tsimonq2!info plasma-look-and-feel-org-kde-breezedark-desktop02:03
ubottuplasma-look-and-feel-org-kde-breezedark-desktop (source: breeze): Dark Breeze look-and-feel for Plasma. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.7.2-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 47 kB, installed size 72 kB02:03
tsimonq2longest package name I've ever seen ^02:03
tsimonq2like seriously :P02:07
ahoneybunit is a long name02:08
ahoneybunI guess it would be hard to know what it was otherwise02:08
tsimonq2yofel: ...why can't it be simpler? :P ^02:09
ahoneybuntsimonq2: I found a wordpress theme called Buntu lol02:57
* ahoneybun has removed python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat and doing an upgrade04:17
ahoneybunover 700 updates lol04:17
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Here we go, did I break it? Lol05:06
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Well what do you know Plasma remembered my settings for the panel and wallpapers05:09
valorieahoneybun: has Plasma ever forgotten your settings?05:15
ahoneybunit switchs the panel and wallpaper05:18
ahoneybunputs them on the wrong screen05:18
tsimonq2o/ valorie 05:18
valoriehi tsimonq205:18
* ahoneybun wonders if he broke his system removing that package05:19
ahoneybunanyone know anything about how Plasma handles tray icons?05:20
valorietsimonq2: did all your merge requests get taken care of?05:30
valoriesometimes I see the request, and no answer05:30
valoriethen I wonder05:31
tsimonq2valorie: huh?05:44
tsimonq2valorie: I haven't submitted an MP since I was a yellow belt :P05:45
tsimonq2and all have been approved05:45
valorieI was still working through my older email06:04
valoriegonna get even futher behind until I get back from Germany.....06:04
tsimonq2off to bed for me o/06:08
acheronukMorning :)08:48
blazeacheronuk: have you used apt on yakkety?10:14
acheronukblaze: used, yes. but how do you mean?10:21
blazeis it buggy?10:22
blazeI always see some error messages everytime i run it10:23
acheronukblaze: no more than normal that I've noticed10:23
acheronukwhat errors10:23
blazeassertion failed10:26
acheronuknot seen anything like that, and I do a fair bit via apt/apt-get rather than a package manager10:27
mparilloblaze: Are you running Synaptic? Or apt in the command line?10:31
blazeacheronuk: mparillo: that's what I got http://wstaw.org/m/2016/08/21/x01_21_08_2016_13_28_43.png10:32
acheronukblaze: from that appstream-0.9.8, I would guess you have the version of appstream from yakkety-proposed installed?10:38
acheronuk0.9.7-1 is the release pocket version10:39
acheronukpossible that could be the reason. maybe10:40
* blaze is downgrading10:42
acheronukblaze: if not that, then I'm not sure10:43
blazeyep, libappstream3 0.9.8-2 that's what it was10:50
acheronukblaze: great :)10:57
acheronukthat you fixed it, that is10:58
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:44
acheronukBluesKaj: afternoon11:47
BluesKajHi acheronuk11:47
BluesKajinteresting, system monitor process table didn't show update-apt-xapian index at all on yakkety, mind you there were over 400 upgrades yesterday11:51
mparilloBluesKaj: 400 upgrades on YY yesterday? Do you still have the three -staging repositories enabled?12:12
BluesKajmparillo, no 12:13
mparilloTY, logging off XX to check YY.12:13
mparilloThanks BluesKaj. 364 packages can be upgraded.12:20
mparilloTo be removed: libkwineffects7 libtaskmanager5 plasma-discover-private plasma-discover-updater 12:21
mparilloThanks BluesKaj: Looks like many of those YY updates for me were Plasma 5.7.2 and KDE Frameworks 5.24.12:40
BluesKajmparillo, yeah, same here12:41
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.6.0-8-ge0123c8 * Carlo Vanini: src/DetailsTabs/MainTab.cpp13:25
pursuivanthide purge button when marked for change13:25
pursuivantWhen a package with residual config was marked for purge, the purge13:25
pursuivantbutton was still shown. Hide it, like the other buttons.13:25
santa_valorie: the mails from my merge requests for getting frameworks building with gcc 6 reached the kubuntu-devel mailing list, see:15:14
santa_but the problem here is not acheronuk not getting the mails from that15:15
santa_the problem here is that after more than 2 years after sending my first patch I still don't have git permissions15:16
santa_not even to push the smallest and most obvious fixes15:16
santa_see the kjsembed patch for instance https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kjsembed/+merge/30270515:17
santa_besides the changelog entry, it just changes *one* line. and it was discussed previously that it was the correct solution. and it fixes a build failure15:18
santa_god help me when I have to change something less important or more complex15:18
santa_also note that I mentioned the gcc 6 build failures for frameworks several times:15:19
santa_Mention #1: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/10/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t12:3415:20
santa_Mention #2: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/11/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t17:1415:20
santa_Mention #3: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/11/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t21:5015:20
santa_Mention #4: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/11/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t22:1915:20
santa_Mention #5: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/19/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t18:415:20
santa_Mention #6: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/20/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t13:1215:20
santa_valorie: so you asked me in the mailing list for a "sustained contribution"15:22
santa_it's perfectly fine and legit that you asked for that, but please consider that I have been working here for a long time without the slightes warranty that I'm not wasting my time15:24
santa_also besides that unpleasant uncertainty: each time I work on a patch or something ....15:28
santa_are you aware that many many times I have to spend more time humoring someone to include my patches than writing the patches in question?15:29
santa_and that being said, do you think this kind of things help me towards keeping a sustained contribution?15:30
santa_I was told I would be getting git permissions after passing the membership process15:32
santa_so that would be the end of these kind of problems15:33
santa_but please think a bit about what you (you=kubuntu) can do to be a nice place to work15:37
santa_it's really sad that after 2 years I *still* have to work like this15:37
santa_and sorry for the wall of text, I don't mean to offend, just pointing out some things, which, in my opinion, must be improved15:39
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> santa  everywhere has a similar policy about pushing code17:10
santa_ahoneybun: well, I'm also a KDE developer, after sending *3* patches to the mailing list I got SVN permissions17:20
santa_ahoneybun: also, note that this in KDE you get permissions to push code to *any* KDE software, however that's not used as an excuse to not give you the permissions you need to do a proper job17:23
santa_for instance I don't consider myself to be technically capable enough to make decisions about a patch for plasma for example17:23
santa_because I never worked on plasma17:24
santa_so if I happen to have a fix for plasma, instead of pushing it directly (I could do that because in KDE when you get SVN/git permissions you get puhs access to everything), I would use the reviewboard17:25
santa_ahoneybun: now compare it to what we have here: I have been sending patches for 2 years, and when I ask for git permissions I just got called "incompetent" in my face https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/02/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t20:1117:38
santa_ahoneybun: and that's kind of fun because in case you haven't noticed I have been packaging KDE sfotware for ~ 7 years meaning I probably have more experience than many people who already got access, including yofel17:40
santa_so please reconsider a bit the way you are dealing with "new" contributors17:41
santa_it would be nice if they way you deal with new people would be more oriented to help people getting in, rather than keeping them out17:42
santa_* the way17:44
shepster52Caution! newbie present!  Greetings,  I have Ubuntu running the KDE window manager/desktop.  Question:  What is the difference between what I am running and an install of Kubuntu?17:44
acheronukshepster52: You are welcome :), but this is a development channel, so that Q would probably be better on #kubuntu17:47
santa_hi shepster52, maybe this question would be more appropiate for #kubuntu, anyway I don't think you will find much difference if you installed the kubuntu-desktop metapackage17:48
acheronukshepster52: but not much difference, except you will have kubuntu in addition to whatever DE you had before17:49
acheronuksnap * 217:49
tsimonq2santa_: do all the GCC6 fixes look similar to kjsembed ?18:09
santa_tsimonq2: well there are some which change like 3 lines of the symbols files instead of one if that's the question18:10
tsimonq2here's what I'm willing to do, if you give me the heads up that kjsembed works exactly as intended in KCI, I'll go through and approve all your MPs18:11
tsimonq2I'm figuring out how to approve it now :P18:11
tsimonq2santa_: and I'm really sorry you're feeling this way. By the way, to get Git access, you'd be looking to get Ninja, not Membership ;)18:12
santa_tsimonq2: it was Ninja what I asked, see yofel's reply above18:13
santa_tsimonq2: regarding the gcc6 patches they are targeted to the _archive branch, but once you get them there you could merge them to _unstable18:15
tsimonq2santa_: so with the fixes you presented, would you like those to go into a specific archive or just in KCI for now?18:16
santa_tsimonq2: the way I see is the following18:16
santa_they are right now in yakkety 5 frameworks which are failing to build, that's a fact18:17
acheronuktsimonq2: I tested an equivalent KCI change for kjsembed I think....18:17
tsimonq2santa_: 5 is ambiguous, you mean the PPA or in the archive?18:18
acheronuktsimonq2: https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kjsembed/commit/?id=7be5a25a261be957a80dcc1f4e5b8c2a42c740ec18:18
santa_tsimonq2: any. both archive and staging have 5.2418:18
santa_so now you could release yakkety with fw 5.24 or 5.2518:19
santa_now lets say you go for 5.24 -> my patches should be included otherwise you would release yakkety with packages which fail to build from source18:20
tsimonq2I'm not comfortable merging into kubuntu_yakkety_archive quite yet. that's yofel's job.18:20
santa_now let's say you go for 5.25 -> my patches should be included, and then you can pacakge 5.25 on top of that18:20
santa_] <tsimonq2> I'm not comfortable merging into kubuntu_yakkety_archive quite yet. that's yofel's job.18:22
tsimonq2but I'm not! :P18:22
santa_note that my criticism (I hope you understand it as constructive criticism) is not about rushing my patches but about how kubuntu deals with new, upcoming contributors18:23
tsimonq2I understand fully :)18:23
tsimonq2I'm new here too18:23
tsimonq2well, you aren't18:23
tsimonq2but I think it's about the trust of the people involved, otherwise you won't get anywhere18:24
santa_well, actually I should say "third class citizens"18:24
tsimonq2I got ninja in a week and a half because I worked hard. who says it shouldn't be the same for you?18:24
santa_I have been sending patches here for about a couple of years18:25
tsimonq2that being said, Philip seems to have some reservations. I'd be good to work with him and find out what exactly he would like to see. :)18:26
santa_and I disagree you got it because you worked hard. don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure you worked hard18:26
santa_you got ninja because someone decided to make you ninja18:27
tsimonq2because afair with him being I *think* the only active developer, his vote of yes or no determines it18:27
santa_which exactly the problem18:28
tsimonq2the problem there is we lack developers :)18:29
santa_yeah, well, you won't get more developers this way18:30
tsimonq2we have clivejo and acheronuk and myself who eventually (if not already) will be candidates for being a developer, so you're wrong there :)18:33
tsimonq2but, you're a special case18:33
tsimonq2again, I had a nice turnaround time on my MPs18:33
tsimonq2but for some reason not yours18:33
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> The issue is your past actions santa18:33
santa_ahoneybun: what past actions?18:34
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> You disappeared before for one18:35
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> I've been around for a solid 2 1/2 year and have only seen you around a little18:36
santa_ahoneybun: too bad you weren't paying attention, because I sent a lot of patches https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/+merges18:39
santa_ahoneybun: and I could afford to be more active if didn't have to spend more time humoring someone else to include my patches than writing the patches in question18:40
tsimonq2santa_: hey now, in that patch, there was something I found that wasn't right18:40
tsimonq2you wanted to merge into kubuntu_yakkety_archive18:41
santa_ahoneybun: also note that the link doesn't include the patches I sent when the packaging was in debian's git18:41
tsimonq2yet you had it as UNRELEASED18:41
santa_ahoneybun: so you may find more in the kubuntu-devel mailing list18:41
santa_tsimonq2: that's not wrong, that's intended18:42
tsimonq2yofel: asking on behalf of the release team (me and Set are doing the flavor-side) is Kubuntu participating in Beta 1?18:42
tsimonq2santa_: that's wrong, you never do that18:42
acheronuktsimonq2: even YY archive stays as unreleased in the changelog, until it actually is.18:42
tsimonq2acheronuk: but I mean as a top entry?18:42
tsimonq2am I wrong here?18:43
santa_tsimonq2: no, it's not. the packages are failing to build in yakkety18:43
santa_so this way they can be used to upload an update to yakkety18:43
tsimonq2santa_, acheronuk: so we have to ask ourselves, WWYD?18:44
acheronuktsimonq2: yes, as once released you increment the version on the next change, and as that has not been released it should be UNRELEASED18:44
tsimonq2acheronuk: but don't those changes go directly into the archive then?18:44
acheronuktsimonq2: not until yofel does it and changes it to released when he does18:45
tsimonq2santa_: so on those MPs you submitted, that's great, thank you, but I'm not good enough at this to merge into kubuntu_yakkety_archive. If you fix something in KCI and want to merge into kubuntu_unstable, I'll be happy to approve if it seems reasonable. :)18:45
tsimonq2acheronuk: ahhh gotcha18:45
tsimonq2santa_: after all, we have a LOT of different errors in KCI ;)18:46
shepster52thanks all18:46
valoriesanta_: just got to my keyboard19:10
valorieI'll read up before responding19:10
tsimonq2o/ valorie 19:15
acheronukevening valorie :)19:16
tsimonq2acheronuk: so did we ship apps 16.04.3 or is that still a WIP?19:17
valorieit's just past noon!19:18
tsimonq2ik it's just past 2 PM for me!19:18
acheronuktsimonq2: WIP to become a FFE I think19:18
valorietimezones are fun19:18
santa_tsimonq2: it's not in the archive yet if that's the question19:19
santa_I also have some important pending reviews for it19:19
santa_(no pun intended)19:19
tsimonq2acheronuk: what are we waiting on?!?19:20
valoriethat was my question yesterday. It's not just santa_ that has had merges and changes and stuff published on the list that have had no answers on the list19:21
valoriebut I don't know who needs to do approvals etc.19:21
valoriehaving only on Kubuntu Developer right now is a holdup, as is having no MOTU 19:22
tsimonq2well if I'm getting this right, unless we're uploading fixes to packages in a staging PPA, yofel does kubuntu_yakkety_archive (clivejo too?), and the rest of us all could probably do kubuntu_unstable19:22
tsimonq2yeah ik :/19:23
valoriesanta_: I do not think you are wasting your time19:23
valorieI think we all share your frustration, because everyone is working hard19:23
valorieand it seems to take forever to get changes made19:23
tsimonq2well except for the ninjas which have access but even then, I have no clue why we're waiting on apps 16.04.319:24
valorieon the other hand, things are moving in a good direction, and much more quickly than they were last cycle for instance19:24
tsimonq2I garee19:24
valorieI thought we were all gonna have heart attacks by the time of 16.04 release19:25
tsimonq2well that sucks, 'cause over at Lubuntu land I was twiddling my thumbs :P19:25
tsimonq2santa_: we appreciate your efforts, I'd just be able to do more if you proposed fixes against kubuntu_unstable :)19:27
valorietsimonq2: much of the frustration is that riddell used to be able to take our tested stuff and get it into the archive19:29
valorienow we are constantly waiting on them19:29
valorieclogs all of our processes us to wait for work we did weeks or even months ago just languish19:30
tsimonq2we need a MOTU don't we?19:30
valoriethat too19:30
tsimonq2argh I wish I could do more19:30
valorieone thing at a time19:31
tsimonq2I know :|19:31
valoriewe've been fixing our tooling, and that is working better, right?19:31
valorieour packages seem to be in pretty good shape19:31
mparilloIt seems to me that having the larger project control Qt hurts. In an emergency (and we are not there yet, right?) didn't Scott offer to help out?19:31
valorieyes, waiting on Ubuntu for Qt does hurt19:32
valorieI don't know a way around that19:32
tsimonq2well that's just how transitions work :P19:32
valoriemparillo: ScottK can help with some Debian stuff, yes19:33
valoriebut I believe he's stepped down from all of his former Ubuntu jobs19:33
blazethat's because some kde man have made Mark nervous and the Riddel was second19:34
blazesaw it with my eyes19:34
valorienot sure what you mean, blaze?19:37
blazethe reason behind all that commotion19:39
blazewith kubuntu council etc19:39
valorieblaze: "some kde man"?19:42
valorieI was there, on the Council, and I don't know what you are talking about19:43
valorieanyway, ScottK still loves us, and so do shadeslayer, and riddell, and sitter19:48
valoriebut they aren't working with us as a matter of course19:48
blazebtw, I'm not familiar with the official version of what happened19:50
mparilloAnd I thought some of those remain MOTU and were willing to upload in an emergency.19:51
valorieshadeslayer is a MOTU and will upload in an emergency19:53
valorieand has done so19:53
acheronukclivejo: can you change config on KCI? prison has done away with frameworks branch and merged it to master, so I think KCI needs to pull from there?20:53
* acheronuk wonders how to update the KCI version of prison when it has been 'debianabimanagered'23:10
acheronuktsimonq2: what happened with all the merge markers here? https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/messagelib/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=4c8509f665aba222136ca27250d696fecbc3ba2923:17
acheronukyofel, if you should be around, would updating the prison packaging in the way Neon have here: http://packaging.neon.kde.org/cgit/frameworks/prison.git/commit/?h=Neon/unstable&id=d7962eb1ec3a8fb2e9b79fc5f106cd7a3157771823:22
acheronukneed any modification for the debianabimanager?23:23

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