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amjjawadballoons: Hi13:57
amjjawadhow is everything today? :D13:57
amjjawadlink please13:59
balloonshowdy everyone13:59
balloonsfor anyone wanting to join, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi6r2pmsu1pcm346p912ph8?authuser=0&hl=en13:59
balloonsamjjawad, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi6r2pmsu1pcm346p912ph8?authuser=0&hl=en13:59
balloonshello tdr11214:04
balloonshey DanChapman, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi6r2pmsu1pcm346p912ph8?authuser=0&hl=en if you'd like to hop on :-)14:06
DanChapmanballoons, i can only IRC for this session :-(14:13
balloonsDanChapman, ahh, no worries14:13
tdr112We have all this talk about getting testers, are we going to chat about community run testing events ?14:17
balloonstdr112, yes.. I'll steer amjjawad back towards our topic :-)14:17
tdr112In our loco we find "testing" is a great entry level to help out at a bug jam14:20
tdr112How can we much that even better to get people into it14:21
ali1234in xubuntu we knew things were broken well before release: it never got fixed because we lacked people who knew how to package the fixes, and because the fixes weren't packaged, they couldn't be tested, because testing is focused on packages and isos14:22
balloonstdr112, what do you mean?14:24
balloonsali1234, yes we can only test work that gets don14:25
tdr112so for the last bug jam , we had a lot of non tech people come along to it and the best thing we found for them to do was to try and install ubuntu and do some testing , if there was some clear check list to give them, people might get more out of it14:26
ali1234well, i need people testing branches from lp and other upstreams, and i need feedback on a fast turnaround14:26
DanChapmantdr112 does the qa tracker testcases not provide enough info for new people to start working through?14:29
tdr112DanChapman: it might,14:30
balloonstdr112, does this work for you? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Testing14:31
DanChapmantdr112 for example http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/series/42/testsuites provides various scenarios for iso testing and the testcases are well broken down into nice step-by-step14:31
DanChapmanballoons, I didn't know about that wiki page :-)14:33
balloonsDanChapman, :-) Yes we tried to make it easy14:37
amjjawadballoons: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/14:38
DanChapmanballoons, how about an ical for folks to import?14:38
* DanChapman reallllly likes that page14:39
* balloons too14:39
DanChapmanwe all should have one14:40
balloonsDanChapman, yes the pluses of a real calendar means we can have stuff like ical14:48
chilicuilthanks for the session =)14:59
balloonsty chilicuil :-)15:00
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dholbachhttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecpiu84d3clhi4f8jjekr27qg?authuser=0 for whoever wants to join in15:01
pleia2thanks dholbach15:01
pleia2anyone else who can hop on, please do :)15:03
pleia2sgclark? belkinsa?15:04
belkinsaI don't do Hangouts, sorry.15:05
pleia2we're going to start broadcasting15:05
dholbachhello hello, we still have a lot of room in the hangout :)15:05
sgclarknew install sorry, installing plugin15:05
cprofittI will do my best to participate, but today is busy here at work15:05
knomedholbach, good for you, not a sardine bin then ;)15:06
dholbachsgclark, great15:06
dholbachif you want, you can just talk and turn off your video - there were just a bunch of folks who did that in a session in core-2 earlier :)15:06
knomenah, i don't do G+15:07
yolandai'm listening, i'm curious about that15:07
dholbachit'd be great to have a bit more participation in the hangout :)15:08
pleia2Deindre: can join the hangout here https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecpiu84d3clhi4f8jjekr27qg?authuser=015:09
cprofittI am particularly interested in seeing 'advice' or 'blue prints' being created for loco teams that would address engaging young women and technology15:10
belkinsaYeah.  Here is the link to the project: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/GIWPI15:10
cprofittie., encouraging 11-18 year old girls to use technology / programming / etc15:10
pleia2cprofitt: can you add a bullet point to the etherpad?15:12
sgclarkplugin installs fine but chrome refuses to see it, sorry I tried15:12
belkinsaDo some sort of "Get Involved" day, like the Career Days, was one of my ideas and whoever thought of that to.15:12
pleia2sgclark: doh! next time15:12
cprofittin a very general sense I think helping young women foster their interest will help in the long run15:12
belkinsaYes, write that matrix is what we need to do.15:13
pleia2belkinsa: anything else to add on this topic?15:14
belkinsaNo, just the two- The day and the martix.15:14
pleia2cprofitt: we're going to go through the agenda items we had in our blueprint first (sorry for knocking your item to the bottom)15:14
pleia2belkinsa: ok cool15:15
cprofittI added it pleia2 -- this would seem to fit with some of the other items -- like getting involved, best practices, but with a target of a specific age group15:15
cprofittno problem pleia215:15
cprofittI think it fits under several of the existing items, but there likely has to be a different approach for that age group vs. women who are already in university or graduated15:16
belkinsaI could.15:16
belkinsaI would*15:16
cprofittActually -- I am looking for ideas from your team15:18
cprofittit is something I want to do, but I am unsure of how to go about it15:19
cprofittI think it requires a different approach, but not sure of the best way to go about it15:19
cprofittmy ideas would be to engage the teachers directly, but are there other ways15:19
AlanBellhttp://codeclub.org.uk has good materials for young people15:20
dholbachAlanBell, nice15:20
dholbachphilballew could be a contact for the ubuntu youth team15:20
cprofittI think it might be something that requires a different approach at that age group15:21
cprofittpartially to make parents feel comfortable15:22
cprofittI have had young men show up to Lug meetings, etc... but not young women15:22
cprofittI am not sure if there is some way of making parents comfortable15:22
belkinsaIt's mostly a Google drive doc, can you add that link also? Thanks.15:24
belkinsaEr, sorryfor that edit.  I think my computer is having issues.15:26
cprofittOther than getting a job... it may help to also show how the skills could translate to being more ready for college / university15:26
cprofittjust my comment about making it more than career15:38
cprofittadd the ability for it to assist students getting in to college or university15:38
cprofittthe gradfly site as an example15:38
belkinsaCan some put those three last lines under the gradfly link that I posted on the pad?  Can't seem to do that.  Thanks.15:39
cprofittperhaps it is something for us to think about15:40
dholbachI just had a look at the ubuntu-women.org site and wondered if the stories could be a bit more prominent? maybe a few paragraphs of a few members with pictures (just an idea off the top off my hat) - it might also make it a bit more inviting15:40
belkinsaNever mind, added it15:40
cprofittI think attracting women at this point is critical to improving women in technology15:40
sgclarkold gal here15:40
belkinsaDholbach, I agree.  Maybe that can be an action item for me to look into that?15:41
cprofittwhy as women, did you not get involved in technology when you were younger?15:41
cprofittcan we do anything to address that issue?15:41
dholbachbelkinsa, sure, that'd be awesome - how about      [belkinsa] make (at least some) stories of ubuntu women more prominent on the site     ?15:42
pleia2dholbach: yeah, so far we only posted it on the blog and only have one story so far15:42
cprofitt+1 dholbach15:42
sgclarkmy first programming was done on a TRS-80 hehe. can't answer that15:42
dholbachpleia2, I'm sure you could just nick some snippets from people's wiki pages plus their LP profile pic ;-)15:43
dholbachbelkinsa, great!15:43
belkinsaYes, but maybe revise the page into something else better.15:43
pleia2sgclark: nice!15:43
* cprofitt nods15:43
cprofittsome of the limitations are for both boys and girls, but if there are things that specifically can be done to encourage young women that would help15:44
belkinsaMaybe this is prefect for the mailing-list and right now to talk about?15:44
pleia2belkinsa: yeah15:45
pleia2maybe more expertise on the mailing list15:45
sgclarkmy story is still n Alpha stage15:45
cprofittbelkinsa: I think so...15:45
cprofittI think I can try to engage some other young women in technology groups that exist and try to map some of their 'stuff' to Ubuntu specifically15:46
cprofittI will take that as a TODO item15:47
cprofittnot so much of a TODO, but perhaps it can assist with the process for next time to have some specific ideas / examples etc15:47
belkinsaMaybe tie those interviews into the story page?15:48
belkinsaOr at least link them?15:48
pleia2belkinsa: +115:48
belkinsaOn both pages.15:48
Deindrethank you pleia215:49
Deindreawesome as usually15:49
cprofittthanks everyone15:49
sgclarktanks everyone15:49
pleia2thanks everyone :)15:49
belkinsaNot a problem and thanks.15:49
pleia2Deindre: thanks for being on camera!15:49
DeindreI really care about UW project :)15:50
belkinsaI think we all do.  :)15:50
pleia2dholbach: timing isn't great for my fellow classroom admins for the next session, we can either do a really short one with just you and I, or punt entirely for a non-UDS timeslot (maybe next week) when jose and possibly nigelb are around15:57
dholbachpleia2, let's do a short one at least, so we can involve folks who do turn up15:57
dholbachan yeah, session next week should work15:57
dholbachit would leave time to get another blog post out too :)15:58
dholbachpleia2, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpimmh196kvncqlioppimcec15:59
dholbach(and everyone else)15:59
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ogra_dholbach, do you plan to cover stuff like phone porting clinics too in the next session ?16:02
dholbachogra_, no, not quite - it was more about ubuntu user days, ubuntu open week, that kind of stuff16:03
ogra_yeah, i saw the pad16:03
dholbachogra_, but sure, if you have something to add about porting clinics, we can talk about those too16:03
ogra_(thats what made me ask :) )16:03
ogra_well, we want them, but it is probably rather something we need to coordinate between the phone teams16:04
dholbachogra_, sure... if you drop me a mail about it, we can talk about it next week and line up a few dates16:04
dholbachI'd be happy to help where I can (not being an expert)16:04
dholbach... and participate once I get my fairphone ;-)16:04
ogra_well, you are the expert for organizing such stuff ;)16:05
dholbachany more comments from folks on IRC?16:21
dholbachanyone who wants to be included in the invite to the hangout?16:21
pleia2thanks dholbach16:22
pleia2woo early "lunch"16:22
* dholbach hugs pleia216:22
* pleia2 hugs16:22
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* elfy is lurking 18:58
elfyLetozaf_ has come to lurk as well :)19:00
Letozaf_elfy, :D19:01
* elfy wonders where the vid is for it ... 19:01
elfyooh - quiet at the front there ...19:03
balloonshttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpj0ogtpvv4788uo7p3rcf58?authuser=0&hl=en <-- hangout link19:03
balloonshangout link, if needed: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpj0ogtpvv4788uo7p3rcf58?authuser=0&hl=en19:08
gemaI am with barry, having a golden run on CI should be a must19:19
gemaall of them19:32
gemafix'em all19:32
gemathomi: I like your cat :)19:33
balloonsmore cat, less guitars?19:33
gemaballoons: +1!!19:33
dobeyare the apps being started with upstart, or directly by autopilot?19:37
dobeyelopio: ^^19:38
thomidobey: it depends on the app. Several are started with upstart19:39
elopiodobey: on the desktop, autopilot runs qmlscene directly19:39
elopioon the phone, I think it changed on some.19:39
balloonsyes, on the phone it's run via upstart (if it's click)19:39
dobeyelopio: well you don't need xvfb running on the phone though?19:39
elopiodobey: no, I would be happy with it working on my desktop.19:40
dobeyif "xvfb-run -a autopilot" doesn't work, then it's probably a bug in autopilot not passing the environment to the child app, correctly19:40
dobeyso should be pretty easy to fix19:40
elopiodobey: yes, corey told me xvfb-run didn't work. So, that's likely. I'm going to paste your comment on the pad.19:41
balloonsI noticed thomi escaped with no work items :-)19:41
pittidobey: oh, running xvfb + autopilot isn't that trivial actually19:42
pittidobey: we wrote an autopilot-sandbox-run specifically for this19:42
balloonsDanChapman, anything you'd like to see?19:42
pittidobey: you can also run it with -X/--xephyr to actually see what it's doing19:42
balloonsspeak now my friend :-)19:42
DanChapmanthomi is talking about it now19:42
pittidobey: (by default it uses xvfb)19:42
DanChapmanballoons, ^^19:42
pittielopio: ^19:42
balloonslol DanChapman :-)19:43
pbass+1 for dep-8 tests19:47
balloonslol thomi I decided to spare the poor cat from the next step19:50
elopiothanks pitti, I'll give it a try.19:50
pittielopio: I use it in the shotwell autopkgtest, very convenient19:51
pittielopio: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/shotwell/ubuntu/view/head:/debian/tests/import19:51
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