philballewDo we have a meeting tonight?02:03
philballewIf no one's around to paste the agenda, I'll do it.02:05
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philballewit says something about Team T-shirt artwork contest02:07
philballewwho put that?02:07
philballewguess noone is as into this meeting as me.02:14
akkI'm here, but I didn't put the t-shirt contest thing there.02:15
akkToo bad its owner isn't here, sounded interesting.02:16
philballewit does. I would throw in my idea to the contest akk02:16
akkAny idea when we need the t-shirts, how long we'd have for the contest?02:16
philballewNot sure. Though we could plan for scale when many people will be there.02:17
philballewif we knew who posted it02:18
akkMakes sense.02:19
philballewLets say the meeting is over probably. They can move their tshirt idea t next time or something?02:20
akkSounds good! If anybody shows up later and wants to discuss it, we can still do that informally.02:21
philballewfor sure. I might go off the comp sooner or later. Got to read a book for my science fiction lit class.02:22
philballewThis week is "Dune" and apparently its really big.02:22
akkIt is long. (But good.)02:23
akkHow soon do you have to have it finished?02:23
philballewI have 2 weeks02:24
akkThat's good, glad it's not by this week or anything. :)02:24
philballewThats good to know that it is at least interesting.02:24
philballewSome books for college take the fun out of reading02:24
akkI liked it a lot. (Didn't much like any of the sequels, though.)02:24
philballewI hear they are different then the main one02:24
akkI thought so, anyway. I guess some people like them.02:25
philballewto each their own02:25
akkI would think an SF class would mostly have pretty good reading. What else are you reading for it?02:25
philballewI just read Foundation and am then before that I read 1984 and the Martian Chronicles. I believe next I am reading Do androids dream of electric sheep.02:29
philballewever herd of those akk?02:29
akkI loved Foundation when I was a teenager. Been meaning to go back and re-read and see if I still liked it.02:29
akkDidn't like 1984 much (I think there are 1984 people and Brave New World people, I'm the latter)02:30
akkor Martian Chronicles (it was okay, but I was just in a convo about this with somebody --02:30
philballewI hear there is a foundation movie coming out in the next few years02:30
akkBradbury fans are either Martian Chronicles people or Something Wicked This Way Comes people, I'm definitely the latter).02:30
philballewoh, and I am reading enders game02:30
akkDo Androids was weird, being familiar with Blade Runner -- because it's so different.02:31
akkPretend you've never seen Blade Runner and you'll be all right.02:31
akkEnders Game was another where I liked the orig but not the sequels.02:31
philballewDont think "Why is Indiana Jones doing that"02:31
akkReally none of the characters are as interesting as the ones in the movie (IIRC, been a while).02:32
akkBut the book gets into a lot more detail about the society, like why are they asking all those animal questions.02:32
akkSo in a way it makes more sense.02:32
philballewbooks have hours to explain things where movies have minutes02:33
philballewi guess thats all it boils down to02:33
akkYep, it's tough to cram a really detailed world into a 2-hour movie.02:34
akkProbably why Dune the book is way better than any of the movies.02:34
philballewwould make sense. I think tonight I will enjoy it, if I have the patience02:35
akkThose should all be fun books to talk about -- lots of meaty things to discuss.02:35
philballewFor sure. I know I am going to enjoy it more and more as time goes on.02:36
akkSounds like a great class.02:36
philballewWell, time to suspend the laptop and read!02:36
philballewThank you02:37
pleia2yay, thanks phil!02:46
pleia2I've been doing major trip prep tonight and about 10000 things that need to be done at home, before I go - just realized how late it was :(02:46
akkWhen are you leaving?02:46
akkWoo, getting close!02:47
akkAre you flying straight to Ghana? How long a trip is that?02:48
pleia2flying to frankfurt, then on to ghana02:48
* pleia2 tries to figure out just how long these flights are02:50
pleia210 hr, 45 minutes for the first bit, then 6hr 45 minutes for the frankfurt to ghana02:51
pleia23.5 hr layover02:51
akkThat's a long day.02:51
pleia2yeah, so I fly out at 2:55PM on wednesday, land in Ghana at 6:55PM on Thursday02:52
pleia2I can sort of sleep on planes :)02:52
akkThat's good!02:53
pleia2oh, and grantbow added the t-shirt item to the meeting, not sure where he's gone off to this evening02:54
pleia2hopefully he'll add it again to a meeting he can attend, I'm not sure what he had in  mind :)02:55
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