Kiloshi Squirm and others05:49
KilosSquirm, do you know xubuntu?06:10
Kilosi cant get sound working06:10
Kilosoh its xchat dont work. pidgin works06:11
Kiloslotsa mist today goosie must travelled slowly to work06:19
superflyhi Kilos, Squirm06:37
Kiloshi superfly min dae06:37
Kiloshiya maiatoday 07:13
Kiloslo tonberry352_ sakhi 07:13
maiatodayhello tonberry352_ Kilos 07:14
magespawngood morning07:15
Kiloshi magespawn nlsthzn 07:15
nlsthznGood Monday uncle Kilos07:15
nlsthznand all]07:15
Kilosoh my lost again07:21
not_foundaren't we all07:26
Kilosmaybe tonight we can hit 50 nicks07:36
Kilosnot_found, you clever! whats with the agenda page, cant find where to add items07:38
not_foundwe have an agenda page?07:38
not_foundthis meeting sounds all proper now07:38
Kilosthere was always one that showed the agenda bit by bit07:39
Kilosmethinks the monkey changed it now no one can add items07:39
not_foundI logged in and then I have a button that says add agenda item07:39
Kilosgonna cut off his banana supply07:40
Kilosoh my07:40
not_foundright above the first item on the agenda07:40
Kilosthen maybe goosie fixed it07:40
not_foundstranger things have happened07:40
Kiloswe have a new chair tonight07:41
not_foundvince eh?07:42
not_found:/ I have so little to do and I don't even do that... guess I have time to get the reports up to date now... Will need some heavy metal for this...07:52
not_founddoes anyone have a blog post about the global jam that was done in March?  Or shall I just link to the follow up post of all the activities that is available on the mailing list?08:03
Kiloshi aquarat 08:15
aquarathey Kilos08:16
not_foundI have an ubuntu hour that was scheduled for Sun 3rd March - http://ubuntu-za.org/news/2013/02/18/ubuntu-hour-jhb-sunday-3-march-2013 but I don't have a link for feedback, a blog or photo's or anything... did it even happen!?08:16
Kilosyoull have to ask queery or one of the gauteng okeys tonight08:18
Kilosadd it to the agenda08:18
Kilosi spose in events08:18
not_foundhmmm... hope I remember :D - we need to have a google doc or something to help keep track of stuff like this08:19
not_foundhmmm... also wonder if there were any release parties last month08:23
Kilosya there was08:24
Kiloswas some feedback in the list08:24
Kilosalso them gauteng peeps08:24
not_foundlooking at the archive for april and not seeing anything 08:25
Kilosmaybe it was here08:25
not_foundI should have a look at G+ also08:25
Kilosoh ya something about intimate08:25
* not_found can't check now cause photo's being uploaded to g+ currently :/08:26
Kiloslemme see what i can scroll back to here and find08:26
not_foundno worries uncle Kilos ... 08:27
Kilosoh there was some feedback in the tweet place08:28
not_foundhmmm... k, will go have a look thansk08:28
Kilosfrom a new guy08:28
Kilosi dunno if one can see all tweets in ubuntuza08:29
not_foundafaik you can08:29
Kilosnot via pidgin08:29
Kilosthats what i use08:30
not_foundpidgin for tweets not the best afaik :p08:30
Kilosnope i dont like twitter so just drop a post with pidgin then close it again08:30
Kiloswe need to rev queery about feed back08:38
not_foundchecked twitter and nothing there to use :/08:44
Kilosya i dont think they gave any actual feedback or links08:44
Kilossup magespawn ?08:56
Kilosso quiet08:57
not_foundwell the reports are as done as I can get them for now...08:59
Kilosthats fine ty not_found 08:59
Kilosyou shouldnt have to chase after feedback09:00
not_foundif I do it in a more timely fashion it would also be easier :p09:01
not_foundthinking back months not the best09:01
nuvolari_o/ hi oom Kilos 09:31
Maaz_nuvolari_: By the way, magespawn on freenode told me "tell nuvolari_ that both sites display fine on the phone" 23 hours, 7 minutes and 16 seconds ago09:31
nuvolari_oom not_found 09:31
nuvolari_magespawn: thanks!09:31
Kiloslo nuvolari_ gaanit?09:31
nuvolari_goed dankie en met oom?09:31
=== nuvolari_ is now known as nuvolari
Kilosgoed dankie. hoekom is jy so skaars09:32
Symmetriawow, there are linux drivers for the printer Im about to buy, Im kinda suprised09:39
Kiloslinux just keeps getting better09:40
Symmetriaheh, waiting to find out just how much that printer is gonna cost09:41
Symmetriaactually a lot cheaper than I thought, 28 grand09:51
not_found3d printer?09:54
Symmetrianah, giant photographic inkjet09:56
Kiloshi afrodeity 10:08
afrodeityYou are all invited to the inaugural OBS HACKFEST, this coming Saturday10:08
afrodeityAm looking for an UBUNTU LoCo rep to be one of the REFS10:09
not_foundinteresting handle afrodeity ...10:09
afrodeityAlso there is a slot on the programme for the obligatory UBUNTU DEMO10:09
afrodeityBut please consider this an opportunity to spread your linux distro of choice10:10
afrodeityHi Kilos10:10
afrodeityHi not_found10:10
afrodeitySo bring your Robots, showcase your Arduino projects and Hack Code and Pizza10:12
afrodeityThe event is being held in conjunction with OPEN STREET INITIATIVE and 100 things in 1 Day10:12
afrodeityhence the short lead time10:13
sakhiafrodeity: see you Saturday in Obz.10:25
Kilosactually that could be added as an event at tonights meeting maybe10:28
mazalHi everyone10:36
Kiloshi mazal where you been10:36
mazalVery busy oom kilos10:36
Kiloswhew too busy for irc10:36
Kilosthats bad10:36
Kilosmeeting tonight hey10:36
mazalWas able to install 13.04 at least :)10:37
Kilosi prefer 12.0410:37
mazalCan't say that I have issues. Except lag in unity that is still there from 12.1010:37
mazalHad a issue at install , but you prob read about it in the mailing list10:38
Kilosya its all the extra eye candy10:38
mazalBut very happy with 13.04 so far.10:38
Kilosonly short support times now10:39
mazalAnd in other news I have just moved10:39
afrodeityright, its the monthly online meeting tonite?10:39
Kilosso im sticking with lts releases10:39
mazalSo still sorting out all that work10:39
Kilosmoved where10:39
mazalDifferent flat10:39
mazalStill on Zonnies10:40
Kilosah thats ok10:40
mazalCome October I'm gonna try the direct upgrade for the first time10:40
mazalNever tried that before10:41
Kilosi found it made everything slower10:41
Kilosbut the fly does upgrades everytime10:41
mazalSince one now basically have to go up every 6 months I need to find an easier way10:41
Kilosya and only dvds with lts releases10:42
mazalWhat get's me is all the exra stuff that needs to be added. Takes so much time10:42
Kilosno more cds for the others10:42
mazalSo I hope with a direct update those will stay in tacts10:43
Kilosthats why you got the backup tool10:43
Kilosdejadup i think its called10:43
mazalBackups don't help10:43
mazalYou have your data , but you still need to apt-get all the applications10:44
mazalI have a lengthy list of extra software I need10:44
Kilosthere must be another tool to help with that10:44
mazalAnd there is only 1 way to get them on there lol10:45
mazalYou have to install them hehehe10:45
Kilosmaybe aptoncd is sorted 10:45
mazalThen you have debs , but the problem is new version of Ubuntu often don't use the same debs for some apps10:46
Kilosit used to open with synaptic and you could tick upgrade all or something  and it would do the lot10:46
Kilosoh ya10:46
mazalSome day , someone is gonna find an easy way :-)10:46
Kilosim thinking of clean installs of same release10:47
Kilosyou still like unity?10:48
charlgood morning10:48
charlgood afternoon, excuse me, i slept in ;)10:48
mazalYep , I miss it when I work on a pc without it10:48
charlMaaz_: coffee on10:48
* Maaz_ starts grinding coffee10:48
Kilosim using kubuntu and xubuntu as well10:48
Kiloshi charl 10:48
mazalLo charl 10:49
charlhi Kilos10:49
KilosMaaz_, coffee please10:49
Maaz_Kilos: Alrighty10:49
charlhi mazal 10:49
KilosMaaz_, large10:49
Maaz_In a beer mug just for you Kilos10:49
mazalHet Maaz_ al geleer steak braai ?10:49
Kilosnee hy wil nie10:49
Maaz_Coffee's ready for charl and Kilos!10:52
KilosMaaz_, dankie10:52
Maaz_Groot plesier Kilos my vriend10:52
Kilosmazal, you keeping your servers on lts i hope10:55
Kilos5 years support10:56
mazalyep , not fiddling with those10:56
mazalBut that support is only half support10:56
Kilosshould be all one needs 10:56
mazalOnly certain things are covered. Many apps doesn't get updated10:56
Kilosif they work why update them10:57
Kilosleave well enough alone10:57
mazalIs why I installed 13.04. I want to use the latest software too10:57
Kilosya thats fine for personal use but not big servers10:57
mazalServer is way too big job to do frequently also hehehe10:58
charlMaaz_: thanks10:58
Maaz_charl: Okay :-)10:58
Kiloswith them you can do the upgrade route to next lts10:58
mazalI think I will stick with re-install on them hehe10:59
mazalOr , will clone and then try the upgrade way10:59
Kilosworth a try on one i think11:00
mazalAnd if it breaks you fix lol11:00
Kilosbut i think you still gotta install apps11:00
Kilosfor the new one that is11:01
Kilosthe pro is moving his whole company to another premises so he has major work11:02
Kilosdont even come for coffee11:02
mazalThat is huge work11:03
magespawnprobably claim that as a reason for not being here11:03
Kiloslol ya he does11:03
Kiloswill be too tired to attend the meeting11:03
Kiloshaha not_found new handle tonight11:06
magespawnthought i was seeing double trouble there for a second11:13
Kilos-wb magespawn 11:16
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kiloshi amanica 11:16
magespawnty and you too11:16
Kilosmodem disconnected for some reason11:17
Kiloshad to move to another socket11:17
amanicahi Kilos, yeah firing up the 'l irc client and try to catch the meeting tonight :)11:17
Kilosport hole whatever11:17
Kilosgood amanica 11:17
KilosMaaz_, change nick to maaz11:20
Maaz_Kilos: Just do it yourself11:20
Kilosmagespawn, we could hit 50 tonight11:21
magespawnyup looking good11:22
Kiloswe could have a prob getting maaz to listen to vinnie11:24
magespawnstill need to have inetpro or someone grant the permissions11:25
magespawnmaybe superfly?11:25
Kilosya but they might not be here11:26
Kilosoh my11:27
magespawni do not know anyone else who has the rights to gran those permissions11:30
Kilosmaybe the weed11:32
Kiloshi Vince-0 11:33
Kilosyou can add at the agenda now11:33
Kilossomeone fixed it11:33
Vince-0oow, something changed?11:33
Kilostop of everything11:33
magespawnmaybe, what is superflys reason for not coming? also busy?11:34
Kiloshe is packing to go see you but said he will lurk11:34
Kiloswe gonna hit new record tonight im sure11:35
Kiloslast was 4611:35
magespawnpacking for the holiday, i remember11:35
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 11:35
Vince-0I'm posting to the dbnlug list about meeting 11:35
ThatGraemeGuyoh, um, hi11:38
Kiloshi Xethron 11:39
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za11:39
KilosMaaz_, announce Meeting here tonight at 19.30 all of you11:40
Maaz_Announcement from Kilos! Meeting here tonight at 19.30 all of you11:40
Vince-0hmm, I see MIles' addition to the agenda but I don't know where to add. I will bring it up when the time comes11:50
Xethronheya Kilos 11:56
XethronThank you11:56
KilosVince-0, at the top is the add goody11:57
Kilosi added already11:57
superflymagespawn: I see you in 2.5 weeks :-)11:57
Kilosclick on that11:58
magespawncool beans superfly11:58
Kilosit says add agenda item11:58
afrodeitywhere is agenda link12:07
Vince-0Kilos, nope - don't see it. May be a permissions problem12:07
Vince-0afrodeity, in the channel header12:08
Kilosyou gotta login Vince-0 12:08
Kiloswhat was it Vince-0 ill try add for you12:09
Kilosthats hwere i am now12:09
Vince-0launchpad ID: vinceswart12:10
Kiloswow i see it above Welcome12:10
Kilosoh my12:10
Vince-0ya I keep getting silly openID/single sign on errors on the sites12:12
Kilosok what did you wanna add? ill do it12:12
Kilosi forgot what it was about12:13
Vince-0I just wanted to talk about last week's developer summit if anyone was following it there were some things affecting the community12:13
Vince-0but I haven't prepared properly for it12:13
Kilosshould that go in events?12:14
Vince-0ooh I dunno12:16
Kilosme neither12:16
Vince-0I think Wez will chair this one anyways- we can just add it on the fly tonight12:17
Kilosill dump a short note in events12:17
Kilosoh ok12:17
Vince-0there is lots that happened at the UDS, I haven't been able to catch up on it all.12:19
Vince-0The only thing that caught my eye was the removal of the community site link from the ubuntu.com front page12:19
Vince-0so that was addressed12:19
Vince-0but there are many tracks and hangouts to review12:19
Vince-0so I make notes and review it for my dbnlug hangout next week but I thought it pertinent to the IRC discussion tonight12:20
Kilosya if it affects us it is12:21
Vince-0I'm still trying to get understanding about how the community processes fit into Canonical's12:22
Vince-0but I think everyone should at least be aware of what happened in the UDS and have a review discussion about it12:22
Kilosmaybe tumbleweed can explain that12:23
mazalBye all12:51
tumbleweedVince-0: I wasn't following the community track12:58
Vince-0tumbleweed, surp12:58
Vince-0ah! so what else was interesting12:58
tumbleweedbut I saw from the wrap-up that tehy want to kill approved locos. That sounds fine to me12:59
Vince-0kill approved locos? 13:00
tumbleweedmake approved and unapproved the same thing13:01
tumbleweedthere are no CDs anymore, anyway13:02
Vince-0yep, also stopping the brainstorm project13:03
KilosXethron, how did you find us13:07
Kilosare you a ubuntu/linux  user?13:07
XethronI've been here before...13:08
XethronLinux Mint13:08
XethronAnd did use ubuntu as my main os few years back.13:08
Kiloswell welcome back then13:08
Kiloswe any flavour friendly13:08
XethronMy friends invited me to the Google+ event, and last time I missed it.. So didn't make the monthly meeting13:09
XethronLets hope I remember tonight :P13:09
Kilostie a knot in something13:09
XethronSo yeah, short answer13:10
XethronOn Google+13:10
Kilosa good13:10
Kilosbring more guys wtih you13:10
Xethron_kilos, will try13:33
=== Xethron_ is now known as Xethron
Vince-0launchpad page reckons "Vincent Swart is not an active member of any Launchpad teams." I must have had another account in the past14:02
tumbleweedVince-0: it was probably time for brainstorm to go14:03
tumbleweedthe techboard has been struggling to look at it14:03
Vince-0yep, it's falling a bit behind without being part of the feedback loop14:06
Kilostumbleweed, you attending tonight?14:41
Kiloswe might need someone to grant chair to vince or kbmokey14:42
tumbleweedKilos: I should be around14:42
Kilosty 14:42
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
not_foundah cool, I see the meeting is at 19:30... so I should make it in time :)15:31
Kiloshehe Xethron you didnt forget16:39
Kiloshi Cantide 16:39
XethronChannel getting full!16:39
Kilosthis channel should be on your auto start list16:39
Kilosyeah when we get to 50 i can retire16:40
Cantidehello :)16:40
Cantidethen i'll make sure we only get to 49 - to keep you here :)16:40
Kilosyou as bad as magespawn 16:41
XethronKilos: where you from? What do you do?16:41
Kilosim old and do nothing but greet peeps here16:42
* Trixar_za sets mode +l 49 #ubuntu-za16:42
Kiloswest of pta on a plot16:42
Kiloshi Trixar_za 16:42
Trixar_zaHey Kilos16:43
Kilostongith we break the record here16:43
Kilosbeen 46 since drubins days16:43
CantideKilos, i'm trying to get one more :)16:44
Kilosnuvolari, you use xfce or xubuntu?16:44
Trixar_zaI should download less16:45
Kiloshehe bundle gone again?16:45
Trixar_zaNot yet, but it should be on like 900MB or 800MB by now16:46
Trixar_zaDoesn't help that one big download failed at 90%16:46
Kilosthats why if i cant wget i leave it16:47
Trixar_zaIt was one of those cloud file hosters that makes the link expire after 2 hours16:48
Trixar_zaI hate them16:48
charlgood evening all17:15
charlmeeting starting in 15 mins?17:15
charlit's easy for my now because cest is the same as sast17:15
* not_found still wonders why this channel doesn't leave a line where the last read messages are when one is away like other channels >.>17:17
Cantidecentral european standard time?17:18
Kilosnot_found, you should try konversation17:19
Kilosctrl+t puts a line for you17:20
not_foundbut I prefer to use the best IRC client... why switch cause this channel is borked :/17:20
Kiloshi kbmonkey 17:21
Kiloswelcome back17:21
kbmonkey_hello there17:21
Kilosdid you fix the add item to the agenda17:21
kbmonkey_hang on17:21
Kilosoh my17:21
Kiloshe thought there was work so ran away17:22
kbmonkeyah back17:22
kbmonkeyi logged in twice17:22
Kilossomeone fixed it17:22
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 17:22
kbmonkeyforgot I had my shell account logged in17:22
kbmonkeyhello Vince-0 kilos and HawkiesZA 17:23
HawkiesZAHilo Kilos kbmonkey!17:23
charlCantide: yes17:24
Kilosnot_found, best client?17:24
not_foundxchat or one of its clones ;)17:25
Vince-0I use Quassel 17:25
Kiloskonversation is very very close and is more configurable17:25
kbmonkeyya I am adding the agenda item now17:25
not_foundcan't be KDE if you didn't have to play the configurable card :p17:26
charlno such thing as "best", depends on personal preference (as usual)17:26
Kiloseven got bloep working on konversation17:26
kbmonkeyirssi for the win!17:26
charl+1 for irssi though17:26
not_foundmy preference is the best17:26
Kiloswhoever is chairing ask tumbleweed to grant chair permissions17:27
* not_found wonders what music would suite the meeting the best... hmmmm....17:27
nuvolariam I late?17:27
Kiloslo nuvolari 17:27
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 17:27
HawkiesZARight on time nuvolari 17:27
HawkiesZAAlso, hi17:27
* afrodeity incesticide by nirvana playing 17:28
nuvolarihi HawkiesZA, not_found, charl, Cantide, <insert name here>17:28
nuvolarioh hi afrodeity 17:28
Kiloskbmonkey, Vince-0 decide now17:28
not_foundhi -za17:28
charlhi nuvolari 17:28
Vince-0kbmonkey will run the bots17:28
Cantidehi nuvolari :)17:29
Kilosah he still has permissions17:29
Kilosthats good17:29
afrodeityhi nuvolari17:29
kbmonkeyI shall do maaz. Vince-0 for reference I put the commands I will use here http://pastebin.com/ZwPCiXWu17:29
not_foundMaaz_, make me a sandwich 17:29
Maaz_not_found: What? Make it yourself.17:29
not_foundMaaz_, sudo make me a sandwich 17:30
Maaz_not_found: sudo make me a sandwich is $nick is not in sudoers file. This incident will be ported.17:30
Cantidereported? ported?17:30
HawkiesZATo Windows17:30
not_foundnah it runs on powerpc now17:30
HawkiesZAYou must suffer for your sins17:30
CantideMaaz_, coffee on17:31
* Maaz_ flips the salt-timer17:31
nuvolariMaaz_: coffee please17:31
Maaz_nuvolari: Alrighty17:31
kbmonkeylol Maaz_ !17:31
magespawnevening all17:31
Kilostime gentlepeeps17:31
kbmonkeyhello magespawn and nuvolari 17:31
Kiloshi magespawn 17:31
superflyMaaz_: sudo make me a sandwich17:32
HawkiesZAOne should teach Maaz about HTCPCP...17:32
Maaz_superfly: sudo make me a sandwich is $nick is not in sudoers file. This incident will be ported.17:32
nuvolari*gulp* kbmonkey, we need to fuse a plan for UH :P17:32
magespawnhey kbmonkey good to see you still with us17:32
superflyyay lag17:32
nuvolariit's sunday in a week17:32
kbmonkeyalright nuvolari :)17:32
nuvolarihi superfly 17:32
not_foundsuperfly, behind the times a tad eh :p17:32
Kiloshi sakhi 17:32
sakhi_hi Kilos 17:32
superflynot_found: slightly, thanks to my lag17:32
sakhi_hi #ubuntu-za17:32
* nuvolari rants about the use of traffic guidelines and traffic circles17:33
Symmetriaheh this is kinda cool, I hooked an ipad to my camera, and pointed it at the sky, and told it to take 45 30 second exposures 1 second apart of the night sky17:33
* HawkiesZA joins nuvolari and additionally rants about the use of indicators17:33
Symmetriain theory, when I take those photos and stack them together, I should get some nifty star trails 17:33
* nuvolari freaks out17:33
nuvolariI forgot about that!17:33
superflyHawkiesZA: they're not indicators, they're just guidelines17:33
superflynuvolari: forgotten about our Ubuntu hour?17:34
nuvolarithey are thought-activated17:34
Cantidehi sakhi_ :)17:34
HawkiesZAah, yes. Guidelines, because in SA everyone is a pirate17:34
nuvolarisuperfly: did not forget about it, just need to get it set up, and time is running out17:34
kbmonkeyguidelines are for GIMP ;)17:34
nuvolarigrokking guide17:34
Maaz_Coffee's ready for Cantide and nuvolari!17:35
nuvolarithanks Maaz_ 17:35
nuvolariMaaz_: botsnack17:35
Maaz_thanks, nuvolari17:35
Kilossuperfly, put your foot down with a firm hand17:35
kbmonkeyIs every geek settled? 17:35
Kilosmeeting shoulda started17:35
not_foundget on with it17:35
afrodeitywhose the chair17:35
kbmonkeyVince-0, how are you looking? shall we start just now?17:35
* nuvolari jumps the queue to get in17:35
XethronReporting in17:36
kbmonkeyKilos, we live on internet time here,lol17:36
kbmonkeycookies for the first 10 in line!17:36
Kilosme please17:36
* not_found is in line17:36
* Cantide has pizza17:37
* Xethron gets in line for cookies17:37
nuvolarihow can not_found be in line when it's not_found ?17:37
kbmonkeyokay just so the rest knows, Vince-0 will chair tonight. I shall make Maaz_ do her parlour tricks17:37
Kiloscool kbmonkey 17:37
Kilosgo Vince-0 17:37
not_foundnuvolari, don't hate me because I am beautiful...17:37
Vince-0oh! I thought the two were intertwined17:37
kbmonkeymaaz_ start meeting Monthly Ubuntu-ZA IRC meet17:38
Maaz_kbmonkey: *blink*17:38
* nuvolari bugs not_found with a micro plane17:38
kbmonkeyah crud17:38
HawkiesZANo one after no_found can get a cookie because they don't know where the line is17:38
not_foundit has begun17:38
Vince-0Maaz_: I'm Vincent Swart17:38
Maaz_Vince-0: Excuse me?17:38
nuvolarimeeting about17:38
Kilossee i told you17:38
Kilosnow beg the fly17:38
kbmonkeymaaz_ start meeting about Monthly Ubuntu-ZA IRC meet17:38
* Maaz_ gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:38
not_foundwon't think we do this every month17:38
CantideMaaz_: I'm Karl Wortmann17:39
Maaz_Cantide: Sorry...17:39
kbmonkeyTake it away, Vince-0 17:39
not_foundMaaz_, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:39
Maaz_not_found: Alrighty17:39
superflyMaaz_: I am Raoul Snyman17:39
Maaz_superfly: Yessir17:39
nuvolarinot_found: well, it's the 3rd chair in 3 months, variety is good17:39
kbmonkeyMaaz_, I am Wesley Werner17:39
Maaz_kbmonkey: Done17:39
CantideMaaz_: I am Karl Wortmann17:39
HawkiesZAMaaz_, I'm Gerrit Vermeulen17:39
Maaz_Cantide: Done17:39
Maaz_HawkiesZA: *blink*17:39
nuvolariMaaz_: I am Johan Mynhardt17:39
Maaz_nuvolari: Righto17:39
KilosMaaz_, I am Miles Sharpe17:39
Maaz_Kilos: Righto17:39
nuvolarihowdy SmilyBorg :)17:39
charlMaaz_: I am Charl van Niekerk17:39
Maaz_charl: Done17:39
HawkiesZAMaaz_: I'm Gerrit Vermeulen17:39
Maaz_HawkiesZA: What?17:39
Vince-0Maaz_: I am Vincent Swart17:39
Maaz_Vince-0: Righto17:39
afrodeityMaas_. I am David Robert Lewis17:39
HawkiesZAMaaz_: I am Gerrit Vermeulen17:39
Maaz_HawkiesZA: Okay17:39
SmilyBorgMaaz: I am Una Karlsen17:39
Maaz_SmilyBorg: Done17:39
Kiloswb SmilyBorg 17:39
kbmonkeyafrodeity, use your TAB key to autocomplete names, like Maaz_ 17:39
SmilyBorghey folks17:40
* HawkiesZA thinks maaz should understand contractions17:40
not_foundhiya SmilyBorg .... you are one of many?17:40
nuvolarigeez, we're quite a full house tonight17:40
kbmonkeyhello SmilyBorg!17:40
sakhi_Maaz_: I am Sakhi Louw17:40
Maaz_sakhi_: Sure17:40
afrodeityMaaz_: I am David Robert Lewis17:40
Maaz_afrodeity: Alrighty17:40
CantideKilos, we're 47 strong now :)17:40
superflyHawkiesZA: Maaz_ is open source, you can do it yourself :-P17:40
Kilosmagespawn, 3 to go17:40
SmilyBorgsomething like that not_found17:40
Cantidenot 7 of 9?17:41
kbmonkeymaaz_ topic Welcome17:41
Maaz_Current Topic: Welcome17:41
nuvolarithanks, nice to be here17:41
XethronMaaz_: I am Bernhard Breytenbach17:41
Maaz_Xethron: Done17:41
afrodeitybeen a while17:41
nuvolarihi Xethron 17:41
superflyhey Xethron, long time no see17:41
nuvolariare you new here? welcome :)17:41
superflyXethron: how's Ingress?17:42
kbmonkeywow we have so many folks here tonight!17:42
Xethronheya superfly, not very active in ingress anymore :P17:42
not_foundseems like ZA the only growing ubuntu community :/17:42
superflyXethron: level?17:42
Xethronnuvolari: jup17:42
Xethronsuperfly: 617:42
superflyXethron: ah17:42
superflythe long haul17:42
HawkiesZAnot_found, That's good news17:42
Xethronsuperfly: you?17:42
nuvolarimeh, lost ingress interest17:43
* not_found tried the introduction to ingress twice...17:43
superflyXethron: hit 8 on Friday17:43
Xethronwow, nice!17:43
HawkiesZAubuntu_za just became Ingress_za17:43
not_foundmore interesting17:43
HawkiesZAI just started playing :P17:43
superflyHawkiesZA is level 2 now, hey?17:43
HawkiesZAMy usual 15 minute walk turned into an hour17:44
superflybut he seems to have some weird fixation with green17:44
HawkiesZAYeah, hit lvl 2 on my "way" home17:44
kbmonkeyping Vince-0 - let us start with the welcome and agenda link :)17:44
Cantideso what are the topics for ubuntu meet?17:44
Xethronoh no, its a slimeball17:44
Cantideanyone got a link to topics?17:44
Vince-0Welcome! One and all, all and one!17:44
Vince-0the agenda link is in the channel header and here is the full link: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/575/detail/17:44
superfly*sings* All for one, and one for all!17:44
HawkiesZAAnd all for love?17:45
nuvolariI didn't know you're into opera superfly ?17:45
superflyHawkiesZA: that too17:45
HawkiesZAGreat, now it's the three musketeers17:45
Cantidethanks Vince-0 17:45
HawkiesZAfeat Bryan Adams17:45
XethronThis meeting is so on topic17:45
XethronLove it17:45
HawkiesZAMoving along?17:45
* nuvolari keeps a straight face (^^,)17:46
kbmonkeymaaz_ topic Announcement and Admin17:46
Maaz_Current Topic: Announcement and Admin17:46
not_foundVince-0 is getting an initiation by fire tonight ;)17:46
Kiloslooksw lke everyone has been at the bottle17:46
nuvolarilol oom Kilos!17:46
Vince-0"Bring up any points todo with the agenda or meeting organization."17:46
* not_found stared at his second beer... it stares back >.>17:46
magespawnMaaz_ i am Greg Eames17:47
Maaz_magespawn: Righto17:47
Vince-0are there todo points?17:47
nuvolarioh hi magespawn 17:47
superflytodo, or not todo?17:47
nuvolariUH todo17:47
kbmonkeyOnly that it looks to be an interesting meeting!17:47
not_foundadmin... we need a central place to track things that need reporting in a month17:48
not_foundso I can fin them17:48
kbmonkeyI never know what to put in this topic, it seems a bit redundant unless there is soemthing planned to say17:48
superflyI thought that's what the wiki was for?17:48
not_foundgoogle docs?17:48
* afrodeity HUD no working17:49
not_foundwiki is so 2000 and something, and nobody likes it17:49
sakhi_Why do we have a meeting?17:49
Kilosthe prob is that there is no feedback17:49
Kilosnever mind where17:49
superflyTo pretend we're a LoCo?17:49
nuvolariare you high? wiki is still current >.>17:49
kbmonkeyyes Kilos, I saw your feedback agenda item on shouting for feedback17:49
HawkiesZATo get the people together to see where things are and organise new things?17:49
not_foundI need links to photo's etc. so I can link it in the WIKI to show how awesome you guys are17:50
nuvolariwe're awesome in Durbs :P17:50
kbmonkeythat reminds us, the team reports seem like they need an update17:50
not_foundthere was an ubunut hour in march but I have nothing to link to in the report17:50
not_foundjust saying17:50
HawkiesZAWe would be awesome in Cape Town, but the mountain gets in the way...17:51
afrodeityThe anarchist book store in OBS installed ubuntu finally17:51
not_foundkbmonkey, I still have to update the front page, the pages are there17:51
kbmonkeywho did the team reports after maia?17:51
Kilosshout at them not_found 17:51
not_foundI forgot about the landing page...17:51
not_foundgive me a sec17:51
not_foundoh and it was I that tried to take over... knew it was a mistake17:51
superflyHawkiesZA: I actually tried to organise an Ubuntu Lunch Hour in CBD, but no one seemed interested.17:52
Cantidesuperfly, where?17:52
HawkiesZAWas this before I got here, superfly ?17:52
superflyAt Bean There too...17:52
superflyHawkiesZA: indeed17:52
kbmonkeyokay not_found :) let me take care of the team reports this month...17:52
Cantidewhich city i mean ._.17:52
superflyCantide: Cape Town17:52
kbmonkeyMaaz_, agreed kbmonkey to update Team Reports17:52
Maaz_Agreed: kbmonkey to update Team Reports17:52
* Cantide starts walking17:52
HawkiesZAaha, well that explains it. I'd be interested :P17:52
magespawnI need to move to CPT/Durban/City17:52
not_founddoing the wiki not an issue... having something to link... now that seems to be an issue17:53
not_foundway to vote17:53
superflyHawkiesZA: I know that. Then it would be just you and me. We could probably call it a "work meeting" and then still take lunch. What do you think?17:53
Kiloswhere are the gauteng okeys17:53
HawkiesZAKilos, they've been pretty quiet....Since I left everything just went silent :P17:54
kbmonkeywell that is all my admin topic ideas. anyone else?17:54
Kilosthey had a release party HawkiesZA 17:54
Kilosbut no feedback17:54
kbmonkeyhang on okes, we can get to that in the events topic17:54
HawkiesZAhrm...At H4H Kilos ?17:54
not_foundhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/ now has what I could add to it...17:54
Kilossorry kbmonkey 17:54
kbmonkeylol :)17:55
kbmonkeysorry Vince-0 17:55
Vince-0ey! must I keep everyone on point here17:55
kbmonkeyonly when they start talking about ingress ;)17:55
Kilosthe chair must bang the mallet17:55
kbmonkeymaaz_ topic Review previous minutes17:55
Maaz_Current Topic: Review previous minutes17:55
Vince-0since there are no more announcements, onto the next topic17:55
Vince-0last month: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-04-15-17-33-52.txt17:56
Vince-0talked about ubuntu.com redesign,17:57
Cantidealso the durban meet, i've not heard more about it :/17:57
Vince-0mirror.ac.za being unreachable, 17:57
kbmonkeyUmm.. so, I guess we forgot about the Ubuntu Hour planning, oops. *shuffles feet*17:58
Vince-0ya we met on May 4th for launch17:58
Vince-0even saw a fresh install on a nice new laptop17:58
Vince-0we didn't discuss the Ubuntu Hour plan17:58
kbmonkeywere'nt there pics of that meet on the G+ page? not_found maybe some snaps from there to link to17:59
nuvolariJune 2nd, a sunday17:59
nuvolariI don't know if we should do it in Ballito or Umhlanga17:59
nuvolarithe only place coming to mind is Mugg & Bean18:00
not_foundkbmonkey, was uploading photo18:00
not_foundphotos to g+ the whole day... will go check now18:00
nuvolarithere isn't really other nice places here in Ballito (that I know about)18:00
Vince-0some pics of the KZN Ubuntu 1304 launch :https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/gallery/cbgilhq2p26eavahacp06kq06hg18:00
kbmonkeywe were meant to take a photo for that diversity project too nuvolari 18:00
nuvolari:O I forgot about that18:01
not_foundphotos of the ubuntu hour in jhb in march?18:01
kbmonkeyIt's in the previous meeting minutes18:01
not_foundnot that I could find this afternoon... will go look again18:01
not_foundVince-0, thanks for the link... kbmonkey for the may report ;)18:02
kbmonkey... and the april report ;)18:02
kbmonkeyis that for the previous minutes then?18:02
CantideVince-0, where did that happen?18:03
charlwho's who in those photos... there is a guy with an epic neckbeard18:03
charla good bunch of geeks together :)18:03
Vince-0We met in Glenwood - Davenport Square mall - Gloria Jeans18:04
Cantideah, i could have made that -.-18:04
Vince-0there will be another18:04
Cantidei think we need a better system of arranging meetups and notifying people about them18:04
kbmonkeyCantide, you can join us for the ubuntu hour soon too18:04
magespawnmaybe we need to have some sort of calender like stardates18:05
Cantidefor example, Maaz could store the data, and closer to the time make hourly / daily announcements18:05
HawkiesZACantide, Agreed18:05
Cantideor that18:05
Cantidehourly would get a bit much, but say once a day when the channel is fullest on average, so around 6 or 7 pm every day18:06
magespawnor hey, maybe use stardates18:06
* Cantide googles stardates18:06
mazalMaaz I am Wikus van Dyk18:06
Maaz_mazal: Yessir18:06
Kiloshi mazal 18:06
Vince-0aren't mail lists for announcements etc18:06
kbmonkeygoogle events link into your gcalendar with ical exports and reminders. sorted ;)18:06
kbmonkeystardates sounds like a cheap dating site18:07
HawkiesZANo man18:07
kbmonkeylol ;)18:07
HawkiesZALike in Trek18:07
magespawnfrom a certain member of a certain tech/geek show18:07
HawkiesZAI know the man18:07
magespawnindeed very usuful calender18:07
magespawnuseful even18:08
kbmonkeyVince-0, shall I move the next topic?18:08
Vince-01 more thing: keep up to date with the mail list18:08
charli am getting "ladies online" advertisements on the front page of stardates.co.za18:08
Vince-0any meets are announced there first18:08
Vince-0ok next topic18:08
kbmonkeygreat point18:08
kbmonkeymaaz_ topic Events18:09
Maaz_Current Topic: Events18:09
kbmonkeynow for the fun topic :D18:09
HawkiesZAcharl, seriously?18:09
afrodeityFeedback first it seems18:09
kbmonkeyevents appear before feedback on my screen18:10
Symmetriagawd, until you stack photos like this over a 20 - 30 minute time lapse, you dont realize just how much stars move in the sky18:10
Vince-0"Feedback ‒ miles.sharpe @ Mon, 20 May 2013 09:27 UTC" Please guys, try to give feedback from events as soon as possible after the event has taken place!18:10
Symmetriawill upload a photo in a second, its really freaky18:10
CantideSymmetria, low-res version requested :)18:10
Vince-0we need decent event notes to report back with18:10
kbmonkey+1 that18:10
Vince-0our meets are informal at best,18:11
Vince-0but inbetween we do mention a few interesting points worth noting18:11
Kilosthe poor guys that does the reports shouldnt have to run around begging for pics and other feedback18:11
charlHawkiesZA: http://i.imgur.com/BM2ScMn.png18:11
Kiloseveryone has a cellphone 18:12
kbmonkeywhat if we encourage partygoers to comment on the event afterwards. perhaps the event page? then we can collate them into the report later18:12
afrodeitymercury retrograde oops18:12
kbmonkeyeven a simple one-liner. 18:12
magespawnmaybe we could a have ubuntu one for people to drop photos and write ups in18:13
Kilosqueery was sposed to give feedback18:13
HawkiesZAcharl, wow...I'll pass that along18:13
HawkiesZAmagespawn, someone will have to manage it...It's going to get full after a while18:14
HawkiesZAPhotos are beeeeg18:14
magespawni don't get that at all18:14
magespawnyes not cell photos so much18:15
HawkiesZAEven those18:15
kbmonkeynuvolari, and myself need to plan Ubuntu Hour, this coming weekend right nuvolari ?18:15
Kilosshotwell and gimp can scale photos down lots18:16
HawkiesZA8MP is a lot of data. Though lossy formats do "help" ;)18:16
nuvolarikbmonkey: next, the 2nd18:16
afrodeityWe have a slot for Ubuntu18:16
kbmonkeyokay calendarizing it...18:16
afrodeityat the Hackfest18:16
afrodeitybut waiting for the topic to come up18:16
kbmonkeyand I see on the 25th is the DLUG hangout #418:16
nuvolarikbmonkey: are there any sea-side spots in Umhlanga?18:17
nuvolarior beach spots. I don't know what to call them :P18:17
kbmonkeyVince-0, would anyone object to non Durbanites joining the hangout? ;)18:17
Vince-0not at all18:17
SmilyBorgthe more the merrier18:17
Vince-0need to get the notes more discussed18:18
Vince-0next one is scheduled for next thurs 30th18:18
kbmonkeyoh my, okay so I thought we were in April. oops.18:18
Cantideeh, i am busy on the 25th :(18:18
Vince-0its the 30th18:19
kbmonkeyCantide, I was wrong.18:19
Vince-0here are the notes so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14KosJkfO72SBcYtgFskQMKiSYnTX1_ihMynsnH4nueo/edit18:19
kbmonkeythe event page: https://plus.google.com/events/ceolsp2sniuo4re0umvjq2civi818:19
Vince-0I will make a post to the dbnlug list - not specifically ubuntu18:19
Cantideah, thanks :)18:19
Cantidethen i should be able to make that!18:19
kbmonkeywould the UDS fall under events?18:20
Vince-0ya lets do it! These get pushed to youtube channel, audio is stripped for download from the dbnlinux.org.za site18:20
Vince-0OBS HackFest 25 May Saturday ‒ David Robert Lewis18:21
Vince-0UDS after18:21
afrodeitywe have an events page up on FB18:21
magespawnawesome idea18:21
Vince-0Open Street Initiative18:21
afrodeitytotal synergy18:21
amanicaMaaz_: I am Marius Kruger18:21
Maaz_amanica: Sure18:21
afrodeitywith Lower Main Rd Obs closing in the afternoon of 25 18:22
afrodeitythis Sat18:22
kbmonkeythat looks like so much of fun!18:22
afrodeityand also the 100 in 1 day event which is another global event18:22
CantideI'm not on FB, so i can't have a look ._.18:22
kbmonkeywish I could fly down for the day :D18:22
Vince-0Cantide: neither am I - but the event is public18:22
Cantideoh, thanks :)18:22
* Cantide clicks18:22
SmilyBorgme too. looks fun18:22
afrodeityThat's the programme18:22
afrodeityhoping you will all contribute in some way18:23
amanicanot_found, Kilos the Gauteng release party was a bit disapointing so I didn't talk too much about it :( http://amanica.blogspot.com/2013/05/ubuntu-1304-raring-ringtail-release.html 18:23
Vince-0flip, Cape Town is where it's at18:23
afrodeitywe requesting volunteers to do some ubuntu18:23
afrodeityfor the peeps18:23
Kilosty amanica kbmonkey ^^18:23
afrodeityhand out disks if you can18:23
afrodeitybut if you have projects 18:23
afrodeityhardware you want to show off18:24
afrodeitybots you want to enter into the bot competitioin18:24
afrodeityor if you want to hang out and hack code18:24
afrodeitycheck out the piratepad18:24
afrodeityso we know whats up18:24
afrodeitythere going to be opportunity tomorrow evening18:24
afrodeityto meet up at Chaos Pilots above Truth Coffee in Buitenkant18:25
afrodeityotherwise there is another Open Streets meeting on Thurs18:25
Vince-0flip, I need to move to CPT18:25
afrodeitySo there you have it18:25
Symmetriathose are moving stars18:25
afrodeityFirst Hack Fest in OBS18:25
* Cantide puts on some armbands and swims to Cape Town18:26
kbmonkeythanks for all of that afrodeity, that is super! 18:26
afrodeityAlso we have the metal confirmed18:26
afrodeityif you want a hint of hack18:26
CantideSymmetria, really cool :) and that's just 30 minutes? 'o'18:26
afrodeityClub Gandalf's have agreed to let us their "facilities"18:26
afrodeityincludes a Bat or two18:26
Symmetriacantide heh yeah18:27
afrodeityand there is a bar, but not sure exactly what is going on in that dept18:27
Symmetriaactually 25 minutes18:27
afrodeitystill nailing down some sponsors18:27
Cantidevery cool :) if only i had a better camera :)18:27
afrodeityabout to request CLUG to aid and abet 18:27
afrodeityfun fun fun18:27
afrodeityOBS Hackfest is what you make of it18:27
afrodeitycommunity event 18:28
kbmonkeywe need to put all of these in a calendar18:28
afrodeityorganised with very little time18:28
afrodeityyeah, its a bit of dry run for the Design Capital thang next year18:28
afrodeitygot totally knocked off my feet by Chaos Pilots, Open St and 100 in 118:28
HawkiesZAWhat's happening above Truth in Buitenkant?18:28
afrodeityChaos Pilots from Copenhagen have set up 18:29
HawkiesZAThat's a block down the road from moi18:29
afrodeitytotally awesome18:29
afrodeityits like walking into a rabbit hole18:29
HawkiesZASounds painful18:29
Cantidenot if you're on the right drugs..18:29
afrodeityNot if you 3 feet tall and grooving with an 8 foot blond from Sweden18:30
kbmonkeymaaz_ topic Ubuntu UDS 14-16 May18:30
Maaz_Current Topic: Ubuntu UDS 14-16 May18:30
Cantideor that :)18:30
HawkiesZAWell if you're chilling with an 8-foot tjokker, then you definitely feel 3 feet tall18:30
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
* afrodeity lmao18:31
Vince-0so heres last weeks UDS schedule: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1305/18:31
Vince-0anyone follow any of the tracks18:31
* Cantide skims18:31
kbmonkeyI did not even know about this until today. eish.18:31
Vince-0virtual Ubuntu dev summit18:32
Vince-0they host discussions in IRC and on Hangouts18:32
Vince-0have a look at the community track18:32
Vince-0some talk about revamping the ubuntu.com/community site18:33
Vince-0apparently there was a bit of miscommunication with them removing the direct link on the front page to the community site18:33
Vince-0the community site link will be put back now that the redesign is underway18:33
kbmonkeyoh I see they post thehangout videos. neat18:33
Vince-0this is the second vUDS now - it's getting really good18:34
Cantidethis is nice :)18:34
Vince-0the uds site packages it really well18:35
Vince-0only thing is I can't get to the discussion notes18:35
afrodeitywhats up with changing the ubuntu package management?18:35
Vince-0might be something to learn from if we are to host our own hangouts+IRC18:35
Vince-0afrodeity: where do you see that18:36
afrodeityread it somewhere18:36
Cantidei also read about it18:36
Cantidecan't remember where..18:36
afrodeityupgrading or downgrading to a "simpler" system18:37
amanicaI just miss the interesting daily plenaries :(18:37
kbmonkeyI think that was for the development of mobile apps 18:37
afrodeitycould be18:37
kbmonkeyalright! anyone has any more events to pitch?18:37
afrodeityThe HackFest afterparty18:38
afrodeitybut check out piratpad link I posted https://www.piratepad.ca/p/obshack18:38
kbmonkeyI have that ppad link open now :)18:38
kbmonkeyVince-0, I believe that's all the topics. we can move to closing soon?18:39
kbmonkeyyes, sir!18:40
kbmonkeymaaz_ topic closing18:40
Maaz_Current Topic: closing18:40
kbmonkeyoh dear, lag. I don't think I can watch any UDS videos online18:41
kbmonkeylast words?18:42
Kilosthanks everyone18:42
Symmetriabetter version :)18:42
magespawnindeed nice numbers18:42
nuvolarieek, sorry for being so quiet tonight :-/18:43
nuvolaristuff to do18:43
kbmonkeythanks Vince-0 for helping us :)18:43
Vince-0no problemo!18:43
Kilosty Vince-0 18:43
nuvolariyeah, thank you Vince-0 :>18:43
Cantideyeah, thanks Vince-0 :)18:43
CantideSymmetria, nice :)18:43
Kilosty kbmonkey 18:43
Symmetriacantide heh its just wierd to thing how much the earth moves in only 20 minutes18:44
Cantideso this Umhlanga / Ballito thing... on the 1st then?18:45
CantideSymmetria, yeah, that's why i asked about the time again :)18:45
Vince-0let me knows18:45
nuvolariCantide: 2nd18:45
nuvolari the sunday18:45
kbmonkeyI think on the 2nd Cantide, we will fling some emails on the mail list of this18:45
kbmonkeynuvolari, I will try find out of potential places in umhlanga. pref with wifi?18:46
nuvolarikbmonkey: yeah, if possible it's a great plus18:46
Vince-0ya I'm here - I'll look around18:46
Vince-0can we do it in my office?18:46
nuvolariVince-0: I don't see a problem with that18:47
Vince-0ok, let me know and I will arrange18:47
nuvolariwould be nice to be in public though (for exposure)18:47
kbmonkeygreat :)18:47
Cantidenuvolari, that's better for me :)18:47
Cantideokay, thanks :)18:47
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:48
Kilossee yas morrow18:48
Cantidewell, i have no devices that would benefit from wifi much18:48
Cantidenight night Kilos :)18:48
mazalBye all , sleep well18:48
Vince-0cya Kilos18:48
superflyCantide: I'm in the middle of a wedding on the 1st18:48
kbmonkeywell that is all folks. 18:48
kbmonkeyI'm closing the meeting then18:48
Cantidethanks, kbmonkey :)18:48
kbmonkeyMaaz_, end meething18:48
Maaz_kbmonkey: Excuse me?18:48
superflyI think HawkiesZA has already fallen asleep18:48
kbmonkeydarn :p18:48
kbmonkeyMaaz_, end meeting18:49
Maaz_Meeting Ended18:49
Maaz_Minutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-05-20-17-38-47.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-05-20-17-38-47.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-05-20-17-38-47.html18:49
kbmonkeybeen practicing the dvorak keyboard, I get confused still 18:49
Cantidesuperfly, Saturdays aren't ideal for me anyway18:49
kbmonkeythat was a great meet! I think we all got a bit slowed down near the end though18:51
kbmonkeyMaaz_, coffee on18:51
* Maaz_ washes some mugs18:51
magespawnMaaz large please18:51
Maaz_magespawn: What?18:51
Cantidegood idea, i'm going to make some coffee :)18:51
magespawnMaaz coffe ppease18:51
Maaz_magespawn: *blink*18:51
kbmonkeyoh, um. hmm. Vince-0 we forgot to elect the next chair. I will take it unless someone objects or you like to go again?18:51
amanicakbmonkey, I remember when I started with colemak, I relapsed from time to time and sent a bunch of giberish googlechat messages :)18:51
magespawnMaaz coffee please18:51
Maaz_magespawn: Alrighty18:51
Vince-0sure! I'm up18:51
magespawnkbmonkey do you use the physical keyboard18:52
kbmonkeyI like the idea of alternating. it grows more people into it18:52
kbmonkeyno magespawn, it is a normal qwerty keyboard. so I don't look at the keys18:53
superflymagespawn: did I give you meeting access?18:54
magespawnahh right, would like to get the actual keyboard, apparently after the learning curve you can type faster18:54
magespawnsuperfly: can't remember, i did chair once18:54
superflytrying to remember how to do it18:54
Maaz_Coffee's ready for kbmonkey and magespawn!18:55
superflydidn't you have to make yourself an account with Maaz_?18:55
kbmonkeyfor words you type faster. the issue is many apps use shortcuts placed for qwerty. not to mention habits we have from years of use.18:55
superflyVince-0: you still around?18:55
superflyVince-0: PM Maaz_ and say, "create account"18:55
magespawni think so superfly 18:55
Vince-0Maaz_: create account18:55
Maaz_Vince-0: Alrighty18:55
kbmonkeycheeky bot!18:55
amanicamagespawn, I think it is better to not have an actual keyboard 1) you are forced to touch type and 2) you can still type on a normal keyboard afterwards 3) in virtualbox it is back to qwerty (at least at first)18:56
superflyVince-0: try now, "start meeting"18:56
Vince-0Maaz_: start meeting18:56
* Maaz_ gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:56
amanicabut I recommend Colemak over dvorak18:56
Vince-0Maaz_: close meeting18:57
Maaz_Vince-0: Huh?18:57
Vince-0Maaz_: end meeting18:57
Maaz_Meeting Ended18:57
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Vince-0ooh minutes!18:57
magespawnamanica: only just recently getting good at a qwerty keyboard anyway18:57
kbmonkeylol amanica, I can imagine typing gibberish into chat windows. people might think a cat is sleeping on your keyboard18:57
amanicayeah, it was funny. hitting some keys and enter before reading18:58
kbmonkeygood job Maaz_ :)18:58
kbmonkeyMaaz_, have a cookie18:58
Maaz_kbmonkey: What?18:58
magespawndon't need to change the keyboard for that18:58
magespawndo it any3ay18:58
kbmonkeyyou can just remap your keyboard. but I want a Happy Hacker keyboard: blank keys!18:58
amanicamagespawn: I only got better at touchtyping when switching to colemak because I was forced, and forced to practice18:58
Vince-0ha! thanks superfly18:59
Vince-0I'll brb18:59
amanicamagespawn: lol18:59
magespawngood night all19:12
Cantidenight night19:14
Cantidemy background '-'v19:31
Cantide(1.4 mb)19:31
kbmonkeyI saw a very interesting post on gnu.org today about ubuntu privacy19:31
Cantidedo you have a link?19:32
kbmonkeyI'm looking for it now19:32
Cantidei just clicked on gnu.org now, so i might find it :)19:32
Cantidethis site is all over the place :D19:33
kbmonkeysorry, I meant fsf.org - http://www.fsf.org/blogs/rms/ubuntu-spyware-what-to-do19:33
kbmonkeyI need to get out of this shell, ssh lags too much19:33
kbmonkeytried to setup mosh but that failed.19:33
kbmonkeysorry, I meant fsf.org - http://www.fsf.org/blogs/rms/ubuntu-spyware-what-to-dodoes ubuntu still have that maazon lens thing by default?19:35
kbmonkeyamazon* - darn lag :p19:35
kbmonkeynice wallpaper Cantide :)19:35
Cantidethanks :)19:36
CantideI made it in GIMP19:36
kbmonkeydid you craft that one?19:36
kbmonkeyneed a higher res ubuntu logo19:36
Cantideah yeah :/19:36
Cantidei just found one in a google search and upscaled it19:36
Cantidei made a gnome foot one as well :p19:36
kbmonkeylooks good! or you can apply a pixelize on the logo to make it more matrixy 19:36
Cantidethe text in the background is this -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunminjeongeum19:37
kbmonkeylike those kenji glyphs!19:37
Cantidethey're Hangeul :)19:37
Cantidebut yeah, i got them at a really high res19:37
Cantideso they're nice and smooth19:37
Cantideinteresting post19:41
Cantidewhat's your take on the Amazon / internet searches from the dash?19:41
kbmonkeyI'm using i3wm, check it out: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18686471/images/2013-05-20.21401369078831.png19:41
kbmonkeyyou can see my two xpenguins cruising on the desktop there. he he19:42
Cantidenice and minimalist :)19:43
Cantideyeah, i saw one down there :p19:43
Cantidei'm looking forward to unity next19:43
kbmonkeywell I don't buy anything from amazon and would get annoyed at it's suggestions19:43
Cantidebut yeah, Canonical is trying to appeal to the masses, so these extra searches and whatnot are certainly not for me19:43
kbmonkeythe other one is skateboarding upside the window, matrix style!19:43
Cantideat least it can be turned off easily19:43
Cantidei still think it should be "opt-in" rather than "opt-out"19:44
Cantidebut it doesn't concern me much because i will just turn it off19:44
kbmonkeythat article would probably not have been written if it was opt-in19:44
Cantideand i think there would be no love lost either19:46
Cantidesome people changed distros19:46
kbmonkeyit would be nicer if they had a plugin system for it, so people could say add the amazon plugin 19:46
Cantideyeah, that would be best19:47
Cantideinstall the package if you want it19:47
Cantidestill, for the newbies that would be the ones who use the search, it's too much to ask19:47
Cantideso rather make it easy for them19:47
Cantideand let the rest of us turn it off19:47
superflyKubuntu FTW19:48
kbmonkeydid you know dropbox has a commandline client?19:48
Cantidei didn't 'o'19:48
kbmonkeyits full of win19:48
Cantideis that what you were doing in your terminal there?19:49
Cantideoh, no19:49
kbmonkeythat is a screen grabber script I wrote that automatically shares to dropbox for me19:50
kbmonkeyit just uses scrot to screen shot to dropbox, and uses dropboxcli to copy the url to your clipboard19:51
Cantideah well, time to code a bit then sleep19:58
Cantidekbmonkey, if you want the xcf file you're welcome to it :p19:59
Cantidenot sure my wallpaper appeals much to those who don't like 한글19:59
kbmonkeyI like the symbols! I just don't know what they mean19:59
Cantideme neither :)19:59
Cantidewell, i know 한글, i just don't know enough words20:00
Cantideand you can see in the wallpaper there are hanja in there, too - because it's realllly old20:00
Cantideeven Koreans can't read it these days20:00
Cantideit's the origin of their writing system20:00
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kbmonkeytime for some tea!20:25
Cantidetime for some sleep!20:40
inetprogood mornings20:53
inetproMaaz_: tell kilos don't worry I'm doing fine, just... busy. Very interesting times... will be back soon....20:53
Maaz_inetpro: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:53
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