daniel_galso, i noticed that it doesn't work in chromium either. i get the same error.00:00
tomreyndaniel_g: if you    sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop^    this may list the missing packages (no need to confirm if you don't wan all of it)00:03
tomreynibrumfield: what is "nvidia on demand"?00:03
daniel_gwhat does the caret (^) at the end mean?00:03
tomreyndaniel_g: it signifies that this an an "apt task", similar to what tasksel did in the past00:04
daniel_gtomreyn: k, thanks00:04
daniel_gtomreyn: when i sudo apt cache search ubuntu-desktop, it says that it's already installed00:06
OerHeksthere is some DRM guide for firefox00:06
daniel_gand i just sudo apt cache update00:06
daniel_gOerHeks: oh, nice, where?00:06
OerHekssame as netflix, step 1 ... https://itsfoss.com/netflix-firefox-linux/00:07
daniel_gOerHeks: I have a feeling it is system-wide in my case though, because it doesn't work in chromium for me either...00:07
tomreynibrumfield: if your goal is to run specific applications on one and others on the other GPU in a multi-gpu setup, you can probably use nvidia-settings for this on proprietary drivers, or the DRI_PRIME environment variable if using nouveau00:08
ibrumfieldperfect thanks!00:09
tomreyndaniel_g: firefox's about:preferences also has a "Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content" tick box00:10
daniel_gOerHeks: didn't work :(. I already have all of the settings and plugins in the guide. also, apt cache search (codec pack name) from guide turned up nothing...00:11
daniel_gtomreyn: yeah, it's ticked already :/00:11
daniel_goh, i'm running in a virtual machine if that makes any difference. shouldn't though, right?00:11
daniel_git's a virtualbox vm. ubuntu running inside ubuntu00:11
tomreynit's possible DRM wouldnt like that00:12
tomreynnot sure, it's proprietary, we can't know00:12
tomreynI also like how Firefox' "Learn more" link points to a parked domain name00:13
daniel_gI feel like I might just have to run a Windows VM to get this to work. However, i wish it wasn't this difficult?00:14
texlaUbuntu Mate 19.04 I want to install the dock that is on 18.04..don't know the name to use google to find00:15
tomreyntexla: this sounds ubuntu mate specific, so i suggest you ask in #ubuntu-mate00:17
texlatomreyn, thanks for the info00:18
tomreyndaniel_g: maybe try it with a new firefox profile00:18
daniel_gtomreyn: k00:19
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newdimensionHow come I'm not seeing an available update 19.04 => 19.10 ?02:13
ayewit doesnt roll out for evberyone at the same time02:14
ayewyou can force it with do-release-upgrade -d, although thats probably bad practice02:15
newdimensionWhy would it be bad practice? and I'm curisou how do people do a rolled release? Is it like show update for % of requests. Or does the system have some kind of unique ID and it rolls it out based on that?02:16
ayewbecause -d upgrades to a "development release" which may or may not be exactly the same as what you'd get without using the d02:17
newdimensionI see02:17
ayewi did it yesterday and it worked fine for me02:18
ayew(using -d)02:18
newdimensionI'm not in a hurry, was just curious02:18
ayewmy guess is the staggered release is just to lower the load on the server infrastructure02:20
nikolamthis snapper-gui is crashing and is useless on 19.04 as it seems02:24
Bashing-omatsaloli: Yep ^ :see too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases .02:25
nikolamalready using apt-btrfs-snapshot that is fine, but needed some GUI or something not to crawl through CLI whenever I want to clean snapshots02:26
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jeloumeHi guys03:00
jeloumeI wanted to install again ubuntu as I should do, because I've some problems with it03:00
jeloumebut I'm afraid of to make some mistakes and do something wrong, can you give me some advice?03:01
jeloumeI wrote `fdisk -l` in order to know exactly how many partitions has my machine and it shows me this, a year ago I create just one for linux because I saw so many partitions previously that I was afraid of delete03:03
jeloumewhat I should do if I want to create a new partition for a new ubuntu?03:03
jeloumeI mean this is a notebook I bought and it has all these partitions created when I bought it03:06
yelofjeloume: if you want windows to work, most of those partitions are needed. Some are for creating recovery media and could potentially be deleted if you have those disks/files, or do not want recovery options if Windows breaks. sda9 is your linux partition, make sure everything is backed up installing there would delete your files on linux03:15
yelofcould potentially resize sda5 and/or sda9 to make room for a new partition, but that depends on how full they are.03:17
coolchrishello i am thinking about delting my ubuntu computers i don't like it anymore03:26
coolchrisits boring03:26
coolchrisits a boring os03:26
^Peter^coolchris   Ah but it is not the operating system that defines boring, it is the operator, and his ability to use the system03:27
yeloftroll didn't even wait for a response.03:28
^Peter^yes indeed a troll03:28
yelofwas going to recommend a rm -rf, gotta remove ubuntu properly03:30
jeloumeAlthough I'm gonna find out how to how to resize a partition, there is any safe way to do it with out loss any important information from windows or linux that I've installed?03:37
fructosejeloume: If you're worried, safest thing to do is back up the entire disk somewhere.03:39
yelofjeloume: can resize, or "shrink" i believe with gparted or another utility. backups are reccomended in case something goes wrong. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/ResizingPartition03:42
yelofI think the partition cannot be mounted, gparted is on the live cd/usb I believe.03:44
jeloumeso is it better if I use gparted instead of using fdisk ?03:50
jeloumeI don't have any other disk :(  just this one that have my notebook03:50
jeloumeI've a disk but it's from my mom xD I don't think she's gonna give that one XD03:53
yelofthe only way to change a partition size using fdisk is by deleting and recreating the partition03:53
jeloumeaaa sry for my english xd03:53
jeloumeit scares me a lot, I'm gonna download gparted03:54
jeloumeI need to resize one of my primary partitions Windows or Linux and after I can create a new one so that I can install there my new linux?03:55
yelofcan use use resize2fs if you need CLI, either way I recommend backups of any important data, and check your free space to make sure you have enough on those partitions to consider it.03:55
yelofif those partitions are full it won't work.03:56
jeloumeOnce time I think I had gparted on a live cd and when I tried to resize de windows partition it didn't allow me to do it I don't know why e.e03:56
jeloumeis it possible that a partition it's blocked? I mean that I can resize it ?03:58
catalaseis it possible to encrypt the entire drive with LUKS after ubuntu has been installed?04:33
flogI need to change a keycode, the issue is that showkey reports the key as 374. It seems like the usable range is up to 255 by the kernel. Any ideas?05:02
flogThe root problem is that i want to use that key to trigger a script in my i3 config. xev does not report any bindsym for it since it is out of range.05:03
Coolerwth? https://imgur.com/m3Hy6s705:11
Coolerwhy did the package system break?05:11
CoolerI didn't do anything weird05:11
Coolerwell I haven't restarted this desktop in a while05:11
Coolerother than that, just browsing youtube05:11
doug16kflog, which key?05:12
flogdoug16k: not sure what the keys name is. got a lenovo laptop with function key on F11 i want to use.05:16
Bashing-omCooler: Could be any of several reasons - out of disk space ? what shows ( in a pastebin site ): ' df -h ; df -i ' .05:17
flogdoug16k: which made me realize that i could just use f11 instead.05:17
doug16kah, so you are attempting to use Fn+F11?05:18
flogpretty much05:19
doug16kflog, what does `showkey -s` say when you do Fn+F11?05:21
flogBut showkey does05:22
CoolerBashing-om, not out of disk space05:22
Cooler /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root  914G   71G  797G   9% /05:23
doug16kflog, high codes like that are supposed to be encoded as a sequence of keycodes. showkey must be decoding it back05:24
Bashing-omCooler: Then next is to know what kernels are installed ; and what kerenl you are booting - ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ; uname -r '. See where we go from here.05:25
doug16kit is described under 2.6 KERNELS in the man page05:25
doug16kshowkey man page*05:25
Coolerubuntu 18.04, so the latest linux kernel?05:25
flogdoug16k: since i always have fnlock on it makes it a bit trickier I guess.05:26
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic bionic | Cooler05:26
ubottuCooler: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB05:26
CoolerBashing-om, https://bpaste.net/raw/kJBP05:26
Bashing-omCooler: Looking.05:27
CoolerI am more concerned with how it got broke in the first place05:28
flogdoug16k: I might be able to trigger my script with fn+f11 then.05:28
flogIll look in to it.05:28
Coolerthis is not a public desktop05:28
CoolerI haven't installed anything weird05:28
Bashing-om!info linux-generic-hwe-18.04 bionic05:30
ubottulinux-generic-hwe-18.04 (source: linux-meta-hwe): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; s390x)05:30
CoolerBashing-om, https://imgur.com/a/5NBEMqV05:33
Bashing-omCooler: Well the -27 module and modules-extra were removed while the image was not. Try ' sudo apt -f install ' and see what the package manager reports.05:33
Coolerthose are my software updater settings https://imgur.com/a/5NBEMqV05:33
CoolerI don't even have proprietary drivers enabled05:33
CoolerThe following additional packages will be installed:05:34
Cooler  linux-modules-5.0.0-27-generic05:34
Bashing-omCooler: Follow the advise there and run in terminal ' sudo apt -f install 'and tell the result.05:35
CoolerBashing-om, here is the full error https://bpaste.net/raw/yX-x05:36
Bashing-omCooler: looking.05:36
CoolerBashing-om, https://imgur.com/OVcKstD05:39
Coolernow the software updater is saying that some updates are available05:39
Bashing-omCooler: Well - good that the kernel versions are installed - Bad for the others that are not configured . What results ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' ?05:40
CoolerErrors were encountered while processing:05:44
Cooler libpam-systemd:amd6405:44
Cooler tzdata05:44
Cooler aspell05:44
Cooler sane-utils05:44
Coolercan i just remove those?05:44
Bashing-omCooler: UnGood :( .. Can not remove libpam-systemd nor tzdata . Will have to fix.05:49
Bashing-omCooler: See if the package manager will fix: ' sudo dpkg --configure -a ' .05:52
CoolerBashing-om, why did it break in the first place?05:52
CoolerBashing-om, already tried dpkg configure05:52
CoolerBashing-om, https://bpaste.net/raw/ikdQ05:53
Bashing-omCooler: Lookat the logs : /var/log/dpkg.log see what was done.05:53
CoolerBashing-om, https://termbin.com/i3xt05:56
Bashing-omCooler: Yukkie - ok, did the version kernel install ? If so reboot into that kernel and let's get a fresh look at things.05:56
CoolerBashing-om, reboot?05:57
Bashing-omCooler: reboot IF -31 kernel is now available.05:58
Coolerhow do I check?05:58
Bashing-omCooler: ls -al /boot/05:59
Cooler-rw-r--r--  1 root root 65266126 Oct 18 13:06 initrd.img-5.0.0-31-generic05:59
Cooler-rw-r--r--  1 root root   224447 Oct  1 03:53 config-5.0.0-31-generic05:59
Cooler-rw-------  1 root root  4294610 Oct  1 03:53 System.map-5.0.0-31-generic05:59
Cooler-rw-------  1 root root  8769272 Oct  1 07:57 vmlinuz-5.0.0-31-generic06:00
Bashing-omCooler: :) reboot then into that -31 kernel , See then if that "locked by another process" then clears.06:01
Coolerwhat locked by another process?06:01
Coolerwhat that in one of the pastes?06:01
Bashing-omCooler: 'fuser' and 'lsof' to investigate further :)06:02
Bashing-omCooler: See that there are locks in a couple of the pastes.06:03
CoolerI will reboot06:03
CoolerBashing-om, yeah I reboot06:08
Bashing-omCooler: confirm the booted kernel - ' uname -r ' :)06:10
CoolerBashing-om, https://bpaste.net/raw/xg-t06:11
Cooler$ uname -r06:11
Bashing-omCooler: Great - and looks like all is well *except* Vbox. I have no experience here but - have you taken the packagemanager's advise to reconfigure ? I will assume this must be done from the host operating system.06:15
Bashing-omCooler: Be aware when all is stable and solid there remians some clean up to do.06:23
yesudeepHas pdnsd been removed from Ubuntu 19.10? `apt search pdnsd` shows nothing.06:25
AugustusCaesar24is there a way to sort ufw order by deny06:25
Bashing-omyesudeep: I do not see "pdnsd " in 18.04 either - is that the correct package name ?06:26
yesudeepBashing-om: https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/net/pdnsd06:27
Bashing-omyesudeep: Looks to have been removed in bionic: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pdnsd+&searchon=names&suite=bionic&section=all06:29
bz-hi, i am attempting to install mysql 8 on ubuntu 19.04 server, and i have installed the appropriate apt config and configured for mysql 8; however, during "sudo apt-get install mysql-server", it appears it is wanting to install 5.7....07:31
doug16kit should be possible to configure `tc` (traffic control) to classify internet packets by looking for the gateway's MAC address in the packet, and only throttle internet traffic, and allow LAN traffic unimpeded, right?07:32
tatertotsbz-: 5.7 is the newest in the repositories, you probably skipped a step or over looked something in the "i have installed the appropriate apt config" actions you speak of07:35
tatertotsbz-: so you might look at that again07:35
bz-hum. welp, i checked the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mysql.list and it accurately shows mysql 8; however, when i run apt-cache policy mysql-server it shows 5.707:36
bz-seems like something's not updating, but perhaps it's me...will look again..07:36
tatertotsbz-: yeah look again, if you only put something in /etc/apt/sources you missed a step..you'll find it when you retrace your steps07:37
bz-sure, thanks07:37
tomreynbz-: did yuou double check you're really on ubuntu 19.04, not 19.10? lsb_release -ds09:06
tomreynon 19.10, the "mysql-server" metapackage indeed depends on mysql-server-8.009:07
tomreyn...whereas it's mysql-server-5.7 on all other supported releases.09:08
Deknoshi, does anyone know why qemu/kvm does not support the skewed screen resolutions like virtualbox does? that would be really good. like 1920x992 or 2048x1152?09:32
tomreyni guess desktop virtualization is not its immediate target. maybe try a different video driver for more flexibility, and make sure you have a spice connector.09:38
tomreynor just setup a separate remote manegemnt software on the guest itself.09:39
tomreynDeknos: ^09:39
erle-Will Python 2 be supported after new years?09:46
erle-(context: https://pythonclock.org/ )09:46
tomreynerle-: on which ubuntu release?09:53
erle-tomreyn, any that is supported after Jan 1st, 202009:53
erle-I am asking that not as someone relying on Python 2 personally09:54
tomreynmost certainly if you look at https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?exact=yes&keywords=python09:54
erle-I am asking basically when can I be sure to get rid of it without breaking Ubuntu?09:54
erle-for security considerations09:54
tomreynif you're using ubuntu, you do rely on python 209:54
tomreynexcept for 19.1009:54
erle-except? why would 19.10 depend but 18.04 not?09:55
tomreynlook at the link i posted above09:55
tomreynubuntu 19.10 does *not* depends on python2, the others do.09:56
erle-many core tools (gnome-builder, gtranslator, llvm) depend on it09:56
erle-even though they are not officially supported parts09:56
erle-Ubuntu is useless without gnome dev tools09:56
tomreynyou don't seem to have a support question, /join #ubuntu-discuss for discussions09:57
erle-but I see duplicity has finally been ported to Python 3, good job!09:57
erle-tomreyn, sorry, I thought this is the generic channel09:57
tomreynno problem, but yes, support only, see the channel topic10:03
ramsub07hello. there is a process in my system that's constantly using the apt. it keeps changing it's PID every second that i can't kill it by PID. neither i could by name. what could be going wrong and what can I do to fix ?10:21
Coolerhow to I find out which packages are broken?10:21
lotuspsychjeCooler: pastebin your whole apt output please10:27
Coolerlotuspsychje, what command do I need to run?10:33
lotuspsychje!uptodate | Cooler lets try this10:34
ubottuCooler lets try this: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.10:34
Coolerunfortunately right now it is stuck on "vboxdrv.sh: Building VirtualBox kernel modules."10:35
CoolerI will let you know after it finishes10:35
tangaroradoes anyone know if you can create a directroy in /opt during preseed?10:42
tangarorain-target sh -c '/usr/bin/mkdir -p --mode=0755 /opt/rtd/scripts' ; \10:43
tangaroradoes not seem to work10:43
tomreyntangarora: wrong path for mkdir11:08
nbusronehi , may I know how to fully uninstall an application form synaptic including the deb and "to be installed"11:35
nbusroneFor example I install office application to test Apache OpenOffice at synaptic which include at all the deb files is over 200mb if i remember.But when I plan to uninstall it only free up 50mb.Why does the remaining 150mb still in the OS  ?11:38
BluesKajHowdy all11:38
jeremy31nbusrone: sudo apt autoremove11:38
OerHeksnbusrone, use the option -purge and run clean/autoremove ?11:39
nbusronejeremy31 , OerHeks : the problem is I already uninstall Apache OpenOffice , so autoremove mention not found.11:40
OerHekssudo apt autoremove # pretty basic knowledge11:42
boktanhow to install realtek-rtl8812au-dkms on backbox11:49
boktanif i try it says not found11:49
boktanon terminal11:49
jeremy31boktan: If you had Ubuntu, it would work11:50
nbusronejeremy31 , OerHeks : then how do I clean/autoremove Apache OpenOffice deb files ?11:50
ioria!info rtl8812au-dkms11:50
boktanbut backbox is ubuntu based11:50
ubotturtl8812au-dkms (source: rtl8812au): dkms source for the r8812au network driver. In component universe, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 1089 kB, installed size 8698 kB11:50
ioriaboktan, without 'realtek-' maybe11:51
lotuspsychje!derivatives | boktan11:51
ubottuboktan: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)11:51
boktanyou mean also it is not posible to install realtek-rtl8812au-dkms on backbox?11:51
jeremy31boktan: it doesn't exist but rtl8812au-dkms does11:51
jeremy31The dkms is likely still broken11:52
boktanwhat happens if i try to install it from another source?11:52
jeremy31boktan: sudo apt install rtl8812au-dkms11:52
OerHekswhy would we care about backbox?11:53
boktani want to install the realtek-rtl8812au-dkms because it was working great with it11:53
iorianbusrone, dpkg -l | grep 'openoffice'11:53
nbusronejeremy31 , OerHeks : and how do I know the deb files are also link to other application running which require it ? will it render other application will not work well ?11:53
OerHeksnbusrone, did you perform autoremove?11:53
kostkonOerHeks, it's our cousing distro Vinnie :P11:54
jeremy31nbusrone: just run sudo apt autoremove11:54
kostkonnbusrone, how many deb files did you install manually11:55
nbusronejeremy31 , OerHeks : To be safe , I just install bleachbit but doesn't show anything on preview which apt was checked.11:56
OerHeksbleachbit.. why? so you did not run autoremove?11:57
nbusronekostkon : I am not sure at synaptic will auto grab the other deb or to be installed but after remove , it doesn't remove the deb.Did i click remove and not complete remove ?11:58
lotuspsychjebleachbit & synaptic, he probably wants the GUI solving11:58
lotuspsychjenbusrone: in some cases when the user scrambles apt in dependency issues, the GUI wont be able to fix things, its adviced to pastebin whats going on in your apt, see what you done exactly12:00
lotuspsychjenbusrone: can we see a paste of your apt? tell us what you did please?12:02
nbusroneOerHeks : I prefer gui as mention by lotuspsychje because I would know what it get remove.It is dangerous if i accidentally remove something else12:02
lotuspsychjethats why the volunteers need to see whats going on first nbusrone , to be able to help you12:02
nbusronelotuspsychje : ok wait a minuite12:03
lotuspsychjenbusrone: can you pastebin: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade12:03
OerHeksif you used a gui, maybe you need to loout/login again to clear inodes?12:03
OerHeksnot sure why terminal is dangerous12:04
OerHeks.. and gui safe12:04
nbusroneOerHeks : last time , without knowing some command at google search , i accidentally remove the whole firefox apt remove purge which I though it'll list out Y or N to remove.12:06
nbusroneOerHeks : terminal is good but less knowledge on command leads me to get worry in some cases.12:07
lotuspsychjenbusrone: please lets not general statements, focus on your issue instead?12:07
nbusronelotuspsychje : I will restart PC again to confirm it really remove, be back afterwards.12:09
nbusronelotuspsychje : looks like the it really complete remove after restart . but the HD size is still not the same before install and remove size space left.Will inspect more tomorrow thanks :)12:23
nbusronelotuspsychje : it* apache office12:24
kostkonnbusrone, how do you measure the available space12:26
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nbusronekostkon : right click on t he disk space and check the sda112:26
nbusronekostkon : My cases is similar to this link https://askubuntu.com/questions/874830/why-apt-get-install-and-remove-do-not-clear-the-same-space but it's an old link.12:27
kostkonnbusrone, how much of a difference is it compared to before12:27
tomreynnbusrone: so, since you're seeking support here again, did you upgrade from the unsupported EOL release you were running yesterday?12:28
nbusronekostkon : At the properties , 30~50mb right now.Becasue it's an SSD it's important on filesize space left .12:28
nbusronetomreyn : 18.0412:29
tomreyngreat! :)12:29
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nbusronetomreyn : a lot of problem ahead , application notworking , all spt source list needto reinstall tooks hours.12:29
nbusronetomreyn : I think after a couple of week after backup will clean install  again12:30
tomreynit shouldn't be so tough, you'll work it out! and please also repsond to kostkon's questions above.12:31
kostkontomreyn, more like OerHeks' he responded to mine promptly12:32
tomreynoh, sorry, i missed this12:32
tomreynbut i'd also very much recommend to familiarize yourself to using the terminal for managing your system12:33
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:33
tomreynsee this guide to get started12:34
tomreynthe good thing regarding the temrinal is that it creates textual output which you can easily share with us and discuss here.12:35
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit12:35
tomreynnbusrone: ^12:36
nbusronekostkon : because i didn't take a record of HD size before and after , i roughly remember the size.It's about 30~50mb. it maybe some other updates but it's clearly synaptic does not show much info on complete remove.12:36
nbusronethanks guys12:37
tomreynthere are differences between download sizes and installed sizes of packages, the latter is almost always more.12:38
tomreynalso, packages you choose to install almost always depend on other packages, and not all of these other packages may get removed when you remove the very package you installed later on.12:39
tomreyneven with autoremove not everything may be removed.12:39
nbusronetomreyn : not to mention , some packages are require updates to get it run , so it could be I miss out where upgrading some packages will consume size.12:40
spinningCatcurrent ubuntu version is 20.04 right?12:41
lotuspsychjespinningCat: 19.10 is latest12:41
nbusronespinningCat : 18.0412:41
tomreynnbusrone: this can be so, but installation sizes of packages are normally entirely neglegible on both desktop systems and servers. it may be relevant on embedded systems.12:42
nbusronespinningCat : you are asking me ? the latest 19.1012:42
lotuspsychjespinningCat: 20.04 has yet to come to development stage12:42
nbusronetomreyn : sometimes , getting a larger ssd would be better.128GB really not enough.12:43
tomreynfor ubuntu 128 GB is plenty, but it may not be sufficient to store user data12:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 128 in Baz (deprecated) "cmd_update should call libarch delta creation and application directly" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12812:45
lotuspsychjenbusrone: we still have not a clue what you did to your system, we havent seen a pastebin yet of what you did exactly12:45
nbusronetomreyn : SSD price does reduce but compare to durablity , MLC 128GB vs TLC 512GB .Not plenty if it's an upgrade from 14.04 to 18.0412:46
nbusronelotuspsychje : i didn't do any pastebin , I just restart the pc and HD size reduce , so I just leave it as before , i was thinking after backup and do a clean install .Sorry for not posting any pastebin.Just wanted to test a few office application comparability on windows12:47
lotuspsychjenbusrone: please understand, its hard for volunteers to give you advice with little details from you12:49
lotuspsychjenbusrone: even a simple df -h can give us more insight already12:49
nbusronelotuspsychje : Sorry i didn't know that.but it solve by restart.12:51
nbusronelotuspsychje : Really thanks for the help :)12:51
lotuspsychjenbusrone: you didnt do a clean install 18.04?12:52
nbusronelotuspsychje : nope , just upgrade but it's a long process 14.04 to 16.04 then 18.04.12:54
lotuspsychjenbusrone: we adviced you yesterday, better not upgrade from an eol version12:55
nbusronelotuspsychje : I though you told me eol not support so i though I have to upgrade to a 18.04.Long process , many error.Will do a clean install again after backup.12:57
nbusronelotuspsychje : thank for the time for helping me , cheer :)12:58
nbusronegtg , thanks :)13:00
nascentmindHi. Is 19.10 in development state? I have to do do-release-upgrade with -d option for it to detect a new release.13:38
=== milkshak- is now known as milkshake
lotuspsychjenascentmind: no, 19.10 is released final13:38
nascentmindlotuspsychje, why am I not able to upgrade without a -d option then?13:39
OerHeksjust because upgrade path is not released13:39
OerHeksonly the iso's.13:39
nascentmindOerHeks, Oh ok. When will the upgrade path be released?13:40
OerHeksmaybe next week? just wait and see13:40
nascentmindOerHeks, ok.13:40
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jeloumeHI people,14:20
jeloumeI've a question about how to install multiple distro14:20
jeloumeWhat I should do with the boot partition that usually is / ?14:21
jeloumeI should create a partition like /ubuntu ?14:21
jeloumeinstead of /14:21
patdk-lapI'm having a problem. When ever I do a metadata request now, it works fine for episodes, but it doesn't for specials14:22
patdk-lapit calls ttvdb.com with -M first like it should, and works in both cases14:22
jeremy31jeloume: ubuntu will create its own drive partition to be installed in14:23
patdk-lapfor episodes it then calls ttvdb -D seriesid season episode14:23
patdk-lapbut for specials it calls -C instead, and just gets the generic series data, instead of the special data14:23
patdk-lapspecials being season 014:23
ioriapatdk-lap, wrong channel ?14:24
patdk-lapoh opps14:24
patdk-lapirc redirect14:25
patdk-lapI joined a different channel and it shoved me in here, those are really annoying14:25
jeloumebut when I install a new distro tutorials frecuently say that I must create 3 partitions, 1 partition primary for /home, another for boot as /, and the last one for swap14:25
jeremy31jeloume: you can install ubuntu on one partition, you are not required to have a partition for home and ubuntu now uses a swapfile rather than a swap partition14:26
johnjbogle1Hello all. In regards to posting screenshots for here, what service should I use to upload the screenshots to?14:29
murthyjohnjbogle1: imagebin.ca could be one14:30
TJ-!paste | johnjbogle114:30
ubottujohnjbogle1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:30
johnjbogle1Thx. How do14:32
johnjbogle1How do I use the !pastebinit properly?14:32
OerHekspastebinit is not for screenshots, just txt14:32
jeremy31johnjbogle1: you use it in terminal   <command>|pastebinit14:33
TJ-johnjbogle1: e.g. pastebinit <( command1; command2; command3)" or "command | pastebinit"14:33
jeloumeso I didn't understand u.u where I should install my new distro instead of / ? wherever I want?14:37
jeremy31jeloume: The installer should recognize other installs and offer to install along side of the others14:38
OerHeksjeloume, on a free space of your hdd14:38
TJ-jeloume: if you do an LVM-based install that only requires 1 partition within which you can multiple logical volumes if you want to separate root-fs from /home/ and so on14:38
akemhpHey, i need to get the UUID of my SD card, however blkid does not list it, but card is mounted already, how could i get it?14:50
akemhpNever mind, now it's listing it. Thanks anyway.14:51
tomreynakemhp: a file system UUID, a partition UUID, a serial number?14:51
=== akemhp is now known as akemStream
johnjbogle1I have Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Wayland, and Unity installed. Unity is my main DE. (In fact it is my only DE, I have pretty much never used the others at all before.) I am getting this error when I try to log into Unity or Wayland: https://imgur.com/a/YKNHObo.15:00
stevehello, I can't kill this:  see the line from ps aux :    steve     9935  7.5  1.6 1801452 132232 ?      D    10:54   0:42 obs  .  tried kill -9 9935 as root, tried killing its parent /bin/bash, it's still there using CPU.  any suggestions?15:06
OerHekspkill obs15:06
stevedoesn't work15:07
stevei used xkill, which did kill the window but the process is still there15:07
ioriajohnjbogle1, i don't think unity 7 is compatible with wayland, but i could be wrong15:08
kappamikeyhey, ther i'm trying to run sudo  apt-get upgrade and it keeps returnig 404 not found15:09
OerHekssteve, logout/login again?15:09
johnjbogle1Ok forget I mentioned wayland. I need to regain access to unity.15:09
OerHekskappamikey, paste the errors on paste.ubuntu.com please15:10
steveah crap, it says in the D state, uninterruptible sleep, it can't be killed until the system call completes, which i guess is never going to happen15:10
jeloumeahhh ok, I was reading a little bit about this because I don't want to make sth wrong on my notebook, so I can have partiton /boot for all my distro, another SWAP in order to manage the RAM for all my linux distro, after that I can create as many partitions as distro linux I want to install15:11
jeloumeis it ok?15:11
tomreynjohnjbogle1: which ubuntu version are you running there?15:11
OerHekskappamikey, did you run sudo apt update first?15:12
jeloumeI read what all told me xD but I'm noob on this topic so I'm trying to understand15:12
tomreyn!tty | johnjbogle115:12
ubottujohnjbogle1: To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution15:12
tomreynjohnjbogle1: 11 this lets you work on a text terminal15:12
tomreynsorry, ignore "11"15:13
tomreynjohnjbogle1: on the text terminal you can typoe this to check your ubuntu version:   lsb_release -ds15:13
kappamikeyOerHeks I just did not it says working so I guess that was the problem15:13
jeloumewhat I still don't understand is if I must create primary partition o logic15:14
jeloumewhich is the difference?15:14
jeloumeon videos people say primary and other logic15:14
kappamikeythere we go, now it's unpacking things15:14
OerHekskappamikey, fresh lists, have fun!15:14
ioriajohnjbogle1, ah, ok... that screen reminds me a broken upgrade ; try to access a tty or use Recovery Mode15:16
jeloumeIs it possible that I can't create more than 4 primary partitions?15:18
kappamikeylibreoffic vs openoffice which is better?15:18
jeloumeFor every new distro I should create logic o primary partitions?15:20
OerHeksjeloume, not on MBR, GPT allows more than 4 primairy15:20
jeloumeSo what can I do if I want to install a new linux?15:20
jeloumeI should create just logic partitions?15:20
OerHeksstart with GPT, and have fun installing multi linux editions15:20
OerHekscarefull what linux controls grub15:21
ubottuGPT is a partition table format. It is required to boot EFI. See also !efi15:21
OerHeksoh, no wiki15:21
duhamelhello all, just installed ubuntu 19.10. was getting login loop with gdm3 so changed to lightdm but now can not get automatic login to work. it is toggled on in settings.15:22
duhamelis this channel always this inactive nowadays?15:26
johnjbogle1Sorry not sure what I was supposed to do with the F3,F6 thing.15:27
johnjbogle1Ubuntu Eoan Ermine (development branch)15:27
ioriaduhamel, we can try to set it manually  in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d15:27
jeloumeI found this article about what you mentioned15:28
jeloumeis it allright?15:28
OerHeksjeloume, only one way to find out :-D15:29
jeloumeyep I know but just I wanted to say if it's good information about this topic15:30
ioriajohnjbogle1, please highlight the nick of the person  you're talking to (or we'll lose track); are you logged in console atm ?15:33
duhamelioria lightdm.conf.d is an empty directory users.conf has no autologin lines15:33
ioriaduhamel, cd in lightdm.conf.d and sudo nano 50-myconfig.conf15:33
ioriaduhamel, 2 lines :  [SeatDefaults]   (1° line)   autologin-user=<myusername>  (2° line)15:35
duhamelioria so it's an empty file. do i put in autologin lines?15:36
ioriaduhamel, 2 lines :  [SeatDefaults]   (1° line)   autologin-user=<myusername>  (2° line)15:36
Isotoppupgraded from 19.04 to 19.10, grub now fails with 'grub_file_filters not found'. (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1848797)15:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848797 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "After upgrading to 19.10, boot screen shows: "Error: symbol 'grub_file_filters' not found."" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:37
Isotoppinsmod normal at the rescue prompt also errors this message15:37
OerHeksIsotopp, how did you upgrade? upgrade path is not out yet.15:38
johnjbogle1Ok, how do I highlight the name of the person? Do I just type their name with : at the end or is there a shorter way?15:38
OerHeksjohnjbogle1, just the name will do15:38
IsotoppOerHeks: do-release-upgrade -d15:38
johnjbogle1ioria: yes I am logged into it right now15:40
OerHeksi find this recent bugreport https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/184879715:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848797 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "After upgrading to 19.10, boot screen shows: "Error: symbol 'grub_file_filters' not found."" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:41
ioriajohnjbogle1, cat /etc/issue15:41
OerHeksso, what linux gave you grub with these non existant symbols?15:41
Isotoppthis was ubuntu 19.04, i ran the do-release-upgrade -d, then this15:43
Isotoppit now errors out into a grub rescue> prompt15:43
Isotoppi can "ls (hd0,msdos1)/" to see my /boot15:43
=== g0bl1n_ is now known as g0bl1n
Isotoppand i can set root and set prefix, but when i insmod normal, again this message15:44
johnjbogle1ioria, Ubuntu Eoan Ermine (development branch) \n \l15:44
ioriajohnjbogle1, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:44
Isotoppand the comment #3 in bug 1848797 is mine15:44
ubottubug 1848797 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "After upgrading to 19.10, boot screen shows: "Error: symbol 'grub_file_filters' not found."" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184879715:44
duhamelioria created the conf file added the lines still nbo go15:46
ioriaduhamel, yeah, well time to check some logs (dmesg, journalctl etc. etc)15:47
ioriaduhamel, you can remove that file now15:47
johnjbogle1ioria, ok done.15:48
OerHeksmaybe !bootrepair is of any use15:49
johnjbogle1Not sure if it matters, but the last line said: "E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead."15:49
ubottuBoot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.15:49
IndustrialHi. I have a dell XPS 13" Developer Edition with only USB-C on it (three ports, one for charger). I have a USB-C adapter with HDMI on it and a monitor connected. It's not working. The monitor is not detected. What do I do? `lspci` will only list the internal screen and the monitor light is orange.15:50
duhamelioria it's weird, i did md5 on file before flashing, this is a fresh install. i switched to arch when 17.10 came out because of these issues. new rig and new release, and issues persist? is this not common?15:50
compdocIndustrial. might not be designed to work that way, or you need a driver15:51
OerHeksIndustrial, check the FN + screen key15:52
duhamelthanks anyway.15:54
ioriajohnjbogle1, paste the errors, please15:56
johnjbogle1iroria: I just typed |pastebinit, but I must've done it wrong because I got this error instead: "bash: syntax error near unexpected token `|'"15:58
OerHeksspace between |  and pastebinit15:59
ioriajohnjbogle1, sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 999916:01
jeremy31johnjbogle1: post the entire command16:01
johnjbogle1Is this it? https://termbin.com/x98q16:04
boktanHi all im trying to install Ubuntu but it gives shed error nouveau 0816:05
boktanHow to fix this16:05
boktanNow I'm reinstalling again16:05
boktanCan you please help me im new16:06
ioriajohnjbogle1, where do you get those errors ?16:06
lotuspsychjeboktan: wich ubuntu version, and the error at wich point exactly?16:06
boktanDuring install I get or USB boot I get16:06
boktanI did installed the version 1916:06
boktan19.04 or I don't know the latest one16:06
lotuspsychjeboktan: what kind of graphics card chipset do you have?16:06
boktanMy graphic card is rtx 206016:07
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | boktan16:07
ubottuboktan: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:07
lotuspsychjeboktan: after getting in your system with nomodeset, you will need latest nvidia drivers for your card16:07
lotuspsychje!nvidia | boktan16:07
ubottuboktan: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa16:07
IsotoppOerHeks: am in live cd, mounted /boot, nm'ed all mod files. gzio, lzopio, offsetio, verifiers and xzio contain U grub_file_filters16:09
boktanI already see this topic I don't know where to put the nomodeset after pressing e on the grub menü16:09
tomreyn!who | johnjbogle116:09
ubottujohnjbogle1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:09
boktanI'm on android phone16:10
boktanThis is why I did not do it im sorry16:10
tomreynjohnjbogle1: if you would like to install the community supported (only) "unity" desktop you can install package   ubuntu-unity-desktop16:12
johnjbogle1ioria, after I did the update;full-upgrade command, this is what was returned: https://imgur.com/a/ClbhLPh16:13
johnjbogle1Oh sorry my mistake, that screenshot was from the previous command.16:13
ioriajohnjbogle1, i think you have bigger problems than unity16:14
tomreynboktan: do you see a "failsafe graphics" option on the grub menu? or are you already in edit mode (after pressing 'e' there)?16:14
tomreynjohnjbogle1: the screenshot you posted shows that there are some sort of hardware errors affecting communication between the mainboards' storage (SATA) controller, port 2, and your storage connected to that port.16:16
johnjbogle1ioria: LOL. I know. That's what I'm trying to solve one by one. There quite a few other issues as well. But (I'm assuming) fixing/regaining access to Unity would be top priority. Other issues are Wifi not working, both audio jack and audio from speakers not working, one usb port not working, sd card slot not working, etc.16:16
ioriajohnjbogle1, may i suggest you a BIOS reset to defaults ?16:17
johnjbogle1tomreyn: oh yes and that is another issue too, I recently installed a new ssd storage, and it was reading it for a while, but now it's not.16:17
boktanAfter I press e the kernel or I don't know the name of it is opening which I can put nomodeset inside16:18
tomreynjohnjbogle1: this can be all kinds of things, such as a broken hdd / ssd or connector. make sure you solve all hardware issues first of all, then continue with the software issues.16:18
johnjbogle1tomreyn: sorry I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with !who or how to use that command...16:18
boktanRight now I'm reinstalling it and then I will open the grub menu for put the nomodeset inside16:19
OerHeksboktan, it is all in the factoid given by ubottu; spot GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and add nomodeset etc16:19
OerHeksreinstalling.. sure keep on reinstalling while asking help :-(16:19
tomreynjohnjbogle1: we're just recommending that you address the people you're meaning to talk to (ubottu explained it to you a few minutes ago), as you've been doing since.16:19
tomreynjohnjbogle1: << like this16:20
boktanI have this quite splash but not this grub cmd line what you mention on your last post16:20
boktanI'm logged in with android this is why I did not mention it "again"16:20
IndustrialThis is the device I was talking about: http://minix.com.hk/products/neo-c-x16:20
IndustrialCan't get that one to work with HDMI (other ports work, USB2 and ETH (didnt test card slots)16:21
OerHeksIndustrial, i guess that adapter does not work with linux16:21
tomreynboktan: to bring up the grub menu, you need to either hit escape during early boot (usually repeatedly) if you are UEFI-booting (newer computers) or hold down the shift key if you're bios booting (older computers)16:21
IndustrialMonitor says "No Signal Detected" instead of "Signal Cable Not Connected"16:21
IndustrialSO it does see a connection from that point, or at least power going through the cable16:22
IndustrialI see, hmm.16:22
johnjbogle1Ahh ok I guess I was just over-analyzing and over-complicating things sorry16:22
boktanİ put the nomodeset before "splash"?16:22
kadirono after like splash nomodeset16:22
johnjbogle1ioria: Here is the errors I got after I did the update;upgrade-full command: https://imgur.com/a/hGLRcU416:22
tomreynboktan you can do so. even better you'll remove both "quiet" and "splash" and add "nomodeset" in place.16:23
boktanWhat is this quiet and splash for?16:24
ioriajohnjbogle1, cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit16:25
tomreynboktan: splash loads / displays the ubuntu splash screen (logo) during boot, quiet makes it so there is no text displayed which can, however, be useful for diagnosing problems16:25
boktanThen it's good to let is so and put nomodeset before them16:26
tomreynit just affects this one coming boot anyways16:26
tomreynit wont persist16:26
johnjbogle1tomreyn: hardware issues, ok will check connector cable and will try connecting it with a 2nd pc too, but pretty sure this is software related. Too many wonky bugs been adding up slowly the last few months that I've been trying to ignore...but now too many to ignore. But yes, will try. However, it is just storage, so in my mind it's not as crucial as getting Unity to work again. (Though perhaps I am wrong as per your opinion/expertise?)16:27
ioriajohnjbogle1, i suspect a corrupted cache and/or a  fs fail  (you can run from livecd : sudo fsck -yv /dev/sdaX)16:27
johnjbogle1ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HcVSJxs38p/16:27
johnjbogle1ioria: [bios update] ok will do that, but will need help for that please.16:28
ioriajohnjbogle1, you can upgarde ypur bios if outdated, but i told you simply  to reset it to defaults16:29
tomreynjohnjbogle1: if the ata errors seen on https://i.imgur.com/r8hvDFq.jpg only affect a secondary storage then it's safe to just disconnect this storage for now, or even ignore them for now (though it can slow your computer down). properly working storage is essential for any operating system installation, though. unity is much much much less relevant to get working.16:29
johnjbogle1ioria: [run from live cd] do you mean that I should have a copy of ubuntu installed on a cd, run that, then run that command?16:30
tomreyn!who | jeloume16:30
ubottujeloume: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:30
jeloumeI can't understand people say that I can't create more than 4 primary partitions, but here it shows many of them?16:30
ioriajohnjbogle1, you cannot run fsck on a mounted partition; or livecd or from Recovery (if still works from there)16:30
OerHeksjeloume, i told you GPT can16:31
boktanI put crypt password but now it says password is wrong I did 2 times install it it is impossible that I forget or put wrong password why this is happening16:31
johnjbogle1ioria: [bios defaults] right, sorry but I'm not sure how do that yet. Sorry if you guys already helped me that in the past, I don't remember.16:31
jeloumeI was reading an article about GPT but it surprises me e.e16:31
ioriajohnjbogle1, you have to access your bios and find the option16:31
IsotoppOerHeks: i got the system back using live cd and https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/GRUB_2/Reparatur/#chroot-Methode16:32
tomreyn!who > boktan16:32
ubottuboktan, please see my private message16:32
ioriajohnjbogle1, dmesg | grep ata[0-9] | pastebinit16:32
jeloume!OerHeks asd16:32
jeloume!OerHeks yes xd I read it what you told16:33
ubottujeloume: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:33
OerHeksIsotopp, great :-)16:33
jeloumemm I must write ! follow by nickname?16:33
jeloume!who | OerHeks16:33
ubottuOerHeks: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:33
jeloumeI don't understand xd16:34
OerHeksjeloume, no, just the name or first 3 letters + [tab] to autocomplete16:34
johnjbogle1tomreyn: ok I will disconnect the connector cable for now. Since I already have 256gb ssd as the main (where the os is installed) with VERY LITTLE else occupying on the main 256 os drive, will that suffice? Or should I also have the secondary 1tb ssd working too? (since you said having working storage is essential)16:34
tomreynjohnjbogle1: all the disks you have connected need to be working properly, otherwise you can't use them anyways, and they just cause hardware errors, as the disk at sata port 2 is now doing. i can't tell whether you need less or more than 250 GB storage to fit both ubuntu and your personal data. i *can* tell that an ubuntu installation (the operating system with many applications installed) does not usually consume more than 20 or 30 GB storage16:38
tomreynat most.16:38
johnjbogle1ioria: ok I'll figure out how to enter bios (I know its simple, but sorry I forget how) then look for that option.16:38
johnjbogle1ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VJ8YhQ94Yd/16:38
tomreynnormally, ~ 15 GB is sufficient16:38
jeloume!OerHeks How I know if my notebook just implemented GPT ? I mean if I don't want to delete all partitions because perhaps they implemented (?)16:39
ubottujeloume: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:39
ioriajohnjbogle1, don't you think is time to check this ata2 ?16:39
jeloumemm all time I use ! nick the bot write to me, is it ok (?16:39
OerHeksjeloume, well, if you change this, you will loose data yes.16:40
jeloumeyep but How can I know if just I have implemented that16:40
tomreynjeloume: please don't start your lines with an exclamation mark, it triggers the bot (ubottu) every time. if you'd like to address OerHeks, just write "OerHeks: " (without the quotation marks). thanks.16:40
jeloumeI mean how can I know if there's a GPT right now (?16:40
jeloumemm ok, I'm new on this16:41
jeloumeOerHeks: asd16:42
johnjbogle1tomreyn: ok so I can just remove the secondary storage for now? Pretty much ALL of my personal data is on external hd's or in the cloud. The only personal data I have on my os/main drive (aside from all my saved settings etc and other meta-data I'm not aware of) is only 1 unimportant text-file saved to the os drive. So do I really need that secondary storage installed too, or is it fine if I remove it? Sorry for repeating the question, I just needed16:43
johnjbogle1a little more clarity.16:43
johnjbogle1ioria: What is ata2? How to check it?16:44
jeloumeoh xd if I don't have implemented GPT I won't create more than 4 primary partitions, just that xd16:46
tomreynjohnjbogle1: remove the secondary storage for now, then concetrate on making your ubuntu installation work, then then look for ways to restore your data from the other drive.16:46
ioriajohnjbogle1, ata2 is the ata port 2 on your motherboard16:48
ioria*sata port16:48
johnjbogle1tomreyn: perfect, exactly what I was thinking would be best. thx:)16:48
johnjbogle1ioria: ah ok...how to check it?16:49
ioriajohnjbogle1, to check  what ?16:49
jeloumeif I want to create a partition just for storage things it should be ntfs?16:53
johnjbogle1ioria: you said to check the ata2 port? (or sata2 port?)16:53
ioriajohnjbogle1, that is an harware thing16:53
EriC^^jeloume: sure that'll work16:54
johnjbogle1ah ok16:54
johnjbogle1I'll log off to uninstall it now16:54
johnjbogle1ioria: oh btw, you asked me to run a command [dmesg | grep ata[0-9] | pastebinit], here is the result: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VJ8YhQ94Yd/16:56
oxekwhen I select encryption during ubuntu installation, it creates a separate ext4 formatted /boot partition. Why was ext4 chosen instead of ext2 (used by debian for example)?16:56
jeloumeand how can I access into a this new partition that I created by gparted? I should mount by the terminal?16:56
jeloumeWhat I don't understand in this picture https://miro.medium.com/max/1100/1*KEmlfr0d8aOljzD2IHw0Ww.png17:10
jeloumeis what happens if he upgrade one of his distro o install new packages17:10
pizzaioloi'm having trouble figuring out why i'm getting this error when SSHing from an ubuntu machine into a raspbian server - sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent refused operation17:11
tomreynoxek: it's the more current version of the file system, with more and improved features. if you'd like to discuss this choice (and have a good idea of what the differences are) you can /join #ubuntu-discuss and start a discussion on it there.17:11
jeloumeIs it ok if I'm only create a partition that has only 20gb for a new distro? what happens if I need to upgrade it or install new packages?17:11
oxektomreyn: thanks17:12
jeloumeI don't understand :(17:12
tomreynpizzaiolo: because you have enabled non default ssh options on your ubuntu system, without reading the manual about them thoroughly17:13
EriC^^jeloume: clicking on the partition in the file manager should open it17:13
tomreynpizzaiolo: either this, or your ssh agent socket is not usable17:14
EriC^^jeloume: if you need space in the future you could make the partition larger and extend the fs possibly17:14
pizzaiolotomreyn i don't recall changing any ssh options, most i've done is create a config file17:15
tomreynpizzaiolo: try this:  chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa17:15
pizzaiolotomreyn already set17:16
jeloumemm I created the NTFS partition in order to have my things there but I can't see it on my filesystem17:16
tomreynpizzaiolo: does    ssh-add -l    list your ssh key(s)?17:16
pizzaiolothe weird thing is it still connects in my terminal, but when i try to connect in filezilla it doesnt work17:16
pizzaioloit lists one of my keys, not all of them. hmm17:17
tomreynIIRC filezilla depends on a working ssh agent17:17
boktani installed the ubuntu now the thing is i think on default it is installing the older nvidia drivers but on the settings it shows my graphich card which is rtx how to test my drivers? during install it was giving me nouveau 08 error17:18
tomreynpizzaiolo: you may need to use ssh-add (see its man page) to add additional ssh secret / private keys to your ssh agent17:18
pizzaiologot it, will read up on it. thanks tomreyn17:19
tomreynpizzaiolo: note that you can also use nautilus (on the default ubuntu gnome-shell desktop) to connect to remote ssh servers17:20
tomreynboktan: how many graphics chipsets are installed? lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999917:20
boktani just want to be sure about the gpu drivers because of many nouveau errors during installation17:21
boktanhow to mention in this chat?17:22
tomreyn!who > boktan17:23
ubottuboktan, please see my private message17:23
pizzaioloboktan just type the users name17:23
boktantomreyn test17:23
boktanah ok17:24
boktantomreyn how to be sure now that my gpu drivers are okay?17:24
tomreynboktan: i can tell you: you have the right graphics drivers loaded.17:25
boktanduring installation it installed some drivers17:25
jeloumepeople I create a partition Storage which is a primary and NTFS but I can't see it on my filesystem what should I do in order to access on it an save data?17:26
boktani could not see anything and even if i see i dont think i can understand my gpu is rtx 2060 and im new on linux so i come to ubuntu to learn but i need a little bit help first17:26
tomreynboktan: the intel internal graphics chipset runs with the only driver there is, and the nvidia graphics chip runs with the "nvidia" driver, the proprietary one from nvidia, which provides the best perfromance when it works.17:26
tomreynboktan: so are graphics not working well currently?17:26
boktanthe animations are poor17:27
tomreynboktan: have you used the nvidia-settings application to set things up the way you want, yet?17:27
tomreynboktan: also, which ubuntu version are you running there?     lsb_release -ds     will tell17:28
boktantomreyn 19.1017:28
pizzaiolotomreyn got it working, added the missing keys. thanks again :)17:30
tomreyni have not checked, but if your nvidia graphics chipset is very new you may want to add this PPA to your system: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+index?field.series_filter=eoan17:30
tomreynboktan: ^17:30
boktanboktan nvidia-settings are set up to high performance but still the animations are so poor if i drag the windows17:30
tomreynpizzaiolo: good job :)17:30
boktantomreyn my graphic card is rtx2060 i dont know where to start should i first remove the nvidia drivers?17:31
boktantomreyn or will it remove the drivers automatic if i try to install the new one?17:31
boktantomreyn https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/141847/en-us this i mean17:32
tomreynboktan: let's see a system log:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999917:32
tomreyndon't remove any drivers. if you can't wait for someone to review your system log and recommend further steps then your best bet is to use the PPA i pointed you to above.17:33
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:33
tomreynboktan: and most of all don't download and install nvidia drivers from their website, use those ubuntu provides17:34
boktantomreyn but why the animations are poor on my laptop?17:35
boktantomreyn is the system logs okay?17:35
tomreynboktan: i would tell you if i either had a crstal ball or a chance to review your system logs17:35
tomreynoh i missed those17:36
boktantomreyn i already post it :D17:36
tomreynboktan: alright. i'll have a look, this can take 10 minutes, in the meantime you should check whether asus provides a newer bios than the one you have now: BIOS G731GV.306 08/16/201917:37
boktantomreyn i think my is the newest one :/17:37
tomreynyou think or you know?17:38
boktantomreyn sorry i think you right :D17:38
boktani do it now17:38
jeloumepeople why I can't see my new partition ntfs with fdisk? I wrote `fdisk -l | grep NTFS` but I can't see it17:40
jeloumeI created by gparted and apply the changes17:41
tomreynboktan: you should also enable the "Intel VT-x" and "intel VT-d" options in bios17:41
jeloumeshould I create a folder on /mnt?17:42
boktantomreyn okay i do it right now before updating bios i will come in 1 minute17:42
jeloumeis there any other channel of ubuntu where can I ask? :(17:44
boktantomreyn okay i enabled it17:44
compdocjeloume, how about just fdisk -l  instead?17:46
compdocis it mounted?17:46
jeloumeit says `/dev/sda10 693555200 795955199 102400000  48,8G Microsoft basic data`17:47
jeloumebut I don't know if I should change ntfs for ext417:48
jeloumeI just want to storage my information17:48
compdocyou boot windows or something?17:48
compdocext4 is better17:48
jeloumeyes my notebook has by default17:48
EriC^^jeloume: fdisk doesnt show the filesystem17:48
EriC^^if you want the data shared between windows and ubuntu choose ntfs17:49
jeloumeand how can I access it?17:49
jeloumeby my ubuntu17:49
snickersHi I have problem with rsync on cifs share. I was trying to copy big file to share with any trouble, but when I try to rsync folder with many file it hang with demsg error CIFS VFS: Error -11 sending data on socket to server17:50
boktantomreyn i come again after update bios :)17:50
boktan1 minute17:50
tomreynboktan: and i finished reading your logs. so: i don't see any hint on problems with the installed graphics drivers. it's possible that you're running with the intel graphics by default, though. i *think* you can switch this using nvidia-settings (which i why i asked about this earlier, i think you did not respond to this). if, after checking this, you still got bad graphics performance, i suggest you set up the PPA i pointed you previously.17:50
tomreynboktan: sure, do the bios upgrade, too17:50
compdocuse the Disks Utilty to mount it. or gparted17:52
boktantomreyn how to do it from nvidia settings and that with ppa you said me i did not understand :(  imnoob17:53
tomreynsnickers: rsync has a --bwlimit option which may be of help there. or you could check the server logs for the cifs / samba server17:53
tomreynboktan: did you read the page i pointed you to, though?17:54
doug16ktomreyn, why not use nvidia's drivers?17:54
jeloumeI use gparted to create the partition ntfs17:54
jeloumebut I can't see on my filesystem17:54
schtinkyHi everyone. I'd like to set my system up such that if a *storage* usb drive containing a specifically-named and formated file with a network SSID and password is inserted, that SSID and password are used to connect the on-board WIFI17:54
snickerstomreyn unfortunately I don't have access to file server or even network device17:54
tomreyndoug16k: those downloadable from nvidia.com? they're not integrated into ubuntu, will fail on upgrades. i think there are more reasons but don't know the details.17:55
jeloumeShould I write this? `mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda10 /media/manu-storage`17:55
tomreynsnickers: so try limiting the bandwidth then. and maybe see if you can find out what CIFS error -11 is17:55
boktanthat link you sent is gone after reboot sorry for this can i get it again?17:55
boktantomreyn should i do it from x server display configuration on nvidia-settings?17:57
boktanthere the selection is prime display right now tomreyn17:58
Deknoshey, does anyone know how bountysource works? i want to pledge to a feature for a opensource project 110 dollars, but only pay if that is done (bugs included. if there are bugs, that is not a problem). does anyone know whether bountysource pays attention to that?17:58
OerHeksDeknos, ask in ##linux? this is ubuntu support only17:59
doug16ktomreyn, ok. I guess I'm holding a grudge from when nouveau locked up my machine at boot17:59
tomreynsnickers: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30054880/what-does-cifs-mount-failed-w-return-code-111-indicate/31557642 discusses CIFS VFS error codes. yours, 11, would be a combination of errors 8 + 2 + 118:01
tomreyn!irclogs | boktan18:01
ubottuboktan: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/18:01
tomreynboktan: i can't really guide on using nvidia-settings, never used it myself18:02
tomreynboktan: please refer to the irc logs to see what we discussed earlier18:03
boktantomreyn i found this here https://www.linuxbabe.com/desktop-linux/switch-intel-nvidia-graphics-card-ubuntu but on update he's choice is different and my default choice is different like this: https://imgur.com/a/i8Hw7cu18:04
tomreyndoug16k: i did not recommend driver "nouveau" over driver "nvidia", i recommended proprietary "nvidia" driver installation via apt over installation as a download from nvidia.com18:04
jeloumeI think I found how to access to my ntfs partition on ubuntu18:05
jeloumeI must create a folder on /media/myuser and later mount the partition on it18:05
jeloumeis it allright?18:05
OerHeksno, /media/ is for automount, /mnt/  for manuall stuff18:06
tomreynboktan: you should use "nvida driver metapackage" in version 430 or 435 there. however, you were using the nvidia driver already when i was looking at your logs.18:06
OerHeksand if you reboot, the ntfs would appear on the filemanager, just click it to mount it18:06
tomreyn/media/$USERNAME is also for user mounts (via GUI file browser and "gio-mount"), but indeed you should not create directrories there.18:08
magic_ninja_workis there any way to keep the cups service from scanning and adding printers?18:09
magic_ninja_workWhen I go to school it adds like a dozen macbook airs all the time.18:09
doug16ktomreyn, oh! in that case, abolutely!18:09
jeloumeOkey so is it better if I do this? `mkdir /mnt/mystorage && mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda10 /mnt/mystorage`18:10
OerHeksmagic_ninja_work, sure, you can lock it: https://cirovladimir.wordpress.com/2019/02/11/ubuntu-18-04-disable-network-printer-auto-discovery/18:10
OerHeksedit /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf to have BrowseRemoteProtocols none #and simply : service cups restart18:11
tomreynschtinky: as you can imagine, this is not standard functionality, it is something you'd need to develop on your own.18:12
doug16kdefinitely use the nvidia drivers from the package manager if you do use proprietary ones. They have always worked absolutely perfectly for me, they even support my new RTX 2060 super18:12
jeloumeI did that command but I'm not sure if it works u.u18:12
OerHeksjeloume, the output of "mount" will show you, last line18:13
boktanso i selected intel gpu now the ubuntu is better with animations but why tomreyn?18:13
boktanit was already selected nvidia for prime now i select the intel one now it is better but can i now use the nvidia for testing crack cap files if the intel one is on prime? tomreyn18:13
boktanthis animation problem was on kali linux same with the results tomreyn18:14
magic_ninja_workOerHeks, so, I can just disable auto discovery and then manually add a printer that I need to?18:14
jeloumeOerHeks: mm but nothing happens I mean I did it but it doesn't show me nothing on the terminal :(18:14
OerHeksmagic_ninja_work, yes, or temporarily disable that tweak again18:15
jeloumeand also I still can see the new partition on my filesystem18:17
OerHeksjeloume, oh, so you created a mountpoint while the disk still was mounted?18:17
OerHeksreally, you should have get an error there18:17
jeloumeI don't understand :(18:18
OerHeksme neither18:18
tomreynboktan: i pretty much told you all i know. did you use the PPA, yet?18:18
magic_ninja_workOerHeks, well, it removed the autoconfigured printer from work. So I'll have to manually add it, which I'm fine with.18:18
jeloumeOerHeks: I created my partition ntfs on ubuntu18:18
magic_ninja_workOerHeks, I don't really want my printer configs getting all screwy.18:18
jeloumeOerHeks: and later I create that folder and did that command on the terminal18:18
magic_ninja_workYea that is a bit screwy :)18:19
boktani still could not find the chat history :( tomreyn18:19
tomreynboktan: where are you looking?18:19
boktanthe bot send me 2 links i tryed to click on it to find it but was many folders there18:21
jeloumewell I don't know I'm gonna try to install the new distro u.u later I'll see what happens with this18:21
ioriaboktan, https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/latest/%23ubuntu.txt18:22
boktantomreyn i found it now: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+index?field.series_filter=eoan thank you i will try it18:23
magic_ninja_workjeloume, what are you trying to do18:23
tomreynboktan: okay, be sure to read this page slowly18:23
tomreynioria: thanks for looking this up :)18:23
ioriatomreyn, no prob18:24
jeloumemagic_ninja_work: I wanted to create a primarty partition ntfs with gparted and share between my windows and distro linux18:25
jeloumemagic_ninja_work: I created meanwhile I was on ubuntu after I created a folder on /mnt/mystorage and create a mount point linking that folder and my new partition18:26
magic_ninja_workcan you use debian paste or such (not pastebin) to post up the output of sudo df -h18:26
magic_ninja_workjeloume, well, here is the deal, if that partition exists, automount will try to mount it, so it can get a bit screwy like that.18:27
jeloumewhy it's screwy?18:27
magic_ninja_workso what seems to be the main issue you are having?18:29
jeloumethat I don't how to access to my storage on the filesystem18:30
courrierIs EFI supported by the default installer of 19.10? I had Windows 10, I manually installed Ubuntu on a different partition with grub on /dev/sda (the default thing) and I'm surprised that at reboot, Windows boots on its own without notice18:30
FareI failed to boot the Ubuntu install disk on a Chromebook, so I am installing GalliumOS instead18:31
jeloumemagic_ninja_work: there is any way to access from the filesystem ? I mean I'd like it appears on the left menu18:32
magic_ninja_workwell, can you do cd /mnt/mystorage ?18:33
magic_ninja_workthen mkdir testdir && ls -a and see if the folder appears?18:33
jeloumesry I wanted to say on the menu of nautilus,18:34
OerHekshe mounted ro18:34
OerHeksnautilus > other locations18:34
jeloumeI press `Control+D` and now I can see the folder on the nautilus18:36
boktanim trying to run leafpad with sudo but i get this: mkdir: cannot create directory '/run/user/0': Permission denied18:36
boktaninstalled with snap18:37
jeloumeThanks both ! :)  uff I suffer a lot with it XD18:37
magic_ninja_workjust so you know18:37
magic_ninja_workA good practice for some static mounted storage system like you are doing is to add a permanent mount point to /etc/fstab. There are several ways to do it, but I just wanted you to be aware.18:38
tomreyncourrier: EFI is supported by the default installers (both desktop and server) of 19.10, when you boot the installer in UEFI mode (i could not work otherwise, that's a restriction of UEFI itself)18:38
magic_ninja_workYou may or may not have to remount the file system every time, or nautilus may handle that for you. I don't know.18:38
magic_ninja_workcourrier, yea, EFI works. Sometimes that jazz happens and you have to manuall select the EFI boot device a couple times.18:39
tomreyncourrier: so what may have happened is that you booted the ubuntu installer in legacy BIOS mode / CSM, and so created an installation which is not UEFI bootable.18:39
magic_ninja_workIf I even swap a disk on my desktop EFI breaks and I have to chroot into the system and completely rebuild EFI >.<. I can't believe they put ouch such a flakey piece of low-level software for something so important.18:39
doug16kEFI is a trainwreck of bad implementations. it is an accomplishment to get an EFI bootloader to work on a large number of machines18:40
doug16kmanufacturers try windows boot, it works, ship it! Too bad they only actually tested 1% of the API surface, the portion windows bootloader used18:41
tomreynboktan: don't use sudo to run graphical editors. you can prefix the file location you want to ccess with administrative access by "admin://", e.g. "leafpad admin:///etc/hosts", though.18:41
doug16kI've been meaning to reverse engineer windows boot and find out exactly what they use in EFI, and make a joke "actual EFI specification" that is just those calls with those parameters :D18:42
OerHeksmaybe kali messed up your leafpad , grinn18:42
courriermagic_ninja_work, tomreyn: I had isntalled Ubuntu in non-EFI because I had the purple install screen ; however when I force the computer to boot the Live USB in EFI, somehting like "/boot/" is not found briefly appears and whatever option I choose (install Ubuntu, try without installing, check for defects...) it ends up with a black screen (I've also tried wth a SD card in case my USB stick was faulty -> same issue)18:43
tomreyncourrier: that's probably worth examining further than rather than installing in a way which doesn't help you.18:44
magic_ninja_workIt takes a LONG time sometimes. I've had the boot disks take like 3-5 minutes to load up before.18:44
tomreyncourrier: you could, for example, select the failsafe graphics option when booting18:44
courriertomreyn: the failsafe graphics mode ends up with a black screen as well with EFI. (my message meant that my initial install was a mistake, I'm ok to examinate)18:46
akemStreamHey, i got some HDMI detection troubles, i had to fiddle with the screen turning it off/on and unplug/replug in order to get it detected, it's an AMD/ATI Stoney chipset on a HP laptop, any idea about this?18:46
boktantomreyn i did installed hashcat with this method my last question is how to remove it? http://tacticalware.com/installing-and-running-hashcat-on-ubuntu-server-18-04/18:48
courriermagic_ninja_work, tomreyn: Exact error when booting a Live USB stick or a Live SD card is "error: "file /boot/ not found""18:48
OerHeksboktan, we do not support kali stuff here18:49
OerHeksplease seek support in their channels, thanks.18:49
boktanOerheks im asking how to remove it this is not kali stuff? i just want to remove not install?18:49
OerHeksno boktan18:49
boktanno Oherks :/18:50
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)18:51
tangarora_I am trying to make a directory via preseed and it does nothing. Here is the line: d-i preseed/late_command stringin-target sh -c 'mkdir -pv --mode=0755 /opt/rtd/scripts' ;18:51
tangarora_Is there something wrong with that line?18:51
courrierThe Shim MOK screen manages to boot when i select mmx64.efi18:55
tomreyncourrier: this sounds like your installer is corrupt. did you verify that the isp (a) downloaded completely and unmodified and (b) was written to the installer storage completely and unmodified?18:55
tomreyn"this" -> "error: "file /boot/ not found""18:56
tomreyncourrier: tell us about your hardware, whether you have previously run other OS's than windows on it in uefi mode, whether its firmware is up to date.18:57
ioriai think it's a bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/179817118:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1798171 in debian-installer (Ubuntu Disco) "System fails to boot with \EFI\BOOT\mmx64.efi - Not Found" [High,Fix released]18:58
tomreyncourrier: oyou previously said "I've also tried wth a SD card in case my USB stick was faulty -> same issue", so you cross checked the installer media already, that's good. did you also verify the isop downloaded correctly, though?18:58
courriertomreyn: I've only checked the md5 of the downloaded image which is OK. I haven't checked the media itself but since I tried a USB stick + a SD card and both fail the same way that looks unlikely18:58
courrierThe laptop is a HP Zbook 1718:59
courrierI used to run 18.04 on this computer, it was installed with legacy boot however18:59
tomreyncourrier: sounds like you checked all you should have checked, great.18:59
courrierFirmwire is not up to date, that might be my last hope :)19:01
tomreyncertainly not the *last* hope, but something you should try first, yes19:01
jeloumepeople another question xD https://paste.debian.net/1108702/ I was reading an article about to install different distro of Linux, and is better if I do this?19:05
jeloumecreate a folder for the new distro I previously installed and make a point mount ?19:07
OerHeksyou install them side by side, and sharing /home/ folder can give funny results19:10
OerHekseach on their own partition, grub handles boot19:10
jeloumeI read that if I share the same folder they overwrite info19:11
OerHeksthere you go19:11
jeloumeI thought it was ok what the article says xD19:12
johnjbogle1ioria,tomreyn: hello. I finished removing my secondary ssd, and reset my bios to default settings. I did take photos of all the settings/options prior to resetting to default, and then afterwards I compared all settings/options of pre-reset vs post-reset, and verified that all bios settings were exactly the same before and after resetting to default. I'll await your next suggestions. Thx much :)19:13
jeloumeOerHeks: which is the best way? I'm finding out articles which explain about UEFI and install multiple distro19:13
OerHeksjeloume, for a repeat, read back19:13
jeloumethat each distro has their own partition and later with grub handle boot ?19:14
ioriajohnjbogle1, what's the kernel in use ? uname -r19:15
tomreynjohnjbogle1: can you remind me what's the problem you were trying to solve there? you had some 200 pending updates last time i saw output from your system, so you should install those19:15
ioriajohnjbogle1, and why lowlatency ?19:16
ioriajohnjbogle1, and current for eoan is
johnjbogle1tomreyn: I have Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Wayland, and Unity installed. Unity is my main DE. (In fact it is my only DE, I have pretty much never used the others at all before.) I am getting this error when I try to log into Unity or Wayland: https://imgur.com/a/YKNHObo.19:18
ioriajohnjbogle1, why lowlatency ?19:18
grimpoSo... what do you do if your computer has an optical drive (which works in other OSes) but there's no /dev/sr0 ?19:19
johnjbogle1Also many other issues, but they're lower priority / less severe, so just one at a time for now.19:19
johnjbogle1ioria: sorry I have no idea what that means.19:19
ioriajohnjbogle1,  lowlatency is not default for unity/gnome ; is used on Studio19:20
ioriafor Ubuntu, i mean19:20
tomreynjohnjbogle1: you wrote that you run into an error situation "when I try to log into Unity or Wayland". did you mean "OR" there or "ON"?19:21
grimpoI should probably check my BIOS the next time I reboot to make sure the drive is enabled there.19:21
ioriajohnjbogle1,  ok, no answer;   run 'sudo apt full-upgrade' and paste errors if you got19:22
tomreynjohnjbogle1: i believe we have previously  advised you that ubuntu-unity-desktop has (very limited) community support (only) on ubuntu releases 18.04 and higher. also, that unity is probably not compatible with wayland.19:23
tomreynjohnjbogle1: "wayland" should not be given as a session you can choose to login to. it's usually "(something) on wayland"19:24
johnjbogle1tomrey: I have: Ubuntu / Ubuntu with Wayland / Unity.  Currently I can only log into "Ubuntu with Wayland". When I try to log into "Ubuntu" OR "Unity", I get that massive white error page.19:24
tomreynok, so logging into wayland works, logging into X results in an erro message.19:25
tomreyn*wayland sessions / X sessions19:26
johnjbogle1ioria: I'll have to ask my linux buddy about the low-latency thing. Studio sounds familiar, so it's possible that he installed that for me first, but then we might've abandoned later on for Unity. But really IDK, I could be way off the mark on that. I'll clarify and let you know when he replies. (but he is very slow to reply sometimes)19:26
johnjbogle1ioria: I'm just a novice, sorry :-/  Very much appreciate your help thus far though.19:29
ioriajohnjbogle1,  did you see this ? ;   run 'sudo apt full-upgrade' and paste errors if you got19:30
johnjbogle1tomreyn: ok noted.19:31
johnjbogle1tomreyn: Correct and my apologies, I was just being lazy when typing. It is "Ubuntu with Wayland".19:31
johnjbogle1ioria: thx, doing now.19:32
davidmogarHi. I'm configuring zsh and looks good on i3, but when using a tty it looks like shit because the fonts. Is it possible to add powerline fonts to a tty?19:33
johnjbogle1ioria: Can I do sudo apt full-upgrade | pastebinit ?19:33
tomreynjohnjbogle1: so apparently this is not a fresh ubuntu installation, but one you have upgraded to, using an unsupported upgrade path, from earlier ubuntu versions and variants which we cannot easily determine. this sounds like a situation where it really makes sense to to do a fresh installation.19:33
ioriajohnjbogle1,  do what you want19:33
johnjbogle1ioria: sorry, I was asking if that's a possiblity, if doing that would display the errors, or if I would have to do | pastebinit after I run that command.19:34
ioriajohnjbogle1,  sudo apt full-upgrade19:35
boktanmake: *** No rule to make target 'install'. on trying to install cowwpatty using make install19:37
boktanhow can i fix this?19:38
johnjbogle1ioria: upgrade still processing19:38
OerHeksboktan, we do *not* support kali tools, only packages found in our repos.19:38
kostkonboktan, brute force dict attack, right. Please, not here.19:39
OerHekshe keeps on asking such help, kostkon19:39
johnjbogle1tomreyn: yes that is quite possible.19:39
kostkonOerHeks, well that's unfortunate19:40
johnjbogle1tomreyn: will I lose all my data and settings etc if I fresh install?19:40
tomreynjohnjbogle1: unless you restore them from your backups, yes19:41
tomreyn<boktan> tomreyn 19.1019:44
tomreyn^ was the response to my question "which ubuntu version are you running there"?19:44
tomreynboktan: were you telling the truth then?19:44
boktanim running ubuntu 19.1019:45
tomreynboktan: so not a derivative? not kali, not backbox?19:45
boktanyou see my system log files :/19:46
boktanis it not posible to understand it from there?19:46
OerHeksjust working with Kali tools, cowwpatty and hashcat19:46
tomreynboktan: those may look similar, not sure.19:46
tomreynwell yuo can install thos eon ubuntu just fine19:47
tomreynboktan: sorry then. about the software you're trying to build, we won't usually support building software here, though, just support software which is available in ubuntu19:50
courriertomreyn: I updated the old BIOS from 2013 and that fixed the EFI boot issue :) I have 2 additional questions:19:51
courrier1. Why is the method to differentiate UEFI/legacy so esoteric with either a black screen (EFI) or a nicer purple window (legacy)? Couldn't we just have a nice purple screen for any mode and an additonal message saying "Warning: you are installing Ubuntu in UEFI/Legacy boot mode"?19:51
courrier2. Why did the EFI install failed to autodetect default langage (French) and keyboard layout? Just wondering why legacy boot autodetected different options?19:51
boktantomreyn that friend is talking from kali but that tool was on ubuntu sources too i find it now some people just .. yeah but i thank you so much for your many many helps19:51
tomreynboktan: okay, good luck there19:52
tomreyncourrier: sometimes it can be so easy :)19:52
tomreyncourrier: ad 1: this is basically a discussion topic, or a feature request. discussion is possible in #discuss, feature requests should go to the bug tracker. the package to file it against would be "ubiquity", i think.19:54
johnjbogle1ok the update has finished. I noticed there is at least 1 error. ("Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 5.3.0-18-lowlatency (x86_64)").19:54
tomreyncourrier: ad 2: autodetection is not really possible other than by your ipi address, but that's rather guessing. i do not know whether either mode tries to guess it somehow, and if so, how.19:56
tomreyn*IP address19:56
johnjbogle1tomreyn: is there a recommended app you could suggest for backingup/cloning all settings?19:58
tomreynjohnjbogle1: so a kernel module failed to build. these are "out of tree modules" which do not come with the linux kernel, usually these are proprietary drivers.19:58
tomreyn!backup | johnjbogle119:58
ubottujohnjbogle1: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup, !borg, and !cloning19:58
tomreynpersonally i prefer borg and restic.19:58
johnjbogle1cool thanks19:59
ryuotomreyn: too bad borg has a bad habit of trying to assimilate your data.20:00
tomreyni'm certain you're referring to the deduplication feature.20:01
johnjbogle1If I do one of those suggested ways above, will it keep all the settings and system data that is inside Unity, eventhough Unity has some problem right now?20:08
johnjbogle1* eventhough [my] Unity...20:09
doug16kryuo, and your technological and biological distinction20:12
tomreynif you backup you home directory and /etc you should be fine regarding configurations (as fine as now). you would need to take extra steps to store the software you have installed and reinstall it. i would really recommend a clean slate, though, just restoring files, not configurations, to ensure you can drop the legacy.20:13
tomreynjohnjbogle1: ^20:13
doug16kIf I could get google assistant to sound like the borg, nowthatwould be something20:14
tomreynok google, what is off-topic?20:15
johnjbogle1tomreyn: 5.520:15
doug16ktopic police20:15
tomreynjohnjbogle1: if you were responding to something ubuntu support related then i didn't understand it.20:17
johnjbogle15by5, like ten four, means ok/understood/loud&clear...20:22
johnjbogle1Ironically, 5.5 is also thai slang for ha.ha (555=hahaha etc), which I suppose could also be seen as relevant/intended for your 'off-topic' comment instead.20:25
OerHekslike !coffee - error 418 I'm a teapot20:26
towserhow do I fix my graphics drivers? they used to work but now they don't because I tried to run a game that worked ok but now it doesn't even use the graphics card20:26
OerHekstowser, logout/login perhaps?20:29
towserOerHeks: that doesn't help, the computer has been restarted several time without any effect. I think the drivers are messed up20:29
OerHekstryin gnome: alt +f2 r + enter https://www.fosslinux.com/3495/how-to-refresh-desktop-in-ubuntu-without-rebooting-pc.htm20:36
tomreynthanks johnjbogle120:37
OerHeksnormally a broken resolution would be reset with a reboot20:37
tomreynmaybe a cold boot is needed, or restarting the monitors?20:38
towserit's not the resolution, it's the fact that it doesn't use my graphics card, it just uses my intergrated graphics and therefor lags a lot20:39
tomreynso try those hardware measures, and if they don't help come back and tell us about your ubuntu version, your kernel version, your graphics hardware, your graphics driver.20:40
tomreynand your desktop session20:40
towserok so yes I have tried to reboot the computer a few times so thats all that done. how do I get the other info you need?20:42
tomreynso you did a cold reboot, not just warm?20:43
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL) ; lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999920:43
towseryeah I even shut down and started up again and nothing20:44
tomreynokay, the gibberish above should get us most of those questions answered20:44
OerHeksnvidia settings? and what game caused this?20:46
towserthoes are the two links I got from the command tomreyn20:47
towserOerHeks: yes nvidea and it was second life20:47
OerHeksjust one card, your 2nd seems disabled, in the bios20:47
magic_ninja_workIs this a laptop?20:48
towserOerHeks: there's two ones an nvidea card one intel built in graphics (not recommended to use)20:48
towsermagic_ninja_work: yes this is a laptop20:48
tomreynyour kernel is outdated20:49
tomreyn5.0.0-31-generic is currentl, you have 5.0.0-25-generic20:50
towserok, so how do I update it? not that makes a difference becasue it was doing it when that was up to date20:51
spinningcatis there a software in ubuntu for checking my GPU card20:52
tomreyn!uptodate | towser20:52
ubottutowser: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.20:52
magic_ninja_workyes. restricted drivers manager spinningcat20:52
tomreyntowser: would you expect to see two graphics chipsets listed then?20:52
tomreynspinningcat: what do you mean by "checking"?20:53
spinningcatGPU may be broken20:53
towsertomreyn: yes intel for built in nvidea for the card20:53
tomreynspinningcat: lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999920:54
towserspinningcat: impossible it works fine on my windows partition, let we grab the lscpu20:54
towserok lscpu gives my info20:54
spinningcattowser,  https://termbin.com/jnss20:55
spinningcatlet me paste lscpu20:55
tomreyntowser: i see. linux apparently only found the intel one to be useable. you can share a full system log for us to check whether the nvidia card wae detected at all.20:55
tomreyntowser: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999920:56
spinningcattowser,  http://dpaste.com/2A30V3G20:56
spinningcattomreyn, http://dpaste.com/2A30V3G20:56
tomreynspinningcat: so you have a Sony assembled Nvidia GeForce GT 425M (GF108M) [10de:0df0]20:57
spinningcattomreyn,  https://termbin.com/jnss20:57
spinningcati have that20:57
tomreynspinningcat: see, that's why i asked what you mean by "checking"20:57
towsertomreyn: https://termbin.com/ggba20:58
tomreyntowser: you need to do this: http://my-fuzzy-logic.de/blog/index.php?/archives/41-Solving-linux-MTRR-problems.html20:58
tomreyntowser: before you do this, though, check for a bios upgrade20:59
spinningcattomreyn,  ubuntu has a problem with nvidia?20:59
tomreyntowser: you currently have  GE70 2PC/MS-1759, BIOS E1759IMS.62D 04/13/201521:00
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, what is the indicator that they need to mess with mtrr from that?21:00
tomreynspinningcat: nvidia has a problem with linux, if anything. but i didn't say so, what makes you ask this question?21:00
spinningcatbecause now i see something weird on my computer21:01
towsertomreyn:  bios is up to date. I got bash: /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory21:01
spinningcatsometimes i see weird squares, or shapes that freeze my computer21:01
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: the huge list of gran_size:  chunk_size:   num_reg: lose cover RAM:, followed by "mtrr_cleanup: can not find optimal value" and "please specify mtrr_gran_size/mtrr_chunk_size"21:01
tomreyntowser: did anyone ask you to access /proc/config.gz ?21:02
tomreyntowser: oh the how-to i pointed oyu to, sorry21:02
tomreyntowser: you don't need this part, let me see21:02
tomreyntowser: grep CONFIG_MTRR_SANITIZER /boot/config-$(uname -r)21:04
spinningcattomreyn,  how can i handle this problem here?21:05
jeloumeIf I'm gonna install a my second distro of ubuntu after I created a primary partition Ext4, what should I choose in mount point?21:05
towsertomreyn:  that outputted some info21:05
jeloumeSHould I choose / ? it's my second distro so I'm not sure :(21:06
tomreynspinningcat: maybe you have the same issue as towser. hard to tell. check your system log: journalctl -b21:06
tomreynspinningcat: i can't review it for you now, need to concentrate on one at a time.21:06
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jeloumewhat suggest me doing ?21:07
tomreyntowser: okay, i think this is probably complicated. i will look at it, give me 5 minutes21:07
towsertomreyn: alright i'll be here21:07
jeloumeI mean I had created a new partition but I don't know what to do with that option "mount point"21:08
tomreyntowser: ah i forgot, please post:   cat /proc/mtrr | nc termbin.com 999921:10
OerHeksjeloume, the ubuntu installer would give 'install side by side', so that gives the new ubuntu its own partition21:11
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OerHeksno shared / stuff21:11
towsertomreyn: https://termbin.com/zvszo21:11
jeloumethx sry if I repeat some things xD it's just because I don't want to delete all21:12
tomreyntowser: okay, be sure to instlal all updates in the meantime21:12
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tomreyntowser: ok, you need to     sudoedit /etc/default/grub      and add, on the existing    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=...     line, this within the quotes (separated by white space from existing entries, if any; order does not matter):   mtrr_gran_size=128M mtrr_chunk_size=128M21:19
tomreyntowser: once this is done and you have updated the kernel: reboot, come back here, post another system log21:19
towserI'm back from a reboot21:27
spinningcatfuck nvidia21:27
tomreynspinningcat: do you still see "weird squares, or shapes that freeze [your] computer"? if so, do you want to share your system log?21:28
spinningcatyeah isee thos sometimes21:28
towsertomreyn, ok so after reboot which logs did you need?21:30
tomreyntowser: ah crap, sorry i forgot to tell you you lso need to run    sudo update-grub21:31
tomreyntowser: that's before you reboot :-/21:31
spinningcatwhich log should i share21:31
tomreyn<tomreyn> spinningcat: maybe you have the same issue as towser. hard to tell. check your system log: journalctl -b21:31
tomreynspinningcat: so   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999921:31
towsertomreyn, so do what then reboot again?21:32
tomreyntowser: yes, after you ran   "sudoedit /etc/default/grub", made the changes, and ran "sudo update-grub", reboot, and then let's check your log again21:33
spinningcattomreyn,  https://termbin.com/oa8u821:33
towsertomreyn, the changes are still there luckily , I just updated gru[21:35
spinningcatamy problem tomreyn ?21:36
towserI have returned21:38
towserwhich logs are needed21:41
tomreynspinningcat: no. you're usig the open source nouveau driver. if this is on purpose, then it won't get better. if you can consider to use the proprietary "nvidia" driver then run ubuntu-drivers autoinstall.21:41
tomreyntowser: welcome back.  journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999    please21:41
tomreynspinningcat: actually that's   sudo ubuntu-drivers install21:43
tomreynspinningcat: hmm i think you accidentially deleted a character while copying and pasting earlier (or maybe i did)?21:43
tomreyn<tomreyn> towser: ok, you need to     sudoedit /etc/default/grub      and add, on the existing    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=...     line, this within the quotes (separated by white space from existing entries, if any; order does not matter):   mtrr_gran_size=128M mtrr_chunk_size=128M21:44
tomreynspinningcat: you seem to have accidentially chopped of the leading "m" of the first parameter21:44
tomreynspinningcat: so edit the file again, add the 'm', run    sudo update-grub   again, reboot again21:45
tomreyntowser: those last three lines were to you21:46
towserrebooting after updating grub21:46
tomreynspinningcat: please ignore anything i said to you after <tomreyn> spinningcat: actually that's   sudo ubuntu-drivers install21:47
towserand i've returned21:49
tomreyntowser: welcome back, please:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999921:49
towsertomreyn, https://termbin.com/uxhl21:49
tomreyntowser: okay this part succeeded. any notable improvements?21:50
towsertomreyn, you mean when I run the game?21:50
tomreyntowser: yes, or nvidia-settings21:50
towsertomreyn, game seems to be less jumpy so far21:53
tomreyntowser: good. but not good enough, yet? there are some acpi induced resource conflicts which also affect the nvidia GPU, but i'm not sure whether those have any impact.21:55
tomreyni don't know anything about nvidia-settings really, but i assume it lets you pick which graphics card to use for your game. does this seem correct?21:56
tomreynthere seems to be an option "Application profiles" which can apparently be used to set this up.21:58
tomreyntowser: did i loose you to your game then?21:59
tomreynspinningcat: and what about you?22:00
jeloumewhat do you recommend me to record a image on my pendrive?22:02
towsertomreyn,  works at about 25-30 fps so idk if that's normal22:02
jeloumeI used MultiBootUSB and I've all time errors22:02
jeloumewhen I tried to install a new distro22:02
tomreyntowser: can you have the nvidia-settings application show the FPS?22:02
towsertomreyn, the game has a fps meter in it22:04
tomreyntowser: okay, i'm just trying to understand which graphics card is being used22:04
tomreyncan you tell them apart somehow?22:05
tomreyni assume if you can make nvidia settings show FPS then it will only do it for the nvidia card (but i can be wrong)22:05
tomreyni'm not sure whether this is still current for switching https://askubuntu.com/questions/1093527/how-do-i-switch-to-nvidia-gpu-in-ubuntu-18-0422:06
tomreynjeloume: balena etcher works for me as an image writer. it's huge, though, for this rather simple task. "mkusb" is another option, seems to be fine as well.22:09
tomreyn(but CLI only, if that's an issue)22:10
jeloumegreat I'm gonna try with balena22:10
jeloumewhat about mkusb?22:10
jeloumeyep I was reading but is it better than balena?22:12
towsertomreyn, well it's not jerking about like mad like it was so I presume something improved22:12
tomreynjeloume: it's a lot smaller, it's text only. i'm not sure whether it verifies written data, but chances are it does.22:12
jeloumeI'm gonna back to my other distro and try it22:13
tomreynjeloume: if you'll install balena etcher make sure you use their *current* apt repository.22:13
bpromptjeloume:    why not just using "dd"?    dd /PATHTOYOUR/FILE.ISO /PATHTOYOUR/device22:14
jeloumeI heard about that but I was not sure22:14
jeloumeis it works? e.e22:14
bpromptjeloume:   for example -> dd /home/joesixpacks/downloads/largefile.iso /dev/sdc <---22:15
spinningcattomreyn,  could you check my log?22:15
tomreyntowser: i listed a couple of things to try above, i don't think i can help more with out feedback on those.22:15
bpromptjeloume:   yes it works, mind you that the device name has no partition, so just the device, no partittion, so you write to say "sdb" or "sdd" or "sdc" or such, you don't write to "sdb1" or "sdc2"22:16
tomreynspinningcat: i did, centuries ago ;)22:16
bpromptjeloume: lemme correct the syntax fast22:18
jeloumeI'm gonna try it22:19
bpromptjeloume: dd if=/somepathhere/somelargefile.iso of=/dev/sdb   <---- like s22:19
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: you seem to have sent me a private message. i drop any by default. is this still current?22:19
bpromptjeloume:   but the output, OF argument is just the device itself, not any partition in it, just the device22:20
spinningcattomreyn,  i guess nothing interesting22:25
spinningcattomreyn,  may be my gpu is out of work22:25
tomreynspinningcat: did you read my replies then?22:25
spinningcati missed22:26
tomreyn<tomreyn> spinningcat: no. you're usig the open source nouveau driver. if this is on purpose, then it won't get better. if you can consider to use the proprietary "nvidia" driver then run     sudo ubuntu-drivers install22:26
spinningcattomreyn,  Couldn't find any package whose name is "ubuntu-drivers", but there are 2 packages which contain "ubuntu-drivers" in their name:22:28
spinningcat  ubuntu-drivers-common ubuntu-drivers-common:i38622:28
tomreynspinningcat: it's a command, just run it. package is ubuntu-drivers-common indeed but it should be already installed22:37
nimbioticsHello all. Using Ubuntu 19.10, I am trying to convert a bunch of mp3 to mp4 with the same image as for a background. I'm using the commands at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qWG2d7yphQ/ which I found in a search however, it is not working for me. What it does is process the first file successfully and stops. Can some please help me with this one?22:53
tomreynnimbiotics: if you're asking about the shell code, /join #bash , if you're asking about ffmpeg, /join #ffmpeg22:57
tomreynthis looks like bad / wrong code, though22:58
nimbioticstomereyn: yes, it seems like bad code, but I dont precisely shine with bash. I will join #bash. Thanks for the tip22:59
tomreynthey're more qualified, but if you can't get help there, try again here23:00
AugustusCaesar24im using fail2ban and i cant unban an ip23:12
AugustusCaesar24i keep getting           NOK: ("Invalid command 'ubanip' (no set action or not yet implemented)",)23:12
AugustusCaesar24how do i fix that23:12
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, no, not really. It was more of a support idea for someone you were helping. I wasn't going to butt into it though.23:17
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: oh ok, thanks. but feel free to post here next time, i think i can handle it. ;)23:19
AugustusCaesar24can anyone help me with fail2ban23:22
tomreyndo they not have their own support channel by chance?23:24
grimpoAugustusCaesar24, the error message you pasted here indicates a typo in the command23:25
tomreynis it "ubanip" or "unbanip"?23:25
AugustusCaesar24wow im stupid23:26
AugustusCaesar24thank you!23:26
magic_ninja_workheh, given that person I sure didn't want to confuse them.23:30
InteloWhen a disk is unencrypted mode. e.g ubuntu encryption. When you boot, give password, login. At that point if someone gets his hands on to the computer (even with a locked screen), can he get the encryption password)?23:55
OerHeksunencrypted, then there is no encryption password.23:58
OerHeksif you care for your user password, that is stored pretty safe23:58
tomreyni assume Intelo means the situation where you have a luks-encrypted storage which you have unlocked for use.23:59

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