rick_h_what is meeting time? 9pm then?01:08
rick_h_hmm, sucky poor reviews on the redis cookbook and the 'definitive guide' isn't due until middle of next year01:10
jrwrenyes, 9pm afaik01:10
rick_h_which means it'll likely be out next christmas01:10
jrwreni can't imagine a whole book on redis :)01:10
rick_h_heh, well there's a crap ton of 'commands'01:11
rick_h_curious about the expected use case/best practices on it01:11
krabadorhi people, i need help to install nvidia-173 on ubuntu 12.1001:17
rick_h_hey krabador, not sure how to help there. Not really much info to go off of.01:20
rick_h_there's a couple of google hits just for searching for your question there01:20
krabadorrick_h_, relly useful, thanx01:22
krabadorrick_h_, it seems i must wait01:25
snap-l25 minutes until meeting time01:36
rick_h_I'm going to fall alseep waiting...01:36
krabadorgood sleep01:37
rick_h_ok, so really I'm writing unit tests...but I could be falling asleep!01:38
snap-lYou shuld write unit tests to see if you're already asleep01:40
rick_h_crap, left a pdb in there and now hung waiting for input...but I'm asleep01:41
brouschI'm here!01:59
jjessewould you like a prize?01:59
snap-lWelcome everyone to the December 2012 Ubuntu US MI Meeting!02:00
snap-lHere's the agenda for this meeting: http://www.baenebooks.com/p-1618-the-monster-hunters.aspx02:00
snap-lOK, that is decidedly NOT the agenda for this meeting.02:00
snap-l(Reminder: don't go book shoopping prior to meeting)02:00
snap-lOK, I only have a few things to cover for this meeting, so if you have anything you'd like to add, please feel free02:01
snap-lotherwise, should be pretty short02:01
snap-l1) http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/370/agenda/1376/update/02:01
snap-lRecap of the Ubuntu 12.10 MUG Meeting02:02
snap-lFirst off, a HUGE thanks to jcastro_ and smoser for showing up and double props to jcastro_ for essentially demoing Ubuntu 12.10 with no notice at all. :)02:02
snap-lI don't think the presentation would have been nearly as smooth without them, and certainly without jcastro_02:03
snap-lSo, huge thanks!02:03
snap-lMark Ramm showed up as well, which was pretty cool02:03
snap-lI think ths stone soup idea needed a little more priming on my part. UNfortunately I hadn't used Ubuntu 12.10 that much prior to the meeting.02:04
snap-lso all I knew about it was the shopping lens02:04
snap-lalso, don't try doing a demo on an under-powered Dell machine.02:05
snap-lLessons learned. :)02:05
snap-lAny questions or comments about the MUG meeting?02:05
snap-lOK, moving on then02:06
snap-lRecap of 201202:06
snap-lI feel this year we kept marking time. We had a few events, and some pretty well attended events02:07
snap-lbut overall I'm not sure if the spark that we had in the earlier years is there.02:07
snap-lWe did have some pretty awesome events, especially the release parties02:08
snap-l(I'm not sure I'll ever be able to top the Michigan fight song being played on bagpipes)02:09
snap-lbut the global jams suffered from last-minute planning and event-space changes.02:09
snap-land those attracted a somewhat skeleton crew.02:10
snap-lI'm not sure what the answer is to get those more attended, and I think we need to discuss what we can do to help make these events better for everyone02:11
snap-land hopefully bring back the spark and enjoyment that we all had the first time we booted an Ubuntu disc.02:11
snap-lI'm confident we can pull out of this funk. ;)02:11
brouschI find it difficult to get folks interested these days02:11
jjesse-homeits kind of the new normal or something02:12
snap-lbrousch: Agreed. I think a lot of Ubuntu feels like it's on auto-pilot02:12
brouschMost of the local tech folk use Ubuntu, but no one is really excited about it02:12
snap-lWe do these things because of tradition, not because we care.02:12
jjesse-homethere's nothing "sexy" any more02:12
rick_h_Well before there was interesting in working on bugs and that faded. What is there now that can bring interesting in working on something real/productive?02:13
rick_h_no more karma whoring for the bug cleaners :P02:13
snap-lrick_h_: Don't get me started on the karma whoring for bug cleanup. :)02:14
rick_h_heh, sorry didn't mean to bring up bad history. However I think that was when we were at our best as far as productivity/etc02:15
rick_h_bug jams and the like02:15
snap-lBut it's definitely something for thought. I'm not sure how we can get folks excited again, but I'd rather have some excited folks02:15
rick_h_so curious if anyone has a 'new' bug jam idea that can get people interested02:15
snap-lI think the badges were a step in that direction02:15
snap-lbut it just felt "off"02:15
jjesse-homeacoomplishments or whatever02:16
snap-lMaybe a "community service" day?02:16
snap-ljjesse-home: Thank you. I was blanking on the name02:16
snap-lA day where we go through and help clean up some cruft02:17
jjesse-homewhat about a "ask ubuntu day"02:17
snap-lupdate wiki pages, vote up stuff in Ask Ubuntu02:17
jjesse-homeor something like that, did through old ask ubuntu questions and try to help them out02:17
snap-lY'know, that's what I did the last jam day.02:17
snap-lspent it all sifting through Ask Ubuntu02:17
jjesse-homewas it boring?02:18
snap-lNot really. It was kind of interesting.02:18
snap-lbut that's the sort of thing that I'm talking about. Maybe not on a jam day, but something where we could meet, either online or in person to just sit and do something that interests us02:19
snap-lAnywho, some food for thought.02:21
jjesse-homeso since i'm not on Ubuntu does the accomplishment thing actually work? or was it not really made a part of the project?02:22
snap-ljjesse-home: I never did anything with it. It didn't appeal to me02:22
jjesse-homeso you have to install it?02:22
snap-lI think so02:22
jjesse-homeah requires a ppa02:23
snap-lAnywho, something to think about for the coming year.02:27
snap-lI know not everyone on here uses Ubuntu, but I'm pretty sure you all want to see it improve02:28
snap-land I think we can all be a part of that.02:28
snap-lI think our biggest problem is we keep graduating folks into Canonical. :)02:29
snap-lAnywho, that's all I have for now02:32
snap-lAnything else anyone wants to bring up?02:32
rick_h_I like pie02:32
snap-lDuly noted02:33
snap-lPerhaps we could have a day of pie02:33
jjesse-homei like pie02:37
rick_h_ok, wife's agreed we can have a pie CHC02:37
rick_h_vote apple or pumpkin02:37
snap-lrick_h_: pumpkin, please.02:38
snap-lWhich date? :)02:38
rick_h_snap-l: 12th or 19th02:39
snap-lOK, I think we can stick a pie-stained fork in this meeting. :)02:42
snap-lThank you everyone.02:43
brouschNo thank you02:44
greg-grick_h_: I seem to remember you having an opinion on rechargable batteries. What was it? :)04:19
rick_h_eneloop greg-g04:26
greg-gyou're up late04:27
rick_h_yea, can't sleep04:28
rick_h_so going to QA my code change and get a drink for a few min04:28
* greg-g nods04:32
rick_h_and looking at wood :P http://www.bellforestproducts.com/04:32
greg-grick_h_: just because you're here: I can't imagine a reason why my energizer recharging station wouldn't work with the eneloop ones, right?04:32
rick_h_no, but the eneloop came with a charger that was nice for it so I ended using theirs04:33
greg-gthat is a deep hole to get lost in04:33
greg-gwood species seems like such a huge topic; all the diff qualities to think about04:33
rick_h_I need something very stable for making some straight edges out of04:33
rick_h_and looking at what it would cost to do something nice/fancy for these night stands :/04:34
rick_h_wow, 3 5/8" thick http://www.bellforestproducts.com/hand-pick/view/11244/?b=L2ZpZ3VyZWQtYnViaW5nYS9oYW5kLXBpY2svMS8=04:36
brouschSome other GR group I have nothing to do withnhas Katie Cunningham speaking remotely12:08
snap-lGood morning13:51
snap-lbrousch: Huh, that's interesting.13:51
brouschWhat is?13:51
snap-lSome other GR group I have nothing to do withnhas Katie13:51
snap-lCunningham speaking remotely13:51
brouschah, yeah13:53
snap-lThis is awesome: https://wiki.php.net/rfc/mysql_deprecation14:13
snap-lAwesome, as in I think Wordpress is going to have some work ahead of them14:14
nullspacesnap-l: this has been a long time in the making, 2011 is when I first heard about it14:17
nullspaceit's sad that people haven't moved to PDO ...14:18
rick_h_mysqli and pdo were out when I did php, that's some 4 years ago?14:18
nullspaceit's way easier to use and less hassle too, can bring a horse to water but you can't make it use objects14:19
brouschI seem to remember them even when I did PHP in 2002-200414:19
snap-lWell, it's also been one of the cited reasons for them not moving to Postgres14:25
snap-lSo, sooner they move to PDO, the happier I'll be14:25
nullspacewe inheritated a code igniter app that looks like it's on the chopping block14:35
nullspaceand I'm loving this converstation in thos forum http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/179618/#88510214:36
nullspacehonestly fuck these guys14:36
rick_h_greg-g: so I'd always keep at least one going tbh16:33
rick_h_I do my rsync to my nas and very import stuff to servers in the cloud but still keep some stuff in dropbox/U1. Now I do that because I use U1 for canonical stuff and dropbox is more personal16:33
rick_h_but I use those more for being able to link to things as well16:34
snap-lI am wedded to dropbox because of todotxt16:34
snap-lalso O'Reilly and Pragprog sync books via Dropbox16:34
greg-gyeah, I think I'll keep my accounts with them, obviously, for those types of things (O'Reilly etc) but, at what point do I reclaim disk space by deleting the work/personal docs in them and just using git-annex for them (since they are, starting now, slowly diverging)16:36
snap-lgreg-g: Whatever makes you comfortable. :)16:36
rick_h_greg-g: can they not share space?16:36
rick_h_e.g. U1 folder the same as git-annex?16:36
rick_h_and then just drop dropbox or something?16:37
greg-gno, git-annex uses symlinks for all content (it's an awesome engineering thing that you should check out, you'd probably really like how it works ;) )16:37
rick_h_ok, well I'd try to keep one. If only because of the non-data stuff. And I'd make 100% sure something emails/throws giant alarms if the git-annex stuff silently starts failing to work16:38
rick_h_I do like how the dropbox icon changes when it's got issues16:38
greg-g~/annex/some_file.iso actually is a symlink (the symlink is committed into git) that points to eg: ~/annex/.git/annex/objects/a3/zh/s-12981231-SHA256E-69182498124918018101989812982532.iso16:38
rick_h_but I do like to use dropbox/U1 for mobile access and such16:38
greg-gyeah, the mobile thing is a use case not yet supported really by git-annex, but it is also a use-case I don't really use :/16:39
snap-ldropbox is awesome for mobile access16:39
rick_h_oh interesting, kind of the reverse I'd expect, but makes sense16:39
rick_h_yea, like I upload all my flight info into there and make sure it's offline cache'd16:39
rick_h_so that i can load up itenerary, confirmations, etc offline on there16:39
greg-gwell, you don't want you git history to store every version of huge binary files :)16:39
* greg-g yeah16:39
* greg-g nods16:40
rick_h_greg-g: right, makes sense. It's not great at large binary files so cool that they've worked around some of that16:40
greg-gyeah, the cool thing is now you have all these hashed files (which, if you hash two files that are the same content, it'll dedup in the backend) where you have every version going back in time, until you want to clean up your history. Then you just "git-annex dropunused" and drop the unwanted unused backend files16:41
greg-gso, best of both worlds, really (is the idea)16:41
greg-gby "clean up your history" I mean "reclaim space used by old versions of big files that you no longer want" (think: intermittent huge renderings that are steps on the way to a final movie, in-process you want them all versioned, but when you're "done" you can safely get rid of them)16:43
* greg-g is a convert, if you can't tell ;)16:43
snap-lrick_h_: https://cahxmas.herokuapp.com/18:22
rick_h_snap-l: already ordered18:23
Blazeixthe way one would pronounce that subdomain makes me hesitant to click it at work18:24
rick_h_yea, I had to think twice18:24
rick_h_it came out of an email so didn't notice until it was too late18:25
snap-lIs it out of print already?18:27
snap-lAh, you already ordered it. ;)18:27
snap-lI can read, really.18:27
snap-lgreg-g: Maybe I should start up the post-startup, to get us back to a simpler time of wealth redistribution for good ideas22:49
snap-la Holistic Organic Leveraging Distribution22:49
snap-lWe could call it the HOLD-UP22:49
snap-lwhere I go to angel investers and say, quite pointedly "gimme your money, this is a HOLD-UP"22:50
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