geek airs every Wednesday at ~19h30 on live.ltnet.tv18:31
maiatodayIf we are going to leave the rest of the topics, the CPUT talk topic doesn't need discussion it is just to notify people who didn't see this on the mailing list, anyone can volunteer18:31
queery1985please guys chack it out18:31
smilebye :)18:31
inetpromaiatoday: +118:31
HawkiesZAThanks queery1985 18:31
queery1985ok we can move on18:32
nuvolariMaaz: agreed add remaining topics to next meeting's agenda18:32
MaazAgreed: add remaining topics to next meeting's agenda18:32
Kiloscheers smile 18:32
maiatodayif anyone needs info about the cput topic mail me or search the mailing list18:32
smileKilos: good night! :)18:32
inetproI'm sure people won't mind listening some of what highvoltage can tell us, even it's at the end of the meeting? 18:32
sflryeah. when is the next meeting?18:32
highvoltageinetpro: when's that, now? :)18:32
magespawnNot at all.18:33
nuvolariMaaz: topic next meeting18:33
inetpronuvolari: you are the chair18:33
MaazCurrent Topic: next meeting18:33
highvoltageinetpro: I'm kind of in an out so sorry if there's some lag18:33
Kilos15 july methinks18:33
inetproKilos: thanks18:33
sflrthats sunday 1518:34
nuvolariMaaz: agreed topics carried over to next meeting: install fests, revival of LPI classes at #linux-studies18:34
MaazAgreed: topics carried over to next meeting: install fests, revival of LPI classes at #linux-studies18:34
Kilosoh sorry 16th18:34
inetprohighvoltage: perhaps you can summarise something for us in a blog?18:34
nuvolariok, so the 16th it will be18:34
nuvolariMaaz: accepted next meeting July 16, 201218:35
MaazAccepted: next meeting July 16, 201218:35
maiatodaythanks for all the reminders for this meeting it really helps18:35
nuvolarior was that greed?18:35
inetprook, that was quite a hectic meeting18:35
Kilosvery hectic18:35
magespawnBut cool.18:35
queery1985ok end the meeting...18:35
inetpronuvolari: thanks for chairing and sorry for the confusion18:35
nuvolarithanks for attending the meeting everyone18:35
maiatodaygood job chairs18:35
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting18:35
MaazMeeting Ended18:35
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-06-18-17-30-01.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-06-18-17-30-01.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-06-18-17-30-01.html18:35
queery1985Maaz: botsnack18:36
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well18:36
HawkiesZAThanks for the meeting18:36
Kilosnuvolari, ty and ty for everyones input and a good attendance18:36
nuvolarithanks for helping everyone18:36
sflrthanks guys18:36
queery1985thanx yall18:36
nuvolarithanks for reminding us oom Kilos 18:36
Kilosty sflr inetpro 18:36
inetprothat chair seat is damn hot I must say18:36
maiatodaymaaz botsnack18:36
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well18:36
Kilosnuvolari, i do what i can18:37
nuvolariheh, was difficult keeping up and then I won't add the frustration of vodacom :-/18:37
Kilosnuvolari, gonna be cripple for a week18:37
sflris there any Ubuntu events in Cape Town anytime soon? Besides LadyGaga18:37
goarhey guys. I have a question18:37
inetprohmm... we didn't decide on the chair for next meeting18:37
Kilosmaiatoday, ty for making it18:37
NeVeR_ooooooh I missed it18:38
maiatodayno problem Kilos18:38
Kilosgo goar 18:38
queery1985ok bye all!!!!18:38
goarThe person who chairs the meeting. Do they type commands or how does it work?18:38
inetprobye queery198518:38
Kilosnight queery1985 18:38
nuvolaricheers queery1985 18:38
sflrbye queery1985 18:38
goarcheers queery18:38
plustwocheers queery198518:38
superflysflr: this is a do-ocracy, if you want something done, you need to do it :-P18:38
Kilosyeah goar the bot recognises certain words to act on18:39
inetprogoar: yes we have a bot called Maaz who takes commands18:39
Kiloslike agreed18:39
nuvolariinetpro: I don't mind chairing if I'm available next meeting18:39
sflrsuperfly that's cool. but who is from Cape Town then? Cant fly to GP or KZN :)18:39
superflysflr: I organised the last Cape Town Ubuntu Hour18:39
Kiloscongrats nuvolari was a difficult first chair18:39
superflyMezenir was there18:39
magespawnAlso makes coffee.18:39
goarand does it post the 'Agreed' message somewhere as a minute?18:39
sflrcongrats nuvolari!18:39
superflyand maiatoday, and a few lurkers18:40
nuvolarithanks :>18:40
inetprogoar: and we have a number of locals in this channel who were involved in developing that bot18:40
superflygoar: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-06-18-17-30-01.html18:40
goarok thanks18:40
Mezenirthere was beer too18:40
sflrcool. lets do another one :) seems pizza will be good!18:40
nuvolarihrr. gprs sucks18:40
Kiloslol @ nuvolari 18:41
magespawnWelcome to my world18:41
magespawnMaaz coffee18:41
Maazmagespawn: Sorry...18:41
nuvolarinot a colourful wordl afer all18:41
Kilosdata lasts longer on gprs18:41
nuvolariMaaz: coffee on18:41
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:41
maiatodaysflr I am so happy there are more people with energy18:41
nuvolariKilos: but patience lasts less on gprs18:41
maiatodaysflr you can email me anytime,  I am in stellenbosch18:42
Kilosyeah sflr thanks for the new energy18:42
goarinetpro and superfly: Im willing to help with scripting and such, it will be a great learning experience.18:42
magespawnKilos have just figured how to tab nicks18:43
Kiloson the fone magespawn ?18:43
inetprogoar: everyone is quite busy here but I'd say just stick around in the channel and let's discuss it18:43
magespawnKilos: 18:43
Kiloswell done18:43
superflymagespawn: btw, your devices should be shipped off in the next day or two18:43
magespawnTy superfly18:44
magespawnSpoke to her today.18:44
Kilosgoar you must just be patient here , sometimes guys are busy for hours before you get a reply18:44
* inetpro needs some real coffe now18:44
goarof course. :)18:44
inetprocoffee as well18:44
* Kilos seconds18:44
goarquite busy myself18:45
superflymagespawn: are you on Google+ btw?18:45
plustwo inetprocan you make two of those?18:45
sflrcool maiatoday 18:45
MaazCoffee's ready for nuvolari!18:45
superflymagespawn: and you are following me?18:45
Kilosaw missed that18:45
sflris anybody into forensics and reverse engineering? 18:45
Kilosyo RPM 18:45
superflysflr: what sort of reverse engineering?18:46
magespawnsuperfly i think so, hold on, brb.18:46
=== RPM is now known as NeVeR_
=== NeVeR_ is now known as NeVeR
=== NeVeR is now known as RPM
sflrsuperfly: this kind http://www.dc3.mil/challenge/  18:47
=== RPM is now known as NeVeR_
superflysflr: you should try this: http://www.pythonchallenge.com/18:47
sflrsuperfly hacking stuff, recovery, new algorithms, data/drive analysis from different devices, mobile, playstation, network traffic, steganography, etc18:47
magespawnYes superfly I do and on twitter.18:48
NeVeR_yo Killoos18:48
superflymagespawn: OK, cool... you can gtalk me anytime if you need to18:48
magespawnty superfly18:48
sflrhaha python power! will give it a try18:49
superflysflr: it really stretches your brain18:49
Kilosfunny saying superfly 18:50
* superfly got to about level 7 before being completely and utterly stuck18:50
* Kilos thanks you guys for helping ian today18:52
Kilossflr, superfly and SmilyBorg methinks it was18:52
superflysflr: do you work in the CBD too?18:53
goarok people. goodnight18:53
Kilosnight goar 18:53
magespawnNight goar18:53
superflynight goar18:53
inetprogoar: good night18:54
* inetpro sits back and enjoys a hot cuppa coffee and rusks18:54
inetproand I wonder why SmilyBorg has said nothing the whole evening18:54
* inetpro fogot to mention her18:55
NeVeR_anyone where a fan of http://projecteuler.net ?18:55
inetprobeen some real fun around here in the last few days18:55
Kiloswas too hectic to think here tonight18:56
SmilyBorghehe, sorry, been trying to multitask. I'm still here18:56
Kilosyou said nothing whole meeting SmilyBorg 18:56
NeVeR_project euler fans? :P18:57
SmilyBorgsorry, been battling to keep up with the chat with other things going on here18:57
Kilosyou forgiven18:57
* superfly didn't know SmilyBorg was a lady... that's cool!18:58
Kilosyeah 18:59
magespawnNeVeR_ heard of it before18:59
SmilyBorgI like to think so ;-)18:59
KilosSmilyBorg, who are you on twitter?19:00
inetproKilos: she's the SmilyBorg19:00
Kilosanyone know who tsomersault is19:00
Kilosah same nick on twitter19:01
inetprosflr: so how and when do we change that ubuntuza to ubuntu-za?19:01
SmilyBorgI'm all over the place on the net, either listed as SmilyBorg or UnaAlexiaKarlsen19:01
inetprowe're already up to 20 followers19:02
inetproperhaps by next meeting we may see the effect of mass communication19:03
Kilosinetpro, do you see all them messages there19:03
inetproKilos: haven't looked really19:04
inetproKilos: you had some replies?19:05
Kilosnot to me i think19:05
Kilosbut lots from tsomersault19:05
Kilosand i dunno how you gonna make it ubuntu-za related info only19:06
inetproKilos: we can only see what you post19:06
Kilosthe minute you follow someone you see everything they say19:06
Kilosi see fone alarms going off and something about bb fones etc19:07
Kilosso should i unfollow most of them19:07
Kiloslike i saw this19:08
Kilos(06/17/2012 09:51:21 PM) twitter.com: inetpro: Booting from Kubuntu 12.04 boot disk without specifying nomodeset still relatively the same on the mecer http://t.co/R3wTEayE19:08
magespawnYes but that does not go into your tweets.19:09
Kilosoh you only see my tweets19:09
inetproKilos: unless I also follow all those same guys19:10
Kiloseven marcog was in there19:10
inetproKilos: you should play around on your personal account19:10
inetproand get the feeling of how twitter operates19:10
Kilosbut thats fine as long as only my tweets go out19:10
Kilosthen if i only tweet ubuntu-za info thats fine19:11
inetproit's simply like a very public noticeboard 19:11
Kilosthats why i sukkeled with the personal stuff because i was seeing all of that19:12
inetproand you don't really care who reads the noticeboard, you just post19:12
magespawnWell there is another follow.19:12
inetprowhile at the same time you go to read what others have posted on their noticeboard19:12
Kilosso better if i follow no one and let anyone follow ubuntuza19:13
superflyKilos: I think tsomersault is a bit of a spammer - ignore them19:13
superflyKilos: yes19:13
inetprosuperfly: you can even block guys like that19:13
Kilosunfollow should work19:14
superflyKilos: if the question ever comes up, "Should Ubuntu-ZA follow that person" then the answer is definitely no19:14
Kilossuperfly, yes to what?19:14
superfly<Kilos> so better if i follow no one and let anyone follow ubuntuza19:14
Kilosgreat that will make it easy then ty superfly 19:14
inetproKilos: I think that makes sense19:16
Kilosyeah i will unfollow everyone then19:16
Kilosand see what happens19:16
Kilosthat aurelia also just followed19:17
Kilosthat didnt say niks here tonight19:17
Kilossorry guys thats what had me mixed up with tweeting personal stuff19:18
inetproKilos: it's ok if they come and see what we do19:18
sflrsomething happened19:18
inetprosflr: you been very quiet19:19
sflrbut i'm back19:19
Kiloswb sflr 19:19
sflryou were asking about the handle change inetpro19:19
sflryeah, i got distracted with kids19:19
inetproahh.. /me kids are all sorted as well now19:20
magespawnFuny how that happens19:20
sflrwho was the person who offered to help with the twitter after hours?19:20
inetprosflr: I think the sooner we change it the less disruption we will have 19:20
sflrI can also look after the account, Kilos I need the login details please19:21
inetprosflr: maiatoday and nuvolari19:21
sflrok cool. we dont need many ppl19:21
Kilosusername ubuntuza19:21
inetproand I can also help but to many cooks spoil the...19:21
Kilosbut its called ubuntu-za19:21
Kilosi get lost there19:21
sflri agree. then lets Kilos, maiatoday and nuvolari run the twitter account19:22
sflrI can retweet :)19:22
Kilosyou want the password on pm19:22
sflrits fine Kilos, I dont need the password anymore :)19:22
sflryou just need to log in, go to Settings and change username19:23
Kilosok hang on let me get there via browser19:24
magespawnWhen you change the usename do you loose followers?19:24
magespawnOr do they just get a message?19:24
inetpromagespawn: I don't think so19:25
inetprothe only problem I can think of is the linking on websites, or like above in the topic19:25
magespawnOn twitter I am BushHluhluwe, thought I should change it to magespawn19:25
sflrmagespawn: i found you. from Hluhluwe. hehe19:26
sflrfollowed everyone I recognized from here :)19:26
magespawnAnybody use about.me?19:27
inetpromagespawn: not me19:27
* inetpro prefers to keep as few social networks going as possible19:27
sflrmagespawn handle is taken on twitter19:27
magespawnHows thatnfor ironic19:28
sflri dont use about.me. signed up in beta, but that's it19:28
magespawnNot really a social network, more like an online business card.19:28
Kiloshow come i dont see settings/19:28
Mezenirnite all19:29
Kilosnite mez19:29
magespawnI wonder who the twitter magespawn is.19:29
inetpromagespawn: Bernard19:29
sflrhttps://twitter.com/#!/magespawn - Phillipino. hehe19:30
magespawnRight then.19:30
sflrKilos. its on top right. second item from the right. like a profile pic icon. under that is settings19:30
magespawnWell, I am obviously going to have him bumped off.19:30
sflrKilos here: https://twitter.com/settings/account19:31
inetpromagespawn: how you plan to do that?19:31
Kilosthats it ty19:31
magespawnNo idea, let go formulate plan in my lair.19:31
sflrmagespawn on twitter has only 1 tweet19:31
inetproMaaz: sflr++ [for bringing new energy to ubuntu-za and for helping Kilos]19:32
magespawnMaybe a bot?19:32
sflrthanks inetpro :)19:32
sflrthey might wanted MegaSpawn, but mispelled it :) engrish...19:33
Kilosim in those settings. add the - and then it tells me wrong password19:34
inetpromagespawn: I guess you may have to think about a new name?19:34
magespawnMaybe, probable just leave it as it is.19:34
inetprohmmm... Only use letters, numbers and '_'19:37
inetprowe can not use a '-'19:37
tumbleweedohi, inetpro :P19:38
inetproso I suggest we just leave as is19:38
inetprotumbleweed: eh19:38
tumbleweedre #ubuntu-meeting19:38
Kilosis that why inetpro 19:39
inetprotumbleweed: I know.. that was just a mistake ;-)19:39
inetpro'n blapsie19:39
inetprotumbleweed: sorry for interrupting19:41
magespawnhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/workshops/ for those interestednin learning python19:42
inetprosflr: did you get that?19:42
magespawnThere will also be a whole load of other topics covered.19:44
plustwo  magespawn: thanks19:46
Kilosyo bush hulehule19:46
magespawnNp plustwo19:47
Kiloslol must one use caps in twitter19:56
Kiloswb maiatoday 19:56
maiatodayty Kilos19:56
Kilosto look pro i spose so hey?19:57
Kiloswe have missed you girl19:57
Kiloswhats news with results19:57
drubininetpro: "used to" :) 19:58
Kilosdrubin, you well?19:59
inetprodrubin: wb20:00
inetproyou still ok?20:00
inetprooh and are you still on the forums?20:00
drubininetpro: I am good, but no not really on the forums any more20:00
drubinI still wonder where I found time for the forums20:01
inetprodrubin: I know the feeling20:01
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:02
magespawnNight Kilos20:02
Kilosseeya magespawn 20:02
inetproKilos: good night, and thanks for running that twitter account20:02
Kilosyw inetpro 20:02
magespawnI think the type of people that come here and are involved in things generally do not have enough time20:03
inetprohmm.... drubin's last activity on the forums is on August 3rd, 2011 :P20:04
drubinwow less then a year!20:05
superflyhey drubin!20:05
inetproTotal Posts: 1,34220:05
drubinhey superfly.20:07
drubinsuperfly: I been reading your blog about the little maggot ;)20:07
superflydrubin: :-) haven't blogged much recently20:07
drubininetpro: Little or a lot?20:07
superflyand he's not so little anymore 0_o20:07
drubinsuperfly: fine mrs_fly 20:07
drubinI know!20:07
superflydrubin: you heard #2 is on the way?20:08
drubinsuperfly: I did read20:08
inetprodrubin: hmm.... that is quite a number of posts20:08
sflrinetpro: got it thanks. do we keep twitter username then?20:09
inetprosflr: yes, I think under the circumstances it's the best we can do20:09
inetproif you search for ubuntu-za you'll find the account anyway20:09
sflrok, the name at least has a dash in it20:10
inetprosflr: exactly20:10
inetprosflr: and I checked out identi.ca 20:11
sflri think i need a reboot. mouse is frozen :/ 20:11
sflrwhat is identi.ca?20:11
inetproI don't think it's worth it for now, unless others disagree20:11
inetprothere is an existing group called ubuntuza20:12
inetprohttp://identi.ca/ubuntuza has for (4) followers20:12
sflrok. i checked now. site sucks, but at least there is an API :)20:12
inetproand it points to our website20:13
zerefpew pew20:13
zerefweo weo20:13
sflrafter we get our twitter up and oiled we can do live tweeting from our events20:13
inetprozeref: wb20:13
zerefhi guys :)20:14
sflrhey zeref20:14
zerefk missed the meeting, waar is die minutes??20:15
sflri wonder who set up the identi.ca account inetpro. might be one of the followers?20:15
inetprosflr: I think it's just a group20:15
sflrinetpro: you can change the channel topic to the next meeting. haha20:16
inetproI must be honest that I was a bit ill prepared for chairing the meeting when nuvolari had his issues, next time I shall try to be more ready20:16
inetproin fact there's so many things I had in mind of talking about, all went missing under that sudden pressure20:17
* inetpro shall take that as a lesson for next time20:17
inetprosflr: I'll change the topic, thanks20:17
sflryes, it was a shocker. we should always have a backup chairman for every meeting. in case one goes offline, the other one takes over20:18
sflrbut you handled it well, stepping up and taking over20:19
* superfly was (and still is) juggling multiple things at once20:19
sflrsuperfly: i wouldnt expect anything less from 'super' person :)20:20
sflrwe must also look at how big we set the agenda. there were just too many things to talk about20:22
superflyI think the main things were (a) nuvolari was not managing the meeting like a dictator, and (b) everyone was trying to throw their 2 cents in without waiting for nuvolari to lead the meeting.20:23
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superflyif we're all a little more patient, and wait for the chair to give us the go-ahead to chat, then I think the meetings will be smoother20:24
inetprosuperfly: true20:25
magespawnsuperfly maybe a netmeetingettiqute?20:25
sflris there a meetings rule list somewhere? we should post it with every meeting20:25
sflryeah, exactly magespawn 20:26
inetprosflr: I'm sure they have something on the ubuntu wiki20:26
sflrwe can copy it20:26
magespawnGuidelines are always a good idea.20:26
inetproand perhaps highvoltage can give us a few pointers, I've seen him chair a few meetings in style 20:26
sflrif chairman talks, everybody shuts up :)20:27
* inetpro enjoys lurking at #ubuntu-meeting when time allows it20:28
magespawnSo perhaps had more to do with nuvolari's connection than anything else20:29
inetpromagespawn: I think that was a big factor20:29
inetproand I know the feeling when that happens20:29
sflryes, that is correct. we need a backup chairman on standby20:29
sflrsjoe, hectic. ppl waiting for you to talk and you gone offline :(20:30
magespawnOr if the lag is too much you do not even realise that you are behind20:31
sflrwhere is nuvolari from?20:31
inetprobut let's be honest he's done a good job  20:32
magespawnBalito I think,20:32
inetproI think that was only his 2nd meeting?20:32
sflroh, magespawn you just reminded me that I forgot to mention the local freenode irc server :( 20:32
sflryes, it was good meeting. you can imagine how he felt, but still keeping his act together.20:33
* superfly had a good 4 seconds lag the whole meeting... it was very frustrating20:35
inetprosuperfly: ahh, now that also makes sense why superfly was slow in reacting20:35
sflrahh! Spain scored :)20:36
superflyARGH, I think I know why... stupid cellphone20:36
sflri didnt even check the lag. its not showing in the webirc20:36
sflrvodacom? :)20:37
superflysflr: no, my cellphone is plugged into my PC to charge, but network manager keeps on trying to enable the "usb network card"20:38
superflyI have 4 meg ADSL20:38
superflyso then it tries to send all my traffic via this ghost nic, hence my lag20:38
sflrwith some echo. that's a bummer20:39
sflrThis is a good ubuntu project done by a loco team http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2009/09/24/loco-stories-the-ubuntu-new-mexico-team-helps-the-endorphine-power-company/20:39
magespawnsuperfly did you hear about the adsl upgrades?20:40
superflymagespawn: 0.3 to 1Mbps and 1 to 2Mbps20:40
magespawnYup those be the ones.20:40
magespawnNice for everyone undern4 mbps20:41
superflyand those of us on 4 continue to pay more for ever less :-P20:41
superflysflr: that is great... the big question is always sustenance though20:42
superflysflr: for instance, I already have a largish open source project on the go (and a family), I don't have time to do things like that20:43
superflysflr: which is the same problem behind the NGO20:43
superfly(or NPO)20:43
magespawnGet more people to help with project?20:43
sflrI have 11.58 Mbps down, 0.85Mps up20:44
magespawnThats a bit warped.20:44
sflrits from speedtest.net20:45
sflrsuperfly: that's why I think committe would work. people come and go, but the roles stay20:46
sflrI also work full time + family, but at some stage of my life I was comfortable living on the computer 24/7, single, etc20:47
sflrso if there is an NPO to manage these resources then it would work20:48
superflywork + family + open source project + ubuntu-za :-)20:48
superflysflr: there's also constitutions and other things you need20:48
superflyit's a royal pain in the rear end to do, and then people just fade and no one is around to do anything anymore20:48
* superfly has been there, done that20:48
sflrI also see that Linux/Ubuntu moved from a private user status into businesses and being installed in offices. I think that is a different level20:49
inetproI agree that there's a lot of work involved and I would not be to keen to be heavily involved after having served on the school governing body for six years20:49
sflryes, i understand and I agree. there are lots of talkers, but no do-ers. it's the same everywhere20:49
sflrbut this is a community, there is a purpose for it and goal. how to achieve that it depends on the community involvement.20:50
sflrif a person want to do something, or just be a fan? i dont know20:50
inetprosflr: one thing I would say we should first try to achieve is to have more official members 20:51
Banlamwhat qualifies an official member?20:51
sflrsuperfly: did you have that experience here? trying to do but no show?20:52
tumbleweedBanlam: wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership20:52
inetprotumbleweed: thanks20:52
Banlamthanks tumbleweed, didn't realise there was a whole process like that20:53
inetprothen what we need to focus on is to have active participation in our leadership structures20:53
inetproI don't blame any of our guys, life is hectic, but guys like morgs and highvoltage back then did a great job20:54
inetproand we should try to follow their example20:54
inetproobviously those who weren't around would not have seen all the activity20:55
superflysflr: no, elsewhere20:55
magespawnI am off, night all.20:59
highvoltageinetpro: you're giving us way too much credit :)20:59
sflryes, people come and go, but while here can contribute and get involved21:00
sflrin few years time I will be speaking about you inetpro, like you do about highvoltage :)21:00
inetprosflr: heh, I don't think I have that energy that these guys have21:01
sflrthis doesnt have to become a second job. 5 hours a month maybe?21:01
sflrbut you are the 'pro' ;)21:01
inetprosflr: you see that is exactly why I think I chose the wrong nick, those many years ago21:02
sflrhow many people have memberships as described in that wiki?21:02
* inetpro is always a newbie21:02
sflryou felt like a pro, you had the energy! :)21:03
inetpromaybe :-)21:04
superflynight folks21:04
inetprosflr: I think that name comes from as far back as 1995 when internet had just started in our country21:05
inetprosuperfly: good night21:05
sflrcheers superfly!21:05
sflrhaha inetpro. back then it was yahoo! and those file locations you dialed-up. cant even remember the name :/21:07
inetproyeah at first it was those bulletin boards 21:09
inetprothat was some fun21:09
sflrnorton commander! boom!21:10
inetprowhere anybody could just host his own BB, all you needed is a direct line from Telkom and a modem21:10
sflrformula 1 on a x286 with turbo button21:10
sflryes, it was BB21:10
sflrI think we started internet earlier in europe. 1991 or 199021:12
inetproanyways, I got the framework ready for our next meeting... see topic above21:14
inetproor just go to http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/438/detail/21:14
inetproI must say I still prefer doing this thing in a wiki where you can prepare the whole thing offline and then submit21:15
inetprosubmitting an item at a time is damn slow21:16
sflrthats cool! you see, you got the energy ;)21:16
sflrbut i agree. therey should be at least a bulk upload items from CSV :)21:17
inetproheh, it's the follow up and the follow through that kills me, emails to everyone, attending more meetings, etc, etc21:18
sflras long as something actually happens, there is a reward.21:19
inetprobut tm is another day, if we keep working at it we'll keep improving21:20
sflri saw some other country loco team had 2 kind of launch parties, one for end-users, and other for schools/businesses21:20
inetprogood idea21:21
sflrthe latter had speakers and marketing stuff21:21
inetprothere's stuff like that, but we can discuss tomorrow21:22
sflryes, thats true. its almost tomorrow! haha. that's for a productive evening. I'm signing off :/21:22
sflri meant thanks for a productive evening21:22
inetpronice chatting, good night21:22
inetproit's a pleasure BTW21:23

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