stgraberthat one is mine, diff should be fairly straightforward. I mostly noticed the crash on Ubuntu Touch, though I've had reports (by e-mail, no bug report) of it also happening on standard machines that have weird network devices.00:57
stgraber(and yes, I fixed the patch name in the previous changelog entry because it was bugging me)00:57
infinitystgraber: Accepted.02:31
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didrocksLaney: I guess the qtsystems-opensource-src is easy (and pinned by the lubuntu discussion we had, I didn't check, but that's what Mirv told in term of rdepends)10:59
Laney+Forwarded: no11:05
LaneyMirv: know why that's the case?11:07
didrocksLaney: when I read the diff, I guess it was because it's an hack11:08
LaneyThe kernel part got wontfixed11:09
MirvLaney: it got wontfixed, but I'm not sure if it's something that wouldn't be fixed later on since it's clear the driver has stubbed functions.11:20
LaneyMirv: I think that means we'll end up carrying the patch indefinitely until someone else gets around to fixing it11:37
LaneyI'm worried that we change the specification of the function for everyone unilaterally without seeking upstream's input11:37
LaneyScottK: thoughts?11:38
LaneySome kind of whitelist of known-broken devices might be ok11:38
ScottKLaney: I agree with you.11:48
ScottKUpstream review should be sought before something like this is done.11:48
ScottKI'll be offline mostly today, so I can't provide much help.11:50
MirvLaney: ok, I'll file an upstream bug about it. there's not much people looking at qtsystems though, so there may not be a quick answer. but we essentially took over qtpim development already, so if we need qtsystems a lot we can start pushing that too.11:50
LaneyMirv: took over upstream?11:51
MirvLaney: wrong wording, but I mean renato from our side has become the only upstream contributor pushing changes at the moment.11:52
Laneywell, having upstream commit is great and the way things should work11:52
LaneyMainly I think changing behaviour in Ubuntu-specific ways indefinitely is a bad idea11:53
LaneyMirv: Could you check if it's feasible to do the whitelist?11:58
LaneyQtSystems has API to get the device at least11:58
Laney(Not sure if it works in this case though)11:58
MirvLaney: I now proposed the rsalveti's patch as is to upstream and added the links to the packaging branch. rsalveti may comment on the feasibility of the whitelisting.12:04
Mirvso both filed a bug https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-33748 and a branch fixing it12:04
LaneyMirv: thanks12:04
Mirvthose ido + indicators miscellaneous small fixes ^ tested by me on desktop (autopilot unity7 + manual tinkering with the indicators) and psivaa on touch12:21
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stgraberoh looks like the queue grew quite a bit overnight, I'll finish to deal with something then go through all of those (in 20min-ish)13:42
rsalvetiMirv: you probably know more about qtsystems internals than me :-) All I gave at that bug was a workaround to disconnect signal from actually knowing if the device is valid13:53
rsalvetiMirv: we might just ask help from renato then, as he seems the only one changing it lately13:53
rsalvetiwhitelist sounds a better idea, but need to check what api to use, and -enotime this week13:54
Laneywhat is the point of that libfriends upload?14:00
* Laney asks in The Other Place14:00
diwicuhm, are we frozen? We usually unfreeze between "Final Beta" and "Final Freeze"14:12
* diwic just uploaded a PulseAudio to fix a few crashes14:13
smartboyhwdiwic, see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2013-September/002605.html14:14
apwdiwic, actually we normally are in this half way not frozen but everything gets looked at phase in between14:14
stgraberdiwic: so the dbus part of the upload seems like a feature change to me (removal of dbus support). Can you confirm that nothing in any of our supported images (all flavours) use that module?14:15
cjwatsondiwic: We haven't unfrozen in this phase since at least the quantal release cycle.14:15
cjwatsonCompare e.g. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2013-April/001030.html14:16
diwicstgraber, it was not used in 13.04, experimentally enabled in 13.10 because I thought upstream has fixed things, but it still causes crashes.14:16
stgraberdiwic: Based on the changelog it looks like you neabled the module around a month ago, is that right?14:17
diwicstgraber, so no, I can't give you a guarantee, just that I would be surprised of something in our official flavours actually used it.14:17
cjwatsondiwic: IIRC pulseaudio is in touch images; doesn't this need landing approval from the touch people?14:18
diwiccjwatson, I asked didrocks on friday if it was okay to upload a PulseAudio with stuff that only touches things that we don't make use of on the phone and he said ok14:18
diwicstgraber, something like that. If you ask me to verify, I would look into the same changelog to do that :-)14:19
didrocksyeah, it was okay (and it's still)14:19
cjwatsondiwic: OK, cool14:20
* cjwatson lets stgraber carry on reviewing ...14:20
stgraberok, so based on the limited time in the archive (so unlikely that anyone actually noticed and made use of it) and the fact that it's causing a segfault in some cases, I'm granting an FFe on that and will let it through14:20
diwicstgraber, ok, do I need to do any paperwork for the FFe?14:20
stgraberdiwic: nope, paperwork is the past 10 lines of IRC log14:21
diwicstgraber, ok, thanks :-)14:21
stgraber^ what happened there? :)14:22
Riddellstgraber: my scripts got ahead of themselves, it's not released upstream yet14:24
stgraberRiddell: ok :)14:24
Laneystgraber: btw I queried the libfriends upload, maybe leave that one for now14:24
stgraberLaney: ok, will do14:25
Laney(appears to do nothing)14:25
stgraberseb128: is the Uploaders change intentional in that gtk upload?14:25
diwicthe "Unpacking replacement friends ..." line in my log was slightly amusing. :-)14:25
Laneystgraber: that is automatic14:25
stgraberLaney: ah? does it somehow sync that with Debian when generating the source package?14:26
seb128stgraber, that's control.in->control from the pkg-gnome tools14:26
cjwatsonIt's an intersection of a list in pkg-gnome-tools with the last N entries in the changelog, IIRC14:26
seb128stgraber, it builds the upload list from the changelog most recent entries14:26
LaneyIt takes the last x uploaders and intersec14:26
stgraberah, interesting, ok.14:26
LaneyMirv: looks like QtSystems can't give you the model on N414:28
stgraberhmm, weird that click didn't get auto-accepted, let me quickly check why14:31
stgraberok, that's because it's in ubuntu: supported (and as a result in the packageset), alright, waiving through14:31
Laneythere's 10-ish outstanding FFes too14:32
seb128Laney, it reads the model from /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/product_name ... is that available on the n4?14:33
Laneyseb128: nope14:33
seb128Laney, then it should fallback to libhybris14:34
cjwatsonstgraber: thanks14:34
seb128Laney, getprop ro.product.model14:34
Laneyseb128: in qtsystems itself?14:34
seb128Laney, no, u-s-s14:35
Laneynot talking about that14:35
seb128oh, ok14:35
seb128sorry, ignore me then14:35
seb128qtsystems only knows to read /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/product_name14:35
seb128Laney, that's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtsystems-opensource-src/+bug/119754214:35
seb128Laney, see comment #10 there14:36
stgraberlooking at all those indicator related uploads now14:36
* Laney nods14:36
Laneyso I don't know if this whitelist idea can be implemented in qtsystems14:36
seb128Laney, I didn't follow the discussion, what's the whitelist for?14:37
Laneyseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtsystems-opensource-src/+bug/123119614:38
Laneyit got accepted anyway (should have rejected if I wanted to block it)14:38
stgraberand back to an empty queue!14:47
LaneyRiddell: bug #1222128 might interest you14:49
Laney(the bot has been irritatingly broken for ages)14:49
Riddell15:50 < ubottu> bug 1222128 in Ubuntu "[FFe] [needs-packaging] kqoauth" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122212814:50
czajkowskislangasek: ello :)15:15
slangasekczajkowski: hey there15:16
LaneyI imagine someone other than me would be more qualified to look at http://pad.lv/121853015:16
slangasekLaney: ok, done15:22
czajkowskislangasek: re the workspace not working and it was last week and now no longer isn't the regression tag a useful tag ?15:27
slangasekczajkowski: that tag is for regressions in stable updates15:27
czajkowskithanks for clearing it up15:28
slangaseknot that your bug shouldn't be fixed, but the SRU team doesn't want to receive bug mail about it ;)15:29
czajkowskislangasek: good to know :)15:30
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stgraberseb128: what happened to that poor evolution-data-server changelog?17:58
stgraber(if that's even you who uploaded that one, the diff is pretty confusing ;))17:58
stgraberRiddell: hmm, that user-manager upload looks like it has new features...18:00
stgraberRiddell: (if you say it doesn't, I'll read much closer but added dependencies and a bunch of new files isn't usually a very good sign)18:01
infinitystgraber: That eds looks like an almost-sync-but-not-quite.18:02
infinityDiff looks fine but, yeah, losing all the Ubuntu history/context in the changelog is a bit irksome.18:03
stgraberinfinity: yeah, looked like a sync at first but not quite, I guess I should pull the resulting changelog to see what's the end result :)18:03
stgraberit also does say "sync with Debian" and then "remaining changes" which to me sounds wrong, that's a merge and a merge should keep the changelog history (merge-changelog is usually pretty good at that so why not use it...)18:04
infinityWait, there's a tool for that?  I always do it by hand when MoM can't do it for me.18:06
stgrabermerge-changelog 1 2 > 3 :)18:10
infinityDoes someone still have a hardy chroot kicking around?18:10
infinityOh, nevermind.  I was going to ask if tar's compression autodetection works in hardy, but that was apparently added in 2004...18:12
pleia2infinity: heads up, http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate included in release announcements is a 404, I submitted a bug to have them redirect to community.ubuntu.com (it's private, I can sub you if you'd like)18:19
stgraberpleia2: why is it private?18:21
stgraber(I don't really care about the bug, just wondeirng why a bug about an existing problem on a public website is private)18:21
infinitypleia2: Oh, fun.  It should perhaps redirect to http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/18:21
pleia2stgraber: all website content bugs are by default18:22
infinityOr maybe just to the root.18:22
infinityI don't remember what was on the old page.18:22
infinityYeah, probably best to send it to /contribute/18:22
stgraberpleia2: that seems wrong, but ok...18:23
balloonsdoes anyone have an insight on who is doing signoff for the server images?18:24
infinityballoons: I did for the beta, but we probably want someone from the server team to do it for final.18:24
infinityrbasak: ^18:24
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balloonsinfinity, I figured it was you :-) I was hitting a dead end on trying to track someone from the server team down who knew enough to handle this.18:25
infinityballoons: Well, we could escalate all the way to robbiew if we can't find anyone to take responsibility, but let's see if rbasak responds first. :P18:26
seb128stgraber, what's wrong with it?18:28
infinityseb128: It dropped all the Ubuntu changelog entries.18:28
seb128yeah, we never keep old changelog entries when merging desktop packages18:28
seb128it's annoying to merge back, it wastes space and it's not useful18:29
seb128we have launchpad for a record of uploads18:29
seb128think about it as a direct sync and then, oh, we have a diff again there ;-)18:29
seb128infinity, stgraber: jbicha has a "sync on debian" stacked in the vcs so I included that rather than having to play revert (the actual diff out of the changelog is quite small)18:30
infinityIt loses history if one wants to know when something was changed.  Digging through all revisions on LP is a pain.18:36
apwdid we say there was a handy tool for the merge18:37
infinityapw: merge-changelog, apparently.18:37
apwoh yeah thats the baby, seems to be pretty simple18:38
seb128infinity, so what do you do when a package can be synced and then has ubuntu diff again?18:38
seb128infinity, do you go add back all the previous ubuntu diff history to the changelog?18:38
infinityseb128: That's different.  If it can be synced, one assumes that the Ubuntu bits have ended up in Debian, thus are represented in the Debian changelog.18:38
seb128well, they are represented in the merge summary the same way they would be in a debian changelog entry18:38
infinity(including some sort of attribution, perhaps, which one loses if you remove history)18:38
seb128well, anyway, we have been dropping changelog history consistently for desktop stuff for over 9 years18:39
stgraberseb128: I don't think your merge summary contains the name of who added the individual bits and when those were introduced, and it turns out it's pretty useful information when debugging stuff18:39
seb128that's what we do accross desktop for ever18:39
seb128you liking it or not doesn't seem a release team topic18:40
seb128if you want us to change that go to the TB18:40
stgraberdoesn't necessairly make it right ;)18:40
seb128(sorry, not wanting to be harsh, just trying to not start an endless argument on who prefers what)18:40
seb128but let's agree to disagree18:40
seb128if you care enough, take it to the TB18:40
rbasakinfinity, balloons: I'll raise it in the server team irc meeting tomorrow. Thanks for asking - it'll be nice to have someone lined up and scheduled to do it rather than a last minute scramble to find someone.18:40
stgraberand have the TB say what? please respect the existing procedures on merges? because I'm pretty sure what infinity and I are saying is what's been documented for ages as the procedure to make merges18:41
stgraberwe've even wrote tools to do just that ;)18:41
rbasakI wonder how we could make sure that someone is nominated each release for this without you having to chase.18:41
balloonsrbasak, if you can, please let me know who you pick18:41
rbasakballoons: will do.18:41
infinityrbasak: Well, it would have been fine if the person who "owned" the product hadn't quit. :P18:41
seb128stgraber, recommended != required18:42
stgraberrbasak: so we have a sign-off contact entered next to the product name on the tracker. If you let me know ahead of time I can update the field to reflect reality18:42
rbasakOK - thanks!18:42
balloonsrbasak, infinity yes, basically we need someone to take over the reins from Daviey on this one :-)18:42
seb128stgraber, that's a pretty stupid rule imho, because as said, sync loose changelog history anyway and we have full history in launchpad in any case18:42
infinityseb128: It's not worth arguing about.  My biggest concern is actually just attribution, nothing else.  A sync should retain attribution because the Debian maintainer should mention the patch contributor when he takes the patch.18:43
infinityseb128: A merge without history makes it look like the last uploader "owns" all the modifications.18:43
infinity(Proper DEP-3 headers in patches fixes that, but not everyone uses quilt, and not everyone uses proper headers when they do use quilt)18:44
seb128infinity, would you be happy if we put the author in the merge summary?18:44
infinityseb128: Or in the patches, if you're doing quilty things (and maybe you already do that religiously).  In which case, meh.  Lost history is annoying, but not world-ending.18:44
infinityEither way, this isn't worth having a debate about on a Monday.18:45
infinityCause, well.  Monday.18:45
infinityScrew Monday.18:45
seb128infinity, we tend to do tag patches yes, and as said, launchpad has the history18:45
seb128-changes lists as well18:45
infinityLP's history isn't meaningful for someone who downloads a source package.  But properly tagged patches works for me for the blame/attribution game.18:46
seb128infinity, we have vcses for history as well18:46
seb128or bzr blame18:47
rsalvetican someone approve libhybris? adding another functional call needed by gstreamer to fix an issue with playbin/platform-api in touch20:48
stgraberI'll take a look20:48
cjwatsoninfinity: fakeroot/critcl> well spotted22:36
cjwatsonoho, lilypond/i386 stuck to the wall this time22:39
cjwatsonI'm working on a Debian QA upload for kinput222:39
* infinity is fixing openmpi1.622:44
infinityMan, I'd give good money for the new apt-cacher-ng to stop randomly stalling...22:45
infinityOr maybe I'll just give up on clever caches and run squid on my laptop.22:46
* cjwatson shaves yaks. Need to QA-upload wnn6-sdk first22:52
infinityThat mpfr4 testsuite hang on armhf isn't making me the happiest of campers.23:03
infinity20-to-1 odds say that switching to gcc-4.7 "fixes" it.  And then doko hits me.23:04

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