jrwrenwhen was the last time bears were stomped by lions. I don't mean a win. I mean a stomp. gotta be 30+yrs00:43
rick_h_yea, it was really bad00:45
rick_h_cutler threw a few passes right at the lion players00:46
snap-lWe're going to start the meeting in 5 minutes00:56
snap-lum, 4 minutes. :)00:56
snap-lAlso, Skinny Puppy Weapon is an awesome album00:56
snap-lThat is all00:56
snap-lJoDee and I played two games of Pandemic. It's an excellent board game00:57
snap-lHighly recommended00:57
snap-lOK, let's get started01:00
snap-lWho all is here?01:01
snap-lAnyone else here?01:04
snap-lWill give one more minute, and then we'll hit the agenda01:04
snap-lOK, before we hit the agenda, I wanted to highlight that we have a section on Ubuntu Discourse:01:05
snap-lIf someone would like to write up a definition for this category, please feel free01:06
snap-lotherwise I'll draft up something sooner or later.01:06
snap-lDiscourse is pretty cool. I can see myself using it more than the forums.01:06
snap-lAnyone else using discourse yet?01:07
snap-lOK, one more thing before we hit the agenda.01:09
snap-lRegarding verification: It looks like our group wouldn't make even basic verification. :)01:09
snap-lIf the participation in the latest Global Jam is to be believed01:10
snap-lI know it was a pretty bad weekend all around (especially since it had Ohio Linuxfest opposite it)01:10
snap-lbut I think we're more active as a social group rather than as a group that actually does things in the community01:11
snap-lI would love to be proven wrong01:11
jrwreni agree ;]01:12
snap-lOK. If someone would like to take us through verification, please feel free to speak up. Otherwise we'll let it lapse until we get a bug in our collective bottoms to go after it again.01:14
snap-lSpeaking of collective bottoms and terrible non-sequiters01:14
snap-lRELEASE PARTY!01:14
snap-l13.10 is coming out pretty soon.01:14
snap-lwaldo323 sent out a questionaire about which night / location might work best for folks01:15
snap-lor at least I think he did. Wil double check with him.01:15
snap-lmore information forthcoming on when and where it'll be held01:15
snap-lLast I talked with him it seemed like th Black Lotus in Clawson.01:15
snap-l(would be the location)01:16
snap-lIt's a decent place if you haven't been there, with decent parking and a golf simulator place next door01:16
snap-lSo, until we hear more, more to come. :)01:17
snap-lAny questions, comments, concerns?01:17
snap-l(If you haven't been to a release party yet, it's a lot of fun.)01:17
snap-l(Sometimes we even load up some machines with the latest Ubuntu)01:17
snap-lThat's all I have at the moment. Any further business to discuss?01:21
snap-l^ Next meeting should be normal time01:22
waldo323about to lookat the logs to see what i missed :-\01:22
snap-lI'd like to thank everyone for indulging me for moving the meeting01:22
snap-lwaldo323: You're on the hook for the release party. :)01:22
snap-lwaldo323: And things that aren't in the logs (muhahahaha)01:23
snap-lwaldo323: (note: not really)01:23
waldo323not really about the logs or release party ;)01:23
snap-lyou're still on the hook for the release party. :)01:24
snap-lany updates?01:24
snap-l(note: saying "more to come" is perfectly OK. :) )01:24
waldo323i am going to look at the google doc in a couple minutes and see which date is best01:24
waldo323for us i think the 12th is best at this point or the 18th but sarah can't make it that day01:25
snap-l12th would be better for me01:25
waldo323anyone else here who wants to put in their best availability would be helpful :)01:26
snap-lOr just post it to the list. :)01:28
snap-lThat usually gets some folks attention01:28
waldo323i did a while back, would it be spamming to send it again?01:29
snap-lI don't believe so01:29
snap-lIt's closer to the event01:29
waldo323ok, i think i'll modify the form so the results are easier to read first01:30
waldo323we could just shoot for the 12th01:31
snap-lIt's a saturday, and those usually (usually) get more attention01:32
waldo323how bout black lotus this time?01:34
snap-lI don't have a problem with it.01:35
snap-l(I think we're watching decision making history here, folks. :) )01:35
waldo3236 to 9 and people can stay how ever long though we need to leave a bit earlier01:37
waldo3236 pm to 9 pm EST or EDT what ever it is right now01:38
snap-lCool. Please post to the list, and we'll get the word out. :)01:38
snap-lThank you!01:38
snap-lOK, unless there's something else to discuss, I think we've covered it all and can call this meeting adjourned01:43
snap-lThank you everyone for coming on out!01:47
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DrDaemonEyemorning snap-l11:47
rick_h_the morning email deluge is sweeping me away! back to the woods!11:50
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snap-lrick_h_: No no, you must surf the wave. :)12:23
snap-l(Now would be a great time to try the two-minute rule. :) )12:24
rick_h_phew, email kind of caught up13:22
snap-lStupid Traffic on I-696 really sucked this morning13:26
wafah, i wonder if that's where my coworker is.13:39
snap-lWell, it was closer to Woodward. They mentioned that two left lanes were closed, so people were doing all sorts of heroics to get off the freeway13:40
snap-land turns out there wasn't anything.13:40
snap-lAnd they wonder why people don't pay any attention to signs in Michigan13:41
wafrick_h_: you see http://pse.contraterrene.com/engine/ ?13:44
wafhitting hn as 'solving the bookmark problem'13:44
rick_h_waf: no, hadn't seen that. I like that it fits with the idea of notes I want to do. The selection via the bookmarklet is smart and useful in that situation13:47
rick_h_waf: so I'm confused. The presentation says 'the data stays on your computer' but the bookmarklet looks to be seding it to http://pse.contraterrene.com/engine/index.html13:51
snap-lI have already solved my bookmark problems. :)13:55
rick_h_that's the only problem with the vacation I didn't get the bookie hacking time i had hoped for.13:56
snap-lrick_h_: That's why they call it a "Vacation". :)13:56
rick_h_bah! :P13:56
widoxrick_h_: doesn't seem to be making any network requests for me13:57
widoxusing local storage13:57
widoxthis thing sure is ugly though13:58
snap-lSo that's pretty useless unless you're on the same machine13:58
rick_h_ok I was just trying to read the bookmarklet. It shows a network call. Wonder how he's doing fulltext in the browser then. Did web storage implement the fulltext bit of sqlite?13:59
brouschjrwren: http://www.raspyfi.com/14:27
snap-lYeah, the Pi has problems with Squeezelite15:01
snap-lHonestly, just getting an off-board DAC is probably "good enough"15:01
rick_h_snap-l: back to snap-l eh?15:58
rick_h_snap-l: are we good for CHC this week? /me isn't recalling15:58
snap-lWe have one last weel16:06
snap-lweek, even16:06
snap-lAnd I didn't change the nick on purpose. :(16:06
snap-lone sec16:06
ColonelPanic001snap-l is no more?16:20
rick_h_cmaloney: *confused* you did or didn't want to change the name?16:25
cmaloneyI didn't change it on purpose16:27
cmaloneysnap-l is my back-up name if it can't get cmaloney16:27
ColonelPanic001I don't remember seeing you not use snap-l16:33
ColonelPanic001it's like I don't even know you anymore.16:33
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Speaking of which... your move. :)16:40
ColonelPanic001I think I'm doomed on that 9x916:42
ColonelPanic001maybe only mostly doomed16:42
ColonelPanic001we'll see16:42
cmaloneyFunny, I think I'm doomed on that 9x9 game16:43
cmaloneySince you have a few captures.16:43
ColonelPanic001it'll be the first game in history in which both players lose16:43
ColonelPanic001how exciting16:43
* greg-g swoops in for the inw16:44
ColonelPanic001less swoop16:44
ColonelPanic001more crash.16:44
greg-gwhy do people chew with their mouths open in public?17:32
greg-gand slurp their cereal17:32
wafbecause they heard that it pissed off greg grossmeier, and they want to stick it to you.17:36
jrwrenmanners aren't the same everywhere.17:38
jrwrenoutside of the western world, those things aren't considered rude.17:38
cmaloneyPretty sure California is the epicenter of the western world17:38
cmaloneyand as such is bound by the customs of our people17:39
cmaloneyNo chewing with mouth open, no slurping, and certainly do not wear a white codpiece after labour day.17:40
greg-gjrwren: what craig said. She's not from another country, not even Canada.17:45
rick_h_greg-g: it annoys the $#@$@# out of me and my wife does it sometimes.17:45
rick_h_I confronted her once and she denied it 100% and I've given up17:45
brouschsquirt gun it17:45
brousch"If you don't have your moth open how'd the water get in there?!"17:46
rick_h_s/kitty trainer 3000/wife trainer 300017:46
cmaloneyYeah, that wouldn't show up in the divorce proceedings17:46
rick_h_yea, we just lived together in a 23' box for a week. I'll have to wait to test that one out17:47
cmaloneyi think you could make it a research project17:48
cmaloneyRemember to take copious amounts of data.17:49
cmaloneyAlso film it17:49
rick_h_http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/9917140306/ :)17:51
cmaloneyNice panorama17:51
* cmaloney checks to see if it would make a good widescreen wallpaper17:52
cmaloneyNeeds some cropping17:53
rick_h_yea, I need to crop the end off there17:53
rick_h_the camers doesn't do well with telling you how much tmie time youve' got left before it quits17:54
greg-gbrousch: ++ to squirt gun17:54
rick_h_so you kind of go and try to guess the right speed17:54
greg-grick_h_: yeah, so does Carrie sometimes :)17:54
jrwreni talk with food in my mouth, knowing the whole time its bad manners.18:00
rick_h_yea, we've stopped and trying to teach the boy not to18:00
rick_h_and grandpa kept doing it and getting corrected18:00
rick_h_love it when a 3yr fusses at grandpa "don't talk with food your mouth grandpa!"18:00
greg-gyeah, I constantly did that to my dad growing up.18:00
ColonelPanic001er, good18:09
ColonelPanic001people chewing with their mouth open is up there with people that don't flush the toilet or kill puppies18:10
rick_h_heh, I've started the training for 'put the seat down now that you've gone potty'18:10
rick_h_it's the little things you have to teach these little monsters lol18:10
jrwrenAmazon Linux AMI 2013.09 with kernel 3.4.62, lolz18:13
jcastroPARTY LIKE IT IS 200518:20
greg-gColonelPanic001: are you against water conservation?18:21
ColonelPanic001Yes, we have plenty of water18:22
ColonelPanic001fish pee in water all the time, how can it be bad? It's natural.18:22
greg-gColonelPanic001: :-(18:23
ColonelPanic001what? I flush it, and it just goes back out to the lakes18:24
ColonelPanic001it doesn't get used up, it's okay18:24
greg-g:-( :-(18:24
ColonelPanic001it's the circle of life. er, water.18:24
brouschIt's not like it dissipates into space. It goes to the treatment plant, gets cleaned up a bit, then flows back to the lake18:25
brouschI'm sure people in the desert states have a different view18:26
brouschBut it's their own fault for living in a frigging desert18:26
greg-gwell, cuz that treatment facility is net-zero waste, right? (hint: it isn't)18:28
brouschThey make fertilizer pellets out of the poopy parts18:29
cmaloneyI figure my little piddlings are helping push along the nuclear shits closer to the treatment plant18:29
cmaloneyso all in all a net win18:29
cmaloneyI don't want to be in the same county as my most nuclear of shits, let alone have them fester in the sewer system.18:30
ColonelPanic001I'm just being sarcastic to watch greg-g :( a lot.18:30
ColonelPanic001yeah, like that18:33
ColonelPanic001I also like to print every email just for easier reading18:33
greg-goh, that one makes sense18:34
rick_h_cmaloney: so erica was asking when the wine tasting is.18:34
rick_h_we ended up joining a wine club for one of the VA wineries we went to18:34
cmaloneyOh, nice18:36
brouschTraitor! You should be drinking Michigan wines!18:36
cmaloneyrick_h_: We're still working on it. :)18:36
rick_h_brousch: :P18:36
rick_h_brousch: I've only been to one MI winery and...meh18:36
rick_h_it wasn't http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/9917148276/18:37
brouschWe have dozens of good ones on the best side of the state18:37
cmaloneyYeah, there's several good ones18:38
cmaloneySt. Julian is the most notable18:38
brouschI've not been to that one. We usually go North18:38
brouschMight be going Tuesday, actually18:38
rick_h_http://www.veritaswines.com/about.htm is where we were and joined the club18:39
rick_h_ah cool18:39
greg-gnon-CA wine? blasphemy!18:39
rick_h_yea, we should try some other places. All far from here18:39
rick_h_greg-g: heh I know, but getting out there isn't easy18:39
cmaloneyI've been to Fenn Valley, but as a toungster18:39
rick_h_greg-g: though OR has some good wines out of it18:40
cmaloneyyoungster, even18:40
greg-gI'm like 20-30 minutes from Sonoma valley now18:40
cmaloneyrick_h_: bah, we'll get you on the Michigan bandwagon18:40
greg-grick_h_: yeah, def some good pinot noirs up there18:40
rick_h_greg-g: ok, crash at your place18:40
greg-grick_h_: deal18:40
rick_h_greg-g: pinots are my fav18:40
rick_h_http://www.closdubois.com/index.cfm? is one of my favs18:41
cmaloneyThey're actually quite good18:42
cmaloneyand not in a "good for a $4 bottle of wine" good. I mean comparable to a $12 of wine.18:43
cmaloneyNot had their Pinot, so not sure if it's comparable.18:44
brouschFenn Valley is one of our favorites http://lh3.ggpht.com/-Gd2KL-6P9S0/Ue0sujSDw-I/AAAAAAAAFsg/YBrlZn7AiQw/s800/IMG_0039.jpg18:44
cmaloneyYeah, they've been around a long time18:44
cmaloneySo don't be dissin' the mitten. ;)18:46
cmaloneywe're in the same latitude as France, biyatches.18:47
rick_h_that food and wine article is good18:47
rick_h_though I do like the mountains backdrop of the VA places we've been to :)18:47
cmaloneyWell, if you're about mountain backgrops, Michigan isn't going to cut it, certainly.18:48
cmaloneyBut we do have Sleeping Bear Dunes.18:48
brouschWe have dunes!18:48
brouschSand mountains!18:48
cmaloneyWe also don't have mountain drivers18:49
rick_h_http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/ DC zoo pics up18:49
cmaloneywho will pass on the left of a two lane precipice18:49
cmaloneysorry, left, right, above, below18:49
cmaloneyAnd at 80mph18:50
greg-gthe dunes are indeed awesome18:50
rick_h_yea, we've been looking at campgrounds around there. Might take a trip once the boy is bigger and do the whole 'rent a quad' thing18:50
greg-greal michigan18:51
greg-gwe just went hiking18:51
rick_h_heh, well I guess the idea is that you can just go nuts on them all over. If you want hiking we hear to stay a bit away from some areas18:51
greg-gcourse, it was 10 degrees out ;)18:51
rick_h_lol, awesome18:51
jrwrenugh, i hate it when i wrote some crazy stuff and I don't recall why its crazy.19:00
jrwrengetattr(something, '')()  <-- wtf?19:00
cmaloneyjrwren: Um...19:02
cmaloneyWhat is 'something' supposed to be, and why would it have a blank attribute? :)19:02
jrwrenits something which has a __getattr__ impl19:03
jrwrenso name gets passed empty19:03
jrwrenhaha, zomg, this is hacks.19:03
jrwreni probably wrote this.19:03
cmaloneysi si19:03
* jrwren hangs head in shame19:03
brouschOnly you could have crated such a monster?19:03
jrwrenand it returns a Future().  lolz.19:03
jrwrenanyone could have.19:04
cmaloneyNo, I think this is all you.19:04
jrwrenwhat can I say? when you have a hammer that looks like multi_curl, then everything looks like a nailed url19:04
cmaloneyI think it's more if you have a jackhammer then everything loos flat.19:05
rick_h_jrwren: w...t...f19:05
cmaloneyand we have the coveted rick_h_ WTF award19:05
* cmaloney checks to see what the Russian judge has to say19:06
cmaloneyкакого хрена19:07
jrwrenyeah, i even left a note of documentation, so my wtf moment didn't last tooo long :)19:07
jrwrenhey man, a few hundred web requests in a few seconds is pretty good :p19:17
greg-gcmaloney: just tell me it wasn't Californication, plz21:20
cmaloneyOh hell no21:20
cmaloneyMother's Milk of course21:21
cmaloneyIt's the only album of theirs I own21:21
cmaloneyUsed to own Blood Sugar Sex Magick, but then college ended. :)21:21
cmaloneyI think I listened to that album maybe once or twice in the past 3 months21:22
cmaloneynot like the Obituary kick I was in21:22
cmaloneyAlso have a hard time that Vektor only has 57 plays21:24
cmaloneyI've been playing the fuck out of that album21:24
greg-gwho owns Last.FM now?21:25
greg-gclear channel?21:25
greg-gsame thing, right?21:25
cmaloneyDon't believe so21:25
cmaloneyI think they're competitors21:26
cmaloneyIf it was clear channel I'd yank my scrobbles21:26
cmaloneyWhich sounds weird when you say it out loud21:27
cmaloneybut I did delete my old snapl account on last.fm when they were sold to CBS21:27
greg-ggnufm, maaaaan21:28
cmaloneyIf there was a squeezebox plugin that would be easy. :)21:28
greg-gyou can just set up a /etc/hosts mangler21:32
greg-gapi compat21:32
* greg-g doesn't use it21:32
cmaloneyYeah, that means I'd have to start caring. :)21:33
cmaloneymaybe some day. :)21:33
greg-gBut the maaan, maaan21:33
cmaloneyHey, if I can give CBS marketing data that I'd rather listen to Broken Clown than their radio offerings, then so be it21:33
cmaloney35 listens of Open Metalcast tracks on Last.fm21:34
cmaloneyI'm sure that is a datapoint. ;)21:34
greg-gyou should keep your data, maaan21:35
cmaloneybut how am I going to stick it to the man if the man isn't getting the data maaaaan?21:37
cmaloneyso they can know that I like cajun underground funkadelic thrash black metal?21:37
greg-gI could say "the maaan, maan" all day21:38
cmaloneyOnly if you don't want me to make a trip out to your laptop to throw it into the ocean. :)21:39
greg-gjust don't do it today, kinda crappy/foggy out here, make the trip to the beach worth it21:40
cmaloneyOh, good to know21:40
cmaloneythanks maaaaaaaan21:40
greg-gyou're welcome, maaaan21:41

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