arraybolt3There are other ways, but for Windows file shares, I believe SAMBA is the normal way to do that.00:00
relipseI was probably going to use Synergy to connect my computers; with a mouse/keyboard share00:00
arraybolt3Oh nice.00:00
arraybolt3I've looked into that before, never gotten around to using it though.00:00
relipsevery useful00:00
relipseif i ever get a mac, i'll do it to all 300:01
sarnoldrelipse: consider also https://github.com/debauchee/barrier - I've never used any of them but I keep hearing this is a nice replacement for synergy00:01
relipsenow, do I need to press F12 every time I boot to choose which OS to boot into?00:01
relipseyeah i thought of barrier too , but I paid for synergy a while back and I like Nick Bolton00:02
relipseNick Bolton started synergy  a long time ago open source, and then went to commercial00:03
arraybolt3relipse: A boot menu should appear upon each boot.00:03
arraybolt3You can then boot into Ubuntu (the default) or select Windows.00:03
relipseok, as it was trying to boot I saw "BIOS error"00:04
relipsebut then it still booted and I see my name and Ubuntu logo00:04
arraybolt3When booting the ISO? Or the newly installed system?00:04
arraybolt3Oh, so you didn't get a boot menu?00:04
relipseyes I did00:04
arraybolt3Oh, OK.00:04
relipseWhy is the boot menu so......ugly?00:04
arraybolt3It's the GRUB bootloader, I guess it's just nice and simple.00:05
arraybolt3There are ways to pretty-fy it but I've never bothered.00:05
topcat001refind can be pretty :)00:25
topcat001even grub can be themed extensively00:25
topcat001kind of pointless though for something so rarely seen (hopefully)00:25
aeleoglyphicHello there.00:26
aeleoglyphicAnyone there?00:27
aeleoglyphicI'm a kubuntu user by the way.00:27
aeleoglyphicI guess no one here talks.00:29
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Apacheztextpad (default editor in ubuntu 22.10) always open in regular size and not maximized, how do I get it so it will always open maximized just like gedit did?04:00
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LopeI don't understand why I have problems doing an apt update in ubuntu so frequently? Is there something wrong with my sources.list?05:21
Lope(busy pasting)05:21
lotuspsychjeLope: it happens some reppos have trouble05:26
Lopelotuspsychje, It happens incredibly often in my experience05:28
Lopelotuspsychje, what can I do about it?05:28
LopeI've tried 3 different mirrors, all have the same issues05:28
lotuspsychjeLope: https://status.canonical.com/05:28
lotuspsychjeif there's no issues here, you could deeper investigate your end05:29
Lopeyeah I see I'm having issues with Debian as well.05:31
LopeI'll try reconnect.05:32
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MenzadorMy local uni has a Debian mirror which I’m using for said Debian install. As for Ubuntu, I’ve not had a problem with any of the mirrors that I’ve used06:10
siva_barhi, which email client to use for connecting microsoft365 mail. Using Ubuntu Mate 22.04.2,  tried Thunderbird Mail 102, and Evolution EWS, both somehow could not setup.  need guidance06:23
eawfawI'm trying to use gparted to extend the size of a partition of a VM and I'm getting "untable to resize read-only file system"... Can I do this operation from the normal OS or do I need a live US bootable thing to do this?06:23
siva_barvhi, which email client to use for connecting microsoft365 mail. Using Ubuntu Mate 22.04.2,  tried Thunderbird Mail 102, and Evolution EWS, both somehow could not setup.  need guidance06:25
toddceawfaw: generally it is a bad idea to modify a partition in use so yes use a live boot ubuntu or gparted06:28
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siva_barsir, any guidance on mail client setup for microsoft365 in evolution or thunderbird06:39
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snowkidhow long will it take e2fsck to clear out 976 multiply-claimed blocks07:58
snowkid4T samsung EVO SSD07:58
snowkidboot via usb07:59
Lopelotuspsychje, the system I was chrooted into had a non-working /etc/resolv.conf08:03
LopeFixing that resolved my issue08:03
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LopeI tried to compress my initramfs with lzo and lz4 respectively, neither worked. It said No lz4 in /usr/bin:/sbin:/bin, using gzip12:12
Lopeokay I just needed to apt install lz412:15
Jon30bi've mounted an exfat formatted drive in ubuntu, but in the drive it's only showing the recycle bin and system volume information. i know there are other files on there because i plugged the drive into a pc running windows 10 and recoverit showed the files. i don't want to pay to use recoverit so is there any way to get ubuntu to recover all the files?12:20
Jeremy31Jon30b: testdisk12:27
Jon30bok thanks12:30
r4fkramerHi all. Please, I'm facing issues whenever I try to update && upgrade Ubuntu: https://paste.debian.net/1272929/13:16
r4fkramerI use ubuntu 22.04 and it is installed in virtual machine (virt-manager) and application connection was checked and it is Ok.13:17
r4fkramerI can access Internet through this ubuntu installation normally - the only issue (Network is unreachable) I have when trying to updating and upgrading the System.13:19
meiyou seems to have network issues?13:19
meior your mirror is broken at the moment13:19
r4fkramerYes mei, it seems, but apparently it is everything OK here13:20
meitry another mirror13:20
r4fkramerOh, broken!13:20
r4fkramerPlease mei, how do I have to proceed to change to another mirror ?13:20
meii'd rather test first if the mirror is working or not13:22
meican you open it on a browser?13:22
r4fkramerIf I can open browser from this ubuntu installation ? Yes.13:22
r4fkramerI can access Internet normally through it13:23
meinope, if you can open your mirror which is http://br.archive.ubuntu.com13:23
meiit doesn't seems to work for me13:23
r4fkramerIt's not working here too - it doesn't open13:24
meiyou can find a new one there https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors13:25
r4fkramerThank you very much for support mei :) I gonna use this one: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/mirror.math.princeton.edu-archive13:27
meiare you on gnome?13:27
meisince you can change them through the gui13:27
meiopen software and updates13:27
meiyou can choose from where to download things13:28
r4fkramerI've been always using terminal for that. Let me learn from your suggestion. Software updates opened. Trying to understand this...13:29
meiit's on the first tab "ubuntu software" -> "downloadable from the internet" -> "download from"13:31
r4fkramerOk, I switched to 'Server for United States' - it was pointing to Brazil13:33
r4fkramerOnly this change ?13:33
r4fkramerRefreshing software cache now13:35
meiwell, that will change your mirror of course. so you may be find another one that is currently working yeah13:35
r4fkramerOk, no need to reboot the system ?13:35
r4fkramerCan I use terminal now ? sudo apt update13:36
r4fkramerPerfect mei !13:37
r4fkramerIt's working now - update && upgrade has started successfully :)13:37
r4fkramerThank you very much for attention and Great Support, mei !:)13:38
r4fkramerI gonna use this ubuntu installation to practice on ZFS13:39
r4fkramerSee you mei :) I must go now. Really Thank you !! Bye !!!13:41
realivanjxwhat is the main ubuntu apt source? currently im using http://mirror.coganng.com/ubuntu-ports and i would like to switch to the main one (im using arm64)13:57
ravageor just http://ports.ubuntu.com/14:00
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realivanjxthanks ravage14:00
tech10Hello from WSL!14:46
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akikmy imac has a 1 TB hdd. when doing heavy i/o on the hdd, the system becomes sluggish. what can i do to improve the situation?15:47
akikthe imac has ubuntu 22.04 on it15:47
ravagereplace it with a SSD15:50
akikravage: you don't know of any configuation that would improve it?16:09
jhutchinsakik: How old is the imac?  What CPU?  How much RAM?16:09
akikjhutchins: 2011, i5, 12 gigs16:10
akiki'm not at home so i could check better16:11
jhutchinsakik: Linux is pretty well optimised by default.  Tweakers used to like Gentoo because they could tune it to their exact hardware, but they eventually realized they were loosing more cumulative time tweaking than they gained when running.16:11
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akikjhutchins: linuz is still that, very configurable16:12
akikok i'll check out google16:18
lotuspsychjeakik: id go for a lubuntu 20.0416:21
akikthe problem comes from the i/o not the light gui16:21
lotuspsychjeakik: you mean your hd starts running faulty IO?16:23
akiklotuspsychje: not faulty but a lot of it16:23
toddcakik: I was surprized on my systems (even so very old ones) how much faster a SSD speed up I/O and just faster all over I have switched all but a few left16:32
akiktoddc: it's really hard to change imac's hdd16:33
toddcyes but worth it if it in daily use16:34
lotuspsychjespecialy if its glued mac16:34
jhutchinsAren't some of them soldered in?16:59
jhutchinsYou're not supposed to upgrade macs, you just replace them.17:00
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akikjhutchins: there's a store here that does that job (1 TB ssd) but it costs 299e17:21
jhutchinsakik: Yeah, at terabyte sizes they're still pretty expensive.17:26
ravagethey start at about 70€17:27
ravageSamsung 870 QVO17:27
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relipseHi, I connected Barrier on my Windows 11 machine (server) to my Ubuntu 22.04 LTS , at first it didn't work  with wayland (sp?) but then I switched to x11 and it lets me share keyboard/mouse but the mouse movements are really slow and choppy, is there any fix for that? My ubuntu machine has no ethernet port19:03
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akikholy maccarel firefox; 21 processes19:07
akiki got the i/o performing better19:07
akiknow i can use firefox while rtorrent is hash checking19:07
leprechaunusb or ps2 mouse?19:08
leprechaunsudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-mouse19:11
webchat84Hi, How can I look at the chat history?19:12
akikwebchat84: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/19:14
akiki'm internet famous :)19:15
leprechauncd or dvd19:15
leprechaundid you manage to install the driver from it then if you have no ethernet19:17
leprechaunworks for me i have even tryed to install it for my self19:17
hid3Greetings everyone. I'm running Ubuntu 22.4 LTS. When I launch 'chromedriver --version' command as regular user, I'm getting the following error: /user.slice/user-0.slice/session-2.scope is not a snap cgroup . However, if I launch the same command as root, it executes fine, no error. What's the problem?19:19
webchat84Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 14 5425. Once I suspend it takes more than 60 seconds for the laptop to wakeup. It works fine with Windows but does not with Ubuntu. I have tried Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10. With Ubuntu 22.10 I have tried Kernel 5.19.0, 6.2.1 and 6.2.2. I also have updated the BIOS to the latest version.. Any help appreciated..19:23
webchat84Issue similar to (or the same as) https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=216773. Considering that there is a patch already.. would there be a way to know when the patch goes in to mainline.. few days, wees or months?19:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- bugzilla.kernel.org bug 216773 in Power Management "PM: resume devices took 60.044 seconds || Dell Inspiron 14 5425" [Normal, Assigned]19:24
jhutchinswebchat84: There's no reason not to apply the patch yourself.19:32
webchat84I am not good with kernel builds.. this was the first time I attempted it.. I have run into multiple problems when applying the patch... and the build takes hours to finish.. Hence can live with the suspend issue for a few weeks if its going to be part of a mainline release in the near future..19:35
webchat84I am going to attempt the build again...19:35
jhutchinsWe used to use kernel builds as benchmarks precicely because they took a long time.  They displayed the sustained performance of the system.19:37
Jeremy31webchat84: That patch only helps Dell Vostro 562519:38
jhutchinsJeremy31: Still might be worth trying.  Dells share a lot of parts.19:39
Jeremy31It would have to share the DMI Product name19:39
jhutchinsI don't think product names affect performance.19:41
Jeremy31webchat84: Does it have AMD CPU and NVME?19:49
webchat84AMD CPU: Yes, NVME not sure.. but have SSD19:55
Jeremy31webchat84: The one patch seems to work with different CPU families https://bugzilla.kernel.org/attachment.cgi?id=303729&action=diff&collapsed=&headers=1&format=raw19:59
Guest31can i get help20:02
webchat84Hi Jeremy31, the patch works for "Inspiron 14 7425" and "Inspiron 16 5625". Mine is "Dell Inspiron 14 5425". Would it also work for my laptop model?20:06
Jeremy31webchat84: You could change the source from 7425 to 5425 and see if it works20:06
jhutchinswebchat84: How would he know?20:07
jhutchinsGuest31: We can't answer that until we know what you need.20:08
Guest31my sound just vanished20:08
Guest31i use hdmi20:08
webchat84Looking for a patch for my laptop model. Which is "Dell Inspiron 14 5425"20:08
Jeremy31webchat84: what kernel are you using?20:08
webchat84Background: I have a Dell Inspiron 14 5425. Once I suspend it takes more than 60 seconds for the laptop to wakeup. It works fine with Windows but does not with Ubuntu. I have tried Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10. With Ubuntu 22.10 I have tried Kernel 5.19.0, 6.2.1 and 6.2.2. I also have updated the BIOS to the latest version.. Any help appreciated..20:09
leprechaunnvidia or amd20:09
leprechaunGuest31 nvidia or amd20:11
Guest31can i get help20:11
leprechaunGuest31 Whats the problem then exept using hdmi20:12
leprechaunGuest31 Whats the problem then exept using hdmi20:12
Guest31there is no sound20:13
leprechaunok have you been looking in settings/sound/output20:14
leprechaunoutput device hdmi and it would work20:15
jhutchinsGuest31: Actually... can you remember what might have changed since the last time it worked?  What applications have no sound now?20:19
Jeremy31webchat84: The one patch I found should be easy to put into the 5.19 source code and compile20:20
webchat84Hi, Got the following error when running the build.. Any clud what the issue could be... "make: *** [Makefile:2021: .] Error 220:21
Jeremy31webchat84: No idea on that error20:23
leprechaunGuest31 have you located the hdmi settings tab?20:24
Guest31where is that20:24
leprechaunGuest31 https://snipboard.io/xvmtPi.jpg20:33
leprechaunGuest31 so you have hdmi as output device and still no sound?20:37
Guest31there is no hdmi20:38
leprechauntry to reinstall the driver then20:38
Guest31only spdif20:38
leprechaunpost a picture20:42
leprechaunno need to register20:42
aogwhen I try ubuntu 22.04 from install media on new x1 carbon gen 10, all works well -- but when I finish installing ubuntu on it, the screen flickers when the mouse mouse towards the bottom of the screen20:42
aogmoves towards*20:43
leprechaunwhat happens if you click on thest then20:45
Guest31only shows spdif20:45
leprechaunyes i know and mine is an nvidia so maybe i'm not able to help anymore20:46
ravageaog: https://ljvmiranda921.github.io/notebook/2021/09/01/linux-thinkpad-screen-flicker/ may still be relevant but i dont know what card this laptop has20:47
leprechaundiffrent configurations... you did not say if you got sound on the test button20:47
leprechaunwhats the setup streo surround?20:48
leprechaunGuest31 what happens if you click on the test button and choose right and left20:49
ravageaog: also https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Ubuntu/Thinkpad-X1-Carbon-Gen-10-Linux-Setup/m-p/5158736 suggests that 5.19 kernel of 22.04.2 could be a problem. in that case use a 5.15 kernel20:49
leprechauni would try to reinstall the driver or choose a diffrent version20:50
ravageaog: install the linux-image-generic package to get 5.15 select it on the grub menu20:50
Guest31i dont have a driver20:51
leprechaunwhat gpu do you have then20:52
Guest31amd radeon hd 7800 series20:52
aogthe Try Ubuntu image is using the kernel and no screen flickering whatsover20:52
ravageaog: then try to install that kernel on your system and test it20:53
ravageif a 5.19 kernel update causes the problem look for a bug report about / report a bug20:53
aogI have exactly that kernel after install but the screen flickers, it's a bummer20:53
leprechaunGuest31 https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-amdgpu-unified-linux-22-40-320:54
aogwhat's so different between Try Ubuntu and full install20:54
ravagenot much really. except some package updates20:54
ravageyou can try linux-oem-22.04c20:54
ravagethat will give you a 6.1 kernel20:54
aogalso the weird thing is that the flicker happens only if the mouse goes towards bottom of the screen, otherwise all is good20:54
ravagejust to rule out a problem with that20:54
Guest31wait i have it...20:55
leprechaunaog try a diffrent driver then for the mouse maybe?20:56
aoglinux-oem-22.04c: what's this? a package that will add the 6.1 kernel?20:56
aogcurious about the naming convention...20:57
aogleprechaun: you think the laptop trackpad could cause the screen flickering issue?20:57
leprechaunworth a try...20:58
aogthank you guys, will try swapping kernels and let you know if the flickering fixes20:58
aogleprechaun: yeah, I'll connect an external mouse and see if it happens w/ another devices as well20:58
aogwhen I bought the device x1 carbon gen 10 it said "certified ubuntu", thought I can just delete winblows from it and be up and running w/ ubuntu w/o issues...21:00
leprechaunaog did you try another driver21:14
jhutchinsaog: Consider this a chance to learn about how the system works.21:18
jhutchinsaog: Sometimes the installer will use a different video driver from what the installed system uses.21:18
jhutchinsMouse drivers haven't changed much in the last 20 years, except when it comes to touchpads/touchscreens.21:20
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morgan-u2seeking altermatives to text editor, one with autobackup and with links that can be clicked. Advise if you know of some please. aaty21:30
ravagemorgan-u2:  https://www.sublimetext.com/docs/linux_repositories.html  https://packagecontrol.io/packages/Clickable%20URLs21:35
jhutchinsI believe emacs has a number of hypertext expansion modules, possibly backup as well.21:46
jhutchinsvim will create backup files when opening a file for writing.21:46
Bugieshello, I have a problem with monodevelop on ubuntu 22.04. Where can I find a channel where I can ask about the software?22:06
spacecase_I just had an idea and I need someone to tell me how bad of an idea it is...22:08
spacecase_my boot drive is encrypted, and so is my secondary drive.  I would like to have this secondary drive mount automatically at boot, but I do not want to use a keyfile that is stored on the boot drive because if that drive goes bad, I'm locked out of the secondary drive.  However, assuming there is a way to put the passphrase into fstab... I think that wouldn't be a terrible way to deal with this.  Since the boot drive is encrypted, storing that key in22:10
spacecase_plain text in fstab would be encrypted.  thoughts and feelings?  I have yet to even see if it's possible to put a key into fstab22:10
lvsmmusickindly direct me to the hardware enablement team22:12
ducassespacecase_: you can add more than one key22:15
jhutchinsspacecase_: What is your threat model for encryption?22:16
jhutchinslvsmmusic: We're just fellow users here.22:16
spacecase_my threat model lol... it's just a personal machine, I'm not doing anything properly illegal, don't have sensitive work data, pretty much just using encryption because it's a good idea and if someone walks off with my machine it makes their life harder (Ignoring the fact that I rarely ever turn it off, just put it to sleep)22:18
spacecase_but I do, in theory, prefer passphrases because they're not written down or stored anywhere other than my head22:19
spacecase_and having to keep a backup of a key somewhere seems problematic to me22:19
jhutchinsspacecase_: I had to start using a password keeper just because of the number of "accounts" I have.22:19
spacecase_I definitely do use a password keeper for online passwords and all that, just not my drive encryption passphrase22:20
ducassespacecase_: just use a keyfile on the bootdrive and a passphase so yoi can get in without it22:21
ducassespacecase_: i think you have like 8 slots22:21
spacecase_alright, I'll look into it when I get a chance.  Thanks22:27
lvsmmusicjhutchins: hi22:43
lvsmmusicjhutchins: In the past I had spoken to the hardware enablement team, but I forgot where22:44
Jeremy31lvsmmusic: You can ask about an issue here22:44
lvsmmusicJeremy31: Its not an issue actually, I drivers I need are in the new Linux kernel version 6.3, I would like to add those drivers to my current kernel. I thought who would be  better people to ask than the hardware enablement team22:46
lvsmmusicDoes Ubuntu have a seperate channel fore kernel development?22:47
jhutchinslvsmmusic: Developers rarely participate in public forums.  They're more likely to be reached by mailing list.22:49
jhutchinslvsmmusic: It's entirely possible for you to apply the necessary patches and compile your own kernel.22:49
Jeremy31lvsmmusic: what driver?22:50
lvsmmusicJeremy31: hwmon drivers22:50
lvsmmusicjhutchins: I tried, but I am getting errors during compilation22:50
lvsmmusicI think we have #ubuntu-devel right?22:51
jhutchinsPerhaps they are not internal drivers but external modules.22:51
lvsmmusicjhutchins: thats correct22:52
lvsmmusicno wait22:52
jhutchinslvsmmusic: What you might want is the lm-sensors package rather than the kernel then.22:52
lvsmmusicthose drivers are written by the kernel developers22:52
jhutchinslvsmmusic: Probably not.22:52
jhutchinslvsmmusic: Drivers usually come from independent teams or developers.22:53
lvsmmusicjhutchins: I did that but sensors-detect says it found unknown chip. I did some googling and found that my motherboard is a new one and its drivers are not yet in the kernel22:53
lvsmmusiclet me get the article22:53
lvsmmusic"ASUS TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS WIFI" thats my motherboard model22:54
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WerewolfI am having a sound issue;23:55

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