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rsalvetitjaalton: are you also going to update the weston package for quantal before ff?02:19
rsalvetisaw you updated it already at the git debian tree02:19
pittiGood morning03:32
infinitypitti: Hey, you're a big fan of testsuites, right?03:46
pittiindeed I am!03:46
infinitypitti: And possibly glib?03:46
pittiyes, some weeks ago I worked on that to make all of them succeed -- sometimes03:46
infinitypitti: I'm trying to decide if the failing glib test on armel is an actual bug, or just the test not allowing enough slack.03:46
infinity      /* elapsed_msec should be 4000 msec +/- change for overhead/inaccuracy */03:46
infinity      g_assert_cmpint (elapsed_msec, >=, 3950);03:46
infinity      g_assert_cmpint (elapsed_msec,  <, 6000);03:47
infinity^-- armel is asserting with elapsed_msec = 736503:47
pittiI suppose the latter, but I haven't looked at any ubuntu stuff for the last two weeks; I can put it onto my TODO03:47
pittiit succeeded on my panda board, but it's a race condition03:47
pittiif it's urgent to get it built, a retry is fine03:48
infinitypitti: Sure.  I was going to "fix" it by just letting the test be sloppier, but I don't want to be covering an actual bug, and I don't particularly know the code.03:48
* pitti has a quick look03:48
infinitypitti: Initially, I thought it was just a timeout deal, but reading the test makes it seem like they really are expecting a vaguely specificl ballpark value.03:48
infinitypitti: It's also a 2.5h build up to that point, so "retry until it sticks" seems like a suboptimal solution, if the test really does vary enough to sometimes get it right.03:50
pittiinfinity: I read the test now; I agree, bumping it to 8000 or so sounds fine03:53
infinitypitti: Alright, will do.  Unless you want TILM on it (or have the power to commit it to Debian, which might be nice).03:54
pittifor 240 d-bus calls, and sleeping 100 msec 40 times, 8000 or even 10000 sounds appropriate03:54
pittiinfinity: yes, I do have; we try to stay in sync with Debian03:54
pittiinfinity: I can also commit the last patch revert there, and we can sync again03:54
infinitypitti: Okay, then I'll let you fix it in experimental and keep my hands off.03:54
pittiI'll also report it upstream, should be no problem to bump the timeout there03:55
pittithanks for pointing out03:55
pittiinfinity: debian exp svn now has the patch for this, and Laney's recent quantal-proposed upload as well; I'm running through Debian's test failures and see what else to change, then do the uploads04:12
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tjaaltonrsalveti: yes, but it needs a newer mesa which has to be finished first04:16
rsalvetitjaalton: oh, ok04:20
tjaaltonrsalveti: before FF for sure04:22
rsalvetigreat, thanks04:22
infinitypitti, Laney: Danke.04:31
infinitypitti: Here's hoping 8s is enough for most cases.04:31
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dholbachgood morning07:04
pittihey dholbach, wie gehts?07:11
* pitti mehs at the numerous LP timeouts in bugs07:11
dholbachpitti, ganz ok, und dir?07:12
pittidholbach: very well, thanks! I enjoyed my holidays a lot07:12
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infinitypitti: Meh, of course there appear to be other test failures too. :/07:24
pittiinfinity: yeah, I saw; I'll deal with this one, it also affects the Debian experimental buildds07:25
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pittimeh, what happened to LP that it keeps timing out for just about any operation on a bug?07:25
infinitypitti: I suspect there's still some ongoing sketchiness with the combination of DC move and service migrations over the weekend.07:26
pittioh right, that07:26
infinitypitti: Oh, except that you're talking bug management, that's been broken for longer.07:26
infinityThough, perhaps more broken today than previously.07:27
pittiMPs as well07:27
infinityThere's just sadness all over right now, but it might be worth popping your head into #lanchpad-ops (internally) and see if your specific issues are known.07:28
infinitySpelled correctly, of course.07:28
pittiinfinity: glib upload, take three07:40
wgrantLP is having some trouble from the DC move and kernel bugs and such atm, we're working on it07:41
LaneyOh, good work!08:13
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Daviey@pilot in08:56
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* dholbach hugs Daviey09:03
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Davieydholbach: Hey!09:05
Davieydholbach: I have expired from ~ubuntu-sponsors, would you mind re-adding me please?09:05
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* cjwatson resurrects merges.u.c post-DC-move10:41
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Davieyinfinity / slangasek: Hey, you've both added thoughts to bug 809221.  I'm reluctant to sponsor it, until you are both satisfied.. can you comment please? ta10:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 809221 in mountall (Ubuntu) "unable to mount ceph root at boot due to stripping of trailing slashes" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80922110:51
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pittiseb128: are you fine with teh change proposed in bug 1033932?11:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1033932 in apport (Ubuntu) "Error alerts appear on login for problems in previous session" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103393211:15
pittiseb128: I think these old crashes are fairly irrelevant (would sort out the "crashes during logout" case)11:16
pittiand ev ^11:17
* pitti lunch, bbl11:17
seb128pitti, just back from lunch, looking11:17
seb128pitti, enjoy your lunch ;-)11:17
seb128pitti, that works for me!11:18
Sweetsha1k\o\ /o/ \o/ installing mysql-server from a StarBasic macro works.11:18
seb128Sweetsha1k, nice!11:19
evpitti: if we're going to show multiple reports in a single dialog, why discard these at all? We could just do what Matthew suggests and send them all at the same time.11:20
seb128ev, because there is still no reason to greet users at login with whoopsie dialogs which turn out to be shutdown issues from the previous session11:21
evseb128: it's not whoopsie, it's apport. Whoopsie is the daemon that shovels ready to be uploaded crash reports to daisy.ubuntu.com. As Matthew says in the report, it's about sending them the next time we have a report that deserves explanation.11:23
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evso it wouldn't necessarily be at login11:23
evit would be the next time an application crashed11:23
evthey'd be bundled together and sent11:23
seb128I guess that would work yes11:24
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xnoxkees: Asked a review on the lvm2 merge proposal. It looks to me as if the wrong init script (clvm instead of lvm2) was dropped some time in the past. Unless that was intended?  https://code.launchpad.net/~dmitrij.ledkov/ubuntu/quantal/lvm2/merge95/+merge/11969611:43
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evmpt: remind me what the multiple reports dialog looks like when there's an error processing a report? I vaguely recall the report body being replaced with a one-line message, but I'm struggling to remember what that is11:51
mptev, "If no details are available (for example, the crash file is unreadable), below the process name should appear the paragraph “No details were recorded for this error.”"11:52
evah yes, thanks11:52
evah, I was looking in the wrong section for that11:53
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pittiev: that sounds a bit strange, though; "gedit crashed, and btw, these other 5 crashed last time"?12:19
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evpitti: I'm not sure what the UI would look like. That's more mpt's domain than my own.12:52
pittimpt: I don't understand "reporting crashes from the previous session the next time we have a report that deserves explanation"12:58
pittimpt: that sounds like "gedit crashed, and btw, these other 5 crashed last time"12:59
pittimpt: and isn't going to make things any easier12:59
pittimpt: or do you mean showing the 5 old ones after a new crash happens in the current session, but in a separate window?12:59
shadeslayercjwatson: mm .. if you're around could you ping me ;)13:03
cjwatsonshadeslayer: just say what you want13:05
shadeslayercjwatson: a couple of questions concerning live build, that is all13:05
shadeslayerfor starters, do you populate the preseed folder manually?13:05
shadeslayer( by putting the .seed files in config/preseed )13:06
cjwatsonBy "manually", do you mean in the livecd-rootfs scripts?  We don't do anything *actually* manually13:07
cjwatsonBut you can look at livecd-rootfs for yourself, and see that we don't13:07
shadeslayerwell .. I did, and there was nothing about preseeds13:08
cjwatsonOur debian-cd installation puts preseed files in /preseed/ on the ISO9660 filesystem13:08
shadeslayeralright, that qualifies as manually since it's *not* done by livecd-rootfs13:09
shadeslayerhow do you generate the .seed files?13:09
cjwatsonThey're hand-written13:09
shadeslayerthat's what I thought as wel :P13:09
shadeslayerfor some reason my iso only has a isolinux and squashfs folder, and does not boot13:10
shadeslayer( KVM says error code 0003, and there seems to be no indication of how to fix this issue on the net )13:10
cjwatsonisohybrid: binary-hybrid.iso: boot loader does not have an isolinux.bin hybrid signature. Note that isolinux-debug.bin does not support hybrid booting13:10
cjwatsonYou're seeing the same thing that our Chinese edition amd64 images keep complaining about13:10
cjwatsonI haven't had time to figure out what's going on there13:11
shadeslayerif you can give me pointers, I can give it a try13:11
cjwatsonNot without doing equivalent work to investigate the whole thing from scratch :)13:11
cjwatsonYou'll have to dig into live-build13:11
shadeslayer( Note that I'm building the ISO in a quantal chroot, just like you advised, and I still get that )13:11
cjwatsonYeah, this is evidently a bug in quantal's live-build, but I don't know what it is, sorry13:12
shadeslayerI was looking at lb_binary_syslinux and nothing obvious jumped at me :P13:12
shadeslayerhow come the official images don't see this ? :P13:12
cjwatsonBecause they don't use ISO generation in live-build13:12
cjwatsonThey only have live-build spit out a squashfs and then deal with ISO9660 assembly separately13:12
shadeslayerah ok13:13
shadeslayeroh, what's the ubuntu symlink for?13:13
shadeslayerit's /ubuntu linked to ./13:13
cjwatsonOccasionally apt clients and the like want to access the archive via an /ubuntu base path13:13
cjwatsonIt just saves having to bother tracking down weird bugs13:14
shadeslayerheh :P13:14
cjwatsonOh, and I think some bits of software use it as a cue that this is a CD with a package pool on it13:14
shadeslayeroh .. that's interesting ..13:14
cjwatsonIt's one of those things that may or may not actually be needed any more, but it isn't a good use of time to remove it and see what breaks because it doesn't cause any problems13:15
shadeslayeris /install supposed to be generated by lb as well?13:15
cjwatson/install is basically entirely informational so who cares13:15
cjwatsonWell, there's mt86plus I guess13:16
cjwatsonOur debian-cd installation puts that in place13:16
shadeslayeralright, /boot as well I presume?13:16
cjwatsonlive-build does memtest a bit differently, see lb_binary_memtest13:16
shadeslayer( a bit confused as to why there's a grub config file there tbh )13:16
shadeslayerwill do13:16
shadeslayerwon't work :P13:16
shadeslayerafaik EFI only detects /efi/boot/13:17
cjwatsonwhy not?  (don't confuse Mac support with EFI in general)13:17
cjwatsonand this is only part of the EFI support, it's not all of it13:17
cjwatsonYou may note that there is an /efi/boot/ directory too13:17
shadeslayerI was under the assumption that all EFI implementations look for /efi/boot13:17
cjwatsonThey do13:17
cjwatsonBut the image we put there gets its configuration from /boot/grub/13:18
cjwatsonThis makes it easier to put configuration in place at the CD-build level without having to rebuild the EFI image13:18
shadeslayerah ok13:19
shadeslayerand what about /pics ?13:19
cjwatsonPlease grep the debian-cd source rather than asking about each one ...13:20
cjwatsonI don't want to explain every file on the image serially over IRC :)13:21
shadeslayeractually, that' was the last one, but sure ;)13:21
cjwatsonAnyway none of this relates to your boot failure13:21
shadeslayerI'm just curious as to what these are13:21
cjwatsonMay not even be used, I don't remember13:22
* shadeslayer will take a look13:25
shadeslayerdid you see my ping about the fedora live CD not booting?13:25
shadeslayerto be precise, it boots, but X doesn't start13:26
shadeslayernor can I get to a tty13:26
cjwatsonI don't care about that :-)13:26
cjwatsonI'm certainly not going to debug Fedora kernel/userspace13:26
cjwatsonI was only interested in the boot menu level13:27
shadeslayerhaha :D13:27
shadeslayerah yes, that does show up13:27
cjwatsonI'll need to sit and stare at hexdumps of partition tables and the like to figure out why my test image doesn't do the same13:27
shadeslayersounds like fun :P13:28
cjwatsonI expect it to be a big bag of no fun, but that's booting for you13:28
mptpitti, I mean adding secondary text to the normal "The application Text Editor has closed unexpectedly" alert, something like "If you send an error report, previous problems will be reported too."13:31
pittimpt: how do you show the details of the other reports then?13:31
pittishould they pop up after the current one?13:32
mptpitti, in the details pane, same as for the "Multiple applications have closed unexpectedly" one.13:32
pittiah, I haven't seen that design yet13:32
mptpitti, it was just an idea thrown into the bug report, I haven't sketched it or anything13:33
pittimpt: anyway, this doesn't sound SRUable to me -- it's a major UI change/addition13:34
evpitti: the expanded details UI for multiple applications closing is the same as before, only the multiple reports are separated by an hseparator in the treeview13:36
pittimpt: for precise, my gut feeling is that we should SRU a fix as you suggested in bug 1033932 without showing the old ones13:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1033932 in apport (Ubuntu) "Error alerts appear on login for problems in previous session" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103393213:36
mptpitti, suits me.13:36
shadeslayercjwatson: thanks once again :)13:43
cjwatsonstgraber: It just occurred to me that I promised at UDS to turn biosdevname on by default in the installer for 12.10, and haven't yet done so14:05
cjwatsonstgraber: So I think I'm going to make that change today, unless you scream ...14:05
slangasekDaviey: well, I was commenting on the general principle there but haven't read the code; not sure infinity saw my response so I guess it's up to him to comment now.  BTW, if you do sponsor it please note that mountall is now in sync in Debian, so unlike in the past the package now /should/ have a ubuntuX version number :)14:06
stgrabercjwatson: I'm not exactly sure that all the bits have been updated to deal with biosdevname, but I guess better do it now and have the rest of the cycle to fix these than have to do it at the last minute because of external pressure...14:06
Davieycjwatson: i'd be interested in feedback from pushing biosdevname on by default.14:07
cjwatsonExactly.  I know we've fixed a number of such bugs14:07
Davieyslangasek: hah, well.. maybe i should just leave it on infinity.14:08
slangasekfine by me :)14:08
smosercjwatson, i was looking at bug 1035279, and that lead me to https://code.launchpad.net/~utlemming/ubuntu/quantal/grub2/param-recordfail-timeout/+merge/10724314:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1035279 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "interactive access to instance lost after reboot followed by euca-reboot-instances" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103527914:20
smoseri'd like to call utlemmings change there a fix for bug 872244 and subsequently mark that bug as fix-released.14:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 872244 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub2 recordfail logic prevents headless system from rebooting after power outage" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87224414:20
smoserthe end goal is to get the GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT setting back to precise.14:20
smoserbut i can open a new bug if you'd like.14:21
cjwatsonsmoser: While I don't think I have time to handle the SRU, if you want to do the obvious backport of that patch then I'm totally fine with that14:21
smosercjwatson, i'm not asking you to do the SRU. we'll handle that. just that you'd be ok with it. and also with marking bug 872244 as "fix-released" based on that change.14:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 872244 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub2 recordfail logic prevents headless system from rebooting after power outage" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87224414:22
cjwatsonI mean, of the patch that I actually landed in quantal, which isn't quite the same as Ben's original14:22
cjwatsonWell, it's kind of a sucky fix because it requires configuration to DTRT, but there's no way to avoid *that* without conflicting with a design requirement14:22
cjwatsonSo it's probably the best you can do14:23
slangasekpitti: hi, welcome back :)14:23
smosercjwatson, great. thanks.14:24
cariboucjwatson: I'm working with smoser on this : I'll use the commit from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/quantal/grub2/quantal14:24
cariboucjwatson: I think this is the one you're talking about (as opposed to Ben's original)14:24
slangasekpitti: I've reopened bug #734376 that you closed a while ago, because this is still showing up in the crashdb - it seems additional filtering is needed to make this not be a nuisance for users.  could you offer a pointer on where to start looking?14:25
cjwatsoncaribou: Yes14:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734376 in jockey (Ubuntu) "jockey-gtk crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply in shutdown()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73437614:25
cariboucjwatson: ok, fine14:25
cjwatsoncaribou: It was just a bit simpler really - no point in adding a new patch to the stack for this14:25
smosercaribou, cjwatson ok. i'm not going to touch 872244 as bug 669481 was the bug that was actually already used. we'll just use that.14:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 669481 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Timeout should not be -1 if $recordfail" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66948114:36
smoser(i had missed that it was there)14:36
silverarrowhow are 12.10 comming along?14:37
pittislangasek: hello; thanks!14:44
pittislangasek: ah, that'd be an apport bug then; adjusting14:45
SpamapSsilverarrow: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/ ... looks like we're a bit behind schedule. But that always happens right before freezes (big pushes for big features will land rapidly)14:47
pittislangasek: followed up14:47
silverarrowI see14:47
silverarrowI was wondering about installing the test version for ppc14:47
evpitti, mpt: hi14:51
evso the discussion is whether or not we should implement the multiple error reports in a single dialog: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker#When_there_are_multiple_simultaneous_errors14:52
evpitti: apologies for paraphrasing, and please do correct. Martin mentioned that he believes that two crashes happening in close proximity is rare when you factor out crashes at logout. He also suggested that the design offers no way to selectively report problems14:53
evthat is, to find a report you don't want to send and remove it from the list of ones that you do14:53
mptpitti, so the motivation is to bring sanity to situations like <http://imgur.com/zR6II>. But I have no data on how often that happens.14:54
pitti(sorry for lagging; talking to multiple people and having a G+ meeting in 5 mins)14:55
evI think that two crashes happening in close proximity is something we should optimize against no matter what the frequency, as always having one dialog increases our chances of "yes" responses.14:55
evThe frequency of the dialogs was something raised by seb128. I don't know how much of an effect factoring out logout crashes will have, but I'd like to do everything we can to bring it down to a single dialog.14:55
evAnd indeed, if we do this then we don't have to discard heuristically determined logout crashes14:55
pittiI don't think we need to optimize for "two apps crash at the same time"14:57
pittithat seems like a small corner case to me, and really not worth making the UI a lot harder to use IMHO14:57
pittiit's just about the initial batch of "these programs crashed during logout of your previous session"14:58
mptpitti, what do you mean by "making the UI a lot harder to use", specifically?14:58
pittiwhich is already covered by bug 103393214:58
mptJust choosing which reports to send and which not to?14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1033932 in apport (Ubuntu) "Error alerts appear on login for problems in previous session" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103393214:58
pittii. e. not show them at all14:58
ev(alpols, ellen shut down her laptop while upgrading - tending to that quickly)14:59
pittimpt: the details for one crash are already long enough as they are; adding several of them together makes it very hard to find the start of the next one, as well as selecting which ones you want to send14:59
pittiit's like thinking about 3 unrelated things at the same time14:59
ogra_humans can handle up to seven, dont they ?15:01
jdstrand@pilot in15:01
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Quantal Quetzal development | Archive: Open (DIF) | Dev' of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> precise | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: jdstrand, Daviey
mptpitti, we could make it a proper tree with collapsed-by-default child items each with their own checkbox15:02
mptThat's independent from whether the multiple-apps alert is worth doing, because that would still be useful for the multiple-system-errors alert15:02
slangasekpitti: thanks much :)15:02
pittimpt: reports from different users (system vs. user) would still appear separately15:03
mptpitti, yep.15:04
pittiso, it seems to me that it is a rather large code and UI complication/change for little benefit, but if ev wants to work on it, I won't stop him of course :)15:04
pittiit's changing all three GUIs for that, too, as well as many of the test cases15:05
mptAll three?15:05
seb128bah, NBS is empty again15:08
* seb128 removes cache15:08
pittimpt: well, if we change the whole logic of the UI, we don't want to break the KDE and CLI one15:08
mptoh, right15:09
cjwatsonAll three UIs, not all three GUIs :-)15:09
ev(still working, but we don't have to modify the KDE or CLI UI)15:09
seb128hum, no cache to remove15:09
pittiev: no changes to apport/ui.py ?15:10
seb128cjwatson, did you beat me at trying to fix the NBS report? ;-)15:10
evpitti: we still need the existing one crash UI, which then gets upgraded to multiple reports15:10
evso the KDE and CLI UIs just don't get upgraded15:10
evupgraded> the one crash UI changes to the multiple crash UI when multiple reports come in15:11
cjwatsonseb128: Yeah, just15:12
seb128cjwatson, ok, thanks15:12
cjwatsonBut you beat me to saying so15:12
cjwatsonSo I figured it didn't matter :-)15:12
seb128as long as it's fixed I'm happy :-)15:12
Laneyyou should cron that rm ;-)15:13
seb128is there any way to turn off launchpadlib caching for a script?15:14
cjwatsonYou can nominate a different cache, but the problem is that there are multiple scripts involved here and it gets cumbersome15:14
cjwatsonI deliberately haven't bothered because the right fix is to get this lazr.restfulclient fix in15:14
cjwatsonI did it for sru-report because there was only one script there so it was easy15:15
mptbdmurray, cjwatson, hi, any progress on the grub configuration data?15:15
* xnox cause cmake is not build on i386 yet, packages that build deps on cmake ftbfs.... *argh*15:18
evsomeday we'll make suspending your laptop during upgrade not eat your installation15:21
ev(I'm not counting break=top; …; sudo chroot /root dpkg --configure -a as a viable solution)15:23
slangasekev: er, what do you mean by "suspend"?15:23
slangasekbecause suspending shouldn't require anything of the sort to recover15:23
tedgslangasek, Hey, so I'm looking at pamtester, but it's seemingly not in Debian.  Is that possible?  (I mean, OSS code that isn't in Debian)  http://pamtester.sourceforge.net/15:24
slangasektedg: sure, that happens from time to time :)15:25
evslangasek: sorry, powering off15:25
tedgslangasek, It's old, but it seems to work.  I unsuccessfully tried to get the pam-krb5 test suite out of it's tree.15:25
evslangasek: ellen unplugged her 11.10 laptop from a projector, which hit some bug that leaves the laptop screen blank15:25
evher only recourse in that situation is to hold down the power button15:26
evbut she was upgrading in the background15:26
ev(ellen arnold, this is)15:26
tedgev, So you're saying we should disable upgrading while presenting on a projector?  ;-)15:26
slangasekev: and is there a reason that the recovery mode boot option didn't work?15:26
evslangasek: well for one it's not something she was able to find on her own, and indeed it did not15:27
evthe boot process just hung part way through15:27
evtedg, slangasek: I'm saying we should stick dpkg --configure -a in early boot15:27
slangasekbecause those boot menu options aren't supposed to be updated until we actually have viable initramfs15:27
slangaseker, yuck15:27
evand if that's too slow, find a way to detect that dpkg's brain is mush15:28
evbut we shouldn't be solving this with choose your own misadventure dialogs15:28
slangasekif boot hung partway through, dpkg's brain being mush is probably not the root problem15:28
tedgev, Eh, I think the real solution is to get btrfs in good enough shape we can use that, and then apt-snapshot with fallback.15:28
evslangasek: seems to be the case here15:28
evtedg: btrfs is built on unicorns and rainbows15:28
evit's just not gonna happen15:28
tedgev, Both of which make it better.15:28
xnoxtedg: it also gives ponies =)15:28
* tedg likes ponies too15:29
infinityDaviey: I was hoping for the drive-by patch submitter to justify the (in)consistency of his patch logic, but that never happened.  I'll have a look at it all and sponsor something that feels sane to me later.15:31
infinityDaviey: Well, "sponsor"... It'll not be the submitter's patch.15:31
slangasekinfinity: did you see my response?15:31
slangasekexplaining why we want different behavior for a trailing slash vs. only-a-slash?15:32
infinityslangasek: I did, yeah.  Though, that's an odd definition of the word "normalise". ;)15:33
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
Davieyinfinity: well, it's in someones hands.. which is good enough for me :)15:37
slangasekinfinity: it's a perfectly usual normalization of paths15:39
infinityslangasek: The second bit, perhaps, the first bit of the conditional is still a bit weird ("/" -> "")15:43
cjwatsonmpt: no, sorry, too many plates ...15:48
cjwatsonev: I would go further than slangasek and say that if recovery mode doesn't work it's highly debatable whether running dpkg --configure -a is even safe15:49
cjwatsonev: For example necessary filesystems might not be mounted15:49
cjwatsonshadeslayer: FWIW I'm working on the live-build merge now15:51
shadeslayerI could upload my merge somewhere if you want15:52
cjwatsonNo thanks15:52
shadeslayerright, thought so :P15:52
cjwatsonI'm too far along, it'd be confusing now :)15:52
cjwatsonwhere merge => "reapply all patches one by one from scratch, and redesign the interface with livecd-rootfs along the way since live-build upstream doesn't believe in stable interfaces"15:52
shadeslayeryeah, you probably have a better idea of what you're doing15:52
shadeslayercjwatson: fwiw livecd-rootfs will have to be changed as well15:52
shadeslayerthey changed foo.list to list.foo15:52
shadeslayer( for 3rd party archives and the likes )15:53
cjwatsonYeah, I think that's what I said :)15:53
cjwatsonThere's a bunch of interface changes15:53
shadeslayerhah, yes, a bit distracted by some other things atm15:53
shadeslayercjwatson: any chance the merge will also fix the boot issues?15:54
cjwatsonI have no idea15:54
mpttedg, ev, xnox: Since you asked. http://i.imgur.com/IaxrL.png16:01
tedgmpt, Beautiful, and functions!16:01
xnoxmpt: it even has kitty! =)16:02
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
evmpt: that's so becoming my wallpaper16:17
ogra_telly me if you print t-shirts too ... i'll take one16:18
silverarrowhow do you go about retieving a log on what goes wrong with mplayer and gecko on ppc?16:18
silverarrowI have been at this for days now16:18
silverarrowgetting now where16:18
silverarrowany thoughts or ideas?16:19
ogra_silverarrow, ~/.xsession-errors16:20
silverarrowso far I have started firefox from terminal, and get some info there16:20
silverarrowoh, from terminal just like that?16:20
silverarrowor file manager?16:20
ogra_however you like, that file usually logs apps that run in your x sessiom16:21
silverarrowpermisson denied?16:21
mitya57silverarrow: less ~/.xsession-errors16:24
mitya57silverarrow: it's a text file, not a script :)16:24
silverarrowI don`t understand less?16:31
xnoxsilverarrow: it's a text file you can open it in gedit, kate, openoffice, nano...16:34
evbryceh, or anyone that knows X: around?16:37
brycehev, yeah16:38
evI've got a weird one. The xorg log just says "xinit: connection to X server lost" no further details16:38
evno EE lines or anything16:38
evit's Intel16:38
evnot sure where to even begin to remedy this16:38
brycehev, reproducible?16:39
evsetting the driver to fbdev by copying the failsafe config to xorg.conf doesn't help16:39
evbryceh: very16:39
evit's an upgrade from 11.10 to 12.0416:39
brycehanything in dmesg?16:39
brycehalso check lightdm logs16:39
evnothing in dmesg...16:40
evand just ddxSigGiveUp in x-0.log16:41
brycehev, hmm that just means normal exit16:42
evyeah it does say it exited 0 there16:42
evhm, so xinit works16:42
evwhat on earth is going on here16:42
brycehev, from what you've described it *sounds* like X is working normally16:43
brycehjust that it's being terminated early16:43
evso now if I run start X and switch back to the VT16:43
silverarrowxnox: sorry for being this slow, but from where in file manager do I open the text file?16:43
evI get "No protocol specified" over and over again16:44
xnoxsilverarrow: support is in #ubuntu channel. They can help you. The is channel for developers, developing ubuntu.16:44
brycehanything in your .xsession-errors?16:45
silverarrowno they can`t16:45
evbryceh: settings schema 'org.gnome.desktop.interface' is not installed16:46
silverarrowxnox, if they could I would not have been sent here16:46
silverarrowbut if you don`t have time, I shall have to come back another time16:47
silverarrowit`s all right though,16:47
brycehev, tried booting into a different window manager, like gnome fallback?16:47
evbryceh: nothing else in there other than noise from me doing startx16:47
evbryceh: mm, how would I drive that?16:47
brycehev, actually, let me ask - are you seeing the login screen at all,or is it failing prior to that?16:49
xnoxsilverarrow: can you please open terminal, type "ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg" without quotes, press enter.16:49
brycehev, if you can see the login screen, then install gnome-session-fallback and then select it from the login screen16:50
xnoxsilverarrow: this should collect information and upload it to launchpad and create a bug16:50
xnoxsilverarrow: describe what's wrong, and post the bug number here.16:50
evbryceh: no login screen at all16:52
brycehev, right, well then it's not the window manager.16:54
brycehev, a mystery with no clues!16:54
brycehev, any chance something errored during the upgrade?16:55
brycehe.g. any incorrect versions installed?  leftover ppas or the like?16:55
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
brycehxnox, btw when directing people to file bugs against X, unless you know for certain the issue is the xserver you should have them file "ubuntu-bug xorg".  It'll get reviewed and re-filed from there.17:05
brycehxnox, however silverarrow's issue is unlikely to be an X bug.17:06
brycehbut hard to say with ppc17:06
xnoxbryceh: thanks. noted. I was searching which package to use and it was the best "generic" yet with apport-hooks package I managed to come up with.17:09
evbryceh: yes, sorry for not giving you sufficient background17:11
evso this whole thing started when ellen had to press the power button part way through an upgrade17:11
barrybryceh: while you're thinking about xorg problems ;)  can you take a quick look at bug 1039097 ?17:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039097 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "super tiny font and incorrect background" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103909717:12
evapparently there was a bug in 11.10 where if you were connected to a projector and disconnected, you lost the screen on the laptop17:12
evso her only recourse was to hold the power button down17:12
evso maybe something is corrupt?17:12
brycehxnox, and actually I'm not sure any of the apport hooks will attach the xsession-errors file since that one can contain some private info.17:13
brycehev, aha17:13
brycehev, yeah power cycling in the midst of an upgrade can leave your system in an inconsistent state17:13
evbryceh: indeed, I had to rescue it with a usb disk17:14
evand a few dpkg --configure -a's17:14
brycehev, and not likely worth your time to troubleshoot the bug...  if I were you I'd just backup everything and do a fresh install at this point, but I'm no apt guru...17:14
evbryceh: yeah, indeed17:14
evbryceh: thanks!17:14
brycehev, fwiw from what you described it *sounds* like X is working, my guess is it's something slightly higher or lower in the stack that's breaking and making X terminate early.17:15
brycehev, but could also be something silly like the wrong DDX driver version installed, causing an ABI break or something.17:15
cjwatsonshadeslayer: Into the tedious bit - doing comparison testing to make sure all the differences in output between old and new live-build+livecd-rootfs are reasonable17:16
shadeslayeryay :)17:16
evbryceh: okay17:16
stgraberI'm being less and less convinced that letting users use their system during a dist-upgrade is a good idea... I guess shutting down everything and using plymouth as a frontend to the upgrader would give us much more reliable upgrades17:16
brycehbarry, sure, although I have a meeting with intel in a bit so only have a few minutes to look17:16
stgraberespecially in the LTS-to-LTS upgrade cases17:16
barrybryceh: np, and thanks.17:16
evcjwatson: fair point (Sorry for the late reply)17:17
brycehbarry, yeah could be from the X transition.  Small fonts issues often are DPI issues17:18
brycehbarry, there's a GUI dialog where you can manually fiddle with the DPI17:18
barrybryceh: assuming i can get logged in ;)17:18
brycehbarry, you might also ask tjaalton if there are known issues with vmware with the new stack.  I'm not aware of any, but it's possible a driver needs updated or something17:20
barrybryceh: cool, thanks. i'll do that, though i want to get some lunch first17:20
brycehbarry, also I'd suggest refiling the bug against xorg; it's unlikely to be lightdm's fault here, plus filing against xorg would gather a lot more logs.17:20
brycehif you can ssh into the system while it's in this state and file the bug from the command line, that'd give the maximal info17:21
brycehbarry, anyway, gotta run ttyl.17:21
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silverarrowI have filed a bug on this really17:38
silverarrowxnox: , but as an issue with the gnome mplayer gecko media player setup, problem being with play in browser17:39
silverarrowI think it is something up with gecko17:40
silverarrowregardless of the error messages, gnome mplayer seems to work on its own17:41
silverarroweven the test page17:41
ogra_dpkg-source: info: using source format `3.0 (quilt)'17:43
ogra_dpkg-source: error: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address17:43
ogra_when was that changed to an error ?17:43
ogra_(and is there any doc about how to override it... sponsoring uploads for linaro people gets hard through it )17:44
slangasekinfinity: ("/" -> "") -- that's the exact opposite of what's intended, I think?17:45
silverarrowthe issu is common for all powerpc17:47
infinityslangasek: If you read the patch, it leaves :/ alone, but turns / into an empty string.  I'm not sure what the point of that bit is.  I can concede that the other conditional (that strips slashes from long paths) makes some sense.17:47
silverarrowI think it might be related to the problem with flash video replacer in firefox, it does not work with browser embedded play, only as stand alone17:48
slangasekinfinity: ah, ok - then I'm sure the latter is a bug17:52
barrybryceh: thanks.  i've filed bug 1039157 with updates to the problem18:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039157 in xorg (Ubuntu) "X problems in Fusion guest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103915718:17
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Logan_barry: see my reply19:01
barryLogan_: thanks, will paste output...19:02
=== fisted is now known as Guest46547
Logan_barry: if you get LLVMpipe, then it's a dupe of that bug19:03
Logan_I'm experiencing the same thing in VBox19:03
barryLogan_: i get no output19:04
barryLogan_: iow, the grep doesn't match19:04
slangasektjaalton: ah, I see you've fixed the libglsl issue now, great :)  does the Ubuntu mesa branch build now?19:36
argesmicahg, hello. I noticed that https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bug/1035365 shows you've uploaded this package to source NEW? Is there a link that tracks where this package is?  thanks!19:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1035365 in lucid-backports "Please backport libhugetlbfs 2.11-0ubuntu1 (universe) from natty" [Undecided,Fix committed]19:59
Laneyarges: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+queue20:01
micahgarges: ah, sorry, I meant to sit down with an AA about that20:01
argesLaney, thanks, bookmarked that20:01
argesmicahg, no problem20:01
Laneymicahg: sit down about what?20:02
micahgLaney: what review needs to be done for source NEW and binary NEW in backports20:02
tjaaltonslangasek: no there are still some missing bits due to the automake'ification, but getting closer20:06
tjaaltonpatched osmesa to build, now need to fix the dh_install phase. also, libgallium.so patch needs to be reworked, but hoping RAOF has time to have a look20:07
cjwatsonogra_: hoary or breezy or so, but only if your DEBEMAIL is @ubuntu.com or @canonical.com20:11
Laneyjust ubuntu.com20:13
cjwatsonogra_: actually a bit more recently than I thought.  dpkg 1.13.24ubuntu4 in feisty.20:16
cjwatsonstill fairly ancient history by now :-)20:17
jdstrand@pilot out20:32
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Quantal Quetzal development | Archive: Open (DIF) | Dev' of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> precise | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: Daviey
barrykenvandine: com.Gwibber.Messages has a Message() method that takes two strings, but no-ops.  is this used anywhere and can I remove it?  i'm inclined to keep it for backward compatibility (i.e. it's part of the dbus service api), but it looks like it's not used, or at least useless ;)20:33
kenvandinebarry, i think that might be used to emit a signal20:34
kenvandinefor new a new message20:35
barrykenvandine: it's entire body is 'pass' ;)20:35
kenvandineok, might not be used then :)20:35
barrykenvandine: i can keep it with a big XXX and then some day remove it in a cleaning pass20:36
kenvandineyes please20:36
barrycool, thanks20:38
brycehbarry, mind attaching your glxinfo to bug 1039157 ?20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039157 in xorg (Ubuntu) "X problems in Fusion guest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103915720:48
barrybryceh: sure thing20:48
barrybryceh: oh awesome, compiz crashed20:49
brycehbarry, of course :-)20:49
brycehbarry, actually I see in the UnitySupportTest.txt attachment that yes you are on llvmpipe20:49
barrybryceh: that's interesting.  why would that be if i (supposedly) have 3d enabled?20:50
brycehso Logan might be right that it's llvmpipe troubles20:50
brycehbarry, well llvmpipe gives you 3D, but it's software accelerated rather than hardware20:50
brycehbarry, looks like unity_support_test is failing20:51
barrybryceh: interesting.  maybe fusion doesn't present the necessary info to trick x into thinking it's got h/w suport20:51
brycehor perhaps like I mentioned earlier, something needs updated in order to work with xserver 1.13.  that's not uncommon20:52
slangasekbarry: what 3d interface does fusion actually provide?20:53
brycehbarry, as a workaround have you tried running gnome-session-fallback (no effects)?  if the above is correct then at least that should work problem free20:53
barryslangasek: good question.  i don't know how to answer that.  all i know is that the fusion settings have a switch for "Accelerate 3D Graphics" which i turn on.20:54
* slangasek nods20:54
barrybryceh: i could try that, if i can get back to a usable login screen ;)20:54
slangasekbarry: so the X server running inside fusion needs to know how to access the 3d accelerated interface20:55
barrybryceh: bug 1039223 is the compiz crash20:55
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1039223 could not be found20:55
slangasekCtrl+Alt+F1 + login + killall gnome-session? :)20:55
barrybryceh: glxinfo attached to bug 103915720:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039157 in xorg (Ubuntu) "X problems in Fusion guest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103915720:56
barryslangasek: let's see if i can make that work ;)20:56
slangasek VMware SVGA II Adapter [15ad:0405] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])20:58
slangasek   Subsystem: VMware SVGA II Adapter [15ad:0405]20:58
slangaseker, heh; that doesn't look promising20:58
barryslangasek: interesting.  killing the gnome session reverts back to the tiny fonts20:58
seb128bryceh, I don't think  the unity_support_test is having any impact in quantal20:58
seb128bryceh, the 2d session got dropped so there is no fallbacking, it just starts 3d and let it render through gl or llvmpipe20:59
slangasekbarry: so unless it's mocking up one of the video card families that X knows how to do hw 3d on, which does not appear to be the case here, I think you're stuck with sw rendering inside the VM20:59
barryslangasek: sadly, i've been unable to reinstall vmware-tools.  it can't find the right kernel headers to recompile the tools (and understandably, the existing tools don't support the 12.10 kernels yet)21:00
slangasekbarry: where the set of supported families is AIUI those listed in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/21:00
slangasek(or $insert_your_arch_here)21:00
slangasekoh hmm, what's /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/vmwgfx_dri.so?21:00
slangaseklooks suspiciously like vmware in the name21:00
slangasekso maybe vmware-tools is the problem21:01
barryslangasek: tbh, i've never installed vmware-tools and it's always Just Worked21:01
barryslangasek: yep, i have vmwgfx_dri.so from the libgl1-mesa-dri package21:03
slangasekyeah, and I've confirmed (from source) that .so is for VMWare21:03
barryslangasek: yes, and i think 12.04 was the first version where 3d on linux actually worked21:03
slangaseknow I've told you all I know, and will stop interfering with the debugging by the X experts :)21:03
brycehseb128, I know unity2d got dropped; is gnome-session-fallback (i.e. gnome 2d) gone as well?21:04
barrybryceh: if there's llvm bugs, and if the 3d acceleration isn't being used for some reason, then the corruption and compiz crashes make some sense i suppose21:04
brycehbarry, I've updated the bug report, I think there's multiple different problems being exposed here.  But the root is the missing drm driver like slangasek pointed out21:05
seb128bryceh, that's not installed by default and unity session will not do autofallbacking for you21:05
seb128bryceh, the fallback for unity3d is unity3d through llvmpipe21:05
seb128so I don't think the helper is even used anymore21:06
seb128unity3d is started when selected and then it's xorg's job to figure how to render it21:06
brycehseb128, ah maybe you misunderstood... I was suggesting trying 2D as diagnosing and isolating if it's just the 3D driver that's broken.21:08
brycehbarry, apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-modesetting ?21:10
barrybryceh: k, sec. rebooting the guest...21:10
tjaaltonbarry: I think you need the kernel part for the dri driver to work21:10
barryapt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-modesetting21:11
barry  Installed: (none)21:11
barry  Candidate: 0.4.0-0ubuntu121:11
barry  Version table:21:11
barry     0.4.0-0ubuntu1 021:11
tjaalton-modesetting is not yet pulled in by default, though it wouldn't help here21:11
barry        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ quantal/universe amd64 Packages21:11
barry 21:11
barrytjaalton: what needs to be installed?21:12
tjaaltonbarry: you said it yourself. vmware-tools, which won't build against the quantal kernel?21:12
tjaaltonthe joys of vbox/vmware during devel series ;)21:13
brycehtjaalton, heya21:13
tjaaltonbryceh: hi21:13
brycehtjaalton, so... known issue?  or just unsurprising?21:13
barrytjaalton: ah.  yep, i can't get it to build.  i'll contact vmware, but i suspect they're either on top of it, or won't have anything any time soon21:13
tjaaltonbryceh: looks solved to me :)21:14
barrytjaalton: yeah, i really should have kept my snapshot before the last update (as i usually do), but i thought i'd weathered the xorg shuffle already ;)21:14
tjaaltonbarry: one of their devs is on #ubuntu-x21:14
barrytjaalton: but, i think the llvm problem causing the corruption is still an issue right?21:14
barrytjaalton: cool, i'll hop on there21:14
brycehbarry, yeah and could be #102110421:15
tjaaltonbryceh: yes it is21:16
barrytjaalton: that does look like it could be the problem21:17
tjaaltonits _a_ problem :)21:17
barrytjaalton: well, *my* problem :)  subscribed now!21:17
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tjaaltonbut if vmware-tools would build then you'd not see this one21:18
barrytjaalton: right, because then i'd be using 3d and not llvmpipe21:19
seb128is anyone still having a natty or oneiric install to help testing the fix for bug #103530521:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1035305 in firefox (Ubuntu Precise) "Crash when switching apps back to Firefox (may be Firebug related)" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103530521:50
YokoZarHmm, it seems like the i386 buildd for PPAs is over a day behind the amd64 one...22:12
micahgYokoZar: arch: all vs arch:any22:13
micahgand we're still missing ~20 or so builders22:13
YokoZarmicahg: Ahh reasonable.  Still, my buddy uploaded directly to wine ppa rather than copying from a staging PPA so now wine is uninstallable for like 2 days.22:13
YokoZar(really wanting a feature that prevents publishing until all arch builds are complete...hell we might want that in Ubuntu proper)22:14
stgraberYokoZar: url?22:15
cjwatsonYou can do that by using a staging PPA.22:15
cjwatsonAnd copy in when it's complete.22:15
cjwatson(Probably scriptable, even.)22:15
YokoZarcjwatson: right, but you have to manually copy it when it's done.  Which is some random amount of time in the future that can range from 3 to 30+ hours22:16
cjwatsonLike I say, it's almost certainly scriptable.  It's certainly exposed over the API.22:16
YokoZar(according to launchpad the source package was uploaded 2 days ago)22:16
micahgcjwatson: any hope of switching squashfs to use xz compression?22:16
cjwatsonmicahg: No.22:16
cjwatsonmicahg: Kills rsyncability.22:16
micahgcjwatson: so, for live ISOs my only options are to gut packages?22:17
micahgwow...bad english22:17
cjwatsonmicahg: The live image size is officially due to be raised for 12.10, I believe.  cdimage just hasn't caught up.22:17
YokoZarcjwatson: scriptable maybe...though I will need a script to run for the 30 hours then.22:17
micahgcjwatson: that's great for Ubuntu, but not Xubuntu which wants to keep a 700MB ISO22:18
micahgcjwatson: is squashfs compression format configuarable on a per ISO basis?22:18
cjwatsonDunno.  Maybe.22:19
cjwatsonYou have no testers with limited bandwidth, then?22:19
micahgidk, if it's an option, I'll ask22:20
cjwatsonBecause it really does kick the hell out of poor connections.22:20
micahgor rather that was my thinking :)22:20
cjwatsonI'd suggest seeing if any fat has crept into the package list first.  There's usually something.22:20
micahgyeah, I've been digging through it, most of it came from python3 and some fonts apparently, I think I can probably kill the fonts, but I'm stuck with python 322:22
bmhatfieldHi there, I got redirected here from #debian, because I am in territory where I'm not sure where to turn next. Specifically, I am having trouble with dh_python2 adding a dependency on python 2.7.1, even when I specify XS-Python-Version. I can't figure out how to make it stop, because I need my package to work on python 2.6 and 2.722:34
bmhatfieldIs there a better place to ask for help than here?22:34
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jtaylordh_python2 uses X-Python-Version22:44
jtaylorbmhatfield: ^22:45
jtaylorand you need to build depend on python-all where python-all also includes 2.622:45
jtaylorso oneiric or older22:45
bmhatfieldjtaylor: I'm having a mental block reading your sentence there; were you saying that in order for it all to work right, I need to run my build on oneric?22:58
infinitybmhatfield: We haven't shipped python2.6 since oneiric.  The way the python-all/dh_python2 magic works is by pulling in all the available/blessed versions and then doing what amounts to The Right Thing for each.22:59
infinitybmhatfield: So, if your goal is to have a package that works with 2.6, it kinda needs to build on a release that has 2.623:00
bmhatfieldinfinity:  That makes sense. I had hoped that I could work around it with a flag or something, since my syntax is 2.6+ compatible23:02
=== Sweetsha1k is now known as Sweetshark
infinitybmhatfield: Well, the only reason people generally want to be able to depend on older packages is to be able to run on older releases.  If you were compiling, say, a C program linking to libc, and wanted lucid's libc6 as your lowest-common-denominator, you'd build on lucid.  This is no different, really.23:07
infinitybmhatfield: So, if the goal is to run on old releases, build on old releases, basically.23:07
bmhatfieldinfinity:  Thank you for the info. I appreciate it.23:14
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