pleia2who all is here for the meeting?02:00
pleia2I'm going to go grab a drink, then we can begin :)02:02
epsAnyone here?02:11
akkeps: pleia2 and grantbow and I have checked in so far.02:11
akkWe're in the "get a drink first" stage of the meeting.02:12
* akk got hot cocoa02:12
grantboweps: you now, welcome02:12
epsI can't seem to reach any of the west coast freenode servers.02:12
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pleia2hello everyone! :)02:17
pleia2#agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13May1902:17
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13May19 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:17
pleia2so we only really have one item02:17
pleia2#topic Call for mailing list (and other resource) admins02:17
pleia2currently myself and grantbow are the mailing list admins02:18
pleia2could use more if anyone has mailman experience and is willing to log in and clear out spam a couple times a week :)02:20
akkI don't have much mailman experience, but I can probably help with cleaning out spam.02:20
pleia2cool, I'll drop you an email with some instructions post-meeting02:21
pleia2thanks akk!02:21
pleia2we also have identica, twitter, facebook and g+ resources02:22
pleia2g+ isn't really maintained at all :\02:22
pleia2identica posts to twitter, and we manually put links on facebook02:22
grantbowakk: thanks :-)02:22
pleia2while I was gone this didn't really get done, so we need some more folks active here02:22
pleia2(being gone for 3 weeks was a great trial of what I need to fix the bus factor on!)02:22
akkI've kinda given up on both fb and g+, they're both too hard to use.02:24
* pleia2 nods02:24
pleia2I think I'll drop a mail to the list to see if we have any gurus out there :)02:24
pleia2maybe someone who even likes social media!02:24
* grantbow gasps!02:24
pleia2#topic Raring release02:25
pleia2so we had no release events as far as I can tell02:25
epsVirtual and half as long. ;-)02:26
pleia2uh huh :)02:26
pleia2are there any events this summer that we can participate in to make up for it?02:27
pleia2no picnic :(02:27
akkawww :(02:27
epsMarkDude hinted at something.02:28
pleia2yeah, and jono has mentioned he might be able to bbq for a picnic at some point02:28
akkA series of geeknics, hopefully.02:28
pleia2grantbow: not seeing one for this area02:28
grantbownot yet02:29
pleia2well, something to think about then02:30
pleia2#topic other business02:30
pleia2anyone else have anything?02:30
pleia2ok, we can wrap up then :) thanks everyone02:34
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon May 20 02:34:56 2013 UTC.02:34
darthrobot`Minutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2013/ubuntu-us-ca.2013-05-20-02.17.moin.txt02:34
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