superflyMaaz: tell Kilos good morning!05:13
Maazsuperfly: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:13
Kilosgood morning all05:23
Kilospower going off soon for the day05:23
Kilosand wednesday05:23
* Kilos will be back when PTA electricity peeps turn the juice on again. will die any minute now05:53
Kilostake care all of you05:53
=== Kerbero[afk] is now known as Kerbero
jrgnsmorning all06:51
superflymorning jrgns06:54
=== Kerbero is now known as Kerbero[afk]
mazalMorning everyone07:26
mazalHave major lag , adsl router broken so are on webchat on the work's pc07:26
superflymorning mazal07:27
mazalDoes someone know if there is a cli command that will give me a list of all users on my ubuntu server ?07:27
Vince-0cat /etc/passwd ?07:27
mazalOk that works , but looks a bit unneat with the home folder added and the /bin/bash also added07:29
mazalI would like a list that just shows the username and real name. It's for an inspection report07:29
mazalAnd it's about 300 users. So don't really have the time to edit out things that is not neccesary07:30
=== Kerbero[afk] is now known as Kerbero
superflymazal: that's why we have scripts07:34
superflymazal: here's a starting point: cut -d : -f 1,5 --output-delimiter=", "  /etc/passwd07:38
* mazal can't script07:38
mazaltoo blonde07:38
superflymazal: command line tools with a bit of bash glue is how it goes... and it's really simple07:40
superflymazal: if you're admin'ing an ubuntu server you *need* to know this stuff07:40
mazalThanx superfly , that command works perfect07:41
mazalJa , but if nobody teach me , how will I know and learn07:42
superflymazal: like most other sysadmins, you teach yourself07:42
superflymazal: you have access to the internet, not so?07:42
mazalSometimes yes07:49
Squirm2Maaz: coffee on07:54
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:54
superflymazal: then make use of the opportunities presented to you07:54
mazalNow I feel sorry that I dared to come ask for help07:56
superflymazal: don't feel sorry, but don't depend on others to teach you... I'd never have my current job if I didn't make a point of teaching myself07:56
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm2!07:58
Squirm2Maaz: thanks07:58
MaazSquirm2: Okay :-)07:58
Squirm2hi Vince-0 07:58
superflyyo Squirm2 and Vince-007:58
Squirm2hi there superfly 07:58
Squirm2mazal: people are here to help(I help where i can), google ftw though :)07:59
Squirm2I try and make these rooms my last resort ^^ But I do end up coming here for help07:59
Squirm2...or not08:01
* Squirm2 falls asleep08:01
=== Squirm- is now known as Squirm
Kilosgreetings fello buntu peeps and others11:36
Kiloshiya maiatoday 11:37
Kilosand the fly too11:37
KilosMaaz, hi11:42
* Maaz waves to Kilos11:42
Kilosyay not everyone asleep11:42
superflyhiya Kilos11:44
Kilosall good superfly ?11:44
Superhumannuvolari: you got your ingress sorted?11:45
Kiloshi Superhuman nuvolari 11:46
Superhumanhey Kilos11:46
Kilosi have my 12.10 official dvds. so more to play with11:46
Kilosjust hope the server one is 32bit11:47
Kiloshey Banlam 12:00
Kiloshey magespawn 12:07
magespawnhey Kilos12:10
Kilosdays are so long without power12:10
Squirmyou can see who is technologically dependant12:24
Kilosi have also spent weeks at a time in the bush with the only technology using gunpowder12:26
nuvolariSuperhuman: not yet :-/12:42
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 12:42
nuvolarilo Squirm 12:42
Kiloslo nuvolari 12:42
Kiloschair tonight hey12:43
nuvolarijip, is reg oom Kilos 12:43
Superhumanawaiting invite?12:43
KilosSuperhuman, please join us here at 19.30 tonight12:44
nuvolariSuperhuman: yeah12:45
Kiloshi psyatw 12:45
psyatwhi Kilos 12:45
psyatwhoi nuvolari 12:45
psyatwand others12:45
nuvolarihi psyatw 12:45
Squirmhi nuvolari 12:57
Kilosthis iptables with the masquerading thing is super slow with lotsa packet errors13:00
KilosMaaz, announce Monthly meeting tonight guys and gals. Please make an effort to attend13:03
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! Monthly meeting tonight guys and gals. Please make an effort to attend13:03
Kilosill be back shortly. just want to use modem on other pc for updates13:04
Vince-0what time is the meet?13:46
inetproVince-0: 19:3013:49
inetproMaaz: tell kilos please note as mentioned last month I won't be at the meeting 13:49
Maazinetpro: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode13:49
inetprohi everyone13:50
Vince-0gonna use my androIRC client13:50
meesterarendhi all13:53
magespawnhi meesterarend13:57
magespawnVince-0: i found andchat to be nice too13:57
magespawni am now using quasseldroid13:57
Vince-0gonna be out and about13:58
Kilosaw inetpro wassup oom?14:07
Kilosweird and wonderful things here14:07
inetproKilos: goed dankie en self?14:07
Kilosone pc connects with 3g other one not14:08
Kilosgoed dankie14:08
Kilosnet bietjie warm vandag14:08
Kilosson bak as jy onkruid uitgrou14:08
Vince-0Andchat whoot14:17
=== Vince-0_ is now known as Vince-0
Vince-0Androchat and Swype14:25
Vince-0At least has arrow keys14:26
Vince-0Be back later14:26
Kilosaw no pro at meet tonight14:42
Kilossuperfly, maiatoday you gonna be here?14:42
Kilosplease please please14:42
Kilosand you timkeller and the weedetc14:43
Kilosoh my weed etc14:43
maiatodayyou have all my best intention Kilos, at this point I want to but life may happen :)14:43
superflyKilos: i dunno, ill try14:43
Kiloslife gets in the way of things hey?14:44
superflyKilos: like maiatoday said, life may get in the way14:44
KilosBanlam, barns bakuman bmg505 confluency meeting tonight14:45
magespawnlater all see you at the meeting14:46
Kiloslater magespawn  ty14:46
Kiloswhats pif bakuman 14:46
bakumanniks ek moet nou gaan gym14:47
Kilosmarie baie mooier as gym14:47
Kilosplustwo, you gonna be here?14:50
Kilosand sakhi 14:50
Kilosbuncha lurkers14:51
Kilosthe monkey15:10
Kiloswb kbmonkey 15:10
Kilosuh oh you onna train superfly ?15:10
superflyYa, just had a nap15:11
Kilosdont miss your station15:11
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 15:11
kbmonkeyand superfly :)15:11
superflyAlways feels better napping for 15 minutes on the train than hours at home15:11
superflyKilos: no chance of that, still 20 minutes to go15:12
superflyhi kbmonkey15:12
kbmonkeyhow goes it?15:13
superflyTired. Been working late into the night, got lots to do and a deadline to meet.15:14
Kilosand you kbmonkey 15:15
Kilosstill havent worked a way onto irc i see15:15
superflyReleasing version 2.0 of OpenLP on the 1st, busy getting a new site in order, write a manual and get bugs fixed.15:15
kbmonkeyhang in there mr fly15:15
kbmonkeyKilos you are feeling cheeky today, eh?15:16
Kilosim too far you cant catch me15:16
Kiloswe we we15:16
superflymrs_fly knows I wouldn't have it any other way...15:16
kbmonkey3g is responsive tonight. yay.15:16
superflykbmonkey: tonight? Where are you, the north pole?15:17
Kilosmine sucks today cant even apt-get update other pc15:17
kbmonkeymight as well be, superfly ;)15:17
kbmonkeyon friday eve irc had 30s+ ping times. 15:17
superflyThe sun is still *high* in the sky here...15:17
Kilosat least no brat bugged to today superfly 15:18
kbmonkeythe sun is just setting here15:18
Kilosshe seems to have locked onto supahflahh15:18
superflyprolly got an hour more of sun before it sets proper15:18
Kiloshope she aint gone back to winsucks15:18
superflyKilos: indeed...15:18
* superfly goes to set up an alert for "supahflahhh" 15:19
Kiloskbmonkey, take off your shades and you will see its daytime15:19
kbmonkeythe guys at work rave about win 8. not even a week later they were nagging how its update feature isnt that clever. ha ha15:19
Kiloskbmonkey, you missed the news15:20
Kilosthe brat is on 12.1015:20
Kiloswinsucks killed her pc15:20
superflykbmonkey: what work do you do?15:21
kbmonkeya good solution for a bad problem15:22
kbmonkeysuperfly, im doing a couple months contract work for a financial institution. C#.15:22
kbmonkeyjoined the durbandevelopers group, had a chat to some of the nice folks about FOSS opportunities next year :)15:22
Kiloshehe as little as possible15:22
Kilosi go install 12.10 on ians drive15:23
kbmonkeyalso I am planning a project with a friend of mine involving biometric access control. that will take at least a year to get going though15:23
superflykbmonkey: right, I think you mentioned it before.15:23
Kilosoo its pretty to start with15:23
Kilosthey added some eye candy for the ms crowd15:24
superflyi have a friend who was a sworn Gnomite but has switched to KDE15:25
Kiloskde is cool superfly but slower than gnome215:25
superflySaid Gnome is removing features now, and it is no longer usable15:25
superflyKilos: anything is slower than Gnome 2. Gnome 2 is dead.15:26
Kilosyeah i wonder whats with the removing of things that most peeps loved15:26
Kiloshya ha ha15:26
Kilosmy maverick still rocks15:26
kbmonkeyOpenbox is super fast15:26
* kbmonkey zooooms15:26
kbmonkeyKilos, you *are* a maverick15:27
Kilosis it gnome kbmonkey 15:27
superflyalrighty boys, my station next. Be good, and I might just appear briefly tonight.15:27
Kilosgo safe superfly see you later15:28
Kilosno might15:28
kbmonkeyit is not Gnome Kilos. It is Yet Another Window Manager, like Gnome or KDE or ...15:29
Kilosif no top and bottom panels its not too lekker to start with15:30
Kilosoh my it dont look too stable15:31
kbmonkeyno no, I accidentally logged off. oops.15:31
Kilosblame 3g15:31
kbmonkeyyea yea, it was the 3g ;O15:32
Kilosmine be kiff since i went to 8ta15:32
Kilos3 days off in months15:32
kbmonkey8ta is much stabler here too15:32
Kilosi think they are more stable everywhere they have towers15:33
Kiloshavent heard anyone complain i think15:33
kbmonkeyopenbox resembles xfce, almost. here is a small picture from their site: http://ompldr.org/vZ2RhaQ15:36
Kilospower off here again on wednesday15:36
kbmonkeybut I am using another one called snapwm at the moment. there are no window decorations. lol.15:36
kbmonkeyoh noes15:39
Kilosya was off today from 8 am till after 1pm15:41
Kilosthey putting the 3 lines vertical to make it harder to short them out and trip and steal15:41
Kilosjust gonna put 3g on other pc some 12.10 sees to enable mobile broadband15:43
Kilosinstall finished15:43
Kiloshi birdy505 15:44
Kilosthis is an ubuntu help channel15:44
Kilosnot much here for blackberrys15:45
Kiloswbb now now guys. hold the fort15:45
nuvolarieek! meeting tonight15:48
nuvolariI have to go home15:48
Kilossigh unity and its nm probs16:15
Kiloshas enable broadband and sees modem but wont go to 8ta16:16
Kilosmaybe it wants to upgrade first16:16
Kiloswithout connection16:17
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:17
* Maaz flips the salt-timer16:17
KilosMaaz, hurry16:17
MaazMaking decent coffee is an art Kilos and should never be rushed16:17
Kiloshi nlsthzn where you been?16:20
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:21
KilosMaaz, danke16:22
Kilosi go try modem in 12.10 again16:22
Kilosaw poor neil be poegaai as well16:46
Kiloshi meesterarend 17:02
Kilosi gfo eat17:02
Kiloswbb for meeting17:02
Kilosgo too17:02
meesterarendkilos :)17:02
Kilosyou been scarce hey?17:03
Kiloslong time no see17:03
meesterarendwe're moving17:03
meesterarendnow we are stuck in bloem till friday17:03
meesterarendwhile our furniture is in upinton17:04
meesterarendI seeprevious mentions of life happening :017:04
nuvolarimeh, we don't have an agenda17:10
nuvolariopen meeting? :D17:10
kbmonkeyhello again17:10
nuvolarihowdy kbmonkey 17:10
nuvolarihello meesterarend 17:10
kbmonkeyhi nuvolari. we can help make a list of topics?17:11
meesterarendI saw something about a meeting and since i had nothing do do...17:11
kbmonkeyhello meesterarend 17:12
meesterarendkbmonkey: :)17:12
* superfly will be back in a bit17:13
meesterarendhey magtie17:16
kbmonkeyhi Vince-0 and magtie 17:16
magtieHi meesterarend17:16
magtiehi kbmonkey17:16
Vince-0Oh herrow17:16
meesterarenddid this #grow since i was ere last?17:17
nuvolariag no :-/ heck, I always struggle by mind blank for the previous agenda17:17
meesterarendhow about some feedback obout 12.10?17:19
meesterarendgood and bad17:19
queeryhi kids17:21
kbmonkeynuvolari: ubuntu cd updates17:22
queerygood idea17:22
nuvolarihmm, will we be havinga meeting on Dec 17th?17:23
nuvolari(next meeting)17:23
kbmonkeyI'd say yes17:25
nuvolariok, agenda updated17:25
nuvolarioh c'mon!17:27
nuvolariI want 3. at position 417:27
meesterarendlooks like its gona be aquick one17:27
nuvolaribut when I set it to 4 it goes to 517:27
Kiloshi magtie and others i aint greeted yet17:28
Kiloswe were at 45 a few years back17:28
meesterarendi remeber 12 at some point in time:)17:29
meesterarendhuge improvement over that17:29
Kilosok nuvolari you can start methinks17:30
Kiloswb kbmonkey 17:30
nuvolarigreat. Internal Server Error17:30
queerygive it 2 more minutes17:30
nuvolariyeah, I'm not done17:30
Kilosoh sorry didnt know you busy17:30
nuvolarihrr!!! :( I have to go through the entire list and update the item order17:31
nuvolarihave they not heard about collections?17:31
meesterarendnuvolari: we'll w8 for u17:31
kbmonkeythat agenda editor is unwieldy :/17:32
nuvolariMaaz: Start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:32
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:32
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:32
Maazsuperfly: Yessir17:32
Kiloswb magedroid 17:33
nuvolariMaaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction17:33
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction17:33
Kiloslo amanica 17:33
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:33
Maaznuvolari: Okay17:33
magedroidMaaz I am Greg Eames17:33
Maazmagedroid: Righto17:33
magedroidEvening all17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz I am Wesley Werner17:33
Maazkbmonkey: Yessir17:33
queeryi am dewald17:33
KilosMaaz, i am Miles Sharpe17:33
MaazKilos: Righto17:33
meesterarendMaaz: i am Frans de Waal17:33
Maazmeesterarend: Sure17:33
queerymaaz: i am dewald17:33
Maazqueery: Righto17:33
meesterarendhey amanica17:33
amanicaMaaz: I am Marius Kruger17:33
Maazamanica: Yessir17:33
nuvolariMaaz: I ar baboon17:33
Maaznuvolari: Huh?17:33
amanicahi all :)17:33
KilosMaaz, welcome17:33
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:33
nuvolaririghty, welcome everyone17:34
nuvolariwelcome amanica17:34
kbmonkeyhello :)17:34
Kiloshey queery 17:34
* nuvolari buys queery a dictionary17:34
nuvolarior some keyboard cleaner17:34
nuvolarieveryone introduced?17:35
nuvolariwell, at least everyone that is present17:35
KilosKerbero, where you17:35
Kilosand Banlam 17:35
kbmonkeythe link to the agenda is in the channel topic17:35
nuvolarinlsthzn is excused from the meeting17:35
Kilosen bakuman 17:35
kbmonkeyfree for all? ;)17:35
nuvolarihe mailed17:35
Banlammaaz, i am gareth cawood17:35
MaazBanlam: Okay17:35
Kerbero--> . <--- here17:35
magtieMaaz: I am Magda Smith17:35
Maazmagtie: Done17:35
queeryno maia, no drubin, no tumbleweed 17:36
nuvolarioh! we have a lady :>17:36
nuvolariwelcome magtie 17:36
Kilosand no inetpro 17:36
nuvolariwhere's bytjie?17:36
Kiloshe also said he cant make it17:36
magedroidOne of those things17:36
Kiloslife nuvolari 17:36
KerberoMaaz: i think therefore i am jp meijers17:36
MaazKerbero: Huh?17:36
KerberoMaaz: i am jp meijers17:37
MaazKerbero: Sure17:37
Banlameven a bot quesions your existence17:37
nuvolariMaaz: topic Review Previous Minutes17:37
MaazCurrent Topic: Review Previous Minutes17:37
nuvolarifor anyone interested ^^17:37
nuvolariwe had a busy meeting last time17:38
nuvolariafter the draught of the one before that :P17:38
Kiloshey deegee_1 17:38
nuvolarithat too :P17:38
kbmonkeydraft of draught? ;)17:38
nuvolarithanks oom Kilos 17:38
Kiloswhere drussel be17:38
nuvolariwelcome deegee_1 17:39
Kilosdaai ding ja17:39
deegee_1o/ all17:39
nuvolarihmm, I bet everyone not here is busy with Ingress :P17:39
meesterarendI have to go...mosqito emergency...apparently17:39
Kilosdeegee_1, sing in with maaz please17:39
nuvolarisign too :P17:39
Kiloswe need you registered17:39
queeryI want an invetation!!!17:39
nuvolarime too :-/17:39
Kerberoi want a beta invite too17:39
deegee_1Maaz: I am Oupa17:40
Maazdeegee_1: Sure17:40
kbmonkeybefore we move to the first item, can I get a cheer for FOSS?!17:40
nuvolariMaaz: coffee on17:40
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:40
queeryMaaz, sing17:40
Maazqueery: What?17:40
* nuvolari cheers for FOSS17:40
Kilosyay foss17:40
* kbmonkey Cheers!17:40
* magedroid cheers for foss17:41
* deegee_1 haihai for FOSS17:41
magedroidOr FOSS17:41
Kilosis there a diffs tween foss and FOSS17:41
nuvolariwb queery 17:41
queeryI really dislike telkom17:41
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please17:41
Maaznuvolari: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses17:42
nuvolariMaaz: I do!17:42
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...17:42
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:42
MaazKilos: Done17:42
nuvolariyes, you be sorry17:42
queeryMaaz, coffee please17:42
Maazqueery: Righto17:42
nuvolarinext topic?17:42
nuvolariMaaz: topic Administrativia and Announcements17:42
MaazCurrent Topic: Administrativia and Announcements17:43
nuvolariI don't have any announcements :P17:43
nuvolariqueery added ubuntu cd updates for us17:43
kbmonkeythanks queery :17:44
queeryI was in stb 2 weeks ago and picked up the jhb CD's17:44
nuvolariI didn't get around to applying for CD's from bytjie17:44
MaazCoffee's ready for nuvolari, Kilos and queery!17:44
bmg505am I in time?17:44
nuvolarithank you Maaz 17:44
KilosMaaz, ty17:44
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:44
queeryso will get it to the designated peopl as soon as I get back from bloem17:44
nuvolaribmg505: yup, welcome17:44
bmg505lo all17:44
queeryMaaz, ty17:44
MaazYou are welcome queery17:44
nuvolaribmg505: ID to Maaz 17:44
queeryMaaz, bot snack17:45
Maazthanks, queery17:45
kbmonkeylo bmg505, welcome17:45
Kerberoare there still some cd's left in/around stellenbosch?17:45
Kiloshi TaraLS bmg505 sign in with maaz please17:45
nuvolaribmg505: "Maaz: I am ...."17:45
TaraLSYo Kilos.17:45
queerymaia should have some yes17:45
kbmonkeywelcome TaraLS17:45
nuvolarihi TaraLS 17:45
bmg505Maaz, I am here17:45
Maazbmg505: Done17:45
TaraLSkbmonkey, Thanks. :)17:45
TaraLSnuvolari,  Hiya.17:45
nuvolariTaraLS: joining us for the meeting?17:45
nuvolarilol bmg505 17:45
queerywho wants official CDs?17:45
TaraLSOops, I forgot that was a meeting17:45
bmg505Maaz, coffee pretty please17:45
Maazbmg505: Go get it yourself!17:45
Kerberoi still have a few 12.04 LTS (and server) cd's if anyone really desperately wants to complete their collection17:46
nuvolarilol 17:46
Kerberocontact me17:46
KilosTaraLS, you welcome to stay17:46
queeryI also now have LTS and 12.1017:46
TaraLSWell, I just came on to ask a question, actually.17:46
Kilosonl 45 mins left17:46
Kilosafter meet ok?17:46
bmg505never run dselect remotely after you did a dpkg --set-selections :(17:46
TaraLSIf I'm still up, I'll be back in about forty-five mins. :P17:47
nuvolariI might have missed more CD activity17:47
queeryso if anyone want's CD's please send a mail to the list17:47
nuvolarilife is passing me really quick these days17:47
queeryI wish, my holiday is taking so long o come17:48
superflyis the meeting over already?17:48
nuvolariDo we have anything to administrate?17:48
nuvolarinoo superfly 17:49
kbmonkeyhey, who says geeks cannot multi-task?17:49
nuvolariyou are welcome to join still :P17:49
superflyoh, cause people are talking about holidays and stuff17:49
queeryget your butt in here17:49
magedroida big shout out to all those who were involved in getting andndistrubuting the official cds17:49
nuvolarisuperfly: it falls under administrativia and announcements :P we announce where we go 17:49
queerymostly Maia17:50
nuvolariyeah, maia is a big helping hand in that17:50
queeryDoes anyone in bloem need CD's?17:50
nuvolariWe love you Maia!17:50
nuvolariqueery: I'm going to bloem in Dec.17:50
bmg505is multiple sound cards still a problem in 12.10?17:50
queeryim going to bloem on wednesday17:51
nuvolaribmg505: 12.10 discussion in next topic17:51
bmg505oki doki17:51
nuvolarimeesterarend: ^^ do you need CD's?17:51
queerybmg505: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/496/detail/17:51
kbmonkeyI have 12.10 ISO's and am happy to share those too. No official CD's though.17:51
kbmonkeyah okay17:51
queeryshall we move on17:52
* nuvolari wonders where meesterarend went17:52
queeryI know bmg505 wants us to17:52
nuvolariMaaz: topic 12.10 Feedback17:52
MaazCurrent Topic: 12.10 Feedback17:52
queeryag seker nie ver nie17:52
nuvolaribmg505: ready, steady, go!17:52
queerymaaz seen bmg505 17:53
Maazqueery: bmg505 was last seen 1 minute and 50 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-11-19 09:51:20 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2012-11-18 19:25:31 PST17:53
kbmonkeyKilos, you don't know anyone with carrier pidgeons we can send around with a usb stick of ISO's? ;)17:53
nuvolariI decided to stay on 12.04, so I'm sitting out for now17:53
Kilos12.10 nm works and can enable mobile broadband but i havent actually got it to connect to 8ta yet even though it tries17:53
queeryok so 12.10 has some security problems17:53
Kiloslol @ kbmonkey 17:54
nuvolarioom Kilos do you have a vodacom setup too?17:54
nuvolariyou can use the same profile for the networks17:54
Kiloshave a sim though will get some airtime to check17:54
kbmonkeyIll set up a dual boot, I will try my 8ta and let you know Kilos 17:55
nuvolariI set up 8ta, mtn and vodacom but realized the other day I only need one :P17:55
bmg50512.04 I had to hack the config files to make bundle queries work for vodacom contract users17:55
Kilosit shows 8ta in the setup so will need some investigation17:55
Banlameven with your own private server17:55
Banlamwrong channel17:55
nuvolariBanlam: we need your undivided attention... :P17:56
Banlamyeah, think it's back17:56
kbmonkeybmg505 it will be neat if you can submit your hacks to the ubuntu wiki :)17:56
amanicaI'm pretty happy with 12.10, Just had some probjems with Thunderbird freezing on IO, but got that sorted now..17:56
bmg505I am 49 years old and cannot fathom this wiki shyte17:56
queeryoom Kilos !!!17:57
bmg505I can still shoot straight17:57
magedroidFirst thing i did was remove the amazon lense17:57
queerythat's what he said last night17:57
kbmonkeylol bmg505! fair enough. 17:57
Kilosyeah and all the office stuff17:57
queeryoffice stuff?17:58
Kerberolol queery, nie hier nie17:58
queerywoks fine...17:58
Kilosit fills the launcher17:58
nuvolarilibreoffice is great to use these days17:58
Kilosit launches automatically to work so dont need to see it all the time17:59
queeryyou can always detatch it17:59
Kilosimportant things go in the launcher like xchat pidgin and evolution17:59
queeryno not evolution18:00
Kilosya i just removed from launcher18:00
queerynever again....18:00
nuvolarigmail FTW? :D18:00
Kilosmy evo is much better than thunderbird on pop18:00
queeryyea import all your pop or imap emails...18:00
Kilosand evo makes lekker backups that i couldnt find in thunderbird18:01
bmg505this launcher thing is quite irritating, but it works quite well in the end18:01
queeryone does get used to it18:01
Kilosyes just an extra click needed18:01
* nuvolari <3 xfce18:02
queerynext topic?18:03
nuvolaridid I scare everyone away?18:03
magedroidIndeed nuvolari18:03
Kilosanymore 12.10 feedback18:03
Kilosbmg505, ?18:03
nuvolariok, moving on18:03
bmg505ooo does multiple sound card work easily under 12.10?18:03
amanicawhen thunderberd became unusable, I tried evilution, but it swallowed all my outgoing mail18:03
queeryhavent tried it18:04
amanicatook me a week to be sure :(18:04
nuvolariok, holding on for bmg505 18:04
bmg505the bastard that thought up alsa should be shot18:04
Kerberoi've been using multiple sound cards since 8.1018:04
nuvolariwb kbmonkey 18:04
Kerberoworks fine18:04
queerywb kbmonkey 18:04
Kerberoalthough i'm still running 12.04 now18:04
kbmonkey_thanks :)18:04
kbmonkey_switched to 2g. 18:04
Kerberobmg505: but ubuntu uses pulse18:04
nuvolarirather pulseaudio18:04
bmg50512.04 does not allow for nice switching between them, and jack does not really work18:04
nuvolaripulseaudio drives me nuts!18:04
Kerberoi switch fine between them on 12.0418:05
bmg505the pulse audio writer should be stoned and not shot18:05
amanicaIf sound is your thing you may want to try out ubuntu studio with Jack all sorted etc.18:05
Kiloswhy 2 sound cards bmg505 ?18:05
=== kbmonkey_ is now known as kbmonkey
bmg505I use one for the normal sound and one for my ham radio digital stuff18:05
Kiloswb kbmonkey 18:05
bmg505under 10.04 jack worked and it was fine from 10.10 it was broken18:05
Kiloswow mine works on 10.1018:06
Kilosyou missed something18:06
queery12 maybe?18:06
bmg505soz 11.04 10.10 still worked18:06
Kilos11.04 the probs started18:06
bmg50512.04 is a stuff up18:07
Kilospc related probs maybe18:07
kbmonkeysound layer cake is a strange beast in linux18:07
bmg505yea right, I put had drive with loosedoze and it weks18:07
bmg505its the same pc where every thing worked under 10.1018:08
bmg505Let me maar look, it jsut annoying when something that worked perfectly is broken on the next update18:08
Kilosmust be something you need to install or add bmg505 18:08
bmg505and if I add the usb sound pod, everything goes south after that18:09
kbmonkeyif they are both pci's, perhaps a conflicting irq from driver regressions?18:09
bmg505the problem is simple, the applications either wants alsa, or pulse or jack18:09
bmg505wit halsa it never works and they do not play well together (applications and mixing)18:10
kbmonkeyiirc jack is a layer on top of oss, alsa, 18:10
kbmonkeysorry nuvolari, we digress :p18:10
bmg505under pulse everytime you make a change it regresses straight ot the operating system and proceeds to stuff that up18:11
nuvolarino problem, we are still on 12.10 feedback18:11
bmg505and jack jsut does not work under 12.0418:11
bmg505let me try this 12.1018:11
bmg505will report back18:11
nuvolariand I agree on this audio stuff, it's somewhat of a mess 18:11
kbmonkeyoh :/18:11
queeryMaaz, sing18:11
Maazqueery: sing is lala lala laaaaa laaaaa18:11
bmg505its more like a nuclear spill18:11
nuvolarilol Maaz 18:12
nuvolariok, we need positive feedback too...18:12
nuvolariotherwise we need to progress quick18:12
magedroidWell i have not had any problems18:12
Kilos12.10 is pretty to start the install18:12
bmg505ooo another thing why does nfs not install by default?18:12
kbmonkeyI'll get some progress after I setup the dualboot. 18:13
Kilosbmg505, they remove some default stuff to save space18:13
Kiloslike aptitude and gdebi18:13
bmg505nfs is a show stopper for guys not using loosedoze at all18:13
nuvolarihmm, maybe we need to move on18:15
bmg505must I upgrade my 12.04 or do a clean install18:15
kbmonkeyisn't nfs still owned by sun? or oracle, now?18:15
nuvolarijust to finish on time18:15
kbmonkeyyes, lets18:15
nuvolariMaaz: topic Events18:15
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:15
kbmonkeywe can debate after ;)18:15
nuvolariafaik there is a DLUG meeting coming up18:15
nuvolarior at least being discussed18:15
nuvolariI'm not sure that I'll be around for it :-/18:15
kbmonkeyI should be, I think its for a weekend in Dec18:16
nuvolaribut before running before the cart, were there any past events?18:16
queerydid we talk about how the release parties went?18:16
amanicaI was quite happy with the centurion release party, would just have liked more people to attend.18:16
nuvolariThe durban one was fun!18:17
kbmonkeythe SFD get together!18:17
kbmonkeywe were graced by a few Tux's18:17
nuvolariI copied the wrong repo's from William 18:18
* nuvolari facepalms18:18
Kilos10 mins18:19
nuvolarinothing else?18:19
queerywas there any other parties?18:19
kbmonkeyI will grab the 12.10 repos from him during the December meet18:20
kbmonkeythen we can always have another meet early Jan again18:20
kbmonkeyI'm empty18:20
queeryKerbero, did you get one organised?18:20
* kbmonkey pings18:21
Kerberothe cape twon ones were very imaginary18:21
* nuvolari pongs kbmonkey18:21
kbmonkey35 seconds :O18:21
nuvolariok, I think everyone fell asleep18:22
nuvolariMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting18:22
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting18:22
* Kilos votes nuvolari 18:22
nuvolariIf you guys are happy with my chairing, I'm available :P18:22
kbmonkeynuvolari you may be away right? I can chair next one if you like18:22
nuvolariwell, I will stil have internet in bloem :P18:23
nuvolarinot disappearing off the net18:23
kbmonkeygreat :>18:23
nuvolarijust moving geopgraphically for a while18:23
kbmonkey+1 i'll be on standby for the unforseen then18:23
amanicacool, +118:23
nuvolariossum, thanks kbmonkey 18:23
Kilosthey got satelite anttenae on the ox wagons nowadays18:23
nuvolarilol oom Kilos 18:24
kbmonkeyha ha ha18:24
Kilosskuus man18:24
magedroidIp over carrier pigeon network18:24
nuvolariwtf!? :-( watching 50/50. sick people - a monkey was fed a banana stuffed with a cracker18:24
Kilosmove on nuvolari 18:24
nuvolariMaaz: agreed next meeting chair nuvolari18:25
MaazAgreed: next meeting chair nuvolari18:25
nuvolariMaaz: agreed next meeting standby chair kbmonkey 18:25
MaazAgreed: next meeting standby chair kbmonkey18:25
nuvolariMaaz: topic Closing18:25
MaazCurrent Topic: Closing18:25
nuvolariRight, thanks for a good meeting everyone18:25
kbmonkeynuvolari, thanks!18:25
kbmonkeyMaaz, thanks!18:25
Maazkbmonkey: No problem18:25
Kilosty nuvolari 18:25
nuvolarithanks for being here and making the time to be here18:25
magedroidThats all folks.18:26
kbmonkeykbmonkey, thanks! 18:26
deegee_1thanks nuvolari 18:26
nuvolariI know it's tight for everyone closer to the end of the year18:26
Kilosgracias amigos18:26
queerythanx guys and nuvolari 18:26
nuvolariwe appreciate you all being here and to bring in your part to the community18:26
kbmonkeyFather Tux-mas will reward you well18:26
Kilossuperfly, finished now18:26
nuvolariYou're welcome guys and gals :)18:26
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting18:27
MaazMeeting Ended18:27
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-11-19-17-32-43.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-11-19-17-32-43.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-11-19-17-32-43.html18:27
Kiloswent smoothly methinks18:27
nuvolariwent better than planned18:27
nuvolari(there was no planning)18:27
nuvolarineed coffee!18:28
kbmonkeyad-hoc agile standups ftw!18:28
queeryMaaz, coffee on18:28
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:28
nuvolarihmm, standup typists18:28
queeryMaaz, coffee for all18:28
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:28
nuvolariI can't present to save my life18:28
kbmonkeyKilos you can tell Tara we are done playing meeting18:28
Kiloslol she maybe asleep18:29
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please18:29
Maaznuvolari: Alrighty18:29
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee please!18:29
Maazkbmonkey: Alrighty18:29
nuvolarishe must come sing for us in ASCII art :P18:29
Kilos6.30 am there18:29
queeryok who knows how to set factoids on this bloody bot18:29
queeryI forgot18:29
Kilosher staus in pidgin has changed to "Oh computer why do you hate me"18:30
nuvolariMaaz: help factoid18:30
Maaznuvolari: Factoids are arbitrary pieces of information stored by a key. Factoids beginning with a command such as "<action>" or "<reply>" will supress the "name verb value" output. Search and replace functions won't use real regexs unless appended with the 'r' flag.18:30
MaazYou can use it like this:18:30
Maaz  search [for] [<limit>] [(facts|values) [containing]] (<pattern>|/<pattern>/[r]) [from <start>]18:30
Maaz  literal <name> [( #<from number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]18:30
Maaz  forget <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]18:30
Maaz  <name> is the same as <other name>18:30
Maaz  <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )] += <suffix>18:30
Maaz  <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )] ~= ( s/<regex>/<replacement>/[g][i][r] | y/<source>/<dest>/ )18:30
Maaz  <factoid> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]18:30
Maaz  <name> (<verb>|=<verb>=) [also] <value>18:30
Maaz  last set factoid18:30
nuvolarispam uncool Maaz 18:30
Kiloswhat you wanna do queery 18:30
queeryI tried didn't work right18:30
nuvolariMaaz: queery is on irc18:31
Maaznuvolari: I'll remember that18:31
nuvolariMaaz: queery 18:31
Maaznuvolari: queery is on irc18:31
deegee_1sayounara o/18:31
Kilostoods deegee_1 go well18:31
Kilosty for attending18:31
nuvolaricheers deegee_1 18:31
queeryhe must sing lalalal not say sing is lalala18:31
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee is liquid code18:31
Maazkbmonkey: If you say so18:31
nuvolariMaaz: forget about queery 18:31
Maaznuvolari: I didn't know about about queery anyway18:31
Kilostell him forget sing18:31
nuvolariMaaz: forget queery 18:31
Maaznuvolari: Done18:31
Banlammaaz sing18:32
MaazBanlam: Huh?18:32
queeryi let him forget18:32
Kilosthere its gone18:32
queeryMaaz, sing is lalalala18:32
Maazqueery: I'll remember that18:32
queeryMaaz, sing18:32
Maazqueery: sing is lalalala18:32
MaazCoffee's ready for queery, nuvolari and kbmonkey!18:32
nuvolarithanks Maaz 18:32
queeryMaaz, ty18:32
MaazYou are welcome queery18:32
* nuvolari puts on the real kettle18:32
kbmonkeyboiling irl 18:33
queeryMaaz, sing at Banlam 18:33
Maazqueery: *blink*18:33
Kiloskbmonkey, no excuse to not visit a bit at nights hey?18:33
queeryI used to know how to set all of these18:33
Kilosold age queery 18:33
queeryhe said....18:33
Banlammaaz, sing [la la la]18:34
MaazBanlam: What?18:34
queeryMaaz, when sing then lalalala18:34
Maazqueery: Excuse me?18:34
queerywheres barns!!!!!18:34
queeryor his creator18:35
queerytumbleweed, 18:35
Banlammaaz, why won't you help us18:35
MaazBanlam: Sorry...18:35
Banlamyes, you should be18:35
queeryMaaz, botsmack18:35
kbmonkeyyes Kilos ;)18:35
kbmonkeyha ha ha! 18:36
Banlamwhy is there no documentation18:36
Banlammaaz, help file18:36
MaazBanlam: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.18:36
queerythere is18:36
queerymaaz help18:36
Maazqueery: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.18:36
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.18:36
Banlammaaz, sudo documentation18:36
MaazBanlam: Excuse me?18:36
Kilosmagtie, you said nothing tonight18:37
Kilostannie magtie 18:37
magedroidMaaz help me with monitering things18:37
Maazmagedroid: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.18:37
magedroidMaaz help me with monitoring things18:38
Maazmagedroid: I use the following features for monitoring things: coffee, http, icecast, meeting and ping18:38
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.18:38
Kilosqueery, what are you trying to do18:38
magtieKilos ja, ek het gelees!18:38
kbmonkeyman Maaz 18:38
Kilosa ok 18:38
queerywil he: maaz, sing "maaz: lalalaa"18:38
KilosMaaz, forget sing18:38
MaazKilos: Righto18:38
KilosMaaz, sing is <reply> la la la la laaaaa18:39
MaazKilos: I'll remember that18:39
kbmonkeylike to install 12.10 tonight... wonders..18:39
KilosMaaz, sing18:39
Maazla la la la laaaaa18:39
magedroidNice one Kilos18:39
kbmonkeygood work!18:39
Kilosi play with my bot when not fighting pc stuff18:39
kbmonkeyso that tale of old dog new tricks is all a lie?!18:40
magedroidDefine old18:40
kbmonkeyit's all trial and error18:40
magedroidOld is a state of mind18:40
Kilosold is when you have given up18:40
kbmonkeymaaz, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional18:40
Maazkbmonkey: Got it18:40
magedroidIbid classroom18:41
KilosMaaz, ibid channel18:41
Kilosthey can help you18:41
kbmonkeya texas hold'em bot might be fun18:42
Kilosbut the weed seems to be very busy or asleep18:42
kbmonkeythen again, games demand time :p18:42
magedroidMaaz define old18:45
Maazmagedroid: Old \Old\ ([=o]ld), n. Open country. [Obs.] See {World}. --Shak. [1913 Webster], Old \Old\, a. [Compar. {Older}; superl. {Oldest}.] [OE. old, ald, AS. ald, eald; akin to D. oud, OS. ald, OFries. ald, old, G. alt, Goth. alpeis, and also to Goth. alan to grow up, Icel. ala to bear, produce, bring up, L. alere to nourish. Cf. {Adult}, {Alderman}, {Aliment},18:45
Maaz{Auld}, {Elder}.] [1913 Webster] 1. Not young; advanced far in years or life; having liv…18:45
Kiloskbmonkey, hows work going?18:45
kbmonkeyeeek, its long and boring and silly like a circus, Kilos ;)18:45
Kilosbetter when you busy and enjoying it18:46
Kilosonly then you get old quicker cause time flies18:46
Kiloshi zeref 18:46
Kilosshe came and went18:49
Kiloswb TaraLS 18:49
kbmonkeywelcome back Tara18:50
magedroidQuasseldroid really not plaaying the game tonight18:50
TaraLSMy comp had been on for twenty-ish minutes, and I was converting a video from Youtube on VLC to MPEG4. It had 55 mins to go (that's how big the video is, and it was going at a rate of about 1 second per second of video), and it froze at roughly 15mins.18:50
TaraLSSo I hard-restarted the computer but just held it down so it would switch off completely, and then went to bed. Three hours later, in a cold room (so the equipment wasn't overheated), I turned the comp on, and it froze within minutes whilst I was running the mouse cursor over my little Unity taskbar icons.18:51
TaraLSI just wanted to know if these two issues could be related to whatever my problem is, of if it's something more specific/different?18:51
queeryTaraLS, you shouldn't hard restart18:52
zerefTaraLS: what to the logs say? /var/log/Syslog?18:52
TaraLSI couldn't restart it normally. It froze.18:52
Kilosthe freezing i am sure is all related to the prob you started with18:52
magedroidSounds more and more like the board is on it's way out18:52
TaraLSI noticed on Hardware Sensors Indicator that my MB temp was at about 42c, so I put my fan in front of it and it took it down to 31c in about ten minutes. It hasn't gone below that.18:52
KilosTaraLS, tail /var/log/syslog18:53
TaraLSDespite these temps changing, the little bar next to is still red to indicate hot/danger/whatever,18:53
Kilosin terminal18:53
TaraLSOne sec. Lemme get.18:53
Kilosor you want cat zeref 18:54
Kilosyou gotta give her the full command18:54
TaraLSThis is all I got from tail /var etc http://paste.ubuntu.com/1370737/18:54
TaraLSAnyway, I got the MP temperature down to 31c, and it's still reading as red for hot, and my comp has frozen once since.18:54
TaraLSI noticed that the core temps go up, however, when I'm trying to convert that video from Youtube.18:54
Kilosup how high18:55
kbmonkeythat sounds very much like hardware Tara.18:55
queeryTaraLS, rather hold:(Ctrl+Alt+shift+sysRq) then type slowly while holding: REISUB (to remember it Restart Even If System Utterly Broken)18:55
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I know it's hardware. I was just wondering if anyone could pinpoint which one it is with this new info.18:55
magedroidwhat is device fd018:55
TaraLSqueery,  Okay, I will try that next time.18:56
TaraLSmagedroid, I have no idea.18:56
Kilosnot there18:56
TaraLSWait, what's sysRq?18:56
queeryare you on a laptop or computer18:56
magedroidso then why would it care?18:56
queeryit should be with printscrn18:56
kbmonkeyfirst step is to reseat your memory modules, and other cards too. it sounds strange, but over time these things do happen.18:57
magedroidcard creep18:57
Kilosmy install today also sees a floppy but there aint even a cable in'18:57
TaraLSqueery: So you mean I have to hold down ALL those buttons AND try to type REISUB?18:57
queeryhehe yae18:57
magedroidhah how is that right?18:57
kbmonkeyif it still happens, you can try use the 'memory test' option when you boot a live CD.18:57
queeryits called the 5 finger salute18:57
queeryI still have to hold Fn as well18:58
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I've taken out the graphics card, and I've alternately taken out each of my 2gig RAM sticks18:58
kbmonkeyokay, you are ahead of us TaraLS :)18:58
TaraLSIf only it made a difference. :(18:58
Kiloskbmonkey, its mb psu or something mb related18:59
magedroidi do not see why it is trying fd0 though?18:59
TaraLSI even ran the comp with one RAM in, and then the other, but each time, it still froze (when I did the thing that I KNOW for sure causes a freeze; which is watch Youtube/stream video)18:59
Kilosnot plug in cards18:59
TaraLSmagedroid,  Me neither. I even disabled the floppy in BIOS18:59
TaraLSWhich reminds me.18:59
TaraLSMy AI Overclocking was at 5% of a possible 30%18:59
TaraLSI just changed it to AUTO.18:59
kbmonkeythis happens when video is involved? so video card or overheating as you suspect.18:59
TaraLSAnd changed CPU Q-Fan from Optimal to Performance.18:59
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Nope. I took that out and used the onboard video card.19:00
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Same thing. 19:00
kbmonkeythe plot thickens...19:00
TaraLSUnless it's the onboard one. Even so, if I'm using an aftermarket video card, and not the motherboard one, wouldn't the motherboard one automatically disable?19:00
kbmonkeyyour problem will become hard to troubleshoot at this point :(19:00
TaraLSI think it's CPU, PSU, or motherboard.19:00
TaraLSI just wanted to try narrow it down a bit more before I start spending money I can't spare replacing parts.19:01
kbmonkeyfaulty power supplies can also do this. the only way to test that is to swap it out. but keep that as your last test.19:01
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Can any Desktop power supply go in any Desktop computer?19:01
magedroiddoes the mb do a full post TaraLS ?19:01
TaraLSkbmonkey,  My current one is 400w.19:01
TaraLSmagedroid,  What's a full post?19:01
kbmonkeyhave a old psu you can use?19:02
magedroidPower On Self Test19:02
TaraLSmagedroid, I have... no idea.19:02
magedroidlol how many beeps do hear when you start the machine?19:02
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I have another computer, but it's one of those horizontal towers, not a vertical one. The plug in the back of the PSU looks the same, though.19:02
kbmonkeyusually yes, TaraLS. in cases where you have a powerful graphics card, it will need a larger power supply. but for onboard, you can get away with less19:02
Kilospsu should be similar19:03
TaraLSmagedroid,  Ohhh. Uh. None. But it makes a nifty mechanical-type noise. Doodoop-doop. and then doop. Not a beep, per se.19:03
Kiloseven if its 350w try it19:03
TaraLSkbmonkey,  My aftermarket card is a GeForce 9500 GT19:03
kbmonkeythe power units are all the same (unless its like a micro case that is unusually small)19:03
magedroidlol @ TaraLS 19:03
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Okay.19:03
TaraLSIt's really hard to describe.19:04
TaraLSOh oh oh19:04
kbmonkeylet me check in my case quick...19:04
TaraLSIt sounds like the sound that a printer makes when it's printing out a long line19:04
TaraLSThat zzzzzp sound19:04
magedroiddoes not sound too good, bit hard to go on the desricption though19:05
kbmonkeyheard that bohemiam rhapsody that guy made using only hardware programmed to do stuff on schedule. too good.19:05
TaraLSmagedroid,  I think it has always made that noise, though. And I've only had issues for the last eight monthsish. Of three years of ownership.19:05
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I haven't, lol. But perhaps another time. :P19:05
magedroidmb manufacturers website will have the beep codes for any errors on start up19:06
TaraLSmagedroid, So... the sounds it's supposed to make, or...? I'm lost.19:06
TaraLSSo if it has any errors, it'll make a particular noise on start-up?19:06
TaraLS"ASUS: Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection." Yeah-huh.19:07
magedroidusually single beep on start up to let you know the mb ram and cpu have passed the post19:07
Kilosisnt there a bios setting to see startup posts?19:07
* TaraLS has no idea.19:07
magedroidif there is an error then different beeps19:07
kbmonkeysometimes you need to disable the onboard video to use the geforce19:08
kbmonkeyapparently most 300W PSU will handle your GeForce card OK19:08
magedroidlots of things to try19:08
kbmonkeythe nvidia page says 350W recommended19:09
Kilosya but it hangs on onboard graphics too19:10
Kilosstarted with xp installed with blue screens19:10
TaraLSThe computer doesn't just miraculously hang either.19:10
TaraLSI mean19:10
TaraLSI have no idea what I meant to say with that line.19:10
TaraLSBut essentially, what definitely causes it to freeze is streaming video, or converting video from a url (which I just discovered before).19:10
TaraLSThe temp of the cores kept going up as the streaming video was being converted19:11
TaraLSBut the other temps were fine.19:11
kbmonkeyI will do some Goooogle-Fu and see what I can find :)19:11
Kilossounds like an overload of something kbmonkey 19:11
kbmonkeyit does Kilos 19:11
TaraLSThe comp can go for hours without freezing if I don't stream video19:11
Kilosthats why she has all the heat sensors setup19:11
TaraLSThough, it has frozen during operation of Rhythmbox.19:12
kbmonkeyI have a friend whose pc would crash as it got too hot. ended up pointing a standup fan at it and that fixed it. lol!19:12
Kilosshe tried that too19:12
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I've got a standup fan at it right now. That's what got the MP temp down from 43c to now 30c.19:12
TaraLSI only just tried it like an hour ago19:12
TaraLSMB temp is at 30c but still showing red.19:12
Kilossome component on the mb not happy19:13
TaraLSThere's a light on by one of the slots where nothing is plugged into the slot.19:13
TaraLSThere are two slots below the graphics card slot, and the bottommost one has a light that is on. A green one. I'm just wondering what that is.19:13
kbmonkeyis there dusty buildup in any of the fans?19:13
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I recently cleaned them.19:13
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Essentially, anything you can think of is probably going to have been done.19:14
TaraLSkbmonkey,  :(19:14
TaraLSCPU temp and fan are fine.19:14
kbmonkeyyou are very prepared indeed!19:14
magedroidthat is usually mb light to show power on the board19:14
Kilosi would swop psu's first then go fuirther19:14
TaraLSSo I reckon it's probably mb or psu19:14
kbmonkeyhello smile4ever!19:14
TaraLSKilos,  Yeah. That's something I can do.19:14
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Not necessarily prepared. Just hours, and hours, and daaaays and days of troubleshooting.19:15
magedroidmaybe mb temp sensor is broken19:15
kbmonkeyunless *both* your MB's are faulty, you did test them separate19:15
* TaraLS has pulled her hair out more than once.19:15
Kiloswith luck its the psu19:15
magedroidso things it is always hot19:15
smile4everhi :p19:15
smile4everkbmonkey: I have a proposition :p19:15
TaraLSmagedroid,  'both' motherboards...? I only have one. /confused19:15
smile4everyou do my homework, i'll do something else for you19:15
smile4everdeal? :D19:15
TaraLSkbmonkey, sorry.19:15
TaraLSsmile4ever,  I'll do your homework if you fix my computer :D19:15
kbmonkeyinteresting test: would it still freeze if you try a live boot?19:15
TaraLSkbmonkey, What's a live boot?19:16
TaraLSkbmonkey,  And unless I can test youtube on a live boot, then that's a pointless test.19:16
kbmonkeyTara, when you boot Ubuntu off the CD or USB19:16
smile4everTaraLS: that's a great deal! :D19:16
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Ahh. Actually, I did that first.19:16
smile4everTaraLS: what's wrong wit it? :(19:16
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I don't think it froze.19:16
TaraLSsmile4ever,  Who knows! :D :D :D19:16
kbmonkeysometimes in rare cases, updates to drivers or the kernel affects hardware in a bad way. 19:17
KilosTaraLS, boot from usb and clich the try ubuntu the go to the tube with it ans=d see what happens19:17
Kilossorry for typos19:18
kbmonkeylol smile4ever. what homework is it?19:18
kbmonkeydirty laundry?19:18
smile4everprogramming :p19:18
smile4evertoo much work :p19:18
smile4everI can do it19:18
Kilosyou can install xchat from the live one as well19:18
smile4everbut I simply have enough programmed for the last days19:18
TaraLSkbmonkey, My Windows crashed, so I "tried" Ubuntu from USB before installing.19:18
TaraLSOkay. I'll run Ubuntu from 'live' and watch Youtube and see what happens.19:19
kbmonkeyok TaraLS. sorry for all your problems.19:19
TaraLSkbmonkey,  THanks for that. I am too!19:19
TaraLSk brb.19:19
kbmonkeyI will do some hunting online, I will make a list of possible things I find, OK :]19:19
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Okay, thanks. :) In the meantime, I will see what live Ubuntu does.19:19
TaraLSOr rather, how it goes.19:19
kbmonkeyfor what class is this smile4ever ?19:21
Kiloskbmonkey, some bug got past windows and crashed the pc and it hjas improved with ubuntu but still freezes albeit no as often19:21
smile4everkbmonkey: software development, it is called :p19:21
Kilosi have ians pc here where virii from windows has sickened the whole pc19:22
Kilosmg psu ram and cpu and bios19:22
Kilosif i bring a drive from it to here my bios tells me i have changed the cpu and must do settings19:23
Kilosshe might even need to flash the bios as a last resort19:23
Kilosbut thats tricky because the new bios wants to go to a floppy19:23
kbmonkeysure smile4ever. the answer is printf('42');19:24
kbmonkeyI wonder if it freezes watching local videos too?19:25
smile4everkbmonkey: I don't think so :p19:26
Kilosshe said no19:28
kbmonkeyOk. we can then assume it's flash codec related. seeing as she tried to convert from flash to mp4. hmmm19:30
TaraLSOkay, so. For some reason, my BIOS won't pick up my "removable device" now, so how do I try Ubuntu from the USB without restarting?19:30
Kilosyou have to set bios to boot from usb19:31
Kilossame as when you installed19:32
Kilos<kbmonkey> Ok. we can then assume it's flash codec related. seeing as she tried to convert from flash to mp4. hmmm19:32
smile4everbyee :p19:33
Kilostoods smile19:33
Kilossleep tight smile4ever 19:33
smile4everthanks :)19:33
TaraLSKilos,  Yes, I know. But it won't see the "removable device" there.19:34
TaraLSKilos,  Actually, wait. Let me fully shut down instead of restarting.19:34
Kilosi know19:34
kbmonkeyTara, connect the usb stick before you restart so the bios will see it19:34
kbmonkeyoh I thought smile4 wanted to give more detail. 19:35
kbmonkeythis sure is a difficult problem to troubleshoot!19:36
nuvolariMaaz: morse . ....-. .. .. -..-.. ....-. . .-.. ...-.. .. .- .-..19:36
Maaznuvolari: Decodes as E II  EL IAL19:36
Kilosyeah kbmonkey the fly has also tried19:37
Kilosand some other guys19:37
Kilosgot too much for me19:37
Kiloseasier when pc is in front of you19:37
nuvolari. ....-. .. .. -..-.. ....-. . .-.. ...-.. .. .- .-..19:38
nuvolarimaaz morse. ....-. .. .. -..-.. ....-. . .-.. ...-.. .. .- .-..19:38
Maaznuvolari: Decodes as E II  EL IAL19:38
kbmonkeymorse codes?19:39
nuvolariit's some morse from an Image in Ingress kbmonkey 19:40
kbmonkeyI think it is worth running that memory test over tonight, just to be sure19:45
Kiloscould be because she did it once with xp and i think even tried it with19:46
Kilosstresslinux cd19:46
kbmonkeyit happening in xp makes us think its hardware, but in reality we should not. because xp could be doing it for different reasons, it is xp after all ;)19:47
Kilosi got wierd things here19:48
Kiloshave pc2 connect via direcy cable19:49
Kilosto share 3g19:49
Kiloscan ping this pc and
Kilosbut cant get apt-get update19:49
kbmonkeyKilos, do you know if the mouse even stops moving? or if pressing control+alt+F1 does anything?19:50
Kilosby her?19:50
Kilosfreeze must be no mouse or niks i think19:51
Kiloscan ask if she gets back19:51
Kilosim falling of chair here already19:51
Kilosand still gotta shower19:52
kbmonkeyme too!19:52
Kiloscant sleep with stinky peeps19:52
Kilosthe 9 hour time diffs makes it hard to help her19:53
Kilosshe been to lotsa other forums19:53
Kilosso far no luck19:53
Kilosnearly 2 weeks with 12.10 now19:54
kbmonkeythere are some things we can still try. but options run out, pc may be broke19:54
magedroidwell will keep on trying Kilos19:54
magedroidi am off good night all19:54
Kilosyeah im sure we will find a solution somehow19:55
Kilosnight magedroid sleep tight19:55
Kilosoh kbmonkey it was very bad19:55
meesterarendhow about an over clocked cpu?19:55
Kilosthen i got her to pull battery and reset bios to defaults19:55
meesterarendit can cause all kinds of problems in windows19:56
Kilosthen it was good for a few hours even streaming youtube19:56
Kilosthen it started again19:56
Kilosxp used to go blue screen just standing with nothing open19:56
Kilosshe hasnt overclocked it herself im sure19:57
Kilosdunno where that came from19:57
Kilosnuvolari, slaap jy?19:57
Kiloshi Squirm 19:57
Squirmxp would bsod like that if there was faulty ram20:00
kbmonkeyindeed Squirm 20:00
meesterarendwe had an faulty motherboard that got hit by an serious power surge20:01
Kilosshe has 2 2g ddr's i think and has tried each one and both , all same probs20:01
Kilosis it stuffed meesterarend 20:01
Squirmand if the ram is faulty, then no matter what OS you run, the ram will still be faulty20:01
meesterarenddid that for more than a year before it eventually just would not do it's job anymore20:02
Squirmmeesterarend: over the past 3 weeks we've lost 3 motherboards 2 lightning20:02
Kilosyou mean both rams crashed same time?20:02
meesterarendusually under load20:02
Squirmand a lot of switches, few projectors20:02
SquirmKilos: could have happened20:02
Kiloswhew she will cry20:02
kbmonkeythat fd0 error is also suspect. can only be if a floppy is enabled in the bios.20:02
Kilosthey battling at the moment with mom sick for last 2 months20:03
Kiloswb TaraLS 20:03
SquirmKilos: best is to try and borrow ram, test it, then buy it if she needs20:03
TaraLSOn XCHAT online.20:03
kbmonkeyprobably not the cause20:03
kbmonkeywb TaraLS 20:03
TaraLSThanks much20:03
TaraLSIn order to play Youtubey things, I need to install flash.20:03
kbmonkeyyou sure are puzzling us here :)20:03
Kilosdoes it still freeze20:03
meesterarendhey TaraLS20:03
TaraLSWait. Says it is already. Hee.20:03
TaraLSKilos:  Give it time, sheesh. :P20:03
TaraLSmeesterarend:  Howdy. :)20:03
SquirmI've seen a faulty usb keyboard make xp bsod :/20:03
TaraLSkbmonkey: I know. :(20:03
Kilosyou can install everything from live TaraLS 20:04
Squirmhello TaraLS 20:04
TaraLSKilos: Well, I tried etc, and it didn't work out for me. So I'm using Ubuntu on a webpage.20:04
meesterarendhad new kb20:04
TaraLSSquirm:  Hiya.20:04
meesterarendwith faulty usb wire stopping computer from booting20:04
meesterarendso i fixed the wire20:05
meesterarendstill using the kb20:05
kbmonkeymaybe you told us before, but I like to ask TaraLS: you have tried taking your Geforce card out of the pc and it still froze?20:05
kbmonkeyor did you leave it in and just connect the monitor to the built-in video?20:06
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Yep.20:06
TaraLSkbmonkey:  No, I took it right out.20:06
TaraLSDang, it's already so late. :(20:06
* TaraLS watches Youtube to seeee.20:06
* kbmonkey holds opposable thumbs20:07
meesterarendcpu might draw more power than it should...maybe turn on power saving features?20:08
kbmonkeyI know how frustrating these issues are, they are the worst battle!20:08
kbmonkeyif unity is enabled, it could also add to the processing and heat created20:09
kbmonkeymight be worth disabling unity for a while to see20:09
Kiloscan you run 12.10 in 2d?20:09
meesterarendusually if he system is before me it spills its guts as soon as i put some motivation in front of it20:09
TaraLSOh that's right.20:10
meesterarendand then the problem also disappears 20:10
TaraLSMy Unity bar didn't show up when I took my graphics card out and used 'try Ubuntu'20:10
TaraLSAlso... Wouldn't the temperatures show if things are overheating?20:10
Squirmhmm, doesnt Ubuntu come with a Mem test boot option, maybe try run that?20:10
kbmonkeyA Heisenbug meesterarend ? ;)20:10
TaraLSWhilst my comp was off a few minutes back, the MB went down to 28c, and was in the green.20:10
TaraLSSquirm:  I really don't think it's memory at this point, but I will try that later.20:11
kbmonkeyyou could run that memtest overnight just to eliminate that 20:11
meesterarend100 year old 15 pounder20:11
SquirmTaraLS: is it only when you watch youtube, or have you experienced it watching a video?20:12
kbmonkeya problem that goes away when you try to observe it20:12
meesterarendnever need to touch a computer with it20:12
meesterarendjust talk20:12
TaraLSSquirm: Youtube is what I use to test to see if the comp has stopped freezing.20:12
kbmonkeySquirm, it even happend while hovering mouse over the unity bar20:12
Squirmmeesterarend: I fix many issues like that20:13
TaraLSSquirm: When I had XP, it froze when I was trying to combine audio and video in Windows Media Player. It happened when I tried to save an image on Photoshop CS6 after about two/three hours of use, it happened when I was using my Recording Program, Avid Pro Tools SE, and Cakewalk Home Studio 2002.20:13
meesterarendallso had two xp computers this month that was supposed not to worked20:13
Squirmall utilise the gfx and lots of ram20:13
meesterarendhooked them up20:13
meesterarendand they worked :(20:14
meesterarendone even had 64mb ram:-020:14
meesterarendI'm still in shock20:14
kbmonkeyworth to try reset the bios to safe defaults20:15
* TaraLS sniffles.20:15
TaraLSAnd here I am, with a comp that SHOULD work, but does not.20:15
kbmonkeyits silly, but it's also Occam's Razor20:15
TaraLSkbmonkey:  I took the battery out for ten minutes and then put it back in.20:15
TaraLSkbmonkey:  That allowed me to watch one 55 min video on Youtube, and then a song on Youtube three times. But on the third time, when I clicked back on the progress bar to restart it, the comp froze.20:15
kbmonkeyyou can't even control+alt+F1 when it freezes?20:15
TaraLSkbmonkey:  I only just found out about that and it hasn't frozen since, so I haven't tried.20:16
kbmonkeytry right-click the video player, in flash settings try disable hardware acceleration.20:16
TaraLSNow dudes. Is it control+alt+F1, or control+alt+shift+PrtScrn20:16
TaraLSkbmonkey:  But it's not just Youtube that freezes. That's just what I KNOW freezes and what I use to test it. It's pointless installing my other stuff before I sort this out.20:17
kbmonkeyC-A-F1 switches to a text-only window20:17
TaraLSOkay. *writes that down*20:18
kbmonkeythe other combination only needs Alt+PrtScrn+[REISUB] -- aka "Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring"20:18
meesterarendon linux you an check the log files under /var/log for the time when the computer froze20:18
meesterarendmight give more insight on the problem20:19
Kilosmeesterarend, tail or cat /var/log/syslog20:20
kbmonkeyRaising Elephants is explained very nicely here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key#Uses20:20
meesterarendyep that one20:20
meesterarendI usually use nano for more control20:21
kbmonkeyAt a loss what else to suggest TaraLS :/20:21
Squirmvim wins :P20:21
Kilosshe needs full commands20:21
Kilosshe isnt an IT person20:21
Squirmoh, for viewing20:22
Squirmtail tends to work :)20:22
kbmonkeyoh dear. that does not look good.20:22
meesterarendI do not like tail much20:23
meesterarendit tends to give me the first ten lines of the file...when i try to get the last ten20:23
kbmonkeyyour files are written backwards? ha ha20:24
meesterarendI wish20:24
kbmonkeyone guess what happened there Tara? :p20:25
TaraLSGo for it. :P20:25
TaraLSYou probably won't get it.20:25
TaraLSOMGOSH how did you KNOW?20:25
TaraLSActually, I moronically did the C-A-F1 lol20:25
TaraLSAnd didn't know how to get out of the text page20:25
kbmonkeymy tinfoil hat, is how.20:25
TaraLSkbmonkey:  But that blocks signals...20:26
TaraLSBut it did say something about my hardware not being compatible with Unity20:26
kbmonkeyI should have mentioned. F1 through F5 are text. F6 (or 6, or is it 7?) go back to your GUI 20:26
TaraLSAnd enabling... somethingorother mode instead (slow)20:26
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Okay.20:26
meesterarendwe should have told him about C-A-F720:26
TaraLSOkay. I'll go back to the text window and see what it says exactly, then come back20:27
TaraLSHow do I come back exactly?20:27
Squirm<meesterarend> we should have told him about C-A-F720:27
Kiloshim be a her meesterarend 20:27
Squirmctrl alt F720:27
Kilosmy brat20:27
TaraLSOkay, way one.20:27
meesterarendnorthern cape its all the same20:28
kbmonkeyperhaps it is a unity issue after all. and the fact that this happened in xp was coincidence.20:28
Kilosgnome-fallback kbmonkey ?20:28
meesterarendbecause your tell him to take it slow while he's pregnant20:28
Squirmdefinitely bed time for me20:29
Squirmwanted to be sleeping an hour ago :/20:29
Kilosnight Squirm 20:29
TaraLSSquirm: Oops, sleep tight Squirm.20:29
kbmonkeynight Squirm20:29
Squirmgl TaraLS 20:29
meesterarendtook me a while to figure that out20:29
TaraLSkbmonkey: Nope. It's not a Unity issue. I refuse to believe such nonsense.20:29
meesterarendnight Squirm20:29
TaraLSkbmonkey:  It said "opengl" and then said "Unity is not supported by your hardware. Loading software rendering instead" and then said, "Unity is fully supported by your hardware."20:30
KilosTaraLS, try moms psu in there while we asleep20:30
TaraLSAnd I kept getting a new line saying, " Buffer I/O error on device fd0 logical block 0"20:30
meesterarendnvidia drivers?20:30
kbmonkeyit could say that only if your nvidia driver is not installed20:31
TaraLSKilos:  Yeah, because it looks sooo easy to disconnect/reconnect a power supply.20:31
Kilosits not hard kiddo20:31
kbmonkeyits kinda a chore20:31
TaraLSKilos:  What the heck goes where?20:31
TaraLSKilos:  But look at all the wires!20:31
kbmonkeyi mean... piece 'o cake20:31
Kilosjust watch for clips on the plugs into mb20:31
TaraLSMom's might not even be the right wattage20:31
Kilosno matter it will work20:32
kbmonkeyfd0 is a floppy drive. apparently your bios is expecting it20:32
meesterarendevery type of plug can go only one type of place20:32
meesterarendif it do not fit20:32
Kilosin bios disable floppy seek on boot20:32
meesterarendit's not the rigtht place for it20:32
meesterarendor the wrong way round20:33
kbmonkeyif you can get away with using the other psu without having to take it out...20:33
TaraLSI can't even open it20:34
kbmonkeyjust to test run, you know20:34
TaraLSkbmonkey:  How would I do that?20:34
kbmonkeyyou need to get a manslave in to do it for you20:34
TaraLSkbmonkey:  rofl20:34
meesterarendi did it a few times20:34
TaraLSkbmonkey:  I mean, the older comp (refurbished) is closed funny.20:34
meesterarendits a pain20:34
kbmonkeyeish. 20:35
TaraLSkbmonkey:  It's got a heap of screws which I removed, but the box itself is then like... I dunno. It's got these other little bolt-type things that I can't put the screwdriver in.20:35
TaraLSkbmonkey:  And I can't get the sides open. Just the top. Which is not enough.20:35
TaraLSIt says 240v on the back20:35
Kilosi go sleep. night all good luck20:35
kbmonkeyits a horizontal case?20:35
TaraLSMine is 250v. Does that matter?20:35
TaraLSKilos:  Sleep tight, old man.20:35
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Yeah.20:36
kbmonkeysleep tight Kilos 20:36
Kiloscome visit more often kbmonkey 20:36
kbmonkeyoh. those are nasty :| sometimes the entire outside needs to slide off.20:36
Kilostoods all20:36
kbmonkeywill do oom!20:36
TaraLSkbmonkey:  I know, but... I don't want to break it. It doesn't look like it's all unscrewed or something.20:36
meesterarendTaraLS: the power here goes from about 210v by day  - 260v by night here20:36
TaraLSkbmonkey:  I mean, I don't see any screws for the side part, but the sides are not coming up easily.20:37
TaraLSmeesterarend:  I seee.20:37
meesterarendnothing breaks on that amount of difference20:37
TaraLSYou know...20:37
TaraLSWhen I first tried Ubuntu20:37
meesterarendalso most handles 110v with out problems20:37
TaraLSMy computer was on for two days without freezing.20:37
TaraLSmeesterarend:  Okay, that's good to know.20:38
kbmonkeyif the case is being difficult you can always get someone to help you. that way if something breaks you can claim innocence! 20:39
TaraLSkbmonkey:  lol, well, she doesn't even use this comp. She has a laptop.20:39
TaraLSkbmonkey:  But I do need it, because it has XP, which means my tablet and printer work with it.20:39
kbmonkeyOk. well I remember working on plenty of those flat dell cases. they had these horrible clippy hooks inside that made it hard to remove.20:40
kbmonkeylike had to slide it off with a lot of force20:40
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Yes. It seems that way.20:41
* TaraLS sighs.20:41
kbmonkeyI used to put my hands on the sides and use thumbs to push the back panel inward.20:42
kbmonkeysome of them I had to remove the front panel, and push that side inward. :p20:42
kbmonkeysounds like it is just not your day!20:42
TaraLSSo... What if this IS a flash issue? Would 'flash' make my programs not work? Ones that don't require the interwebs?20:43
TaraLSkbmonkey:  lol. Try: 20:43
TaraLS'not my year'20:43
kbmonkeydo you have anyone you can ask to help you with that?20:43
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Nope.20:43
kbmonkeyno, flash would only be for watching videos :)20:43
TaraLSkbmonkey:  That's what I thought. Darn.20:44
TaraLSI went through a few stages where my PC froze when I searched up something in the Dash, too20:44
TaraLSKilos helped me fix that with the --configure -a thing.20:44
kbmonkeywe suspect flash, because it uses video and that takes more cpu. but no, it sounds like your problem happens other times too20:44
TaraLSkbmonkey:  But why would the PSU fail at different times?20:45
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Such as, it could fail when I just turn the comp on (like before, after I had done a hard restart and left it for a few hours, and then moved my cursor over the Unity taskbar)20:45
TaraLSOr if it's been ON for several hours.20:45
kbmonkeyoh dear. magespawn said it sounds like your mother board is failing. I hope its not that.20:46
TaraLSBefore, when I had XP, the comp kept freezing when I had my anti-virus up, and I couldn't finish updates for it. And also when it went into screensaver.20:46
TaraLSit froze a LOT LESS when I disabled screensaver and the antivirus.20:46
TaraLS:( Me too.20:46
TaraLSSo what are we trying to glean here, by playing Youtube whilst its in Live mode?20:47
kbmonkeyyes, that would only tell us that an update or something installed isnt causing this20:47
kbmonkeyyou do use this pc for work?20:48
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Yes, sadly.20:48
kbmonkeyoh dear. you should backup any files just in case.20:49
TaraLSWell, they're backed up already from XP.20:49
TaraLSI haven't put them onto Ubuntu yet.20:49
kbmonkeygood 8)20:49
TaraLSBecause of these issues.20:49
TaraLSI've only had Ubuntu for about... less than two weeks.20:49
kbmonkeyis it older than 5 years, your pc? 20:50
kbmonkeyhmmm, I need tea.20:51
kbmonkeyGoogling doesn't help. there's a hundred different issues it finds. sjoe20:51
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Well, apparently the BIOS is from 2007. But my comp has other dates to 2009.20:51
TaraLSkbmonkey:  I've had it since 09.20:52
kbmonkeyok. the next time you turn it on, see if you can pause it and write down the bios name and version. we can look if there are updates for it.20:53
TaraLSIt is!20:55
TaraLSv02.85. I think.20:55
TaraLSOr uh. That 02 might be wrong.20:55
kbmonkeyclose enough, let's see!20:56
kbmonkeyoh great, the ami bios website is not alive :P20:57
TaraLSAmerican Megatrends, etc etc20:57
TaraLSYeah... It figures.20:57
TaraLSIs Firefox supposed to lag a tiny bit in Live version?20:58
TaraLSMaybe I shouldn't have six tabs up. Ehem.20:58
kbmonkeyyes the live runs from usb, it will be a little slower21:00
TaraLSDon't laugh at me. :P I'm so overloaded with computer nonsense.21:02
TaraLSAnd paranoid about this freezing issue. Booo.21:02
kbmonkeyawe don't cry!21:03
kbmonkeyno this is just too freaky, the ami.com website does not exist21:03
kbmonkeymayb it is a sign21:04
kbmonkeythat we're looking for the wrong thing. he he21:04
kbmonkeyhow about you clear your head of our computer nonsense TaraLS, and we can try something different tomorrow? :)21:06
kbmonkeyhave you emailed the ubuntu mailing list with this, by the way?21:06
TaraLSWhy would I?21:07
TaraLSI mean, why would the mailing list want to hear about my isshoooosss?21:08
kbmonkeywell, it is there for people to ask and to help21:08
kbmonkeyand many eyes help find problems :)21:09
TaraLSYou know...21:09
TaraLSI think maybe it IS the motherboard... :( Echk.21:09
TaraLSThankfully, they are cheap.21:09
TaraLSI'd have to make sure that all my hardware would fit onto it. Is it a bad idea to buy the same one?21:09
kbmonkeydo they come with warranty?21:10
kbmonkeyif you can find the same one. They move so quick chances are that model isn't made anymore.21:10
kbmonkeymakes you want to throw it out the window, doesn't it? :P21:12
TaraLSYes. Definitely.21:15
TaraLSI've wanted to throw it through a wall at least twice now in the last week.21:15
kbmonkeyif memtest fails it could also mean cpu or motherboard. 21:16
kbmonkeybut since you swapped your memories out, maybe it is one of the cpu of mb :(21:16
kbmonkeyyou has gremlins21:17
kbmonkeyif you can, take it to a pc repair and tell them you suspect the motherboard or psu. they may even do free testing with their spares, ask them about this first.21:19
TaraLSThat's an idea.21:19
TaraLSOoh YES.21:19
TaraLSI think I shall ask them if they will do a free test.21:20
TaraLSThanks. I hope they will. :)21:20
TaraLSIf they do, they'll get my service. >.>21:20
kbmonkeysome shops do this because they can potentially get you to buy from them if something is broke21:20
kbmonkeythere's only so much punishment you can take on yourself. I imagine you must be rope's end!21:20
kbmonkeyI hope so too! :]21:21
TaraLSI am at rope's end21:22
TaraLSDangling on the precipice of "Oh, I'm sick of computers. I don't want one anymore."21:23
TaraLSI need to reinstall XP alongside Ubuntu, though.21:23
TaraLSBecause my printer and tablet won't work with Ubuntu21:23
TaraLSAnd working on images and layers on mom's computer with only 226mb of RAM is a nightmare.21:23
kbmonkeyThats when I turn it off and pick up a good old book. ha ha ha21:23
kbmonkeywow, that is dedication!21:24
kbmonkeyI remember trying audio editing on that amount of ram. eeek21:24
TaraLSYeah. I recorded a song on that much ram21:25
TaraLSI had to actually sing a fraction faster than the music in order for it to sync21:25
kbmonkeyI guess I should sleep. Did not so much last night from a fever :p21:28
kbmonkeyit's gone now, yay :)21:28
TaraLSAw. :(21:29
TaraLSI'm glad it's gone now. :)21:29
TaraLSI will call the PC place later and ask if they'll do free testing.21:29
TaraLSAnd then I'll let you know.21:29
TaraLSThanks for your help and company in my troubling times, oh wise kbmonkey. :)21:29
kbmonkeyhappy to help!21:30
kbmonkeyoh I guess it must be daytime there then. Good luck!21:31
=== Nimrod is now known as FlutterAi
TaraLSkbmonkey:  Yep. Only 8:30AM. :) And now I must be off.21:32
* TaraLS waves to all of Ubuntu ZA.21:32

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