waldo323wolfger, now i'm thirsty00:58
snap-lGive me a sec and we'll start the meeting00:59
snap-lWElcome everyone01:03
waldo323welcome to you too01:04
brousch_Thank you01:04
snap-l^- That's the current agenda01:05
snap-lthere really isn't much to cover at the moment01:05
snap-lJustwanted everyone to take a look athte Community Site..01:05
snap-lIt looks nice, and I'm wondering if there's something we can add to this01:05
snap-lSo, that's all I wanted to say about this at the moment01:09
snap-lAnyone have anything they'd like to add?01:09
snap-lOK, moving on01:11
snap-lAnyone in the Detroit area running 13.04 that would like to speak at MUG at some point? :)01:11
jrwrenwolfger: wow, 20gal going. you are HARDCORE!01:12
snap-lIf you are, and you'd like to speak at MUG, please contact us at board@mug.org01:15
snap-lThat's all I have at the moment. Anyone else have anything?01:15
waldo323bug 1 was closed right?01:16
snap-lOkely dokely. Next meeting is in July. :)01:16
snap-lwaldo323:  That was so last week. :)01:16
snap-lthanks everyone for attending!01:17
waldo323thanks for hosting01:17
wolfgerwow, that was over quick01:25
wolfgerI nearly made it here on-time-ish, and it's over01:25
wolfgerjrwren: I am going hard-core with the beer these days. I've got a nice wood bar with 2 brass taps.... built on a frame that's attached to a hand truck, so I can wheel it around the campground with me. :-)01:27
jrwrenwolfger: NICE!!01:33
wolfgerif you have FB, http://goo.gl/0h1dP01:41
wolfgerI need to get some pics up on a friendlier site, since I have so many anti-FB friends01:49
wolfgeroh well, off to bed. G'night.01:49
snap-lGood morning12:37
brouschI've been invited to be a talk reviewer for PyOhio12:41
brouschI feel 133712:42
brouschIt looks like my proposal is automatically hidden from me12:43
brouschI cannot argue for myself!12:43
snap-lI didn't get anything in this year12:43
snap-l(Haven't registered yet either, though I do have our rooms reserved)12:44
rick_h_is registration open?12:45
* rick_h_ should look at all that12:45
snap-lYeah, it is12:45
snap-lbut I want to get some T-shirts, and it looks like you have to pay for those up-front12:45
rick_h_yea, had to do that last year as well12:45
snap-lso waiting for my paypal to replenish. :)12:45
rick_h_heh, need to charge up your super move a little more before you can break it out12:46
brouschThere is some grumbling in the GRPUG about Red Roof Inn, so we might join you gents at the Blackwell this year12:46
snap-lplease do12:46
snap-lit's a nice hotel12:46
brouschI know12:46
snap-lnot frugal-friendly, but quite nice.12:46
brouschWe can save like $40 at Red Roof12:46
rick_h_you save $$ onthe free conference :P12:47
snap-lrick_h_: Well, I hate transfering money from checking to paypal on a case-bycase basis because it screws up my accounting12:47
snap-lrick_h_: ++12:47
snap-lI think the PyOhio rate is something like $100 a night12:47
snap-lor maybe that was Penguicon12:48
brouschSounds about right12:48
snap-lWouldn't hurt to call12:48
snap-lif for no other reason then you could book your room now instead of waiting for some wedding / cheerleading camp to take over.12:48
rick_h_snap-l: I don't show paypal as a payment option. Just a CC12:49
snap-lI use my Paypal CC12:49
rick_h_oh, cool haven't seen/used that before12:50
* rick_h_ grumbles and fetches wallet upstairs12:50
snap-lYeah, got one a while back and have used it as my online buffer. :)12:50
brouschYou don't have your credit card numbers memorized?12:51
snap-lAlmost all of my online activity is filtered through either that card or Paypal12:51
rick_h_brousch: no, I use amazon enough that I don't remember them :P12:52
rick_h_snap-l: I just say that almost all of my activity is online :)12:52
brouschIt probably helps that I've had the same number since 199412:52
snap-lbrousch: I have one of my previous online-opnly cards memorized12:52
rick_h_ok, registered12:53
rick_h_hmm, I don't see any hotel info on there. Do they have a group rate there at all?12:55
snap-lI think you need to call the Blackwell and ask for the PyOhio rate.12:56
snap-lat least that is what I did12:56
rick_h_yea, but they should have some hotel info on the site.12:56
snap-lcan't do it online.12:56
rick_h_kind of a failing for new people/etc12:56
snap-lI dunno, the site that seems to take over 10 seconds to load might also be a failing. :)12:57
rick_h_hmm, no perf issues here12:59
brouschwhat site?12:59
snap-lseemed to take a bit to load12:59
snap-lI'll send them a note later today re: getting hotel info on the main site13:00
brouschWorks well for me13:00
Blazeixok, <3 canonical. 802.11n was always flakey on the retina MBP, but canonical worked with OEMs to get solid drivers for the chipset.14:20
=== UnFixed_ is now known as UnFixed
brouschSomeone submitted their talk proposal as a poem14:34
brouschGeeker Pyramid users14:35
brouschCrap. I voted for 2 pyramid talks now15:33
brouschThere are a lot of proposals this year. Geez15:36
brouschToo many good talks15:38
brouschNow i don't want to waste half a day giving a tutorial15:38
rick_h_cool, I know they were having trouble getting some talks in so glad to hear it's working out15:38
brouschwtf, another pyramid talk15:40
brouschYour infection is spreading15:40
brouschI was going to vote this one OK until I hit "Pyramid is based on Zope, Pylons, and Django."15:42
brouschKind of a strange assertion15:43
rick_h_ummm...yea not15:43
jrwrennothing is based on zope15:43
jrwrenjust because it uses that one zsi object or whatever it is, does not base it on zope :)15:43
rick_h_jrwren: :/ zope3 then?15:43
jrwrenno way15:43
jrwrenstill no way, since its a separate pypi pkg15:44
rick_h_the concepts are pulled from bfg, zope, pylons15:44
rick_h_jrwren: yea, but pyramid installs zope.interface :P15:44
jrwrenright, zope.interface, that is waht I was trying to think of15:44
jrwrenwhoa, that is a lot of zope :)15:44
rick_h_so I don't think it's fair to say "nothing is based on zope"15:45
jrwrenok. its not fair15:45
brouschAny of you want to be a proposal reviewer? Looks like 4 hours of work15:55
snap-lI <3 landing code minutes before its supposed to run.15:55
rick_h_with lots of tests right? :P15:55
snap-lmanual: yes. Automated: no. ;)15:55
brouschGetting quite a few proposals from New York City.15:56
jrwrenhttp://www.curiousvenn.com/?p=353  some good python oneliners16:02
rick_h_jrwren: yea, fun stuff. I need to create some shell aliases for some of those I think16:03
jrwreni use simplehttpserver a lot, mostly so html with CDN //host urls work16:04
jrwreninstead of file:///  urls16:04
rick_h_I like to use it to serve out a .html file with JS tests/etc16:08
rick_h_hmm, wish it was internet law to have a changelog to web pages. I want to see when this page came to be.16:21
snap-lYou could try archive.org, but that's a crapshoot16:23
greg-gand for anything newer than like 6 months is just won't have it16:26
greg-gbut YAY, great use of thousands of harddrives!16:26
rick_h_yea, not pulled16:27
snap-lgreg-g: They're hosting OMC, so I can't complain. :)16:35
greg-gI love that they did that (encourage podcasters to use them as their hosting provider)16:44
snap-lYeah, it's really nice16:44
snap-lI wish I had some more statistics available to me outside of download counts16:44
snap-lbut that said, I don't have to worry about exceeding my bandwidth ever again16:45
snap-lOpen Metalcast Special Episode: Club Metal #1116:46
snap-l2,397 downloads16:46
snap-lI still find it funny that that's my most downloaded episode on archive.org ever16:46
greg-gI like your club metal series16:56
snap-lThank you. I'm overdue for another one.17:19
brouschYou need a whole episode of weird stuff like duckgrind and ass burners17:30
snap-lbrousch: I don't think I could make an entire episode of weird stuff. :)17:43
snap-lI physically could not release such a thing upon the world. :)17:43
jrwrenhttp://beagleboard.org/Products/BeagleBone%20Black  i want one or two17:48
jcastrohey jrwren19:52
jcastrojrwren: enjoy!19:52
greg-gjcastro: you lived in FL, why didn't you do this? http://www.70000tons.com/20:54
gamerchick02hey everyone. does anyone recommend an IRC client for android? like something i can use on my phone?23:08

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