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Kilosmorning everyone06:07
Kiloshiya maiatoday wb06:22
maiatodayhi kilos06:22
KilosMaaz, shorten http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-06-18-17-30-01.txt06:22
MaazKilos: That reduces to: http://is.gd/uQCZT906:22
nuvolario/ mornings06:38
Kilosyo nuvolari 06:39
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 06:40
nuvolarigaan dit goed vanoggend?06:40
Kilosbegin met n kop klappe maar beter nou en daar?06:41
Kiloshiya superfly have a good day and dont get too tired06:43
charlgood morning06:46
Kiloshi charl 06:46
superflyhi Kilos, thanks.06:46
* superfly shoots off to spend the day plugging and unplugging batteries06:47
Kiloswhat batteries06:47
* Kilos thinks back 44 years to doing the standby batteries for the PTA telex exchange06:50
Kiloshi Tonberry 06:58
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Kilosmorning SmilyBorg 07:40
Kiloshi inetpro ML done07:40
inetproKilos: well done, thanks08:02
Kilosyw inetpro 08:09
Kiloshi not_found zeref 09:08
Kilosif zeref is not_found then who is the lost soul09:09
not_foundmorning uncle Kilos 09:09
not_foundanyone here have a Galaxy S3?09:10
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Kiloswow you guys are talkative today11:22
Kilosyou at work not_found ?11:51
not_foundnope uncle Kilos ... still have a few days off11:52
Kilosso what you doing?11:52
not_foundat the moment nothing uncle Kilos ... got up way to late in the day so I am ruined for the remainder... can11:55
not_foundcan't focus on anything11:55
not_foundjust made a forum avatar that I won't be using, but it is nice :)11:55
not_foundI didn't make the picture, I just edited it out of another pic and made the background transparent etc - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/13877196/avatar%20-%20I%20want%20to%20be%20the%20guy.png11:57
Kilosthats an ugly thing man11:58
not_foundwell, the game from which it comes is the ugly thing... specially made for you to loose11:59
Kiloshaha arent all games like that11:59
not_foundnot on purpuse like this one :12:01
not_foundspelling todays is the badnesss12:01
Kilosya man, sis plays AOE2 everyday and complains how come when she is still mining to get bucks the enemy has castles already12:02
not_foundbest to do is get lots of priests and just steal there army for yourself, problem solved12:04
* not_found goes back to killing stuff12:04
not_foundthat was fun(ish)12:36
Kiloshi jay12:37
Kiloshi jaysen 12:37
jaysenhi Kilos!12:38
jaysenKilos, any opinions re SA hosting services?12:56
Kiloshiya magespawn 13:09
Kilosjaysen, we gonna keep things as they are13:10
magespawnwhats up today , Kilos?13:10
Kilosnot much magespawn very quiet here13:10
jayseni don't follow Kilos .. I'm looking for SA hosting for myself13:10
Kilosoh i see jaysen 13:11
Kilosthe guys found some places last night13:11
KilosR250 a month or something13:11
Kilosyou missed our discussions about hosting jaysen  so caught me off gaurd13:11
jaysenah. i see :)13:12
Kilosjaysen, this came up last night thrust is about  R70 a month for a small VPS13:13
magespawndid they say how big it is Kilos?13:14
Kilosnope mage just said small server13:15
Kilosi think13:15
jaysenk. that sounds a bit too good doesn't it?13:15
Kilosthat was bakuman 13:16
KilosMaaz, google thrust hosting13:16
MaazKilos: "Thrust VPS / Damn VPS LA down? - Web Hosting Talk" http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=984174 :: "Thrust::VPS | Cranking it to 11" http://www.thrustvps.com/ :: "QuickStartGuide - thrust - A brief tutorial for new Thrust developers ..." http://code.google.com/p/thrust/wiki/QuickStartGuide :: "thrust - Frequently Asked Questions - Google Code" http://code.google.com/p/thrust/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions :: "thrust-graph - 13:16
magespawnthat does not look too bad.13:18
bakumanKilos, jaysen: https://clients.thrustvps.com/cart.php?gid=213:19
bakuman512MB RAM, 512MB Swap13:19
bakuman15GB Disk Space, 1TB Transfer, 1 IP13:20
jaysenty bakuman. checking now13:20
magespawnI have never used VPS services before but that seems quite cheap, is it?13:21
Kilosis that the 70 bucks one bakuman 13:23
Kilosmagespawn, you got nuff pcs make up your own server13:23
Kilosoh you have hey13:24
jaysenbtw, does anyone think its worth going local to avoid the 200ms roundtrip to uk? say, on a medium drupal site13:24
bakumanYes Kilos $7.95 USD Monthly13:24
magespawnthats not the problem, the problem is the connection to the net, mine is not the most stable.13:24
Kilosty for coming in bakuman 13:24
bakumanthat why i have one, stable internet for the site13:25
Kilosmagespawn, you using mweb or who?13:25
bakuman(and free bbc shows)13:25
magespawnbut it is a combination of telkom and eskom that are the main problems13:25
bakumanKerbero if you pay for the whole yea, you also basically get 2 months for free13:25
Kilosmagespawn, is there a way to see where the instability lies and try sort it13:26
Kilosoh ya power probs suck13:26
Kilosi gonna be off tomorrow and thursday13:26
magespawnI can use a ups for eskom but there is not much I can do about telkom unless I use something like satellite or 3G as a safety net.13:27
jaysenspeaking of which. i just heard power in this building is going down in 10m - but its a local to the building thing13:31
jaysenbye world13:31
Kilosmagespawn, when you ask telkom if they can improve the connection what is the reply13:31
Kiloscheers jay13:31
magespawnnever bothered to ask13:32
magespawnas a side note on thrust, it is cheaper to pay for the hosting GBP than USD13:33
Kilosworth a try magespawn 13:33
Kilosthey might even put fibre cable in for you13:34
magespawnhah I am still waiting for the line upgrade that is supposed to happen13:34
Kiloshehe sa motto hurry up and take your time13:35
* Kilos goes to fetch sheep13:57
inetprohmm... Kilos the modern shepherd?14:00
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Kiloshaha mock14:21
* nuvolari would try "curl sheep"14:40
Kiloswhats that nuvolari ?14:40
Kiloshi amanica 14:47
nuvolariKilos: heh, I was thinking of herding your virtual sheep using curl15:58
nuvolarilike wget15:58
Kiloslol they not virtual man15:58
Kilosthey are chops onna hoof15:58
nuvolarivirtual sheep would just be easier to herd, and replace if you forget to feed them :P15:59
Kiloslol yeah but what do they taste like15:59
nuvolarilike virtual sheep of course15:59
inetpronuvolari: I see you are ready for the meeting in an hour and a half?16:00
Kiloshey inetpro im sure hilton gibson has been here, do you member his nick16:01
nuvolariwhut? what meeting?:O I don't know about a meeting!16:01
Kiloshe came and helped langjan a few months back i think16:01
nuvolariyeah, I'm ready16:01
nuvolariif vodacom is letting me16:01
* Kilos throws bricks at nuvolari 16:01
nuvolarieina oom Kilos !16:01
nuvolariwat is dit voor?16:02
Kiloshaha onthou jy nou mooi van meeting16:02
Kilosmoenie dink ek tweet and epos verniet16:02
inetpronuvolari: eish!16:03
Kilosdaai ding16:03
inetproI also hope that the connection will be stable16:03
inetpronuvolari: you should move your desk and modem to a spot with a better connection16:03
Kilosyeah these stupid 3g thingies cant see through walls16:04
Kiloswindows are fine16:04
nuvolarimy vodacom connection is like a woman: talk too much when you don't listen, but when you need to talk to her she's unavailable :P16:05
* nuvolari might just get a couple of bricks inna face :-P16:05
Trixar_zaSounds like a woman to me16:06
inetproKilos: remember you can get a nice text version of the Agenda with elinks16:07
inetproelinks -dump -no-numbering -no-references http://bit.ly/KgdIo716:07
inetproI guess we can now remove point 7. More to be added above this line16:08
nuvolarieek, I need to get something in my tummy before I attempt anything16:08
inetproanybody has anything else to add?16:08
nuvolariinetpro: yeah, I think the list is ok, there's already a lot of items16:09
nuvolarirather let us get through everything this time16:09
inetpronuvolari: np, it was a rather quiet month IMHO16:09
inetproapart from the fact that we had Kilos for much longer periods, oh and apart from sflr updating a few things on the website16:10
Kilosty inetpro that lekker16:13
* nuvolari ponders16:20
nuvolaricoffee or wine?16:20
Kilosis jy n wynvlieg16:21
nuvolariMaaz: wine please16:21
Maaznuvolari: Go get it yourself!16:21
Kilossies man16:21
nuvolariwatse sies oom Kilos ?16:21
nuvolariwyn is nie sies nie16:21
nuvolarisies is sies16:22
nuvolarinie wyn nie16:22
Kiloswyn is vir ou mense wat nie mooi kos kan proe nie dan slik hulle wyn en dan vat die lekker kos daai sleg smaak weg16:23
nuvolarigmf :-/16:23
nuvolariis nie so nie16:23
nuvolarinie 'n akroniem nie16:24
nuvolariprobeer dit uitspreek oom16:24
Kiloswat is gmf!16:24
nuvolarinee, nie grr nie16:24
nuvolarispreek dit 'gimf' uit16:25
Trixar_zaWebcomics are pretty educational. I just learned that nutmeg, in large quantities, can actually poison you.16:25
Tonberryso can just about every other substance in the universe16:25
nuvolariwine too?16:25
nuvolariso pshyco's live off nutmeg?16:26
Trixar_zaNo, and the modern term is sociopath16:29
nuvolarikeer vir my! ek gaan vodacom aan sy groot toon ophang!16:33
nuvolarinou weer met hulle gemors begin16:33
inetpronuvolari: wat's fout?16:33
nuvolariek tik nog en dan net ewe skielik is daar niks lewe nie16:34
nuvolaridan hoes en proes my liggie 16:34
inetprowe have just less than an hour left before our meeting starts 16:34
Kilosnuvolari, gaan tweet vir Vodacom11116:35
Kiloshy roer hulle bietjie16:35
nuvolariwas besig om die minutes te lees16:36
nuvolarien wou lol @ plustwo 16:36
inetpronuvolari: I made some quick crib notes for us at https://etherpad.mozilla.org/UncxD9h1iF16:36
magespawnHowdy all16:39
nuvolarihowdy magespawn 16:39
Kilosevening magespawn 16:39
magespawnHi nuvolari, Kilos16:40
charlgood evening16:56
Kiloshi charl 16:56
nuvolarig'evening 16:56
charlhi Kilos 16:57
charlhi nuvolari 16:57
inetprocharl: you gonna be at the meeting?16:59
nuvolariOK, I'm going to make coffee quick16:59
inetpromeeting starting in 30 minutes from now17:00
* inetpro also goes to have a quick dinner17:00
charlinetpro: i am actually busy studying for an exam tomorrow morning so i'm not going to be active in the meeting17:01
charli'll check it periodically though during breaks17:01
Kilosyo kbmonkey welcome17:04
Kilosi gotta go eat quick17:04
kbmonkeyright'o Kilos 17:04
kbmonkeyoh lemme check my airtime balance... 17:05
kbmonkeyhi nuvolari17:13
Kiloshi conradvo 17:16
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 17:17
HawkiesZAWhat's the happy-haps?17:18
kbmonkeyhi HawkiesZA, Kilos 17:19
HawkiesZAHi kbmonkey 17:19
kbmonkeyMaaz, kettle on17:20
Maazkbmonkey: Excuse me?17:20
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on17:20
* Maaz washes some mugs17:20
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:20
MaazKilos: Okay17:20
Kiloswhew guys are cutting it fine again17:22
Kiloskbmonkey, hows things?17:22
Kiloshi mazal 17:23
superflyohi kbmonkey!17:23
mazalEvening all17:23
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!17:24
Kilosconradvo, wb17:24
inetpromeeting starting in about 5 minutes17:24
KilosMaaz, ty17:24
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:24
inetpronuvolari: you back from dinner?17:24
kbmonkeyMaaz, ty17:24
MaazYou are welcome kbmonkey17:24
* inetpro hopes that Vodacom will go easy on the man17:27
* nuvolari pings17:27
nuvolariI'z alive17:27
kbmonkeyagrees inetpro 17:27
Kilosyo nuvolari 17:27
inetproahh, great!17:27
nuvolarig'evening queery 17:28
Kiloshi queery 17:28
inetpronuvolari: can you still edit the document?17:28
nuvolariinetpro: affiramtive17:28
Kilosmethinks steven is sick17:29
inetproahh... I had lost my connection, working again17:29
inetproKilos: hmm... looks like it as well17:29
nuvolariinetpro: you're not in the pad though17:29
nuvolariI can't see you17:29
inetpronuvolari: I'm there17:30
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:30
queeryon my phone now, on my way home in a bit wil then be more chatty17:30
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:30
Maaznuvolari: Sure17:30
KilosMaaz, welcome17:30
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:30
charlMaaz: i am Charl van Niekerk17:30
Maazcharl: Done17:30
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:30
MaazKilos: Done17:30
queerymaaz i am dewald17:30
Maazqueery: Okay17:30
kbmonkeythanks for chairing tonight nuvolari :-)17:30
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner17:31
Maazkbmonkey: Alrighty17:31
HawkiesZAMaaz: I am Gerrit Vermeulen17:31
MaazHawkiesZA: Okay17:31
inetproguys, please allow the chairperson to speak before you just jump in17:31
mazalMaaz I am Wikus van Dyk17:31
Maazmazal: Yessir17:31
nuvolarisure kbmonkey :P almost used to it 17:31
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:31
Maazinetpro: Okay17:31
queeryhay HawkiesZA17:31
Kiloscome on superfly 17:31
HawkiesZAHey queery 17:32
kbmonkeyi have all but lost contact with the online world17:32
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:32
Maazsuperfly: Okay17:32
nuvolarisoo, how is everyone doing? anything noteworthing on new people? I've not been around much, so I don't know all the new people17:32
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames17:32
Maazmagespawn: Alrighty17:32
superflyI got my Raspberry Pi today :-D17:32
kbmonkeyhi magespawn :-)17:32
nuvolarisuperfly: nice!17:32
kbmonkeycool superfly !17:32
nuvolarihallo Langjan 17:32
Kiloshi Langjan 17:32
nuvolarien ander jan17:32
HawkiesZAsuperfly, Half the Internet is jealous right now17:32
nuvolariwie's wie? :P17:32
KilosLangjan, login with maaz17:33
jan_Hi you young guys17:33
inetprosuperfly: did you have to say that out loud?17:33
* superfly now needs to get a monitor that can actually do HDMI17:33
superflyinetpro: :17:33
magespawnHey! kbmonkey! Your alive.17:33
inetprogood evening everybody17:33
nuvolariso, officially welcome everyone17:33
nuvolarior did I do that already? :P17:33
Kilosjan_,  type in maaz I am Name17:33
inetprothanks for running the show again nuvolari17:34
* nuvolari pokes Squirm17:34
nuvolariyou here?17:34
jan_maaz, I am langjan17:34
Maazjan_: Righto17:34
inetpronuvolari: the floor is all yoirs17:34
* kbmonkey tips hat to nuvolari 17:34
nuvolariinetpro: my pleasure17:34
nuvolarioh dear, I didn't announce the welcome topic :P17:34
nuvolarioh well17:34
inetproyou can still do it for the sake of the minutes17:35
nuvolariMaaz: topic 2. Review previous minutes17:35
MaazCurrent Topic: 2. Review previous minutes17:35
inetprooh well...17:35
nuvolaritoo late :P17:35
nuvolariThe last meeting was really energetic17:35
nuvolariand lots were discussed17:36
nuvolarieven so that we had to move some of the topics here17:36
nuvolari*cough* thanks oom Kilos 17:36
nuvolariprevious minutes for anyone interested: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-06-18-17-30-01.txt17:37
inetproyikes, that was one hectic meeting17:37
inetproat least for me :-)17:38
nuvolariI was happy with the turnout and the attendance17:38
inetpronuvolari: yep, it was great and I think if we keep going at it we'll get better at running the show17:39
nuvolariyeah, I think preparation for tonight went a little better, although there's not as much to discuss17:39
Kilosnuvopro effort17:39
inetproat least our meetings are now happening on a regular monthly schedule again17:40
nuvolariright, so any comments on the previous minutes?17:40
kbmonkeythe agenda looks good guys :-) wow!17:40
inetprokbmonkey: heh, we been missing you17:41
inetpronuvolari: I have nothing to add17:41
nuvolariyeah... where are you lurking kbmonkey ?17:41
nuvolariso, next17:42
kbmonkeywithout internet for weeks at a time, lol ;)17:42
nuvolariMaaz: topic  3. Administrativia & Announcements17:42
Maaznuvolari: Excuse me?17:42
Langjanjan_ still here as langjan17:43
nuvolariMaaz: topic: 3. Administrativia and Announcements17:43
Maaznuvolari: What?17:43
nuvolariMaaz: wake up!17:43
Maaznuvolari: What?17:43
inetpronuvolari: one colon to many?17:43
nuvolariMaaz topic 3. Administrativia and Announcements17:43
MaazCurrent Topic: 3. Administrativia and Announcements17:43
inetproand this is where sflr should have been present17:44
nuvolariOom Kilos, have you made any progress on the twitter front?17:44
inetprothe guy has put in a lot of effort after the last meeting17:44
Kilostwitter @ubuntuza works fine here17:45
Kilosand messages get out ok17:45
nuvolariWork was a bit hectic so I didn't keep my eye on twitter nearly as much as I normally do17:45
inetprooh yes and17:46
* inetpro thinks Kilos deserves a round of applause17:46
* nuvolari applauds oom Kilos for his awesome involvement17:46
Kilosnot_found, wb login17:46
nuvolariwelcome not_found 17:46
* not_found is late for meeting... sorry17:46
nuvolariyou are just in time for the meeting17:46
* Kilos bows17:46
not_foundah :)17:46
nuvolarinot_found: you still need to ID to maaz17:47
kbmonkeyhello not_found :)17:47
not_foundMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:47
Maaznot_found: Sure17:47
* not_found can't remember :/17:47
mazalDid you guys announce the twitter via mail list ? Don't recall17:47
* nuvolari scans his mail17:47
inetpromazal: yes17:47
inetprobut for those who have not seen it, it's at https://twitter.com/ubuntuza17:48
Trixar_zaer, I'm in the middle of a meeting? Oo17:48
Kilosty inetpro 17:48
nuvolaridoes anyone know what happened to the guy complaining about his photo metadata and the Nautilus tab that disappeared?17:48
inetprooh and I also started a page on G+17:48
nuvolariTrixar_za: yeah :P17:48
nuvolariTrixar_za: you're welcome to join and ID to Maaz  still17:49
Trixar_zaNah, I'm not even an Ubuntu user :P17:49
inetprobut we'll mainly use the twitter account for comms17:49
nuvolariwhat changed on the website?17:49
KilosTrixar_za, no matter17:49
Trixar_zaI just idle here because you and Squirm idle here17:49
inetproG+ for reference, etc17:49
nuvolariTrixar_za: shh, we won't tell if you don't17:49
Trixar_zalol, Squirm uses Debian and you use Arch, so I'm not that weird17:50
inetpronuvolari: I think it was mainly nitty gritty minor stuff on the backend17:51
* nuvolari didn't know about the g+ page :O17:51
inetpronothing really to show off17:51
nuvolariand also under this topic, the distributions17:52
inetpronuvolari: ?17:52
nuvolariI've seen that the discs were sent out?17:52
nuvolariinetpro: the ubuntu CD's17:52
nuvolariwhere's meester_arend?17:53
nuvolarihe said he'll take some to Upington I think17:53
inetproand maia?17:53
Kiloshe said hed try but no promises17:53
* Trixar_za makes some notes. This is actually a pretty efficient way to run a linux based community17:53
* inetpro thinks maia also deserves a big thank you for all her efforts17:53
Kilosmaia is a star17:54
Kilosjust very busy17:54
nuvolarimaaz agreed maiatoday needs a big thank you from us all17:54
MaazAgreed: maiatoday needs a big thank you from us all17:54
nuvolariwb queery 17:55
nuvolarier, queery1985 17:55
magespawninetpro what is g+ page called?17:55
nuvolariI don't have anything to announce17:55
nuvolarimagespawn: ubuntu-za17:55
inetpromagespawn: google plus17:55
* nuvolari thinks inetpro read that question wrong :P17:56
=== Queery1985 is now known as queery
Kilosnp hes tired17:56
inetprothanks Kilos17:56
=== queery is now known as Guest6038
nuvolariready for the next topic?17:57
inetproanything else nuvolari?17:57
Kiloswe need to thank inetpro for all his effort as well17:57
nuvolariyes, definitely!17:57
=== Guest6038 is now known as queery1985
inetproKilos: heh!17:57
Kilosand all the help he gives me17:57
queery1985maaz i am queery17:57
Maazqueery1985: Sure17:57
nuvolariThanks everyone that helps with the other admin stuff. inetpro for the agenda and keeping all the links together17:58
Kilosqueery1985, logins are supposed to be full name not nicks17:58
inetpronuvolari, Kilosyou're welcome17:58
nuvolariMaaz minutes so far17:58
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-07-16-17-30-21.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-07-16-17-30-21.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-07-16-17-30-21.html17:58
queery1985i identified with my previous nick17:58
Kilosyou forgiven sorry17:58
Kilosim slow17:59
queery1985now i identified to that nick so there is a ref17:59
queery1985bloddy nickserv...17:59
nuvolariok, moving on17:59
nuvolarimaaz topic topic 4. Team Reporting18:00
MaazCurrent Topic: topic 4. Team Reporting18:00
nuvolariI don't know who else feels like I do, but this is a daunting task18:00
nuvolarimaybe not that much work, but just getting to it is the hard part18:00
Kilosyou doing well nuvolari 18:00
Kilosless heli18:01
nuvolarinee oom!18:01
nuvolariI'm a heli addict18:01
not_foundawesome hobby18:01
nuvolarigood addiction18:01
Kilostough ubuntu-za comes first18:01
nuvolariwb magespawn 18:01
Kiloswb magespawn 18:01
not_foundLike someone once wrote: "It's only an operating system." :p18:02
queery1985team up and build a ubuntu heli control station and publish it on the report18:02
inetproonce again I'm willing to help anybody go through the motions of doing the reporting18:02
nuvolarithose are the guidelines for team reporting18:02
* not_found saves link, thanks18:02
nuvolariqueery1985: good idea! maybe we can paint an ubuntu canopy18:03
inetprowe just need a volunteer willing to learn, though the guidelines are also very easy to follow18:03
inetproany volunteers?18:04
Kilosqueery1985, 18:04
* not_found is willing to learn as he needs to do this doe #ubuntu-ae too18:04
nuvolarimaybe we should put that out onto the mailing list as well18:04
nuvolarinot_found: cool, can I add an agree statement?18:04
Kilosnot_found, that would be nice18:04
* queery1985 looks at the heap of work waiting already18:04
nuvolariunder your name?18:04
inetpronot_found: great, so please stick around after the meeting or tomorrow18:05
not_foundnuvolari, sounds painful, but sure ;)18:05
magespawnA central email to sedn activities would be good.18:05
nuvolariyeah, I know...18:05
queery1985how about a google doc so a few of us can do it18:05
nuvolariit's like the love child nobody want's to talk about18:05
magespawnGood idea18:05
inetprook let's discuss the details later18:06
queery1985so central email addy and then 2 or 3 of us work on it in a google doc18:06
nuvolariMaaz agreed Neil to run with the start of team reporting18:06
MaazAgreed: Neil to run with the start of team reporting18:06
nuvolarimaaz agreed use a shared googledocs doc for the reporting18:07
MaazAgreed: use a shared googledocs doc for the reporting18:07
not_foundThe cloud is patient...18:07
superflyyou could also use one of the EtherPad sites18:07
inetpronuvolari: we have 23 minutes to go 18:08
kbmonkeyis etherpad lighter-weight than google docs?18:08
inetprokbmonkey: much lighter, text only18:08
queery1985 can you add pics?18:08
* kbmonkey imagines multi shared todo.txt18:08
inetprokbmonkey: see https://etherpad.mozilla.org/18:08
not_foundboring... rich text or nothing18:09
nuvolariok, moving on...18:09
queery1985we have to add pics....18:09
inetprothat is just one example of a etherpad instance18:09
nuvolarimaaz topic topic 5. Events18:09
MaazCurrent Topic: topic 5. Events18:09
queery1985i need to organise one again18:09
queery1985havnt had time18:09
superflyqueery1985: no, you can't add pics, I'm afraid18:09
nuvolariWas there any events that I missed?18:10
nuvolarior that anyone knows about?18:10
nuvolariit was a quiet month18:10
queery1985hawkiesza? you know of any18:10
nuvolariag jinne oom Kilos... :P maar dankie18:11
inetprowas a quiet month with regards to events yes, otherwise busy in this channel18:11
inetprothanks to Kilos, sflr and others18:11
nuvolariheh, even pulling me back in18:11
kbmonkeydont know of any events, sorry18:12
nuvolarione can't argue when family is visiting18:12
inetproI think queery1985 should arrange another UH in randburg18:12
HawkiesZAqueery1985, Sorry, no. Been asking when the next ones are so that we can punt them in LTG18:12
inetproalways good to see these things happening18:12
Kilosnuvolari, tell them next time come after breakfast bring their own lunch and leave before supper18:13
nuvolarinee sies oom18:13
* nuvolari skink vir oom Kilos 'n glasie wyn18:13
queery1985im trying to keep it close to a gautrain18:13
queery1985so rosebank for me works best18:14
inetproI also think it's time to get more people involved in Ubuntu development18:14
inetproget people excited about the upcoming release18:14
nuvolari:-/ juslaaik inetpro 18:14
inetproin October18:14
nuvolarijust as I'm about to ask something, inetpro is already doing it :P18:15
inetprosorry mr chair18:15
* not_found is looking at http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-00sc-introduction-to-computer-science-and-programming-spring-2011/unit-1/lecture-1-introduction-to-6.00/ to get into the weird programming world18:15
nuvolariow, my eyes18:15
inetpronuvolari: 15 minutes to go18:16
nuvolariok, maybe we need to move on18:16
nuvolarimaaz topic topic 6. Revival of LPI classes at #linux-studies18:16
MaazCurrent Topic: topic 6. Revival of LPI classes at #linux-studies18:16
nuvolarioom Kilos, you are probably most up to date with this18:17
Kilosi think we can actually sheve this for a while longer everyone is too busy18:17
nuvolariis there any good feedback on the LPI studies before it went a bit quiet?18:17
nuvolariI know I wanted to get into that, but that's how far I came :P *cough*18:17
inetprothe kbmonkey has been missing in action?18:18
not_foundIt never really got going from what I saw...18:18
* not_found is lazy18:18
kbmonkeythat's pretty much the story oom Kilos :p18:18
Kilosyip kbmonkey you need to get organised better18:18
magespawnI have been working off line18:18
nuvolarimaybe we should ty to have sessions, even if it's once a month?18:19
Kilosnot good missing in action for weeks at i time18:19
kbmonkeyi'm trying to save for a laptop, to run centos. currently no other machine to run study material on18:19
nuvolariit's not much, but better than just talking about it :P18:19
Kiloswe understand kbmonkey 18:20
not_foundkbmonkey, life happens...18:20
Kilosthats why i say shelve it for a while longer18:20
Kilosbut dont dismiss the idea totally18:20
kbmonkeynever :)18:20
nuvolariok, any other ideas, from anyone?18:20
queery1985where is maiatoday today?18:20
Kilosworking on thesis i think18:21
queery1985oh shame sympathies18:21
* not_found thinks the studies need more buzz on this channel... just to keep it alive and get it going again18:21
nuvolarieek, we need no close up18:22
inetpronot_found: I'm sure Kilos can sort that out18:22
queery1985i want to try a school event but am still working on the plan18:22
magespawnMaybe tweet it18:22
Kiloshehe not_found studies battle to compete with helis and other games18:22
inetpronuvolari: I agree we need to move on18:22
nuvolariMaaz topic topic 7. Topics for next meeting (non-agenda items)18:23
MaazCurrent Topic: topic 7. Topics for next meeting (non-agenda items)18:23
Trixar_zaWell, I find the best way to engage people in something is to make it game. Programming for example is more fun when you program games rather than say accounting software18:23
nuvolarimaaz agreed interesting events to be planned18:23
MaazAgreed: interesting events to be planned18:23
nuvolarimaaz topic topic 8. Elect chairperson for next meeting18:24
MaazCurrent Topic: topic 8. Elect chairperson for next meeting18:24
KilosTrixar_za, have you seen the LPI manual18:24
not_foundshould review what global events Canonical have planned for the bigger Ubuntu eco-sphere and plan to do them etc18:24
Trixar_zaKilos: Not to my knowledge, no.18:24
Kilosme votes chair to remain as is  18:24
* not_found likes the current chair too :)18:24
nuvolariI have no problem chairing again next meeting18:24
superflywhen's the next meeting?18:24
magespawn+1 to that too18:24
KilosMaaz, LPI manual18:24
kbmonkeywe <3 you nuvolari :)18:25
* inetpro agree, let's give him another round18:25
KilosTrixar_za, ^^18:25
nuvolariit will be August 20, 201218:25
Kilos20 aug18:25
superflyyeah, rather you than me nuvolari18:25
queery1985ok ill org a ubuntu hour before that18:25
* superfly doesn't mind, but will be rather busy for the next few weeks18:25
nuvolari:P I'm trying, but it's becoming fun too18:25
queery1985and hawkiesza will help ;P18:25
inetpronuvolari: 5 minutes18:25
not_foundfun is good motivation18:25
nuvolarimaaz agreed chair for next meeting: nuvolari18:26
MaazAgreed: chair for next meeting: nuvolari18:26
Trixar_zaThanks Kilos18:26
* HawkiesZA will gladly add some advertising18:26
Trixar_zaI just wish those exams weren't so expensive to write :/18:26
nuvolarimaaz topic topic 9. Closing18:26
MaazCurrent Topic: topic 9. Closing18:26
queery1985and get HoH involved? hawkiesza? 18:26
nuvolariI think this was a good meeting18:27
HawkiesZAI can try. We're moving in there at the end of the month, actually.18:27
* kbmonkey nods18:27
nuvolariSlowly but surely we're getting there18:27
inetpronuvolari: you did very well, let's give the man a Bells18:27
* Kilos thanks nuvolari for a great meeting and inetpro for all the input and help18:27
not_foundAwesome work letting everyone know about the meeting (especially uncle Kilos)18:27
not_found+1 good job nuvolari 18:27
nuvolariThanks again everyone for your input and attendance18:27
inetproif I may, I'll add one thing18:28
* queery1985 gives nuvolari a bell18:28
* nuvolari rings some bells18:28
inetproplease stick around in the channel18:28
inetprodon't be afraid to ask stupid questions18:28
nuvolariyeah, please people18:28
nuvolariusually peeps run off18:28
inetprowe have a few guys always around here18:28
not_found\me always asks stupid questions... the only type he knows18:28
nuvolaribut we can't be acound all the time18:28
queery1985my questions are hard...18:28
* kbmonkey will stick around for a while18:28
Kilosthanks all of you for attending18:29
nuvolariwe still try to make it every now and then, and catch up with everyone18:29
nuvolarithat's why we are here18:29
inetprothanks nuvolari18:29
nuvolariA community won't be possible without the input from everyone18:29
nuvolariwe are the community18:29
nuvolariwe are sparta!!! :P *cough*18:30
Kilosi would like us to try get more list guys here as well18:30
Kilosmaybe person mails might help18:30
magespawnIs that the end of the meeting?18:30
nuvolariMaaz end meeting18:30
MaazMeeting Ended18:30
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-07-16-17-30-21.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-07-16-17-30-21.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-07-16-17-30-21.html18:30
nuvolarimagespawn: yup18:30
not_found:) - thanks all18:30
not_foundgood meet18:30
nuvolari+1 awesome meeting18:31
nuvolariand we stuck to the schedule18:31
mazalThanx all18:31
Kiloswell done18:31
magespawnqueery1985: if do a school event I woukd like to see the plan etc.18:31
inetprowell done nuvolari18:31
not_foundit helps a lot to get and keep people18:31
mazalSleep well18:31
mazalGod bless18:31
Kilosall in an hour18:31
Kilosyou too mazal ty18:31
* nuvolari takes a bow18:32
nuvolarithank you, thank you18:32
nuvolarinight mazal 18:32
queery1985will do magespawn18:32
mazalBye :-)18:32
inetpronuvolari: oh and thanks to Vodacom for a stable connection18:32
nuvolarioh yes! a big applause18:33
not_foundwoooo hoooo18:33
nuvolarilast time was a headache :-/18:33
quneery1985why is my nick still a problem18:33
magespawnHawkiesZA: did that last guest of ltg really give away the n800?18:33
quneery1985I have a n900, was chating on ot tonight18:34
magespawnMe too but not on it now.18:34
HawkiesZAmagespawn,  Toby? I'm sure he would if someone asked.18:34
inetpronuvolari: BTW, the next agenda is just about ready for you as well18:35
inetprosee: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/446/detail/18:36
Kilosinetpro, ++ for effort18:36
magespawnYup thats him, was wondering if he was serious.18:36
inetproKilos: np18:36
quneery1985HawkiesZA, how bout 11 Aug for Ubuntu hour18:36
Kilosinetpro, you dont realise how you hold us together18:36
HawkiesZAWell, if you know someone, ask him. He's a cool guy18:36
* HawkiesZA checks calendar18:37
inetproKilos: hmm... it's you man18:37
HawkiesZAquneery1985, That's a Saturday?18:37
Kiloswhen the going gets tough inetpro jumps in18:37
nuvolariah thanks inetpro!18:37
quneery1985you want it on a sunday?18:37
HawkiesZAI'm just checking :P18:38
HawkiesZAI'm open on the 11th18:38
quneery1985think it will werk better on a sunday?18:38
not_found+1 for inetpro and uncle Kilos being vital cogs in the ZA machine :)18:38
quneery1985stellies usually did sunday18:38
magespawnHawkiesZA: do not know him, besides should go to someone who would use it fully. 18:38
HawkiesZAWell, stellies is weird then18:38
quneery1985but it's student villw18:38
inetpronot_found: there's more than just me and Kilos, many others around here that make it worthwile for us to keep going at it18:38
quneery1985ok so saterday then18:39
Kilosyip 18:39
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/446/detail/18:39
Maaznuvolari: I already know stuff about meeting.agenda18:39
HawkiesZASaturday is good. Rosebank again?18:39
Kilossome just rather busy at the moment18:39
not_foundinetpro, I am aware, but just pointing out you guys are awesome (too ;) )18:39
nuvolariMaaz: forget about meeting.agenda18:39
Maaznuvolari: I didn't know about about meeting.agenda anyway18:39
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/446/detail/18:39
Maaznuvolari: I already know stuff about meeting.agenda18:39
* not_found sees an extra about18:40
quneery1985Maaz, forget meeting.agenda18:40
Maazquneery1985: Yessir18:40
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/446/detail/18:40
Maaznuvolari: If you say so18:40
inetproHawkiesZA, quneery1985: let us know when you're commited for a date18:40
nuvolarithanks quneery1985 18:40
quneery1985maaz, meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/446/detail/18:40
Maazquneery1985: I already know stuff about meeting.agenda18:40
inetprothen Kilos can announce it for us again18:40
quneery1985oh 18:40
quneery1985your copy and past is to fast for me18:40
quneery1985the ctrl+V is stong in this one18:41
nuvolarior just up + enter18:41
inetproquneery1985: I'll add the new agenda to the topic above tomorrow18:41
quneery1985what is up with my nick18:42
inetprothen we'll also announce on twitter an G+18:42
=== quneery1985 is now known as queery1985
inetproqueery1985: did you register your nick?18:42
queery1985not this one18:42
nuvolarioom kilos, oom moet watch vir skype, blykbaar stuur hulle 'n mens se skype messages na random contacts toe18:42
queery1985the other one still has not timed out18:42
Kilosek gebruik nie skype nie nuvolari 18:42
inetproqueery1985: perhaps somebody else logged in with it?18:42
queery1985* queery :Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable18:43
Kilosmaar  dankie 18:43
magespawnCan you not boot it?18:43
Trixar_zanuvolari: Sometimes you shouldn't believe everything you read :P18:43
nuvolariokei, dan is oom veilig18:43
inetproqueery1985: which one you looking for>18:43
queery1985no it was vodacom's bad signal18:43
queery1985im looking for queery18:43
queery1985but I did not identify quick enough nou im stuck like this for a while18:43
inetproqueery1985: hmm... that is rather interesting18:43
queery1985it has happened a few times18:44
inetproqueery1985: perhaps you should visit #freenode and ask for a staffer to explain to you18:44
not_foundcan't it be ghosted|18:44
queery1985no the nick is not on the channel18:44
queery1985it's a safty feature18:44
not_foundah ok (I dont' understand but that is normal)18:45
inetproqueery1985: what irc client are you using?18:45
queery1985you can't retry the nick for a while18:45
Kilosqueery1985, try /nick queery18:45
queery1985* queery :Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable18:45
Kilosthen /msg nickserv identify password18:46
nuvolarioh my word18:46
not_foundare you guys going to explain to me tomorrow a bit more about what I got myself into? (Gives me some time to read the link etc)?18:46
queery1985can't cause im not that nick18:46
inetproqueery1985: http://www.nic.funet.fi/~irc/server/delays.html18:46
=== Kilos is now known as queery
* nuvolari rather keeps himself from continue to rant about eclipse and svn18:46
=== nuvolari is now known as kilos
queeryi took it easy man18:46
=== kilos is now known as nuvolari
=== nuvolari is now known as kilos
=== queery is now known as Guest79321
Guest79321oh my18:47
queery1985yea it was the colision18:47
inetprokilos: eh18:47
kilosjulle moet gaan slaap18:47
queery1985oh maybe I can get it now18:47
=== kilos is now known as nuvolari
Guest79321uh oh18:48
* not_found lurks18:48
inetpronot_found: you wanna do the reporting now?18:48
=== Guest79321 is now known as Kilos-
inetproor shall we attempt tomorrow?18:49
not_foundinetpro,  are you guys going to explain to me tomorrow a bit more about what I got myself into? (Gives me some time to read the link etc)?18:49
nuvolarihowcome can't you become Kilos again oom Kilos- ?18:49
inetpronot_found: np18:49
Kilos-says its in use18:49
queery1985you just also broke yours18:49
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
not_foundk... I will be on-line tomorrow for several hours throughout the day...18:49
queery1985it will be ficed tomorrow18:49
* not_found lurks again18:49
Kilosneil what you doing18:50
nuvolariI need moar coffee18:50
inetpronot_found: great, I'll see whether I can make some time if necessary18:50
queery1985HawkiesZA, you still here?18:50
Kilosqueery1985, try /nick queery now18:50
queery1985i did same thing18:50
queery1985I think it lockes it for the IP18:50
HawkiesZAqueery1985, Yessir18:50
queery1985oom Kilos you try it now18:50
Kilosto queery?18:51
not_foundinetpro, if tomorrow is no good we can go now... was just thinking that 11pm isn't the best time for me to try and think (but I will)18:51
queery1985HawkiesZA, is roebank ok or should I make it more up18:51
queery1985yes oom Kilos 18:51
inetpronot_found: actually I'm also a bit moeg now18:51
queery1985what am i gonna eat18:51
queery1985bully beef...18:51
KilosNick/channel is temporarily unavailable18:52
nuvolaribully beef and beans18:52
HawkiesZAqueery1985, Rosebank is Ok for Pretoria peeps IMO. We can take the Gautrain. How is it for the Jhb crowd?18:52
nuvolariyou'll have enough energy :P18:52
queery1985no idea?18:52
not_foundthen we do it at the first convenient time inetpro 18:52
Kilosmust be some bu there18:52
queery1985don't know the jhb crowd yet18:52
inetpronot_found: np18:52
not_foundk, cool18:52
HawkiesZAMaybe that'll get some attention :P18:53
Kilosqueery1985, is queery registered18:53
* Trixar_za slaps HawkiesZA18:53
Trixar_zaNo need to shout18:53
queery1985it is that is why it kicked you18:53
queery1985oom Kilos 18:53
queery1985HawkiesZA, we can only hope18:54
HawkiesZATrixar_za, sometimes, that's the only way18:54
queery1985since somone turned Maaz announce off.........18:54
Kilosit didnt i tried to go back to kilos and it went to nuvolari 18:54
HawkiesZAqueery1985, Well, we can go wtih Rosebank. If people have a problem and would prefer it somewhere else, they should say so. We're open to suggestions.18:54
Trixar_zaWell, with that logic, the person that shouts the loudest in an argument is the one that's winning18:54
Kilosisnt maaz working on announce18:54
queery1985HawkiesZA, true dat18:55
HawkiesZATrixar_za, Depends. If the argument is about who can shout the loudest, then sure.18:55
queery1985someone turned it off oom Kilos 18:55
KilosMaaz, announce irc nickserv giving probs18:55
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! irc nickserv giving probs18:55
Trixar_zaWhy do you all call Kilos, oom?18:55
queery1985cause he is18:55
Kilosnee man nuvolari 18:56
Kilosdit werk18:56
Kilosim a ballie Trixar_za 18:56
Trixar_zaWell, I have friends that are in their 40's, so that line is kind of blurred to me18:56
queery1985nee hy is suppose om die attention te gee aan al die nicks, wat nou afgesit is18:56
Trixar_zaI rarely call people oom these days18:56
queery1985hehe it's more a habbit18:56
Trixar_za... and teens are starting to call ME oom18:57
Kiloshaha i was 40 21 years ago18:57
Trixar_zaThen again, that started as early as my matric year18:57
queery1985and the channel goes quiet18:57
Trixar_zaand I look young :/18:57
queery1985sure honey18:57
Trixar_zaNo really, ask nuvolari18:58
queery1985HawkiesZA, M&B again?18:58
queery1985free interwebs18:58
Kilosnuvolari, announce werk18:59
queery1985and smoking section18:59
HawkiesZAqueery1985, Sure. They have great big giant muffins.18:59
Kilosjy moenie : en ander dotjies in sit nie18:59
queery1985nee dis nie dit nie oom Kilos 19:00
HawkiesZAHrm...Not sure about the smoking section. I certainly wouldn't like it ;)19:00
Kiloswhat am i missing?19:00
queery1985daai is nie 'n announce nie19:00
Kilosoh is there another announce19:00
queery1985haha not in it it just has one for those of us who do smoke and want to have a quick one, HawkiesZA 19:01
HawkiesZAqueery1985, ah, ok, good.19:01
queery1985yes, it will seem like maaz is mentioning you19:01
Trixar_zahttp://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm <--- best page ever. Provides answers to common issues newbies have with Linux.19:01
Kilosinetpro, what am i missing with announce on ibid19:02
Trixar_zaJust thought I would share. :P19:03
queery1985dankie Trixar_za 19:03
inetproKilos: why? What is wrong?19:03
queery1985inetpro, it doesnt19:04
inetproahh... I think what they want is that you should announce stuffs on twitter19:04
inetproKilos: on twitter19:04
Kilosno maaz\19:04
Kilosthey say not my way19:04
KilosMaaz, announce is there another way to announce19:05
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! is there another way to announce19:05
Kilosi thought that is the announce function19:05
queery1985see no attention thing19:05
inetproqueery1985: what are you looking for?19:05
queery1985it would light up and possibu make a sound like it would if I say your name oom Kilos 19:06
Kilosoh ya the hear ye hear ye19:06
queery1985like thi19:06
queery1985Maaz, coffee on19:06
* Maaz flips the salt-timer19:06
queery1985Maaz, coffee for all19:06
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already19:06
KilosMaaz, coffee please19:07
MaazKilos: Yessir19:07
queery1985he used to make that so that evenyone got attention19:07
queery1985the admin switched it of19:07
inetproqueery1985: not really19:07
magespawnMaaz coffe for magespawn19:07
Maazmagespawn: Excuse me?19:07
magespawnMaaz coffee for magespawn19:07
Maazmagespawn: Excuse me?19:07
inetproMaaz: coffee please19:07
Maazinetpro: Alrighty19:07
magespawnMaaz coffee please19:08
Maazmagespawn: Righto19:08
magespawnBit of a slow learner sometimes.19:08
queery1985Maaz, botsnack19:08
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well19:08
queery1985Maaz, master19:09
Maazqueery1985: Huh?19:09
queery1985Maaz, admin19:09
Maazqueery1985: Sorry...19:09
queery1985tumbleweed, are you Maaz 's master?19:09
MaazCoffee's ready for queery1985, Kilos, inetpro and magespawn!19:10
queery1985Maaz, ty19:10
MaazYou are welcome queery198519:10
KilosMaaz, ty19:10
MaazYou are welcome Kilos19:10
queery1985Maaz, queery19:11
Maazqueery1985: Excuse me?19:11
queery1985i havt programed that yet19:11
nuvolariok, bedtime for me19:11
nuvolarinight om Kilos, queery1985, inetpro 19:11
nuvolariand other souls lurking around19:11
Trixar_zaNight nuvolari19:11
Kilosnight nuvolari sleep tight19:11
inetpronight nuvolari19:11
magespawnNight nuvolari 19:11
inetproKilos: have we even heard of tumbleweed since he took that flight?19:12
magespawnMaaz botsnack19:12
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well19:12
Trixar_zaAlso I'm going too. I've gotten in a habit of sleeping at 8/9ish while sick and now I'm having trouble breaking it19:12
magespawnNot a bad habit19:12
Kilosnope he was only getting here late tonight19:12
magespawnNight Trixar_za 19:12
Trixar_zaWell, I'm having a pavlovian response to the time19:12
Trixar_zaI start getting tired the moment it hits 8pm19:12
inetproTrixar_za: good night, thanks for coming to the meeting19:13
Kilosnight Trixar_za 19:13
Kilosyou welcome here anytime19:13
Kiloseven without ubuntu running19:13
Trixar_zaGoodnite magespawn, inetpro, Kilos, nuvolari and queery198519:13
Trixar_zaWell, technically I'm a SliTaz dev - I have access to the mercurial repositories19:14
Trixar_zaNot that I ever use it...19:14
inetproKilos: did you se him step in? I didn't19:14
queery1985nag Trixar_za 19:14
Trixar_zaAnyway, goodnite for real19:14
Kilosnope hes nick is off the page and there wasnt any entry here inetpro 19:15
Kiloshe must be tired19:15
inetprohope all is well19:15
Kilostumbleweed, you ok??19:15
inetprobut I guess he's just tired after a long flight19:15
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kiloshope so 19:16
inetprobut I must be honest I am not even sure where he went 19:16
Kilosok guys you all sleep tight.  im gonna crash too19:16
Kiloswent to devcon19:16
inetproKilos: thanks for a good meeting, good night19:17
Kilosis devcon right19:17
Kilosthank you19:17
inetproahh, sounds right19:17
Kilosdevelopement conference19:17
Kilosdaai ding19:17
Kilosnag julle19:17
AndChat|68096gc_ die19:54
gc_AndChat|68096: I'm not your bitch19:54
=== AndChat|68096 is now known as magespawn
magespawngc_ die19:57
gc_magespawn: *blink*19:57
magespawnHey zeref20:24
magespawnNight all.20:31
charlnn all20:55
* tumbleweed just got home21:16
superflyohi tumbleweed21:17
inetprotumbleweed: wb 21:31
inetprovery good to know that you landed safely again 21:33

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