snap-lEvening, everyone00:59
waldo323good evening01:00
snap-lWho all is here for the meeting?01:00
* waldo323 is01:00
snap-lAnyone else?01:01
waldo323maybe they went to get something to drink for the meeting?01:01
snap-lUh huh01:02
snap-lWell, let's get started.01:03
snap-lIf you happen to wake up in the middle, feel free to make your presence known01:03
snap-lForgot to put together an agenda, so we'll just wing it01:04
snap-l1) OLF01:04
snap-lThank you to everyone who helped out with the OLF booth01:04
waldo323namely raig01:04
snap-lIt was pretty awesome to have some folks from the Comic Convention drop on by either to get CDs, or to just ask questions01:05
snap-las well as other folks who didn't know about the various locos.01:05
snap-lwaldo323: You helped out as well01:05
snap-ldon't be shy. :)01:05
snap-lWe gave out a lot of discs, and I think people were genuinely happy to talk and learn more about Ubuntu01:06
waldo323and there was good interaction between the locos from what I observed01:06
snap-lYeah, it was pretty nice01:07
snap-lAnd the new Distro Watch video podcast interviewed me about the booth01:07
snap-lHopefully I didn't come off like an ass. :)01:07
waldo323is there a link for it yet?01:08
snap-lNoy yet.01:08
snap-lAnywhol, really appreciate those who supported the effort.01:08
snap-lI know the number of Michgan folks down at OLF this time around could be counted on two hands, but it was nice to get some involvement.01:09
snap-l(And by counted on two hands, I mean without using bindary.)01:09
snap-lbinary, either01:09
snap-lSo, Any questions about OLF?01:10
snap-lOK, moving on01:10
snap-l12.10 release party planning01:10
snap-lApparently there's a new Ubuntu release coming out01:10
snap-lWho knew?01:11
snap-lAnd, as is customary, it's time to plan out a release party.01:11
snap-lIN previous iterations, we've had them at the Liberty Street Brewery01:12
waldo323how well does that work for everyone?01:12
snap-lI'm OK with it, but usually smoser sets it up.01:13
snap-lWe tend to get an interesting crowd over there.01:13
snap-lOther thought I had was trying for the Royal Oak Brewery.01:13
snap-lOnly problem is parking01:14
snap-lIf someone would like to take the ball and plan this out, that would be awesome.01:15
snap-lSat 20th October or 21st Sunday.01:16
waldo323i would prefer saturday but may not be able to make it even then :-\01:17
snap-lwell, I can also post this to the list to see if someone would be interested in spearheading it.01:17
snap-lFrankly, I don't have it in me to plan this at the moment.01:18
waldo323sending it to the list sounds like a good idea01:18
snap-lOK I'll post i to the list to ask if someone will spearhead this.01:20
snap-lAny questions?01:20
snap-lNot sure if the west side is planning something, or what.01:20
waldo323i am guessing you or someone else has access to add it to the list of parties once we know we are having one?01:21
snap-lYeah, definitely.01:21
snap-lSo, anything else for the meeting?01:23
waldo323penguicon had a productive meeting today01:23
snap-lOh yeah?01:24
waldo323and will be looking for interested speakers and sponsors soon01:24
snap-lLooked like they had two meetings, from the list notes. :)01:24
waldo323i think the board meeting was a bit ago and got the notes out today01:25
waldo323the planning meeting was held today and we got the minutes out today as well01:25
waldo323unless our meeting notes went out twice :)01:25
snap-lSO what's with this themed day shit? :)01:26
waldo323we have a tentative dates of April 19- 21 2013 in Dearborn01:26
waldo323haha I am not quite sure but can let you know when I do have a clue01:28
waldo323we are hoping to have more tech this year so please let me know if you have topic ideas, people you'd like to see if possible, perhaps types of events like a release party, workshops, key signing events, bug jams, problem solving sessions etc01:30
snap-lyeah, I think we need to partner closer with Penguicon01:30
waldo323i would like to find some college level professors with interesting research to come to present01:31
snap-lAhem: Oakland UNiversity, David Garfinkle. :)01:32
waldo323so added01:33
waldo323do you already have contacts with him?01:33
waldo323what could the loco do or be a part of at penguicon that we would like to do or be a part of01:36
waldo323for this coming release party what does it take to put it together?01:40
snap-lfor release partiez, it usually takes just finding a venue and letting them know01:42
snap-land finding out if theyre able to house us.01:42
waldo323ah,  would woodward avenue brewery be a good option?01:43
snap-lre: garfine, jodee has contacts with him01:43
snap-l(on phone at the moment. :))01:44
waldo32322646 Woodward Avenue Ferndale, MI 4822001:44
waldo323(me too)01:44
snap-lI've never been there01:51
snap-lAnywho, I'll post to the mailing list for getting someone to help spearhead this01:51
snap-lAnything else?01:52
waldo323not at the moment01:52
snap-lIf not, then I think we'll put this meeting to bed.01:52
snap-lLaterness, everyone. Thanks for the participation!01:52
waldo323thank you for hosting01:53
waldo323snap-l, have you been to black lotus in clawson?02:13
brouschGood morning!12:06
brouschAre you going to the LEGO thing this weekend?12:07
rick_h_yea, we're going friday after work12:08
rick_h_ok, looks like my need to land this branch today fell apart...to the woodshop I go for the day. Have fun all. Thanks columbus!12:19
snap-lDidn't realize Canonical celebrated Columbus day12:19
rick_h_the list of federal holidays if you're in the US12:20
snap-lReally? That's pretty cool12:20
rick_h_yea, basically whatever federal list your country holds to12:20
rick_h_snap-l: I'll be down your way later. You working from home or office?12:20
snap-lOffice, unfortunately.12:21
rick_h_doh, oh well12:21
snap-lYeah, if it were a Wednesday or Friday, I'd be here.12:21
rick_h_have to hit up the rockler store just down from the CHC caribou so debating on some coffee shop time down there12:22
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snap-lJust upgraded Picasa to 25gb.15:08
snap-lI'm moving some other site photos to it. Getting tired of hosting Gallery215:08
brouschI'm still grandfathered in at a ridiculously low price15:09
snap-l$2.50 for me not running Gallery is a nice price to pay.15:10
snap-lAnd I already run Wordpress for the one-off photos15:10
* snap-l remembers his brief flirtation with posting photos into a PHPBB2 area on my site for caption contests.15:11
brouschGoogle owns me. I gave up on alternatives15:11
snap-lhttp://decafbad.net/category/caption-contest/ <- I should do one of these again.15:14
rick_h_bake it sun bake! http://ubuntuone.com/0zjV2ISHq9T68YWMdussh116:21
derekvi'd like a sort of visual dashbord for dev workstations17:18
derekveg local server for project X is started, git statuses, click to get logs/ run common scripts17:18
derekvstatuses for everything when your working with mutliple projects17:19
derekvmaybe some sort of generic dashboard app17:22
derekvtest driven enviroment configuration17:30
brouschWTF I got an update for a bug on launchpad filed in 2007, which I confirmed fixed in Ubuntu 8.04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/monodevelop/+bug/12506917:54
snap-lbrousch: Gotta love those automated processes.17:58
derekvmug is tonight?19:40
derekvi'm like 1mi from the farminington library19:41
derekvoh today is monday19:44
snap-lYep. It's tomorrow19:44
derekvi was thinking it was monday19:44
derekver tuesday19:44
derekvgoddamn i am tired19:45
derekvthink i'm going to work another hour then bust out19:45
snap-lJust as long as you know Truman is President, you should be OK19:45
derekvwait... Truman is Presedent?  Did something happen to Roosevelt??19:46
snap-lBad news, bro.19:47
jjessehe's a vampire?19:51
brouschI'm having fun with getting Fabric working on Android https://github.com/brousch/fabdroid20:41
brouschWill a finally be run even if there's an exit() in the except?20:43
brouschFor instance, will this sleep if the exception is triggered? http://paste.mitechie.com/show/819/20:44
brouschNevermind, it is20:45
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